Ada Gaming League

The Ada Gaming League is devoted to the ideas of gaming with good sportsmanship and camaraderie. The Ada Gaming League holds round robin tournaments for league members as well as open tournaments for non-league members.

Though the main focus is Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, they also play Magic, the Highlander Card Game, and Talisman from time to time. They are looking at adding Flames of War into their rotation as well.

Operating as usual


Hey gamers, Andy here to give a recap on our first month of your killteam League.

We did our awards ceremony last Saturday and handed out our first round of best in faction pin. Here are our winners

Deathwatch: Ivan Otero
Grey knights: Kevin Ronning
Imperial Guard: Brian Ronning
Adeptus Astartes: Andy Kull
Chaos Space Marine: Kyle Harris
Thousand Sons: Josh White
Death Guard: Mike Keys
Eldar: Sam Baker
Tau: Mike Maxwell
Ork: Gunner Buchar

Congrats to our winners! We’re going to start our 2nd month of games this Saturday Oct 20th. If anyone would like to join in its $5 to join the league and we have guaranteed prize support. Once you pick a faction and play a game with em you’ll be locked in for the month which will run to Nov 17th. You can switch to a different faction for month 3 but you keep your resources when you move to a new faction.

We are going to be playing 125 pt killteams going forward. Also since Killteam Commanders is coming out this weekend you can use the rules in that book going forward as well to recruit powerful heroes for your killteams!

Couple other announcements. We will be having a painting competition for a signed print from GW. You can put forward any amount of models that you’ve played your games with. 1 vote per player and the player with the most votes wins. We will be doing that the last day of month 3 so you have plenty of time to get your stuff ready.

Lastly prizes. We showed off the 1st -3rd medals this weekend to everyone in attendance. GW did a really good job with those. But our 1st place winner will be taking home their very own 3D printed life size adeptus astartes bolt pistol! This thing is massive and feels really nice to hold.

If you have any questions or want to join up send me a message or come talk to me at the Cave this weekend. Happy gaming!



Hey friends, don't forget that the Kill Team League at The Cave kicks off this Saturday. It's just 4 games a month (the average game takes an hour), super casual, and lots of fun. Bring a handfull of models and people can help you with a roster....


Anyone going to The Cave this Saturday? If so what are you playing?


Hey everyone, just trying to revitalize this page a bit. What's everyone playing these days, or what models are you working on?


Hey everyone! Andy back with a quick update about upcoming events. Starting this Thursday, the new Crossroads of Courage League created by Privateer Press for Warmachine and Hordes starts! The purpose of this league is to actually shape a young man named Holden as he journeys throughout the Iron Kingdoms. The games we play during this league will shape how he looks at the world and eventually what faction he will join!

This will be a free event to play in and will run the entire month of September. Games can be played from as low as 15pts to 75pts. If you participate in the League you will get 2 versions of Holden, one where hes a coward and one where hes a hero, as long as a coin to celebrate the event.

As a player in Crossroads of Courage, each player will choose which team to join as you shape Holden's destiny. Will you be one of the humble Sowers, showing Holden the honor in defending ones home, or a fearsome Reaper bent on nothing but destruction. You can play any faction and can even switch factions between games. But you cant change teams until the next Season in November.

Each week, to determine which Holden you can use, you just have to take a simple online quiz. It will tell you to use either the Courage or Coward version of Holden for the week. BUT, nothing says you have to take Holden with you when you go to war. He might be watching the battle from behind a tree or up on a hill with your reserves, taking in the horror of war!

For those of you using War Room, Holden will be on there as of Wednesday. So you can start building your lists with him and get started playing Thursday!

If you want to play in the League all you need to do is either tell me what team you want to join through text, in person, comment on this post, or through private message.

Each week we will be crowing a champion among the Reapers and the Sowers. There is even a bonus if you play all 4 weeks and continue onto November when the second season starts!

We also have an Xwing league being hosted by the Cave coming up soon as well! As I hear more about that I will let everyone know.

So will you teach Holden to be a Hero or a Coward? Villain or Saint? Winner or Loser? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!!! TO WAR MY FRIENDS!!!!!


Hey everyone! Hope your having a good Sunday so far, yesterday we had our Full Steam Tournament for the Launch of Mk3 Warmachine and Hordes. The results were as follows

Best Commander : Jay Dayjarnett
Best Painter: Sam Baker
Best Sportsman: Ivan Otero

It was a close final round but Jay pulled it out in the end with the victor points he scored during his 1st match. All 3 rounds were very good games to watch so well done to everyone who played!

Now we will be having a Warmachine and Hordes League starting Sept 1st and going through the end of the month called the Crossroads of Courage, I'll be posting more about that this week so everyone can prepare.

Also this coming Saturday August 27th, the Cave will be running a heroclix draft tournament using the new series Superior Foes of Spiderman! The event will start at 1 PM and run to about 5 PM. You will be required to buy 2 starter kits which ends up being $27 after the tournament entry fee. We will be picking 2 kits out of ones the Cave has until they are all gone. Those who participate will also be receiving and exclusive clix for their participation as well as a chance for some great prizes!

Well that's all I have for today, hope to see y'all Saturday!



Greetings Gamers! It is I, Andy King of the office chair, knower of obscure trivia, slayer of pie and demons, your glorious leader. I have exciting news for everyone currently playing Warmachine and Hordes. On Saturday August 20th at 1:00 P.M. at the Cave we will have a Warmachine and Hordes tournament!!!

The even will be the Full Steam launch event that uses the missions from the core rule books of both games.

The event rules are here:

Now this event was supposed to happen in July, but due to a issue with the new game supplies many people didn't get their gaming supplies in till July was almost over. I'm hoping that by pushing it back so far that this will give everyone a chance to get their stuff in. So I do apologize to everyone for not running anything sooner. But we will start having more events now that most of the issues with getting stuff has been resolved.

As of next month, September, I will start picking dates to run demos all day for anyone who is interested in learning. I will announce those dates as we get closer. But if someone would like to learn the game, I'm willing to teach anyone to play asap. I'm also looking at running a league next month or another tournament. Probably towards the end of the month.

If anyone has any questions about anything please ask. I know we have people still wanting to play X Wing and Warhammer. If we have enough people saying that they would like an event run for a different game or to learn one. I'm more than happy to run the event.

Anyway, I've rambled for long enough. Have a great day everyone!
Leave any questions in the comments!



Greetings gamer's, I'm back with the rules for the 24 hours closer tournament on the 25th. Like I said this will almost be a cookie cutter kind of thing compared to last time. This will most likely end up being my template for tourneys from now on. All 3 missions are from the 2015 SR packet which can be found here.

Anyway, happy reading and prepping. Enjoy.

This will be a best of 3 matches. Matches will be 100 minutes with 10 minute turns. The TO will be keeping track of your turns. When the 10 minutes are up, stop what your doing and after the clock is reset it becomes the other players turn. Deployment will not be counted against this time. If you are in the middle of moving a model, finish that movement then wait to begin the next turn until told to do so. If you are in the middle of calculating damage, finish that then begin the next turn when told to do so. No extensions will be given for the time on your turns. This means you have 5 turns to win each round. Points are earned throughout the tournament based upon game play with primary objectives and secondary objectives both in and out of the game. Points will be awarded based upon the following criteria:
Primary Objectives
⦁ Match Win 10 Pts
⦁ Match Draw 5 Pts
⦁ Match Lose 1 Pts
Secondary Objectives
⦁ Play all 3 games, 5 Pts
⦁ Use both your lists in the tournament 3 Pts
⦁ Win by Caster kill 1 Pts each
⦁ Win by Objective all 3 matches 3 Pts
⦁ Bring a fully painted and based army, 3 color minimum. 3 Pts
⦁ Bring a piece of terrain to loan to the Tournament 3 Pts
⦁ Come in a costume to match with your faction for at least your first game. 5 Pts (Please keep it child friendly, you can change clothes between any games if you have enough time.)
⦁ Bring snacks for everyone 3 Pts
⦁ End a game with no friendly models on your half of the table 1 Pts
It is possible for someone to have lost all 3 of their matches to win with secondary objective points alone. However a secondary objective can only be scored once per tournament. Please keep this in mind throughout the tournament.
⦁ You are allowed to bring 2 army lists of 50 points each for this tournament. You will present these lists in full detail to the Tournament Organizer within 30 minutes of the start time of the event, once the event has begun the TO reserves the right to consider to either except or dismiss a player depending upon the circumstances for not turning in at least 1 list before the start.
⦁ You cannot bring 2 versions of the same caster for your list. They have to be 2 different casters. For example: you CANNOT bring Haley 1 for List A and Haley 2 for List B.
⦁ All casters and models will be allowed for either list. While duplicate warlock,warcasters is not allowed. You can bring the same special character for both lists. For example: List A could be Haley 1 and include Gormun D' Wulfe and List B could use Stryker 1 and Gormun D' Wulfe. This extends to all solos, warjacks, and warbeasts.
⦁ Each List is allowed to bring one objective type per list from the Steamroller 2015 packet.
We Will be using 2 missions from the 2015 Steamroller (SR) for the first 2 games and the rules for the Mosh Pit as the Last mission from the core rule books.
All players are expected to have a fun time and be kind to each other. If a event should arise were there is a rule dispute, the TO should be called at once to help settle the dispute so that playing can continue. during this time the clock will be paused till the matter is resolved.
If an occasion should occur where one player is rude to one or more players. The TO should be told at once. The TO will attempt to resolve the matter so that everyone can continue playing and having fun. If the TO should come to the conclusion that a peaceful resolution can not be reached with out deescalating the player who cause the problem. The TO will remove the offending player from the tournament. If a player is removed from the tournament they are ineligible for prizes of any sort.

Round 1 SR 2015 Outflank
First player deployment is 7" and Advance deploy is 6" past that.
Second player deployment is 10" and Advance deployment is 6" past that.
Zones are 24" from the players edge and 14" from the table edge to their right.
Special Rules
Kill Box: No
Marke two zones (12'-diameter circles) in accordance with diagram below. Starting on the second player's second turn, at the end of each player's turn a player earns control points (CP) as follows:
⦁ Zone: Control = 1, Dominate= 2 CP
Victory Conditions
The first player to earn at least 5 control points has had more control points than the opponent immediately wins the game.
If time runes out before a player has won the game vie scenario or assassination victory, break the tie as outlined on the Scenario Reference Sheet. For the 3rd Tiebreaker double the army points within each zone.

Round 2 SR 2015 Close Quarters
First player deployment is 7" and Advance deploy is 6" past that.
Second player deployment is 10" and Advance deployment is 6" past that.
Flags are 21" from the players edge and 18" from the table edge to their right.
Special Rules
Kill Box: YES
Place two flags in accordance with the diagram below. Starting on the second player's second turn, at the end of each player's turn a player earns control points (CP) as follows:
⦁ Friendly Flag: Dominate = 1 CP
⦁ Enemy Flag: Control = 1 CP, Dominate = 2 CP
Victory Conditions
The first player to earn at least 5 control points and have more control points than the opponent immediately wins the game.
If time runes out before a player has won the game vie scenario or assassination victory, break the tie as outlined on the Scenario Reference Sheet. For the 3rd Tiebreaker double the army points within 4" of the enemy flag.

Round 3 SR 2015 Recon
Special Rules
Kill Box: NO
Mark a zone (6˝ × 12˝ rectangle) and place two flags and two objectives in accordance with the . The objective on Player 1’s side of the table is a friendly Faction model to Player 1 and vice versa. Starting on the second player’s second turn, at the end of each player’s turn a player earns control points (CP) as follows:
⦁ Zone: Control = 1 CP, Dominate = 2 CP
⦁ Flag: Dominate = 1 CP
Enemy Objective: Destroyed/Removed from Play = 1 CP (once per objective)
Victory Conditions
The first player to earn at least 5 control points and have more control points than the opponent immediately wins the game.
If time runs out before a player has won the game via scenario or assassination victory, break the tie as outlined on the Scenario Reference Sheet. For the 3rd tiebreaker, double the army points within the zone and within 4˝ of the flags.
Tactical Tip: Only the active player scores when multiple players dominate the same zone or flag

Score cards will be on the packets and I will have roster sheets for every player. You are not required to bring 2 lists but that option is there and you will be responsible for filling them out either the day of or before hand.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Please exscuse any typos or misspellings.



Greeting gamers. It is I, Andy, first of his name of the house Kull and I'm not king of the Andals or the first men (sorry super stoked for game of thrones). I am however the new Press Ganger for the Ada area. Pretty cool right?

Now to the good stuff, we have 2 events to announce for June and July. On June 25th we will be having an end of warmachine and Hordes Mk 2 tournament. This will be a 50pt tournament using steam roller format. By tomorrow I will be posting the rules for the tournament. For those of you that took part in the last one that I ran expect something very similar.

Now for the second event, on July 9th we will be having a Mk 3 demo day. All we can hope for is that the shipping gods are kind to us and think more of us than others. For those of you I have already talked to about this your table will be already prepped and reserved so that you can learn to play the new edition. However if you are new to the game this would be a great time to come down and try it out. I'm planning on playing at least once so that anyone who wants to will be able to watch how the game plays and then I will be letting people learn with my stuff. So you don't need anything if your new other than to just show up.

As of now both events will start at 1 pm on Saturday's so I hope everyone can come! Poster should hopefully be up by Friday or possibly Saturday if I ran out of ink. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me personally or leave your questions in the comments below. Until next time!

Andy K.

Timeline photos 05/27/2016

The first step of my Cave project!


Hey everyone! Today at the Cave you can pick up a model for free and build n paint it!

Timeline photos 04/03/2016

My new and fancy necromancer. Courtesy of the Cave.



Greetings Gamers (and Jay, jk jk). Today didn't go just as planned, unfortunately due to life we didn't have enough members to set the schedule for the second quarter of the year. Which is a bummer because we had some major issues to work out with upcoming departures. We 3 who showed up decided best to table all issues until a later date. So next chance willing we will schedule another. Personally I'm thinking later this month, but we will see what happens.

In regards to the Caves first 40k tournament of 2016, good Sir Ivan has decreed that it shall take place April 9th (next Saturday). The tournament will start at noon and be 1500 points. single elimination DEATHMATCH (guitar solos)!!!!!!!!

Heres the rundown
The Rules:

No Formations
No Allies*
No Multiple Detachments/CADs
No Unbound Armies
Only Troop Units are scoring
Dedicated Transports are not scoring even if purchased with a Troop choice
Lords of War are 0-1 per 1500 points (ie a 1850 point list can have 1 LoW, a 3000 point list can have up to 2)
Warhammer “30k” is allowed – It’s marines people, c’mon.
Army Construction uses the ClassicHammer Force Organization Chart:
1 HQ
2 Troops
Optional 1 HQ
4 Troops
3 Elites
3 Fast Attack
3 Heavy
If your army or book does not fit with the ClassicHammer Force Organization Chart try again next edition.
Classichammer Allowed Allies
– Skitarii may ally with Cult Mechanicus
– Dark Eldar may ally with Harlequins
– Craftworld Eldar may ally with Harlequins

That’s it.

Also no first blood,

ANYWAY, in other news the Caves Age of Sigmar event went great today. Everyone (except me cause nobody wanted to play me, sadness.) got to play some games today. While normal Age of Sigmar is a bit wonky I personally feel like the Adepticon rules and the SKD building system made it a very good game. Definitely something to look at in the future for our tournament scene. Big thank you to Jarod for supplying everyone who came with a brand new wizard model. Not gonna lie mine is already painted. I'll post the picture of it after this is posted. I encourage everyone to finish painting theirs as well so we can get to the game with our cool and awesome new models.

Thats everything gamers. It was a very good day at the Cave and I hope everyone has a fantastic week as well. Also congrats to Ivan and Crystal on their 10 year anniversary. Wish yall many many more years of happiness.

Peace out
Andy the Swabian Kull





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On most Saturday afternoons, you can find games at The Cave, 101 S. Broadway in Ada, Oklahoma. The league members are always happy to share their knowledge with you, let you watch a game, or play a game if you have brought your dudes. The Cave also sells an extensive line of Games Workshop materials as well as other gaming supplies.

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