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The inspiration for the name Jacob in Jacob's Submission Wrestling & MMA comes out of a wonderful Bible story of perseverance. Both Genesis 32 and Hosea 12 speak of Jacob wrestling with an angel of God. Jacob would not quit until he was blessed. The name Jacob means heel grabber which is fitting for submission wrestling where there is a submission called a heel hook. This story of Jacob is one of the oldest written accounts of wrestling which predates the 1st Greek Olympic Games by ~1300 years. Christians have differing views on self-defense and also differ on what turning the other cheek means. Jesus Christ was the most peaceful man to ever walk this Earth but He was not a pacifist. Consider these accounts. Christ asked His disciples did they have any swords and if they didn’t they were to sell their cloak and buy some. These were for self-defense. Also, notice Christ never told a Roman soldier to lay down his weapons and avoid violence. Christ also made, not found, a whip and drove the moneychangers from the temple. There is such thing as righteous anger that doesn’t lead to sin. We teach a self-defense program, not a program for revenge. Turning the other cheek to us means not escalating the aggression any more than the situation requires even if legally it can be. We believe if violence can be avoided it should be. Jacob's Submission Wrestling and MMA is an official Toe-hold Club for Scientific Wrestling. We are an authorized Gracie Garage for Gracie Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Feel free to come to NorthPointe Church for free lessons. For more detailed information go to Jacobsmma.com

Level Up Boxing & Fitness

Thank you Professor

Professor Carlos dropping some knowledge on passing the butterfly guard. #Repost @carloscataniabjj #lvlup #carloscataniabjj #bjj #nogi #gi #mma

Putting together an order. Let me know if interested. Cost $40.

2019 Carlos Catania BJJ Seminar

CC BJJ Seminar


Rufino Dos Santos: The Man Who Beat Carlos Gracie - Catch Wrestling vs Jiu Jitsu

What do you think? I saw this posted on Brazil CACC.


Brazilian Catch Wrestling T-Shirt: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H45DGM4 Check out the rest of my T-Shirts: https://gotchfightwear.com WSWF https://submission...

Congratulations Chris on receiving your forth stripe today.

Mr. Garrett aka Brutus got his second stripe tonight. He is a great young man. I am glad he is part of Jacob's SW and MMA.


Celebrating Success of Unified Catch Wrestling World Championships, Co-Promoters Solidify International Catch Wrestling Federation

After nearly 100 years Catch Wrestling is returning in a big way in a collaboration between leaders, Scientific Wrestling and Snake Pit U.S.A. with the highly anticipated ICWF.

August 17, 2018

Few realize the origins of professional wrestling come from the very real (and not choreographed) catch-as-catch-can wrestling, a sport popular in both America and Europe nearly a hundred years ago. With the popularity of MMA and other combat sports on the rise, modern organizations have formed to revive the sport of catch wrestling, led by Jake Shannon’s Scientific Wrestling “The Undisputed Leader in No-Hold-Barred Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling” and Joel M Bane’s Snake Pit U.S.A., “The World's Premier Catch Wrestling Organization.”

Uniting for the good of the sport, the two organizations recently co-promoted the wildly successful inaugural Unified Catch Wrestling World Championships on July 14, 2018, where good sportsmanship and collaboration were the order of the day. To celebrate this success, and keep things moving forward, Scientific Wrestling and Snake Pit U.S.A. have founded the long-awaited catch wrestling governing body, the International Catch Wrestling Federation (ICWF), with the goal of uniting the sport's various promotions and athletes while helping coordinate its continued growth. The witnessed excitement surrounding this highly anticipated unification is nothing short of inspiring.

The ICWF has put out word that they are actively seeking investment partners, sponsors and high-caliber athletes, to be part of their organization and help fuel its growth to ensure a win-win for all concerned.

The first member to join the ICWF has been USA Catch Wrestling, based in the United States of America. The ICWF is currently vetting applications from the UK, Italy, Japan, Colombia, Spain, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. The ICWF plans to eventually organize, train, scout and book talent from member organizations, while providing a soon to be launched universal database/website unlike anything seen to date.

The catch wrestlers themselves are equally as excited by these new developments, as are the fans and promotions.

Another exciting announcement is the decade old “King of Catch Wrestling” has also become a unified promotion, evolving from an amateur open tournament into a professional, invitational fight promotion sanctioned by the ICWF.

Jake Shannon, President ICWF, founder ScientificWrestling.com stated: “We are proud and thrilled to provide both the fans and athletes of catch wrestling more of what they've wanted from us: real, competitive, no-holds-barred, amateur and professional catch-as-catch-can, the best is yet to come!”

Joel Bane, Vice President ICWF, founder SnakePitUSA.com remarked: “Catch Wrestling has undeniably needed structure, teamwork and ultimately leadership for quite some time. With the two largest Catch Wrestling organizational leaders in the world uniting, the time is finally here and we will ensure that this soon becomes a reality. As proud members of the grappling and martial arts community, we are excited about what the future holds for both the sport and art of catch-as-catch-can wrestling.”

About Scientific Wrestling & Snake Pit U.S.A.
Scientific Wrestling is the undisputed leader in no-holds-barred catch-as-catch-can wrestling. Having ignited the modern catch wrestling revolution, Scientific Wrestling has provided unapparelled training camps world-wide with some of the greatest catch wrestlers of all time and delivered endless historical, and technical study materiel, along with one of the very first online training databases, est. 2003. Snake Pit U.S.A. is the World's Premier Catch Wrestling Organization with an ever-expanding fanbase of over a quarter million fans and a host of National & International training/affiliate locations, est. 2011.

For more information, be sure to visit https://scientificwrestling.info and https://snakepitusa.com

Media Contact
Joel M. Bane
Vice President, Co-Founder
International Catch Wrestling Federation
[email protected]

Congratulations Donald R Walker on passing your journeyman level 1 skills test. You did awesome.

Congratulations Makayla! Christi Fay Williams


Sorry guys he was busy so I could not get him to show us these moves. Our loss. 😁

The man with the hood is my hero.


BANNED - The Truth About Chokes in Catch Wrestling (Spanish Subtitles)


Strangler T-Shirt from Gotch Fightwear https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CRTPSLF World Submission Wrestling Federation https://submissionwrestlingarts.com/ Music ...


The gentleman on the left is Joel Bane and he is my submission wrestling coach and the gentleman on the right is Carlos Catania he is my Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach. I was blessed to spend the weekend with these monsters. Now time for my body to recover lol

The gentleman on the left is Joel Bane and he is my submission wrestling coach and the gentleman on the right is Carlos Catania he is my Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach. I was blessed to spend the weekend with these monsters. Now time for my body to recover lol

This is going to be awesome. Show your support and make the trip.



8 of the Best in the World Collide Saturday July 14th In Hamilton, New Jersey to decide once and for all Who the Undisputed Catch Wrestling Heavyweight World Champion is!

Saturday July 14th in Hamilton, New Jersey!

3 Nami Lane
Hamilton, New Jersey 08619

Tickets available NOW at: http://snakepitusa.com/2018-catch-wrestling-world-championship/




Rate My BJJ Instructor

Please go and rate Professor Catania. Let's work to make him number 1.

ratemybjjinstructor.com Rate My BJJ Instructor... for comments, ratings and reviews on your favorite BJJ instructors.


How to Butt Scoot in BJJ Effectively . . .

Here is a video explaining the technical ins and outs of butt scooting. Hope it helps.


How to Butt Scoot in BJJ Effectively. Please. . . don't take this video seriously. -Chewy ----------------- Free Ebook: http://www.chewjitsu.net/focused-jiu-...

My newest black belt.

Snake Pit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling Association

Snake Pit U.S.A.’s seminar at Jacob’s Submission Wrestling and MMA in Adairsville, GA is in the books! Special thanks to our Snake Pit U.S.A. Representative Coach Gene Williams and his wife, Christi Williams for hosting! And of course, thanks to all those in attendance for their impressive effort and dedication on the mats!

For the absolute best in REAL NO-GI Submission Wrestling Catch-as-Catch-Can style, in Adairsville, GA check out Jacob’s Submission Wrestling and MMA at http://www.jacobsmma.com 🐍👊🏻🇺🇸

Snake Pit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling Association

HUGE CONGRATS to Coach Gene Williams of Jacobs Submission Wrestling for smoking his Journeyman Level 2 Eval! Well done Coach! 🐍👊🏻🇺🇸

Check out his school in Georgia for REAL Submission Wrestling at: www.jacobsmma.com

Carlos Catania Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association

Thanks guys. The apache leg pin is great. The powers Achilles lock (Gotch Achilles lock) is an awesome add.

Carlos Catania BJJ Black Belt and MMA Pioneer, Coach Sean Daugherty 👍🏻

“The Gentle Art is Not Always So Gentle!"


BJJ/Sub Wrestling Isaiah Bird Fundraiser w/Carlos Catania BJJ, Snake Pit USA & LBI Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Thank you Professor Carlos for sharing this motivational video.

What is your excuse?

IBJJF 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt, Professor Carlos Catania, and Snake Pit USA's 2x Olympic Wrestling Coach, Floyd "Bad News Winter along with Snake Pit USA He...

Coming soon.

NEW CCBJJ (Carlos Catania BJJ) Gi Back Patches on the way! Should be hitting our shop in about 3 weeks or less. 🥋🇺🇸👊🏻🇧🇷☝🏻


Jacob's Submission Wrestling and MMA's cover photo

Wonderful training dvds. Come by train. We stay true to these techniques when teaching catch wrestling.

“Snake Pit U.S.A. Library”- Skill and Specialty DVD Holiday COMPLETE SET!

“Snake Pit U.S.A. Library”- Skill and Specialty DVD Holiday Set details: This Holiday set contains all of the Skill Level and Specialty DVDs: Journeyman Level I Skill Level Requirements; Journeyman Level II Skill Level Requirements; Ripper Level I Skill Level Requirements; Ripper Level II Skill Level Requirements; Shooter Level I Skill Level Requirements; and Shooter Level II Skill Level Requirements. PLUS Leg Locks; Wicked Submissions Volume I; Old School Takedowns, Throws, and Counters; The Front Headlock; Old School Submissions; Wicked Transitions—Catch Wrestling Fundamentals!


AVAILABLE NOW AT: http://snakepitusa.com/shop/videosdvd/

First appeared in 1918 but according to Douglas Wilson the phrase may come from the punchline of a joke that was popular in the 1890s as found in the Iowa Citizen, 9 October 1891:

A gentleman was boasting that his parrot would repeat anything he told him. For example, he told him several times, before some friends, to say “Uncle,” but the parrot would not repeat it. In anger he seized the bird, and half-twisting his neck, said: “Say ‘uncle,’ you beggar!” and threw him into the fowl pen, in which he had ten prize fowls. Shortly afterward, thinking he had killed the parrot, he went to the pen. To his surprise he found nine of the fowls dead on the floor with their necks wrung, and the parrot standing on the tenth twisting his neck and screaming: “Say ‘uncle,’ you beggar! say uncle.’[sic]”.

Say uncle is sometimes claimed to come from the Irish anacol, meaning mercy or quarter, the lack of currency in Britain explained by the term being brought to America by Irish immigrants. Despite the similarity in sound and meaning, there is no strong evidence to support this conjecture.

(Sources: Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition; ADS-L; Newspaperarchive.com)

Sean "Doc" Daugherty

Thank you Coach Sean. This is an easy and fluid throw. No Gi Harai with level change set-up

No Gi Harai with level change set-up:


Askren Wrestling Academy

Great cut back.

Check out this single leg to a cut back! Brought to you by Rudis


Cauliflower Ear Prevention & Treatment 2017 EarSplintz

Some people think it is a badge of honor to have cauliflower ear if you are a boxer or a grappler. I say it is not and should be avoided. I have had my ear drained more than once in my grappling career. I think this mold is awesome and recommend it to anyone who roles or wrestles a lot. Other compression techniques are hit or miss.


Revolutionary cauliflower ear treatment Easy compression so damaged ears don't accumulate fluid to avoid or treat cauliflower ear. For More info visit: Web -...

Coming soon.


Jiu Jitsu Sneak Attacks - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 81

A little lesson in sneak attacks


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[10/20/17]   Christi and I will be at a baptism in Chattanooga at 11 am on Sunday. We will not be having a 2 pm class but we will be back at 3.

Scientific Wrestling

Christi Fay Williams see how Josh rotates the sleeper hold.

2 minutes with the #WARMASTER at the 2017 #Denver PINandSUBMIT.com training camp today...

#ScientificWrestling #KingofCatchWrestling #PINandSUBMIT #SayUncle #PhysicalChess #DoItAgain #CACC #nhb #catchwrestling #Pinisher #CatchAsCatchCan #grappling #wrestling #mma

Fun times. Woohoo.

Coming soon guys. Woohoo

"KIDS CATCH" DVD SHOOT! Volumes 1,2 & 3 slated for Oct 14th and 15th!

Real No-Gi Submission Wrestling for our Kids and extra curricular youth programs across America. 🐍👊🏻🇺🇸

[09/07/17]   Guys we are going to finish tonight the omoplata / coil lock lesson I started last night

Had a lot of fun tonight with these Jr. Grapplers.

[08/12/17]   Ladies as a reminder we have completed the course and Sunday at 3 pm we start a new 15 class course. Jr Grapplers class is at 4 pm not 2.

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