You Can Dance Dallas, Addison, TX Video March 2, 2019, 8:16pm

Videos by You Can Dance Dallas in Addison. Are you ready to learn to dance? Want to take classes with great instructors in a beautiful space? Want to expand your social life? Take a class in Country, Ballroom, Latin, or Swing and come to parties every weekend! Come join the fun!!

Tango-A-Go-Go!!! Showcase excellence!

One more "PRO TEAM" to consider!!! There are about 10 tickets left to our 2019 4th Annual Showcase at YCDD tomorrow!!! Call Lori at 214-566-1260!!!

Other You Can Dance Dallas videos

Shout out to Ed Frantz!!!
Ed is under the weather... so the 4th Saturday Dance crew wanted to say "GET WELL SOON!!" :-)

Right now at YCDD!!!
Right now at YCDD!!! Keri and Shane!!! 2 Step for C&W night

Great crowd at You Can Dance Dallas Tonight!! Hope you didn’t miss out!! Thanks to everyone who came to party with us!!

Happy Birthday Lori!!!
Tax Day and Unhappy People go together it seems! :-) (or - just another silly 2nd Saturday night at You Can Dance!!!)

Safe Travels!!!
Bonvoyage to the "Cruise Crew"!!! (-or- this is what happens when you leave your dance friends behind!)

Tango-A-Go-Go!!! Showcase excellence!
One more "PRO TEAM" to consider!!! There are about 10 tickets left to our 2019 4th Annual Showcase at YCDD tomorrow!!! Call Lori at 214-566-1260!!!

WowZa!!! Belly Dancing at our 4th Annual Showcase!
Okay, in order to draw attention to our 4th annual Showcase on Sunday... we present this!!! And while we know this video may pander a little to the baser instincts :-) ... It's very obvious that this master performance fits right into our motto for this year's show... "It's not about who dances the best, but who has the most fun"! Without a doubt, Jessica here is dancing the best AND ALSO having the most fun!!! (It is wise to note, that the featured performer here was taught by our resident Saturday morning Belly Dance/Middle Eastern dance instructor Vashti!!!) And while at this performance you obviously can again see she was having a great time... we can only (obviously) imagine all the men in the room were having a BETTER time! ;-) (just sayin') . Anyway, there are tickets still available for March 3, 2019! (Get them while they're... ... ... HOT!) Call Lori at 214-566-1260, or PM us right here on this page.

Mad Hatter Ball costume contest!
Just in case you were wondering who won the Mad Hatters Ball Costume contest...

Once Upon a Winterland Showcase!
Of course (especially in Ballroom) there is often a story... not of a student and instructor and all the intense hours training, or all the late nights and Saturday afternoons and sometime blisters or sore muscles, and the skill and dedication it takes to get the costumes JUST SO... BUT that of a PRINCE AND PRINCESS, gliding across the floor "Showcasing" a different and poignant story of Love and Faith and Elegance and DANCE!

Israel and Lisa Rhumba Showcase Performance 2017
Our 3rd annual Showcase is this week (3-4-18)... BUT, were you at our 2nd annual YOU CAN DANCE Showcase last year on March 5th 2017?? WELL, if you were not, then you missed a great performance like this!

Lori Hayner at Guitars & Cadillacs every Thursday Night for Progressive Double Two Step Lessons!
Were you there? Did you MISS IT!!! If you did, WELL THEN, it's right HERE.... Lori's first night at Guitars & Cadillacs. DON'T MISS OUT AGAIN!!! (and for the over 160 of you that were there... ENJOY!!!)

Disco Fever!
Playing with the new Facebook "Cover video" option here... created a "collage" of the last time we did a 70's party many "Disco Ball" moons ago... don't forget... tomorrow night Saturday 6-24-17!!! A Boogie Night is just a "Hustle" away!

Lesson Time!
Quick, Quick, Slow Slow!!!

Under The Big Top!
Happening RIGHT NOW!(then, 9-30-16) Welcome to the Greatest Dance Party on Earth! (It was FUN! and now FIN!)

Luau 2step
Happening RIGHT NOW!! (well, it happened Friday 7-15-16! But it WAS "right now" then! Keep checking back right NOW and later, right here on YCDD for our next special theme event in the fall)

Mayo de 5th-O
It's a FIESTA tonight at You Can Dance Mexico... ummm DALLAS!

Ramiro and Brent! They Can Dance! :-)
TONIGHT, TONIGHT AT YCDD!! Things like this happen when Ramiro and Brent are the featured "COOL MOVES" teachers... DON'T MISS IT!" 7pm Basics Class, 8PM "Cool Moves" class! (Don't forget to activate the "HD" button on the lower player screen for best picture if your ISP supports it!)

Last night... Lori's birthday party was a SMASH. YOU CAN DANCE was PACKED! It was a great time, with great friends and great DANCIN'! (use the HD button on the player if you have fast internet)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about tonight's WESTIE FRIDAY! Watch The Video

It's WESTIE FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!! Join us tonight at You Can Dance Dallas in Addison for two great WCS classes and AWESOME Westie dance mix with a HUGE video wall!

WESTIE FRIDAY - I got an important question yesterday!
I got a question yesterday and you're going to want to know the answer! Check out the video and join us for Westie Friday tomorrow night at You Can Dance Dallas! EVENT : RSVP for the event at

Join Us For WESTIE FRIDAY on Friday March 13th!
Join Us For WESTIE FRIDAY With Christopher Hussey This Friday Night, March 13th At You Can Dance Dallas. BONUS : Use your $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE before Friday at for INSTANT SAVINGS off of West Coast Swing DVDs or Private Lessons with Christopher. EVENT : RSVP for the event at

Westie Friday TONIGHT!
Come Join Us For Westie Friday Tonight! West Coast Swing Basics 7PM Hot Moves For West Coast Swing 8PM Awesome Dance Party 9PM

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