Addison Athletic Club, Addison, TX Video March 27, 2020, 10:11pm

Videos by Addison Athletic Club in Addison. A great reason to live in Addison is the Addison Athletic Club. The Athletic Club offers a wide variety of programs for Addison residents.

Yoga with Zan

Come try a yoga class with Zan. Keep up with our weekly fitness and inspirational videos Active Addison @ Noon. #ACTIVEADDISON.

Other Addison Athletic Club videos

Good morning Chores Workout!
Let's start our Thursday morning with a Chore workout with Malin! Stay Active with Addison join one of our zoom classes during the week. #ACTIVEADDISON

Inspirational Yoga
Happy Monday and May the 4th be with you! Get outside today. Breathe in the beauty of life. Let it fill you up. Being in nature synchronizes us with the natural flow of life. When we sync ourselves with the rhythm and flow of nature, we begin to feel more in harmony with life and the world around us. Get outside today. Let yourself be receptive, captivated, and calmed by the energy of Mother Nature. Let it heal and inspire you. Let it rejuvenate your spirit and awaken the joy of your soul. Peace. Love. Namaste. Valerie Active Addison @ Noon #ACTIVEADDISON

Boost your Brain Power with Superbrain Yoga!
Happy Monday! Stay active and keep up with Active Addison @ Noon! Boost your Brain Power with Superbrain Yoga! A fun, daily practice for the whole family! Strengthen your body and energize your brain with this simple yoga practice. Reduce stress and anxiety. Improve memory, intelligence, creativity, and concentration. Superbrain yoga synchronizes the right and left hemispheres of the brain, increases cell and neuron activity, and promotes healthy cognitive function. Helps with Dementia, Alzheimers, Dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism. Practice doing 14-21 squats per day for 30 days. Get fit, and become smarter and more psychologically balanced in the process! Then make it a part of your daily life! Enjoy! Namaste, Valerie #ACTIVEADDISON

Inspirational Video with Valerie
Get outside and move your body today. Our bodies love movement. They’re made to move and flow. Movement is a celebration of life. It’s a way to sense the pure joy of being alive and free. Just for today invite peace, love, and joy. Let it fill your heart. Let go of stress, fear, and worry. Allow yourself to be playful and to feel joyful. Peace. Love. Namaste. Valerie

Choga Class with Valerie
Happy Thursday! Join in with Valerie's Choga (chair yoga) class. This will help you to stretch, open and relax your body. Have a nice day and keep up with our Active Addison @ Noon. #ACTIVEADDISON

Save the Nation Workout
Happy Tuesday! Let's get with a quick Save the Nation workout with Malin! Keep up with good work outs and activities with Active Addison @ Noon.

Follow It Workout
Happy Wednesday Everyone. Get a quick workout out with our Follow It workout today with Malin. Keep up with our Active Addison @ Noon

Hey everyone! Welcome to Active Addison @ Noon! We hope everyone enjoys this simple but cute craft for all ages! 😁

MALIN'S Fitness Video
We are midway through the week and you have to keep up with your daily workout. Crush this quick workout with Malin. Stay connected with us and check out our daily activities. Active Addison @ Noon #ACTIVEADDISON

Choga with Valerie
Breathing in the beauty of life. Let it fill you up. Be grateful for this beautiful day. For all the abundant goodness. Try not to focus on what may seem wrong, instead focus on all that is good every day. There is always something to be grateful for even when life seems difficult. There are blessings to be found everywhere. When we choose to be grateful, we notice that every breath is a miracle, that each smile becomes a gift. Look around you. Breathe in the beauty of life. Count your blessings. When we live in a space of gratitude, the whole world glows a bit brighter. Peace. Love. Namaste. Valerie #ACTIVEADDISON

Yoga with Zan
Come try a yoga class with Zan. Keep up with our weekly fitness and inspirational videos Active Addison @ Noon. #ACTIVEADDISON.

Bubble Painting with Miss Erin! Hope you all enjoy. Comment pictures of your craft below so we can see them and say hi! 🙋‍♀️🖌

Modified Fit with Minok
Happy Tuesday! Join Minok with Modified Fit Class and keep an eye on our Active Addison @ Noon! #ActiveAddison

Choga Flow
Sending all positive energy outward today. Don’t give negative thoughts your energy. Fill that space with positive. When difficult thoughts or feelings arise balance them with positive ones. You can only think one thought at a time so shift your thought. The longer you are able to hold positive thoughts in your mind, the more powerful the positive energy around you becomes. Peace. Love. Namaste. Valerie

Chogo Flow
Be thankful for all the good things in your life. Try to never worry about what is out of your control instead give it your strongest positive thoughts and trust that all will be ok. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what will go right. Get outside, breathe in the beauty around you, and practice your yoga stretch for the day. Allow yourself to smile and feel joy!!! Send all positive, healing energy outward…let it float on gentle winds throughout the world. Peace. Love. Namaste Valerie

Stevie has so much fun at our Gingerbread House Decorating! Thank you so much to everyone who joined, we had a blast. Happy Holidays!

Gingerbread House
Don't forget to sign up for our family gingerbread house decorating! It is $10/gingerbread house but on Friday the price will increase to $15! Make sure you sign up early. Friday, December 6th from 6-7:30pm

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 👻🍬 Stop by today and see our very own sidekick Robin! Hope everyone has a great day! #ActiveAddison #ActiveAddisonKids #HappyHalloween #AddisonTx

Feed Marty a bag of candy to keep him a happy monster! We are taking candy donations for Halloween Bash! Feel free to drop in a bag a candy with individually wrapped pieces for the kiddos! #ActiveAddison #ActiveAddisonKids #HalloweenBash2018

Doggie Splash Day 2018
Doggie Splash Day was so much fun this past weekend! Thanks to everyone that was able to make it out! #DoggieSplashDay #ActiveAddison

Little Hands opening Fall Active Guide
Check out the our new Fall Active Activity Guide. Check out all the fun Fall classes and programs.

Happy Fitness Friday! Want to beat the heat, come inside the cool gym and burnout your core! T-he G-rind I-ncludes F-riday Password of the Week: PreSeason Football #JUSTINTIME #ACTIVEADDISON

Taste of Football Training
HAPPY FITNESS FRIDAY! Football training has start and you should start too Quote for this Friday. DO SOMETHING TODAY THAT YOUR FUTURE SELF WILL THANK YOU FOR! Password for The Parks & Recreation Crossword Puzzle: HARD WORK!! #JUSTINTIME #ACTIVEADDISON

Fat Burner Workout
Happy Fitness Friday! Enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy the Vitamin D from the sun. Make sure to push yourself because, no one else is goin to do it for you. #JUSTINTIME, #ACTIVEADDISON

#JustinTime - Dumbbell Workout
Happy Fitness Friday! Step outside and enjoy the warm weather to workout. Don't expect to see a change if you don't make one! #JUSTINTIME #ACTIVEADDISON

Body Blast
Happy Fitness Friday! Celebrate like the Irish but last longer than your buddy. Alternate one alcoholic drink with one or two glasses of water or have a Shamrock Shake Smoothie (fresh spinach, juicy kiwi, and mint) for a fun and festive drink. Enjoy your weekend and be safe. #JUSTINTIME #ACTIVEADDISON

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