Wado-Ryu Martial Arts Studio/Sensei Ernie Dunkelberger

Wado Ryu (Japanese) means School of the Way of Peace. You will learn to build your character as well as how to use your whole body for protection.

This is a page for the Wado-Ryu Martial Arts Studio located at the Adamstown YMCA & Ephrata Rec Center in Pennsylvania with Sensei Ernie Dunkelberger. Along with Ichiban Sempei Jeff Werner, Sempei Bob Bickham and a long list of fellow black belt instructors. Our karate style is called Wado-Ryu which means (School of the Way Of Peace). Its a traditional Japanese martial art that prides itself on teaching and demonstrating proper attitude, building self esteem and self confidence, promoting self respect for oneself as well as others, and learning to defend yourself in the process. The yellow symbol on the front of our karate gi stands for HARMONY. You will learn to use your body and mind to defeat a physical attack if and when necessary. We are governed by the United States Eastern Wado-Ryu Federation. The headquarters are located in Nashville, Tennessee. Our current President is Mr. John Patterson. Mr. Patterson has assumed leadership of the top system in the world of Wado-Ryu karate since his father and former President Mr. Cecil T. Patterson, passed away in October 2002. Sensei Ernie Dunkelberger, a 5th degree black belt (Yon-Dan), was inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Feb. 2009, and began practicing Wado karate in 1979 under Sensei James Harlan. He has been currently involved with Wado-Ryu Martial Arts for 35 years to this day. Mr. Dunkelberger is the Sensei of the Wado-Ryu Marial Arts Studio in Adamstown Pennsylvania. Mr. Dunkelberger has had the privilege to train with Grand Master Otsuka, the current worldwide leader of the Wado system, his son Kasutaka, Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Cecil Patterson, Mr. John Patterson, Mr. Joseph Rippy, as well as other top ranking Wado instructors. Mr. Dunkelberger has also trained with world reowned instructors such as George Dillman, Wally Jay, Master Oyata, "Superfoot" Bill Wallace, and Jhoon Rhee (founder of Tae Kwan Do). If you are interested in joining our Martial Arts Studio or have any questions about our Studio please contact Sensei Dunkelberger for more details.

Kata - basic movements using and imagination of the movements. This video is several techniques of Basic 1 and of Pinan Nidan

WEEKEND WORKOUT using a deck of cards. Or you can enjoy other ways to involve karate techniques into your workout. This video involves self defense techniques as well. Enjoy. Be Well 😊😊😊

Enhancing and strengthening our front punch (Junzuki)

A short video enhancing and strengthening our basic techniques. Enjoy 😊😊😊

A short video of basic techniques and good stances. Enjoy your practice 😊😊😊

Basic movements and techniques using body and good form !!!

This video is Pinan Shodan.

Today's practice video is Pinan Yondan. Please check it out and enjoy 😊

A short fun workout for you and the whole family involving a deck of poker cards. Enjoy !!!

A short 5 minute video of Wado Ryu martial arts warmup, stances, and techniques. Enjoy !!!

Hello, this short 5 minute video is a warm up of the body and practice of basic techniques. For Those who are watching this, please know this is Wado Ryu. This is what we do and no disrespect to other styles.

Hello Everyone, I hope this video finds you well. The video is Basic 1, Basic 2, & Basic 3. These katas are requirements for our new students testing for their Gold/Yellow belt. Remember β€œ Nothing is perfect, but seeking perfection keeps you practicing”. Stay healthy my friends.

This video is Pinan Nidan Kata. Again, outside on an asphalt surface and a beautiful sunny day. I hope this video helps to improve basic skills and movements. Please note the use and importance of using body for power.

Another video for you. This time it’s Pinan Sandan Kata.

Were back. Check out this 3.5 minute video of basic techniques. It’s obvious it was taken outside. Please excuse my squinting. Wishing y’all to be well. Please contact me with any questions, concerns, and/or comments. Hope to see you soon.

Still working hard!

I know we feel cooped up being indoors.

Gyms are closed, Dojos and our daily routines are eschewed.

But we don't have to stop training!

Working on some sparring exercises with my fellow instructors.

This Exercise Works on moving on an angle and trying to close the distance with an opponent as quick as possible!

What kind of training are you doing at home?

Feel free to share a picture or video of your practice at home, we love to see our students working hard!!

Basics at Home!

Hello students! Here is a 3 minute video demonstrating basic techniques and stances!

You don’t need a lot of space to practice. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!!

Thank you,


It is with a sad and happy heart concerning this news. Our black belt Brock Bingeman will be re-locating in April to St. Louis for a career change. When he gets settled in, Brock will continue his other enjoyment as a karate instructor. Were sad because we are losing a great friend, person, and karate student/instructor, but very happy he's going to be joining 1st Phorm as he's been doing-a positive influence for them. Included is a few pictures of our Wado Ryu leaders and fellow black belts with Mr. Bingeman. Sensei John Patterson, Sensei James Harlan, Sensei Matthew Harlan, Sensei Dunkelberger, and our black belt instructors.

Karate Promotions 2/1/20

Earlier today our Wado Ryu Martial Arts Studio held karate belt rank promotions for 14 students. We are very HAPPY and PROUD to announce all performed very well and passed to their next level. If you know any of these people, please join us in congratulating them 😊😊😊

Earlier today our Wado Ryu Martial Arts Studio held karate belt rank promotions for 14 students. We are very HAPPY and PROUD to announce all performed very well and passed to their next level. If you know any of these people, please join us in congratulating them 😊😊😊

A brand new Year. No time like the present to sign up for karate classes for you and/or your child to learn excellent traditional martial arts. We take great pride in building the character of the student. We have two locations - Ephrata Rec Center & Adamstown YMCA. Please call or text 717-333-5882, email [email protected], or reply to this FB message. Thank You for considering.

Wado-Ryu Martial Arts Studio/Sensei Ernie Dunkelberger's cover photo

[01/07/20]   The karate classes are still a GO tonight. However, if you feel it is unsafe to drive, I fully understand, and stay in the warm comfort of your home. There’s plenty more classes we will get to see you.

[01/02/20]   As the year 2020 begins, we invite you to join us to train at one of our karate school locations, Adamstown YMCA or Ephrata Rec Center. Children and Adults have been training with us for more than 40 years. For more information, please call 717-333-5882 or email [email protected].

From our Wado Ryu Martial Arts Studio to you and your family, We wish you A Merry Christmas πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸ€ΆπŸ»

[12/09/19]   We have One Month FREE Gift Certificates. A great Christmas gift.

If your looking for a great Martial Arts Studio specializing in Self Defense and building the character of the student, contact us vie email [email protected], call or text 717-333-5882, or send us a message on FB.

Karate Christmas Party 2019

Karate Christmas Party 2019

[11/26/19]   Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Eve. We will be holding karate class in an unusual and lots of fun fashion tomorrow evening. We will be in the large gymnasium at the Adamstown YMCA playing dodge ball. This is open to all Adamstown and Ephrata karate students and family members who would like to join us. Playing time will be 6:30 – 7:15/7:30 pm.

No need to wear your karate uniform, but you may if you want to.

Thanksgiving Day – No karate classes at the YMCA or Ephrata Rec Center.

If we don’t see you, we wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Earlier today our Martial Arts Studio held promotions. Were very happy and proud to announce all candidates passed their exam to the next belt level. Congratulations to All !!!

[11/16/19]   Tomorrow we will be holding our monthly Sat. morning karate class at the Adamstown YMCA 9-10 am. This is open to all students from both locations – Ephrata Rec Center and Adamstown YMCA.

We will be working on kata and sparring techniques. We hope to see you there.

Thanks again to all of the students who came out to perform this past weekend for our Demo in Adamstown!

If you weren't able to attend, here is some of the highlights! Enjoy!

Yesterday we held a Black Belt exam for four of our students and are very happy to announce they all passed their exam! Congratulations to our candidates on a job well done!

We've had a GREAT couple of nights with our very own Mr. Matthew Harlan, who has come up to his old home of PA for some seminars as well as black belt exams!

It's great to see him again and all of us here are proud to have him here with us!

Again, thank you for everything sir! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ₯‹

We have been working on the Kihon Katas in class this week!

If you are practicing these at home, Mr.D is showing the offensive (Tori) and Mr.Bingeman is doing the defense (Uke)

Looking forward to doing these with the students tomorrow evening at the Ephrata Rec Center and the Adamstown YMCA!!

We had a BLAST putting on a karate Demonstration at Reamstown Days here in PA!

Thank you to all that came and watched and a very special thank you to the students who came out and participated!

We could not have done it without you!!

Enjoy this video of the demonstration.

Karate Exhibition

Karate Exhibition

Another great night of training!

Great to see our students continuing to make progress, it makes all the instructors here very proud!!

Another great night of training with our brown and black belts!

It makes all of us here at the Pennsylvania Wado-Ryu Karate studio, proud of ALL of our students who continue to train hard!

Thank you all for your continued hard work and support!

Proud to see so many of our students working hard over the Summer!

Thank you to the parents who bring your children to our classes and also to our adult students who give their time to train with us!

We appreciate each and every one of you!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ’₯

Earlier today our Wado Ryu karate studio held belt rank promotions for students from both our locations Adamstown YMCA and Ephrata Rec Center. We are happy and proud to announce all candidates earned and passed to their next belt rank level. Congratulations to the students 😊😊

[07/04/19]   We will not be holding classes tonight at both our Adamstown and Ephrata Dojos due to the 4th of July Holiday. We wish you all a Happy and Safe Independence Day!!

[06/14/19]   We will be holding our monthly Saturday morning karate class at the Adamstown YMCA this coming Saturday (June 15) 9–10 am. We will be working on the punching dummies as well as sparring techniques.

[05/27/19]   A friendly reminder of no karate classes at our Adamstown YMCA dojo this evening.

We wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day as we remember those who served and protected us.

Hello family and students!

We wanted to give you a quick update on how the Go Fund Me for the Olympic Trials is going.

We are extremely greatful to everyone that has donated so far! And when you have the time please watch the video to see something really amazing!

Thank you all once again for your generosity!


Click here to support Olympic Karate Dream organized by Brock Bingeman

Hello Students and Family!

If you have been to class in the past week, we have been sharing that Mr.Bingeman will be attempting to earn a spot on the Olympic Team for Karate in 2020!

There are many expenses that are involved with doing something like this, so we started a Go Fund Me to help defer some of the cost.

Now, this is 100% voluntary. You are not obligated to donate. We had students and family who wanted to help and we decided this would be the best way to do it!

Thank you for anything you are able to do, even if you just come to class and wish us luck, that is very much appreciated!

Here is the link if you choose to donate!


gofundme.com We are raising money to help defer cost for Olympic trials taking place on July 10th-14th! If you find it in your heart to make a donation myself and my Sensei would greatly appreciate it! We will also be keeping you all up to date with our training for this on our social media!...

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