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I'm a Mom to a very busy 16 month old. I work at the Southland School's as a Food Service Director full time. I am also a b-squad Volleyball coach. I love to workout, play sports and stay fit. My biggest problem is the food. I just love food! I have finally found a balance and want to help motivate and support others. Message me if you want help reaching your fitness and health goals

Don't let the weekend ruin all your hard work for the week! Fight hard towards self control! But don't forget to also enjoy yourself a little bit cause I sure will be cause vacation starts in about 8 hours at the most woop!
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[07/11/19]   Think about your SENIOR year in High School. The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be:


1. Did you know your current love? Yes

2. Type of car? Allstar minivan

3. What kind of job did you have ? Lifeguard

4. Where did you live ? Adams

5. Were you in choir? Yes

6. Ever get suspended from school? Nope

7. If you could would you go back? For sports

8. Still talk to prom date? Nope

9. Did you skip school? Yes a few times

10. Go to all the football games? Most

11. Favorite subject? Pe

12. Still have your yearbooks? Yes

13. Follow the career path? Nope

14. Do you have a class ring? No

15. Still close with your best friend? Yes

16. Favorite teacher? Mr. Guthmiller and Riggin

17. What was your style? Casual

18. Favorite shoes? Tennis shoes

19. Favorite thing to eat? Pickles

20. Favorite band? Hilary duff

21. High school hair? Brown with some highlights

22. Favorite perfume? None

23. How old when you graduated? 18

24. Did you play a sport? Yes volleyball basketball and softball

Ok, it’s your turn! πŸ˜†

(Press finger, copy & paste to your status, change the answers & pass it on)

Feeling like a million bucks putting a new dress is how I want everyone to feel!
Buying clothes for myself doesn't happen very often and I dont feel the greatest all the time either and today was another story!
Why wouldn't you want to feel like a million bucks?
Are you ready to feel like a million bucks?
Comment your favorite emoji below!
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Morning can be a struggle when you are a mom...or not a mom! But when you set yearly, monthly, weekly, daily goals for yourself. You suck it up and make those goals come true.
When you have your aunt flow and early mornings... it makes it a lot tougher but be damn I did it today!
#hardworker #earlyriser #auntflow #dailygoals #motherhood #strongmomma #strongmom #dreamscometrue

If I do a FREE water challenge where we challenge each other to drink more water would you join? Also free gifts available 😎

One thing I've learned over time is to NOT give up food that you love. I will find a healthier version or enjoy it in moderation.
So chicken alfredo pizza for the win tonight!
What's your favorite kind of pizza?
#pizzanight #chickenalfredopizza #moderation #healthieryou #healthierversion #summergoals

Wake up every day and make the best out of the day. Some days you may have a ton if energy and be very positive and productive.
Other days it may take all of your energy to get out of bed. Do your best and no more than that!
#mondaymorning #mondayvibes #momofgirls #liftingheavy #strongmomma #goals #stayingontrack #vacationsoon

Have you tried #kodiakcakes ?
I'm so glad I discovered these because they are amazing! And much healthier than any box version!
Ingredients include 100%whole grain wheat flour, cane sugar, wheat protein isolate, 100% whole grain oat flour, blueberries light molasses, sea salt and natural flavor!
I have boughton mine at Walmart and hyvee :)
#yourwelcome #breakfast #breakfastideas #healthieryou #walmart #hyvee #getinmybelly

Why the scale is a liar!

Do you go to the gym?
Do you believe that you have to do cardio for an hour then some weight lifting here and there to lose weight?
This used to be me hard core.... but yet I wasn't losing any kind of weight! There was always a little birdy telling me you dont need to be killing yourself this much and still not get results!
You can workout at home for 30 minutes a day with limited equipment if any! And STILL get results!
Today I'm doing a 30 minute workout with no equipment. It will be the sweatiest workout yet this week!
#journeys #lovemyjourney #30minutesaday #2%ofyourday #strongaf #homeworkouts #gymworkouts #noequipment #motherhood #growingup

Slow learning gardner's over here! But I sure do love my flowers and vegetables! These are bloomed super late but look so beautiful!
#cantwait #flowergarden #vegetablegarden #countryliving #summerseason #yellow #gardenart #humidaf #farmerswife

Some mornings this little wakes up so early. Especially during my workout time. She sure knows how to keep me extra busy during my workout and keep me going!
Normally I workout early morning so I am not bothered but once in awhile it's nice to have company 😁😁😁😁
#hardworkingmom #fulltimemanager #earlyriser #babygirl #gingerbaby #proudmom #nicecompany #strongerthanyesterday

Just put on the damn swimsuit. You only live once!
#strongmomma #amazonfashion #swimsuit #floralswimsuit #proud #feelingconfident #justwearthedamnswimsuit

Have you heard that supposedly it's better to workout on a empty stomach?
So then have tried to workout on empty stomach and you have.gotten light headed, sick or not be able to workout very hard cause your stomach is growling cause your so hungry?
I used to do it all the time. I would wake up go right to the gym or I would workout at home.but the whole belly was hurting and I felt so weak!
I have learned since winter (no lie finally) that eating certain food before your workout an hour to hour in a half is ideal!
I was brain so brain washed that you couldn't eat before. But now learning that it fuels your body and helps push through that workout I've never felt better!
#earlyriser #workoutroutine #workoutathome #preworkoutmeal #eggsarethebest #fuelyourbody #portioncontrolcontainers #momofgirls

Last round of sliders! Help me!

You have no doubt, been doubted, hated, talked about, hurt, lied to, broke and are your wits end.
With that being said, I commend you for the face that you are still standing. Your courage speaks volume!
You are more than a conqueror! Nothing can keep you down and steal your joy!
Dont give up and continue to stand tall and love yourself first. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!
#gogetem #strongmomma #strongafmom #momofgirls #courage #youareappreciated #conquer #joy #bestrong

Are you embarrassed to ask for help? Do you struggle to ask for help and if you dont you get super frustrated?!

Its muggy out here today!

Because everybody else is still in bed and we like to start our days out early πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ so we had to capture the moment!
Have you had a not so good week? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
I haven't been on track like I have wanted to with nutrition. I've had a lot of adult beverages. But I've been eating most of my veggies consistently along with working out.
But what I've learned is that it's okay. It's not going to ruin everything I have worked for. I just keep trucking along the best I can as soon as I can. And that is what has made me so successful. So here is to finishing the weekend strong and being stronger next week!
Who is with me?!

Look how beautiful my peppers are looking after 2 days of 80 plus degree weather πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Happy Friday! Are you starting your Friday off right.... thinking about pizza πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

My answers are in the comments!

Sorry.... not sorry....

Nutrition doesn't have to be boring. I love me some eggs, peppers and sweet potatoes before my workout. It's easy to do a serving size because I have color coded portion control containers.
All you need to do is put as much food as you can in the container and eat it. No counting calories or points just how many containers you eat a day! Super simple!
Let me show you how these work! Message me and I'll get back to you!

This is what I LOVE about this side hustle. See what Becky has to say about her results!

β€œWow, you’re so lucky”

Guys I love you, but please stop saying that. This has nothing to do with luck. I’ve worked my ass off for this. These pictures are a difference of a year and a half of discipline, dedication, sweat, blood and tears.

My whole life I’ve struggled with my weight but I never really did anything about it, until last January, This didn’t just happen over night. I’m NOT LUCKY.

When I lost my mom, I got scared. I was afraid that if I continued to live the way I did, I wouldn’t live to have children and watch them grow up. That is NOT LUCKY.

I ate a lettuce wrap yesterday when my coworkers shared pizza and wings. That is NOT LUCKY.

I run miles after a night of drinking, because I enjoyed one too many tequila sunrises, that is NOT LUCKY.

I get up on a Saturday morning to commit to my business and work out with my team, instead of sleeping in. That is NOT LUCKY.

Want to know what is lucky? The fact that I wake up each morning. The fact that I can get out of bed and make these choices every day. You have this opportunity too, it didn’t just happen for me.

#lucky #workhard #playharder #momofgirls #motherhood #babyfever #choices #opportunity #tequila

What makes your heart expand?
I've been reading a book about taking control of your life. And yesterday they were talking about what makes your heart expand? What makes you get all jitty with excitement. Which way does your compass lead you.
My heart expands when it comes to my family, music, health and fitness and gardening and baking!
I think that's a huge step for me knowing exactly what those are. We need to do what makes us happy and not grouchy! So here is to reaching goals that make me happy and not otbers!
#happyiness #takingcontrolofyourlife #audible #familyislife #familygoals #healthandfitness #countryliving #gardening #baker

Eek! This spring has been terrible in #minnesota this year! I thought my rhubarb wasn't going to take off but it has finally!!! I finally think I have enough to make rhubarb cheesecake bars!
Who else loves their garden?!?! And feels your heart expand with excitement ?!
#gardenlover #gardenlife #rhubarb #countryliving #farmerswife #roughspring #baking

Are you a morning person or night person?!
I've always been a morning person in a way. I used to have to be to work by 5 am durinf college if I wanted to make any money. But I could also go iff of 4 hours of sleep then too!
Now being a mom morning routine is life! That's my alone time with silence!
#morningriser #morningperson #momofgirls #momoftwogirls #workingout #tuesday #fridayyet

How to set up goals for the week!

After my second baby I thought I wasn't gonna be able to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I thought I'm gonna be bigger no matter what.
I've been working hard this last year. Working out consistently for 20 to 45 minutes a day. Eating a healthy balanced lifestyle. I still enjoy burgers pizzas bloody Mary's and twisted teas!
We just need to learn how to handle the balance. I'm finally into a pair of jeans that fit me way before I had my second baby! Even my husband said this must be documented!
But honestly if you are feeling stuck and want those Jean's to fit again let's talk! Shoot me a message or comment below and i will reach out to you!
#postpregnancybody #momofgirls #hardwork #momfitjeans #pizza #burgersarelife #twistedtea #countryliving #pioneerseed #bathroomselfie

As you never know who is watching, do your very best every time!
#momofgirls #mom #motherhood #proudmom #sheisalwayswatching #stretching #biggirl #growinguptofast #saturdayvibes #saturdaymorning


Because after spending a hour in a half in my garden finally ..... I deserve a bloody mary!
#bloodymary #gardening #gardener #veggiegarden #treatyourself #fridaynightvibes #summerlife #wheresmybeefstick

Garden update!

Motivation to keep going.

I'm drinking fruit punch this morning for breakfast.

When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation change the situation or accept it. All else is madness.
Honestly I was upset for a long time cause the damn toys were making my house so messy they were everywhere. So today I told my oldest she had to pick them up! And it worked wonders! I changed the situation and accepted it :)
#countryliving #toyseverywhere #momofgirls #sisterlylove # acceptchange #humpday

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.
A goal broken down into steps is a plan.
A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true!
I've always been a morning person or should I say forced to be. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ being a mom and full time manager this is get really busy. Setting healthy goals and achieving them is a really big thing to me.
🌻🌻 I got my ass out of bed at 445 am and finished my workout by 6 am!
πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ this happened because I have a goal in 80 days, I have workouts and meal plans to get me there and let me tell you I'll be feeling like a dream come true by the end if I keep this momentum!
What goals do you have in life right now?
#goals #dreamscometrue #momofgirls #gingermom #blueeyegirls #plans #fulltimemanager #earlyriser #wavyhair

Does anyone feel super overwhelmed with work?
Feel over worked?
Feel like you can't control your eating cause of how work is overwhelming?
Or find time for yourself whether its reading a book or working out?
What if I put together a 5 day group with a meal plan, grocery list, and recipes and some tips and strategies of how to make time for yourself, would you be interested?
This would be free! If you would like to see this kind of group comment below and I'll reach out to you!

My garden looks like sh*t!

The choice is always yours!
🌞I chose to hit my alarm 2 times then get up. I chose to get up instead of laying in bed until it was time to go to work. I love my morning workout!
🌞 I will be choosing to workout soon! I chose to workout from home cause it's convenient with being a mom of 2!
🌞 starting to be healthy is hard, staying unhealthy is hard. The choice is yours!
#tuesdaythoughts #thechoiceisyours #homeworkouts #momoftwogirls #motherhood #gogojuice #convenience #morningriser #fulltimemanager #strongafmom

Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don't give up.
#dontgiveup #patience #workhardplanthard #workhard #mondayisover #countryliving #wavyhair #greyhairdontcare

Look at those ringlets coming through!
#curlygirlmethod is finally paying off!
It's only took me a few months beyond months to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing!
It's kinda like healthy lifestyle. It takes time to figure out what works for you, to get results and to feel good about yourself! You can do that through nutrition, exercise and support!
#support #countryliving #wavyhair #moisturiser #cantucurlingcream #ringlets #summervibes

Some days don't always go as planned. But you gotta roll with the punches! Got a phone call from work at 5 am (which is okay cause I got my butt out of bed) both my kids were up by 615!
Barbara was my biggest fan during my workout. She was all over me! But it is what it is and it's time to move on to the rest of Monday punches!
#monday #mondaymorning #startingoutright #strongmomma #earlyriser #momofgirls #neveradullmoment #gonnabeagoodday

Happy fathers day to my husband. Me and the girls love you show much!

Let me see your pictures of the father figures out there!
#fathersday #happyfathersday2019 #gingers #gingersdoitbest #gingersofinstagram #proudwife

I think we are gonna have fun the rest of summer seeing how many different places this Gnome can go to in the yard!
#kidsarefunny #gnome #countryliving #lilies #flowergarden #summertime #momofgirls #motherhood #csectionmommy

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