Firearm Instruction & Response Education

Firearm Instruction & Response Education


I referred to this tray as "tray 556" and got confused looks from my coworkers. Very disappointed.
Brand ambassador for F.I.R.E!
Luv you bunches, from Nashville Tennessee.
Alright Shaun Bagby, critic me..... besides the fact I need a better camera angle and could afford to lose another 15 lbs of belly jello. 😂
I am always looking for new places to train at for my wife and myself. I tried searching to see if your training resume is posted. I failed to find anything. I curious what is your background? Thank you in advance
Dropped this into the suggestion box. 🤣

Self defense fi****ms training. Training for proficient reactions since 2016.

Operating as usual




Trying to sight in the new RDS on my @sigsauer_usa P365X 1st let me tell you doing this one handed through the phone camera is not easy😂 (and that’s the story I’m sticking with!😉) But even shooting it with both hands it was a tad high and to the left. Shooting the irons on it was dead on (see that in the center bullseye).
Just ordered a @streamlightinc TLR-7 Sub to mount, and it will be wrapped in a @cooksholsters ! Pics coming soon! Then time to hit some @IDPA matches to practice with it before carrying it for an new option.


Starting the year off with a new carry option from @sigsauerinc and going to try out the @novxammo and a few more @magpul mags all at a great price from @dahlonegagoldandpawn !

What WPL do you guys run on Sigs? I need info! Let me know

Class schedule posting soon!

****ms ***k


Had another first time shooter join us for a private lesson! She used one of our loaner guns and rocked the @smithandwessoninc shield 9mm. If you are a gun enthusiasts and haven’t learned the fundamentals yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. Call us today and book a lesson.

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Well It’s been a little bit since I’ve been able to get to the range for much needed practice/ Therapy. So here was my cold start, 10 rounds at 10 yards in about 15 seconds. This target has a 2” circle in the middle so I decided to use it. Not bad for a few months off the wagon. But I definitely have some work to do. Now get up and get some practice in guys!

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NEVER FORGET! But sad reality we have. Please for the love of God, let’s remember we are all AMERICANS and that unites us like family! We are ONE nation! Let’s start thinking that way! Please say a prayer for those affected by 9/11, for our recent 13 service members, and our country! #911


I heard there was a ammo shortage, I got that covered. But IDK what to do about a gas shortage🤷🏼‍♂️.... Maybe trade some quality @craftsman ammo for fuel?😂😂

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Another example of couples that “Shoot Together, Stay Together“ 😂😂 but seriously Jennifer and Gary did a great job! Had to overcome some anticipation, then rocked it!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. This is my beautiful wife and baby momma lol love u babe! Hope you all had a great day!


Here is Madyson putting in the work to better defend herself and her household in just 3 short lessons! Great job Madyson, if you want or need this level of safe, and proficient firearm handling contact us today...

Have a blessed day, and Carry on!

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Photos from Firearm Instruction & Response Education's post 05/03/2021

From learning the fundamentals, to our third lesson, Madyson was drawing from concealment and putting rounds on target. Madyson did an outstanding job and was great at learning something new, then applying each step. Adding the dynamics of drawing from a holster is a lot on some people, but we take each step slow and smooth for each student to quickly adapt. Contact us today if you want to get on Madyson’s level lol. Have a blessed day, and Carry on!

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(Video in the next post, FB won’t let me post them together)


Been real busy with life..... but still doing classes and private lessons. Thanks for the kind words Will. Gayle and Lisa both shot great! Continue practicing and stacking holes...🤙🏼 If you are looking for instruction just hit us up.

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Photos from Firearm Instruction & Response Education's post 03/03/2021

Link below...... I am currently missing my buddy Mark! We just lost him this past Friday, and setup a GoFundMe for his family! If you can Please Pray for his family, Share, and donate if you can. Thank you in advance....


I guess someone is tired of hearing stuff about a boating accidents....🤷🏼‍♂️ 😂😂


Just got a new plat carrier in from @spartan_armor , time to fit it and try it out! Looks dope, and seems like it’s built well! Will keep you updated! ****ms


For those of you asking me about a plate carrier, check out this giveaway 🤘🏼


Where it all started!🤣😂 Cleaning my “Tool” bench and found this gem. Almost 5 years ago I started training in March. This was my curriculum for my first few classes. I quickly started to add info, and more engaging steps. But this used to be in my pocket for a quick guide if I got off topic, or side tracked. Now we have added enough to ensure it’s not overloading, but also more value then what the consumer paid for. Just funny finding gems like this! Definitely a keeper, to frame on a wall someday!

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Just saying😂😂😂.....🤷🏼‍♂️ hope you all are having a great Friday!


Had an awesome class with Pridemore & Cox Orthodontics! They shot great and followed all the safety rules without any infractions. A great group of individuals who can now better protect themselves, and their families.

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It’s that time, Be sure to complete all steps below to take part of this hot giveaway of G***k swag, our shirt & sticker, and 100 rounds of GOLD in 9mm size lol

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That’s it, we will do the drawing on Feb 11th instead of what the video said.
(If all 3 are not done we will redraw)

🚧🔥🚧 GOOD LUCK ALL! 🚧🔥🚧


CARDINAL SAFETY RULE #4 Know your target and what’s in front and behind it! You Are 100% responsible for every round in your gun. Remember you can articulate why you defended ones life against a threat with your firearm. But NO way can you articulate if an innocent person is harmed by your firearm negligently. Be smart, use your #1 tool 🤔

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I 💯 support anyone exercising their 2nd Amendment right. But watch this video. We’ve had this discussion several times over the years! But if you are going to open carry, protect it. Any type of level 2 or higher retention holster would have prevented this. Stay safe out there guys!!! ****mstraining


Amazing Shooting! Another example of following the fundamentals! If you are thinking about attending a gun class/ lesson just hit us up!

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Had to take a second and show off an awesome “fanboy” @g***kinc Christmas gift from my sister’s in-law. Glass and coaster set. ***k


Another awesome student taking a lesson. JUST LOOK AT HER TARGET! Started in the middle then went bottom left, and aiming low was tricky so picked off the higher red circles and squares! Great shooting Lisa!

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Vehicle Gun Safe

Let’s talk about unsecured fi****ms. Most people (including myself at one point) feel comfortable with leaving a gun in their vehicle. Either mounted to the dash with a “tacticool” mount, magnet, or in the console/ glovebox. What happens when it’s seen by a criminal casing your car in a parking lot, or if the break in and find it? You just got a broken window, and armed a criminal. What if now (since they are armed) they want to up the ante to a home invasion and the victim is killed with your firearm? Why not invest in a simple and cost effective device that protects you from that. This is a $25 investment to secure a $500+ dollar firearm, and keep it out of the wrong hands. Just another option I’m throwing out there. You can find these everywhere online and in gun stores.

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Here was a couples lesson with my cousin and his better half. They both shot great, and obviously I didn’t get a picture with him...... because.... well she was better looking! 😂 Thanks for choosing me to instruct you guys!



Had a great first lesson with this couple. Both did extremely well! Our Private lessons are booking up with new gun owners and seasoned shooters as well. Just contact us for a private lesson and classes will be scheduled soon. ****ms #2021


Hope you guys got a laugh! But seriously everything except the last two are my EDC. Hit me up for any questions. @g***kinc @cooksholsters @benchmadeknifecompany @theneomag @dnalasering134 @twistedtea @apple *tgotreal


Just a thought, for all the gun toting moms out there. These are made by and available at @academy
A concealed carry Purse as an option to carry your EDC firearm. Yes I’d prefer you to carry on your body, but if that’s not an option with your attire here is a solution. ****mstraining


Watching the best Christmas movie ever! Die Hard.... Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas from ours here at .


Had a great class with these guys two weeks ago! Some vids will be posted soon enough. But the next class definitely getting videos of all the malfunctions😂😂 Get ready!


Election Day Threats?

A quick video about EDC tips I recommend normally, much less with threats of “actions” being made.

Firearm Instruction

Welcome to Firearm Instruction and Response Education.

I started this profession in 2016 with one goal in mind, to teach as many civilians as possible the essential fundamental skills needed to use handguns effectively and efficiently. With the world ever changing and constantly presenting random acts of violence, I wanted to help make a positive change. Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools, and training the mind is the key.

We take pride in knowing that our students are getting the best fi****ms training possible. Whether you are just beginning your training or you are already familiar with guns and want to expand your skill set. We offer a variety of training from beginners to advanced to help you accomplish your goals. With smaller classes, it also allows us to personalize the training to better fit your needs, using realistic scenarios thus allowing you to progress faster.

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Vehicle Gun Safe
Election Day Threats?
Let’s talk about this real quick. The 2A community is continuously under attack. “They” want to take away our right, and...
At 10 ft This student was making holes! Fairly new to fi****ms and putting rounds where she wanted! The fundamentals are...




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