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Pure Components do not depend or modify the state of variables outside their scope. These are the building blocks of Functional Programming. Before we get into the details of Pure Components in React, we need to understand the concept of Pure Functions in JavaScript.
Working with JavaScript Async and Await Keyword... 8 Minutes Introduction to basics of Async and Await Keyword. JavaScript Introduces keywords “async” and “await” as an addition to EcmaScript 2015. In this video, we will see the impact of "async" and "await" keyword. #javascript #programming #trending #es6
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REACT is a state-of-the-art community fitness & paralysis recovery center

REACT is committed to providing a comprehensive activity-based restorative therapies (ABRT) program for individuals with spinal cord injuries and similar neurological disorders. The result - health and independence. REACT follows strength & conditioning principles, complemented by exercise science fundamentals in combination with state-of-the-art equipment and professionally educated trainers. The result - a strong-willed, supportive, goal oriented recovery environment. Our clients tell us they have more confidence and strength, increased energy and endurance, better feeling and balance. We know how to respond to your body and push you to recover neuromuscular function. Our specialties include: Spinal Cord Injury Transverse Myelitis Traumatic Brain Injury Multiple Sclerosis Other neurological conditions No workout is typical, but every workout must have repetition. Human development patterns are broken down and relearned. No matter what your age, ability or years post injury, results are possible. We offer: Nervous System Training Load Bearing, Closed Chain Exercises Gait Training Strength Training Balance & Postural Training Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) Training Range of Motion/Flexibility Training Interested in becoming a client? Head to to complete an application online or contact us for more information. Prefer to see the facility and meet our team first? Call Kendell at (972) 386-0701 to schedule a tour today!

Our Core Values We’ve found that when facing adversity it helps to be reminded through positive words of encouragement. So stop hearing you CAN’T and focus on our core values: BELIEVE – to accept something as true & genuine; believe you can DETERMINATION – the power & will to persist; do the impossible, you have the grit so go the distance AMBITION – a strong desire within; reach for your goals and when you fall get back up PERSEVERANCE – the will to continue regardless of obstacles; dig deep and never give up Our Philosophy Restorative Exercise And CommuniTy is a two-fold commitment to ourselves and our clients. Restorative Exercise is the pillar from which we train. Exercises that imitate fundamental movement patterns of human development have been proven to reorganize our central nervous system, while repetition of these patterns helps fill the gaps. The result is restored motor function. CommuniTy is the fellowship of clients, their families, and outside supporters that are working together to bring change to how people view spinal cord injuries. We lean on each other for strength, we share knowledge about an injury not known to most, we move others to get involved and together we overcome adversity. Our facility is a highly-specialized state of the art training center for individuals affected by SCIs and other neurological conditions. We focus on neurokinetic therapies to help our clients regain muscle control and balance. Our professional team of trainers have backgrounds in strength and conditioning, physical therapy, kinesiology and exercise science. They have mentored under some of the best fitness professionals in the industry. We BELIEVE in activity-based restorative therapies and tailor each program to meet the individual’s needs. With an emphasis on strengthening and restoring neurological function, we BELIEVE we can create progressively independent lifestyles and an enhanced quality of life for our clients. When life feels overwhelming or situations become intimidating, face adversity with DETERMINATION and support. We’re here for you. We’ll educate, demonstrate and design exercise programs that adhere to the progression of each individual’s recovery. We’ll guide you to set attainable goals and attack them with AMBITION. Above all, we encourage PERSEVERANCE, particularly when recovery seems unattainable. Strength is best found in numbers. Our CommuniTy of clients, families, staff members, and outside supporters provides a resilient atmosphere to ensure an attitude that we will triumph over those who say we can’t.

Mission: REACT, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, aims to inspire and self-empower all people living with neurological disabilities through intense exercise and advocacy.

Starting tomorrow, please make sure you bring and wear your mask when inside our building. If you need assistance putting your mask on, please let us know and we will help you put it on before entering the building. Thank you for understanding.

#Repost @dallasnews with
#Breaking: Dallas County commissioners voted 3-2 Friday to mandate that businesses in the county must require customers and everyone on premises to wear a mask to contain the spread of #COVID19. Those who don't comply with the order, which goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. tonight, face up to a $500 fine. Visit the link in our bio to read more on this updating story.

Repost from @matthughes9x

A little over a year ago I started receiving stem cell therapy @bioxcellerator_ to treat my TBI. This was the start of a new beginning for me. Watching this video, I notice how much my speech has improved since this time last year, and how much stronger, stable, and coordinated I am today. Thank you @bioxcellerator_ for treating me and igniting a fire within me and a desire to push myself every day. My story is not over. This is just the beginning. This is NOT as good as it is going to get.
#BioXcellerator #BioXmen #stemcelltherapy #tbi #tbiawareness

6:15 Blast

6:15 Blast REACT takes a digital dive into wellness, style, science, nourishment, local culture and travel on the 15th of each month.


Dennis you are truly someone we all look up to and admire when it comes to dedication... thank you for reminding us to not only focus on the goal, but the journey it takes to get there.

#Repost @dennis.miles
As I laid in a hospital bed motionless, I looked to the future with fear. What would a lifetime in a chair do to my body? How could I better my situation without the ability to move? When would this living nightmare be over?
The prospects were bleak. It was like pulling teeth to get any sort of positive outlook from my doctors and therapists. The resulting feeling was one of helplessness. My life as I knew it was over. No more marathons; no more work outs that kick my ass; and certainly no more personal records.
After all that negativity, after all the internal questions, I found that only one question truly mattered... how was I uniquely qualified to overcome this injury and find peace within it?
The answer was simple...try to imagine your future self and make him proud of the work you did today. Rinse & repeat. Days turn to weeks; week to months; and months to years...this is a crazy, unique opportunity that few get to experience. I was made for this. Every moment of past resilience prepared me for this.

Flash forward 1,047 days, and I set a PR by squatting 410 pounds. Not only a post-injury PR...but a lifetime PR. Yes, I probably could have done this before, but I never did. Today was a good day, a day that my future self will definitely be proud of. Never give up.
#spinalcordinjury #quadriplegic #squats #PR #nevergiveup💪

Who else is ready to get back to the gym?! REACT has re-opened at a limited capacity for one on one training ONLY. For the safety of our clients and team members at this time we will not be reinstating any group programs, or open gym at this time. For more information on restrictions, head to our website 👍🏼 we miss everyone and can’t wait to see your faces again!!

#Repost @crystalvm93
Hello everyone!!!! These have been some busy times but am going to start posting again about my awesome clients!! Here we have @rahulsinha14 using our @galileotraining tilt table focusing on his balance while performing rows with our @keiserfitness functional trainer. Balancing at any angle is always difficult but important for when it comes to transfers, standing and other things. Check out the video! More to come in the future! #galileotraining #keiserfitness #adaptiveathlete @neuroreaction

Dennis was paralyzed body surfing in the ocean in 2017. His injury left him paralyzed from the neck down (C5/6 Incomplete Asia C). He managed to increase his distance by 5 yards while decreasing his time by 1 min and 10 seconds.

We also did 18 min unassisted on the elliptical before this.

Unreal the progress we are seeing here. If you are aomeone who reads this and wonders; How can I start l and where do I go. Please go to and purchase your copy of Axiom. It will soon be a staple in the neuro space for enhancing the nervous system for optimal performance.

Meet my client Tom. On 8/23/19; he was skydiving with his family when his parachute 🪂 did not open the way it should. (Think as someone shot a bunch of holes in it while he was descending in a free fall). The impact of Tom hitting the ground lead to a burst fracture of his L-1 vertebrae and a spinal cord injury at T-11 Asia B.

Back to present day; he is up and at it. I have no doubt that Tom will overcome this horrible accident.

He started training with @bachik_methods a few months back. He trains daily at home and once a week with myself @neuroreaction. Tom is a hard charger with amazing work ethic.

Our goals are to use Axiom to address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects that this injury brings about.

As a coach and rehab professional; you must have a process that can show and prove small positive outcomes each and every day. This is why Axiom was created. My clients know how I work; and how I approach recovery in many different aspects.

For more, visit to learn more about Axiom and myself.

Tom; your amazing brother, and Im humbled to be a part of your journey. We got this brother.

@bachik_methods @neuroreaction @fwennie

#axiom #rehab #paralysis #skydiving #extreme #sports #recovery #training #strength #walk #walking #gait #balance #spinalcordinjury #motivation

#NTXGivingdayNOW is LIVE until midnight!!! We hope you will consider us as your non-profit of choice ❤️ we can’t put into words how much your donations mean to us ❤️ please help us continue to serve our community as we strive to make the world a stronger place.

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” - John F. Kennedy

#strongermenandwomen #strongerpeople #REACTwillmakeyoustronger #beatparalysis #bridgethegap #linkinbio

Here is the follow up video of my client @dennis.miles taking his progress outside of the parallel bars and into real life scenarios.

Its my job to get him back in the game physically, mentally, and emotionally. This injury encompasses all of these aspects. If we only focus on the physical; were leaving out a lot of other emotions and self talk that is needed with this injury.

Dennis has been following my AXIOM program every training session. He will be the first to tell you its a game changer in the neuro space.

I cant wait for others to see this video.
For those who missed his video yesterday; Dennis was paralyzed body surfing in the ocean in 2017. In a instant; he was paralyzed neck down at his C5/6.

This step is something that is almost unreal. Finish watching the entire video to see his feelings and feedback after the best walk of his life.

Love you bro. Keep fighting the fight.

@neuroreaction @dennis.miles @bachik_methods @fwennie @darustrong @coach_brettb @kessakuyper @crystalvm93 @emmamarie05

Slowly but surely we are doing our best to offer one on one training at a limited capacity while keeping our clients, and team members safety a priority.

At this time we will NOT be offering open gym, or RSPA. You will only be permitted entry into the building if you have an appointment. Please contact us if you have questions, or would like to talk to someone about one on one training. Thank you for understanding.

We love you all, and can’t wait to see all your hardworking faces soon!

❤️ REACT Team

#TBT to September 2018! Gerald taking steps in our #Riftonpacer, and then due to hard work and some major #gains a little over a year later, December 2019, he’s takin steps with #armcanes!!

#progress #beatparalysis #spinalcordinjury #paralysis #paraplegic #quadriplegic #kinggerald #GeraldatREACT

Speaking of being bored and isolated... if you ever wondered what your trainers were up to when we got bored....

#flashbackfriday #selfentertainment #help #wereprofessionals #noonewashurt #TeamREACT ❤️

Good news, and bad news. GOOD news first because we are SO honored to have been selected for the 2020 Best of Addison Award in the Non-Profit Organization category by the Addison Award Program!! We are thrilled to receive this news especially during this time of uncharted waters. Thank you so much to the Addison Awards Program, and the Town of Addison for your support ❤️ and thank you so much to our clients, community and donors for your continued love and encouragement, with your help, REACT will get through this.

Oh yeah... that bad news... Dallas County has extended the stay at home order to May 20th after announcing 800 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our county alone. REACT will remain closed during this time. Please continue to do your part to stop the spread.


Originally we were supposed to re-open tomorrow. Unfortunately with the Dallas County ‘Shelter From Home’ mandate, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have to extend our temporary closure through the month of April. IF we are able to open sooner we will certainly do that. But we will be keeping the health and safety of our clients and team our number one priority. Thank you to everyone for understanding.
Everyone stay healthy and safe out there!


While you’re at home for #socialdistancing, doing all of your shopping online, if you use Amazon, please consider REACT as your charity of choice for #amazonsmile 😊 we’re listed under ‘Dallas SCI Recovery’. You have to shop from for it to apply, but 0.5% of your purchase goes to REACT! It’s a simple way to help us keep helping individuals like Bill here 💪🏼👍🏼😄

TBT to when #superbill started working on standing with NO HANDS!! Now he can do it unassisted!

#Repost @neuroreaction
Super Bill working on some balance! Today was the first time Bill (T5) was able to stand at the Keiser with 30 psi to assist his core and do 'snow angels'! We will continue to lower the psi assistance until he is free-standing, but this is a HUGE accomplishment for Bill! To stand with out your hands is incredibly liberating, and just shows how much all his hard work has paid off! #lookmanohands #handsintheairlikeyoujustdontcare #workit #cantstopwontstop #beatparalysis #exercisebeatsparalysis #SCIRECOVERY #paraplegic #quadriplegic #REACT

Lacy Jones Progress 2020

Take some time out of your search for toilet paper, and give it up for our girl Lacy!! Nothin' slows her down. Her hard work and dedication to making herself stronger is obvious. When I think of pereverance, she is one of the few that comes to mind.


Well... quarantine pretty much sucks. There. We said it. But we think Draco has the right idea... use this time to stop and smell the Bluebonnets. For the next couple weeks of the COVID-19 shutdown, we’ll be posting some throwbacks, progress videos, spotlights, and of course updates on Cowboy and Draco as they help us navigate through this crazy quarantine. If nothing else, it will hopefully provide some positive and encouraging posts to break up the COVID-19 clogging up yours news feed. Stay healthy and safe everyone!! -❤️ REACT Team

#staypositive #reactlabs #therapydog #dogsofinstagram #stopandsmellthebluebonnets #sofetch #rufflife @reactlabs


REACT will be temporarily closing March 17th and RE-OPENING March 30th. This was not an easy decision to make, but it is in the best interest of not only our clients and community, but our employees as well. We DO NOT have a confirmed or possible case at REACT, we just want to be sure everyone stays healthy and safe.

Stay tuned for updates! We will be following the lead of the Town of Addison as they help navigate through this unique situation.

Sorry for any inconveniences and thank you for your cooperation!

In light of the Corona Virus, we’d like to take the opportunity to remind our followers/members that most of the individuals that frequent REACT are in the category of compromised immune systems. If you feel ill, are showing symptoms of an illness, or have been in contact with anyone with a contagious illness, it is imperative that you NOT come to REACT until you are no longer presenting symptoms. The same goes for our employees, family members and caregivers.

At REACT we are:
* increasing the frequency of our cleaning assignments including restrooms, door handles, waiting areas, equipment, and workstations.
* Placing more hand sanitizing bottles throughout the gym.
* Continuing to wash hands between appointments.
* Asking clients to maintain good hygiene including washing hands before and after eating.

If you have questions please feel free to ask!! We do our best to make sure we have a clean and safe environment to make everyone stronger!

“AIH looks really promising for the chronic SCI human population, but a word of caution, too much hypoxia is still a bad thing, so please don’t try this at home.”

Guess what?! You DON’T have to try it at home, we offer intermittent hypoxia here at REACT! Studies have shown an increase in neuroplasticity following a bout of IH in patients with SCI. For more information, or to sign up to take advantage of our IH program. Give us a call! 972-386-0701 💪🏼👍🏼

Finding alternative ways to use out Solo-Step Fall Protection for Rehab 💪🏼 so Dennis can do push-ups keeping his own knees locked 👊🏼 with a little bit of bungee assistance 👍🏼 #adaptivestrengthtraining #scirecovery #beatparalysis #DennisatREACT

Brok (C7) doin a little #glutework on our Gluteforce this week! He’s made huge gains in back and hip extensors and it really shows here. Loving the progress!!

#workthoseglutes #everydayislegday #SCIrecovery #neurorecovery #adaptivestrengthtraining #BrokatREACT Body Design By Paula Paula Hornback Ifbb Pro

@brokhansmeyer continues to do the unthinkable!!! Being able to ambulate via elliptical to focus on a increase in stride frequency and length.

For most C-Level spinal cord injuries; this does NOT happen. However I see it more and more these days. Keep up the great work Brok.

@brokhansmeyer @neuroreaction @fwennie @bachik_methods

#ellipticalworkout #icare #unassisted #standing #walking #gait #strength #conditioning #endurance #frequency #coaching #fitness #recovery #rehab

We love our #LiteGait!! It gives us the freedom to safely execute modalities well wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. With Grant (SCI C6), we are able to stand him on our @galileotraining.en platform which helps stimulate and activate his muscles through horizontal vibration. Because of this he is able to hold his legs locked out and work on standing posture with the safety of the LiteGait harness. The vibration from the Galileo will also help decrease his spasms for a manageable workout, and help increase his bone density.

#onlygoodvibeshere #goodvibration #goodvibes #leglocks #SCIrecovery #neurorecovery #beatparalysis #adaptivestrengthtraining #GrantatREACT LiteGait

We are always looking for more ways to enhance the health of our clients and community! Come hang out with us tomorrow to hear about #truDOSE #PRPtherapy (platelet-rich plasma) and how/what it can help you heal! Tomorrow (feb 26) from 12-2!!


Here I have my client Gerald using the @sanddunestepper to help him activate the smaller intrinsic foot muscles which in turn will help release the neural tone of the ankle, knee, and even hip tightness!!!

Super stoked to add another amazing trainer @fletchfitness83 !!! He killed it with G-Money

@fletchfitness83 @sanddunestepper @neal_dakmak @neuroreaction @bachik_methods @fwennie

#paralysis #paralyzed #strength #strengthtraining #neuro #texas #dfw #coach #fitness #react #sanddunestepper

Thank you to everyone that came to hang out with us at our first #REACTsocial of 2020!! We had a great time!! And a big thank you to @troysarlington and @texaslivearena for accommodating us!! We had a great time 🙌🏼

Stay tuned for more information about our next social 👍🏼

#TEXASlivesocial #REACTatTEXASlive @ Texas Live

Come hang out with us today @texaslivearena!! It’s super informal, we’ll get there around 12 and hang out till about 2 or so. We plan on meeting at Troy’s, but everyone is free to check out the whole place! There are several other restaurants, and super fun outdoor area with fire pits etc! So come meet up with us, say his to some old friends and maybe make some new ones! See y’all there! #TexasLiveSocial #REACTatTexasLive

Rahul (C5/6) taking our #litegait for a stroll 🧑‍🦼⏭🚶💪🏼

#walkthisway #repetition #litegaitwalking #bigstrides #SCIrecovery #adaptivestrengthtraining #RahulatREACT LiteGait

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Lacy Jones Progress 2020




15046 Beltway Dr
Addison, TX

General information 15046 Beltway Drive Dallas, TX 75001 Business Hours: Mon-Fri, 9-6 Kendell Hall, Executive Director [email protected] phone: 972-386-0701 fax: 1-888-319-1805

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 18:00
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