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Newsletter #3

3 Amazing Baseball Development Tips from around the web. #ConquerYourGame *|URL|* 3 Amazing Baseball Development Tips: lower half pitching machanics, developing pitchers, and creating luck.

Newsletter 01

The Persean Baseball Developer: ed. 01
(Tips, Advice, Tricks, and Strategies to conquer your game) Hello from Persean Baseball Performance. This edition of the newsletter contains some facility updates, tips from a Minor League Manager, and a Nationally Renowned D1 Head Coach. Also check out Persean ALL NEW MEDIA LINE UP.

A1/Persean Update

A1/Persean Update

New England Baseball Journal - May 2014

As all of A1's high schoolers are amid their 2nd week of "tune ups" before the season, I wanted to offer this very sound piece of advice... DON'T LET THEM SCORE.

The message comes from an article I wrote for New England Baseball Journal back in May, of 2014 found here:

The article references a conversation I had with an A1 client who had put on 10 lbs as a sophomore back then. Now, he's a senior who's put on about 50 lbs since then and A1 is excited to see what he, and the rest of the A1 High School family can do this year.

GO GET 'EM!!! Digital Edition

New England Baseball Journal - November/December 2014

A while back I wrote and article for New England Baseball Journal in which I challenged coaches to step up their game (myself included.)

Likewise, I'm offering an introductory Webinar on Monday, April 4th @7pm, to help coaches and parents with what to look for in developing their young, aspiring pitchers.

It's a 100% interactive experience where I'll be able to answer any questions right then and there. I am very confident that this can help you, your son, or your team in several ways, with included outlines and drill sheets.

I hope to see you there! Follow this link for more information or to register.

The effectiveness of this program is in it's possible reach. I you know of ANYONE who you think might be interested, please share with them. You help is greatly appreciated.

Jonah Digital Edition

Check out this link

Williamstown Cal Ripken Players and coaches, your seasons are are just around the corner. A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy has 2 brand new offering to help both of you.

THROWING 101 is a class setting development program designed to optimize the young throwing athletes progress. More info:

A1's Pitching 101 Webinar is designed for parents and coaches looking for some new tips, drills, and ideas on how to help their young aspiring pitchers. More info:

Yours in continual progressive development,

[03/24/16]   FOR A LIMITED TIME, A1's inaugural webinar, Pitching 101, is available for 50% off!! (that's 1/8th the cost of a lesson!)

Follow the link to sign up

A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy is proud to announce...

A1's is introducing its new Pitching Development Program, designed to systematically take its athletes through an optimal progression of skill and knowledge development. Designed for all levels of throwers and placed in an environment to optimize the athlete's retention of material. Each class meets for 1 hour a week, with weekly focuses on the Throwing 101 curriculum, which includes:

Changing the game in youth sports: John O'Sullivan at TEDxBend

A 15 minute watch, great video, even better message!!
"Love watching you play'

Please share with anyone you know that has kids in youth sports.

O'Sullivan remembers when youth sports was about children competing with other children instead of adults competing with each other through their kids. Follo...

Get Lucky! | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

The season is coming for many in a few weeks!!! Here's an old post I that originally appeared in the New England Baseball Journal about how we create our own luck.

It's a quick read. Let me know what you think!

Ep.15: 3 Key Reasons You Don't Throw Hard | The Diamond Dish Podcast

Wish you threw harder? Here's 3 things to think about.

The "Conceptuality" of Pitching | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

At a certain point in your pitching development, you're going to have to start thinking "outside the box" if you want to continue improving!

The Diamond Dish Podcast: Ep.14: Qualities of a Good Instructor

3 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Private Lessons | A1 Pitching &...

Here are 3 tips to make sure you're getting more than just and expensive babysitter for your private lessons.

With Velocities Going Up, Your Commitment to Development Needs To | A1...

Just being good isn't good enough anymore.

Eliminating What If's | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

Eliminate your "what if's" and watch your development skyrocket.

The Diamond Dish Podcast: Ep.12: Hard Work, Commitment, and Work Ethic....

"Sometimes, it's not about the road you take, but the one you make."

New England Baseball Journal - July 2014

Dear Draftee, here's a letter from your future self. Digital Edition

Get Lucky! | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

Luck has nothing to do with with. Stop wishing you were "one of the lucky ones" and go create your own!!

Hitting Approach: Zone Committal vs Adjust & React, which? | A1 Pitching...

Do you commit to a certain part of the plate? Or, do you react to where the ball is thrown?

The Diamond Dish Podcast: Ep.11: Interview w/ Matt Kata (part 2)

Former Major League hitter, Matt Kata, finishes his conversation on his hitter's checklist and also talks about parents' roles in youth development.

A Simple Concept to Simplify Your Performance Goals. | A1 Pitching &...

It doesn't always have to be so complicated.

Have an Idea! | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

Hitting is hard! Make it a little easier by developing an approach.

The Diamond Dish Podcast: Ep.10: Interview w/ Matt Kata

Former MLB hitter, Matt Kata, joins us on the Dish this week to talk hitting philosophy, and youth development. Matt talks about:
• his hitter checklist (a 3 part philosophy to simplifying the swing)
• teaches vs non-teaches

The Mind Is Mightier Than the Fastball | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

What's the key to successful, skill development?
Hint: It's not physical

Experience Is the Ultimate Teacher | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

The Diamond Dish Podcast: Ep.9: Interview w/ Matt Blake

The Diamond Dish Podcast
* How having passion and an open mind can predict development
* The steps to building a foundation for Pitching Development progress
* Velocity and its unfortunate, but unarguable stranglehold on determining success
* What to look for when you do video analysis
* How the ability to receive critical feedback coupled with an honest self-assessment and baby steps are you best plan for successful development

Victories Within Yourself Lead to Victories On the Field | A1 Pitching &... How identifying areas in which we can simplify the game can help us focus on more eminent issues... yourself

Holding Runners: Un-complicating Unnecessary Complexities | A1 Pitching...

By simplifying certain areas of the game, you can expand your comfort zone to perform optimally.

The Diamond Dish Podcast: Ep.8: Strike Zone Strategies and Holding Runners

Don't out-think yourself. Use these tips to help simplify the game and help you work more efficiently. Un-complicating unnecessary complexities of pitching

Stretching: Explosive Kryptonite? | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

As a previously avid stretcher, I found this eye opening.

New England Baseball Journal - June 2014

The June edition of The New England Baseball Journal is out, with my piece on "Travel Ball Considerations." Digital Edition

To Ice, or Not To Ice? Don't hurt yourself deciding | A1 Pitching &...

I can't tell you how many questions I get about icing. So I put this little number together for everyone out there that might me curious.

Development Is a Never-ending Process | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

Development Is a Never-ending Process
Take a scientific look at why you need to continue to work in order to make progress in your baseball ability.

You May Not be Massive, but You Can Be Motivated | A1 Pitching & Baseball Academy

Not everyone will be born with the same ability, but EVERYONE has the CHIOCE to work hard. Will you be outworked today?

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