REACT is a state-of-the-art community fitness & paralysis recovery center

REACT is committed to providing a comprehensive activity-based restorative therapies (ABRT) program for individuals with spinal cord injuries and similar neurological disorders. The result - health and independence. REACT follows strength & conditioning principles, complemented by exercise science fundamentals in combination with state-of-the-art equipment and professionally educated trainers. The result - a strong-willed, supportive, goal oriented recovery environment. Our clients tell us they have more confidence and strength, increased energy and endurance, better feeling and balance. We know how to respond to your body and push you to recover neuromuscular function. Our specialties include: Spinal Cord Injury Transverse Myelitis Traumatic Brain Injury Multiple Sclerosis Other neurological conditions No workout is typical, but every workout must have repetition. Human development patterns are broken down and relearned. No matter what your age, ability or years post injury, results are possible. We offer: Nervous System Training Load Bearing, Closed Chain Exercises Gait Training Strength Training Balance & Postural Training Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) Training Range of Motion/Flexibility Training Interested in becoming a client? Head to to complete an application online or contact us for more information. Prefer to see the facility and meet our team first? Call Kendell at (972) 386-0701 to schedule a tour today!

Our Core Values We’ve found that when facing adversity it helps to be reminded through positive words of encouragement. So stop hearing you CAN’T and focus on our core values: BELIEVE – to accept something as true & genuine; believe you can DETERMINATION – the power & will to persist; do the impossible, you have the grit so go the distance AMBITION – a strong desire within; reach for your goals and when you fall get back up PERSEVERANCE – the will to continue regardless of obstacles; dig deep and never give up Our Philosophy Restorative Exercise And CommuniTy is a two-fold commitment to ourselves and our clients. Restorative Exercise is the pillar from which we train. Exercises that imitate fundamental movement patterns of human development have been proven to reorganize our central nervous system, while repetition of these patterns helps fill the gaps. The result is restored motor function. CommuniTy is the fellowship of clients, their families, and outside supporters that are working together to bring change to how people view spinal cord injuries. We lean on each other for strength, we share knowledge about an injury not known to most, we move others to get involved and together we overcome adversity. Our facility is a highly-specialized state of the art training center for individuals affected by SCIs and other neurological conditions. We focus on neurokinetic therapies to help our clients regain muscle control and balance. Our professional team of trainers have backgrounds in strength and conditioning, physical therapy, kinesiology and exercise science. They have mentored under some of the best fitness professionals in the industry. We BELIEVE in activity-based restorative therapies and tailor each program to meet the individual’s needs. With an emphasis on strengthening and restoring neurological function, we BELIEVE we can create progressively independent lifestyles and an enhanced quality of life for our clients. When life feels overwhelming or situations become intimidating, face adversity with DETERMINATION and support. We’re here for you. We’ll educate, demonstrate and design exercise programs that adhere to the progression of each individual’s recovery. We’ll guide you to set attainable goals and attack them with AMBITION. Above all, we encourage PERSEVERANCE, particularly when recovery seems unattainable. Strength is best found in numbers. Our CommuniTy of clients, families, staff members, and outside supporters provides a resilient atmosphere to ensure an attitude that we will triumph over those who say we can’t.

Mission: REACT, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, aims to inspire and self-empower all people living with neurological disabilities through intense exercise and advocacy.

Chris Lieberman Spotlight

Chris Lieberman (TBI 3y) has been coming down to REACT from Tulsa, OK for three days a week, every week for about 6 months so far. Anyone that knows Chris will tell you he is not one to become complacent. Before his Traumatic Brain Injury, he was an avid marathon runner, and even founded the Route 66 Marathon in 2005 every year in Tulsa. Chris is always striving to meet his goals, just so he can set new goals to achieve... its seems like his goals in life are...goals ;) We're so excited to shine a spotlight on Chris, and share his story. If you'd like to follow along more closely check out his recovery page Chris Lieberman Updates.

He also has a GoFundMe:

Chris, and his girlfriend, Kim will be at the EmpowerAbility, LLC Expo put on by The Sterling Thomas Push Push Pray Foundation this weekend in Tulsa, OK representing REACT and the TBI community! Be sure to stop by and say hi!!

#GOALS #getbetter #nevergiveup #beatparalysis #TBIrecovery #ChrisatREACT unite4:good Unite4:Good Foundation SameYou

We can’t brag about Gerald enough!! He gets stronger and more confident every week!

#KingGerald #GeraldatREACT #bigstrides #reeveseeus #uniteforgood @unite4good @unite4goodfoundation @jennabhager @blairunderwood_official @todayshow
#Repost @bachik_methods
Gerald - SCI T10 Incomplete has been coming to React once a week for almost two years. His trainers have been killing it with his recovery. Started in a chair; now on the forearm crutches. Gerald your a beast son !!!! You have come so far and your not close to being done!!! This is greatness. Recovery is always possible.
@neuroreaction @fwennie @joseandshea @emmamarie05 @crystalvm93
#strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #conditioning #coach #trainer #SCI #neuro #activity #training #walking #paraplegic #beast #dfw #addison #texas #greatness

When you come to #OpenGymatREACT to #beastmode your workout 💪🏼

#Repost @bachik_methods
Just another training day @neuroreaction !!! @cwilsongog hitting some upper body strength endurance using the jammer arms @sorinex.
We used @functionalrangeconditioning CARS for the shoulder joints to get warmed up. I have already seen improvements in my clients shoulder ROM by doing daily CARs. This is huge in a adaptive world; due to their shoulder health being everything.
@cwilsongog and @bachik_methods @neuroreaction have some exciting news in the works. Stay tuned.
#strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #conditioning #functionalrangeconditioning #CARs #coach #goodorgreat #GOG #texas #dallas #addison #change #adaptive #recovery #REACT #bestinthegamerightnow #reeveseeus @unite4good @unite4goodfoundation @jennabhager @blairunderwood_official @todayshow

If you’re heading to Tulsa, OK for the #EmpowerAbilitiesExpo next Saturday, make sure to stop by and say hi to our friends, Chris and Kim! They will be there to represent REACT share Chris’ recovery story with activity based therapy 🤙🏼

@PushPushPray @EmpowerAbility

Start training NOW!! The 4th annual REACT Games is just around the corner!! We have multiple adaptive events planned including #wheelchairvollyball and #wheelchairbasketball! Friends and family are encouraged to come cheer on the athletes!! To sign up or ask questions, shoot us a DM or email [email protected]

#adaptiveathlete #adaptivegames #REACTgames #wheelchairgames

[05/10/19]   Our girl Natasha (spinal cord injury) showin’ off her moves for the #neurodancechallenge with the help of the #cupidshuffle! Look at that smile! Nothin holds this girl back!!

#chicksgotmoves #nowkicknowkicknowkick #showusyourmoves #adaptivedancing #reeveseeus #unite4good #NatashaatREACT #beatparalysis #adaptivestrengthtraining @unite4good @unite4goodfoundation @blairunderwood_official @jennabhager @thetodayshow

Our very own Kendell Bachik was on #GoodMorningTexas this morning to share her story as she continues to speak out and advocate for those with neurological diagnoses. Go check it out! (Link below)

#Repost @fwennie
Thank you @goodmorningtexaswfaa for allowing @parkeruniversity and I to share the exciting launch of our new Synapse Human Performance Center - where we will continue doing our part to better the lives of those living with neurological diagnoses. Can’t wait for what’s to come...and to use my story to inspire others and advocate for better therapeutic opportunities/outcomes. #recoverydoneright #patientfocused #integrativecare #reeveseeus

#Repost @joseandshea
Inspired by Mr. George @drivenlv, @neuroreaction is creating the #neurodancechallenge Here is Dennis Miles (SCI-C level)showing off some of his moves(boomerang might have been used 🤣🤣) So we are challenging everyone to have your clients celebrate adaptive dancing and post with #neurodancechallenge and tag others👊 #dennisatREACT

@mssociety @sameyouorg @scifitsac @sci_fit @coreflorida @drivenlv @riseadaptivesports @crullfitness @reevefoundation @unite4good @unite4goodfoundation @jennabhager @blairunderwood_official

Our 4th annual #REACTgames will be June 29th! HUGE thanks to @parishepiscopalschool for providing the space to host our games again. We’re so excited for the big day! If you’d like to sign up for the adaptive competition (timed powerchair course, relay, volleyball, basketball) give us a shout, DM us, stop by, @ us any way you can 🤙🏼

#adaptivesports #adaptiveathletes #roundrobintournament #letthegamesbegin

Clyde (TBI/Stroke/Blindness) never lets anything get him down! Even when he’s workin’ his tail off at REACT he finds a way to have fun. Clyde is a huge music fan, and he usually shows it through his #dancemoves it’s definitely hard not to dance along with him!
P.S. please excuse our mess we’re under construction 🚧

#Clydewillbreakdance #standupanddance #adaptivestrengthtraining #TBIrecovery #strokerecovery #sameyoucharity #ClydeatREACT @universalvests @sameyouorg @universalvests @unite4good @unite4goodfoundation @jennabhager @theellenshow @blairunderwood_official

#Repost @bachik_methods
Ok EVERYONE it is finally here. REACT’s very own Tactical Operators monthly membership. This is a no contract month to month based membership for police, fire, EMS, active/retired military, and mixed martial arts strength and conditioning.
Each population will have different workouts planned every week. It will be a concurrent year around system using a undulating format to keep it similar to specifics of the job or sport. You cant beat the price, equipment, trainers, and environment for this price. Lets make React the HUB for North Texas Tactical Operators.
Please reach out at [email protected] or call 254-224-7752. If you sign up before June 1st, the first month is free.
@david5jones @mbenson721 @matt_soko93 @ltfirefighters @darustrong
#strengthcoach #strengthtraining #firefighting #strengthandconditioning #firstresponders #mma #police #swat #veteran #activeservicemembers #tactical #fasterstrongerhardertokill #goals #change #recovery #greatness #america #texas #addison

We’re excited to announce: #REACTGAMESiscoming! This June! Stay tuned for more information ❤️ we’ll announce the date and time soon. Sign ups will start in May, start training now!

#REACTgames2019 #adaptivegames #wheechairsports #adaptivestrengthtraining #AAronisexcited

Kevin’s hip bridges are #goals 💪🏼 at REACT, #everydayislegday ❤️

#SCIrecovery #quadriplegic #adaptivestrengthtraining #beatparalysis #KevinatREACT

Loy and his trainer putting our @Fitlight to good use for some walking endurance/fall prevention training, gotta make those turns tight!

#getlit #fitlighttraining #beatparalysis #neurorecovery #LoyatREACT

Bill Spotlight 2019

Time to shine another spotlight on one of our very deserving clients! Bill (SCI T5 complete) aka SuperBill had been exceeding expectations at REACT since 2013. He was injured in 2002 in a motorcycle accident, and even though his injury was about 17 years ago, he continues to get stronger and make progress with each workout at REACT. HUGE thanks to Bill for letting us be a part of your recovery.

#SCIrecovery #adaptivestrengthtraining #beatparalysis #BillatREACT

Please excuse our mess ⚠️ we will be making some BIG changes to our facility over the next 8 weeks 🛠🧰 as you can see, some of it is already done and we are ecstatic with the results. Please bare with us, we promise it will be worth it!

#underconstruction #newdigs #thatnewgymsmell #expanding #constructionatREACT

Pray for Riley

Multitasking at its finest 😂 we’ve got Riley (C5) doing a full-body endurance workout 💪🏼 our trainers are always getting creative with our equipment, adapting each modality to the needs of their client.

#adaptivestrengthtraining #noexcuses #beatparalysis #SCIrecovery #quadriplegic #RileyatREACT

I wanted to just do a quick update as it has been a while since my last post.
Riley is doing good, if his health or something ever changes I promise to let everyone know immediately. Riley is healthy, working hard every day and just being Riley. His college classes are going good. A few weeks ago I had to purchase another eye device as the one he had fell apart from using it all the time. The new one is a new design and I think will last longer, atleast I hope it does! Riley can easily get most of his school work done independently once I get him set up. He can do anything on a computer.

Riley continues to work hard at React. Keeping his body active every day helps keeps him healthy, makes him stronger and also helps him mentally. Riley continues to have the best attitude about his life and is usually the strong one in our family. I know on the days I want to punch my fist through a wall because of everything he has to go through he’s the one saying let’s go and stop whining, although he lets me have my emotional moment. The video posted below was taken this past Friday. It’s only a few seconds long despite him doing the workout for a while. He’s using the rowing machine while in the standing frame. He’s also wearing a vest that helps make it easier for the trainer to hold him up and it supports Rileys upper body. Pretty impressive how strong his biceps are and amazing what he can do with just one working muscle in each of his arms.

Jason and I were able to spend a few days away this past week. It has been 2 years since the last time we spent time together away from Riley. Sydney can do all of Riley’s care now. His care is way more involved than I talk about in my post. Remember his body on the inside doesn’t work either. She did awesome with him! So thankful for her. Riley also did good and worked on being patient. Something he isn’t really good at. Lol

Please continue to pray for Riley. Pray for strength and continued good health.

Universal Vests
Concept2, Inc.


Deborah Spotlight

We've just got to shine a spotlight on Deborah (MS)! She's one of those people that ALWAYS has a smile on her face! Even when she's in pain! She works so hard every time she comes to REACT; we've seen her confidence soar as her strength and balance improves, and we are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Deborah. She was kind enough to give us a little testimonial about her time here at REACT.

#sneakpeak #comingsoon #movinonup #whatevenisit #staytuned 😉

Elpidio taking a stroll with his trainer in our @solosteprehab 🚶🏻‍♂️ Elpidio works really hard when he comes to REACT, he loves getting his walking in, even if it’s just a couple laps on the #solostep, it puts a smile on his face!

#getonyourfeet #neverstopmoving #onefootinfrontoftheother #beatparalysis #adaptivestrengthtraining #bridgingneuroscienceandsport #ElpidioatREACT

Get it Grant!!

#Repost @crystalvm93
Back at it again with Grant's Journey working his endurance!! We love using our Total Gym and Concept2, Inc. during our workouts. #adaptivegym #grantatreact #adaptiveathlete 💪🏼

We love putting our new #hitrainer to use!!

#adaptivestrengthtraining #MikeatREACT

#Repost @bachik_methods
Yesterday; I had one of my veterans who is working through a lot of different battles right now. I thought it would be good to pair him with one of our legacy project athletes for a little peer to peer motivation.
Technique isn’t the best, but its low impact and perfect to push the mind and body to finish our day. These two warriors have no excuses. They show up every day. Whats your excuse ?
@neuroreaction @fwennie @hitrainer
#anaerobic #cardio #veteran #amputee #athletes #warriors #strength #strengthandconditioning #coaching #toughness #mentaltoughness #fitness #motivation #fitnessmotivation

Can’t hold Clyde (TBI/Stroke/Blind) back!! We love seeing these explosive squats from our boy Clyde!!

#squats #adaptivestrengthtraining #neurorecovery #beatparalysis #ClydeatREACT @unite4good Unite4:Good Foundation @blairunderwood_official @jennabhager

Another great workout for Gerald at REACT
#adaptivestrengthtraining #GeraldatREACT

Repost @bachik_methods
My man Gerald ( SCI T7 Incomplete ) focusing on his hips, core, and posterior chain today. He is quad dominant with his movements; but were going to change that.
We warmed up his body with some proper mechanics on the @sorinex pit shark, moving into activating his posterior chain. Once we were able to turn quads off; the movement got more efficient. We worked into some dead-bug positions to activate the transverse abdominals. Lastly we put it all together working his free standing and balance. Looking forward to seeing his progress. @neuroreaction
#activity #goals #paralyzed #spinalcordinjury #paraplegic #cscs #strength #strengthandconditioning #rehab #fitness #milestone #posteriorchain #recovery

Another great workout for Gerald at REACT
#adaptivestrengthtraining #GeraldatREACT

Repost @bachik_methods
My man Gerald ( SCI T7 Incomplete ) focusing on his hips, core, and posterior chain today. He is quad dominant with his movements; but were going to change that.
We warmed up his body with some proper mechanics on the @sorinex pit shark, moving into activating his posterior chain. Once we were able to turn quads off; the movement got more efficient. We worked into some dead-bug positions to activate the transverse abdominals. Lastly we put it all together working his free standing and balance. Looking forward to seeing his progress. @neuroreaction
#activity #goals #paralyzed #spinalcordinjury #paraplegic #cscs #strength #strengthandconditioning #rehab #fitness #milestone #posteriorchain #recovery

izzy transfers

Izzy is constantly working to make herself stronger and more independent. These transfer skills are #offthecharts 💪🏼

#chairtofloortransfer #floortotabletransfer #wheelchairtransfer #quadriplegic #beatparalysis #adaptivestrengthtraining #crazyhairdontcare #IzzyatREACT Spreading and Sharing Love for Izzy Kitterman

We got new toys from Mute Sports Equipment ❤️ we’ve been having too much fun adding the #splitropes to our workouts this week! From wheelchairs to our EasyStand #glider, the split ropes have added a fun way to get some cardio in 💪🏼♿️

#adaptivestrengthtraining #beatparalysis #neaurorecovery #quadriplegic #paraplegic #adaptiveathlete

Addison Firefighters Participate in New Strength Program

A huge thank you to NBC DFW for shining a spotlight on our Tactical Strength and Conditioning program for first responders. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with the Town of Addison Fire Department making their team #fasterstrongerhardertokill!

#tacticalstrengthandconditioning #addisonfirstresponders #TacticalatREACT Half of all firefighters' injuries in 2017 were strains, sprains and muscles pains, according to the National Fire Protection Association. In Addison, firefighters are participating in a new workout regimen...

It’s a #crawloff!! It’s always fun to add some competition to your workout 💪🏼

#Repost @bachik_training with @get_repost
The first ever crawl off between our warriors Izzy and Lacy !!! It was a close race. This is how we motivate our awesome clients here at React. Good stuff ladies.
REACT @fwennie
#paralyzed #nolimit #determination #crawling #REACT #physicaltherapy #strengthandconditioning #coreworkout #addisontx #gpp #recovery #defy #paraplegic #quadriplegic #badass #awesome #thankful #dallas #texas #getsome #NBCsgive @unite4good Unite4:Good Foundation @blairunderwood_official @jennabhager #sharethemoment #connectingtheworld

Dennis Knee flex/ext.

Dennis working on slow, controlled knee extension/flexion. In this position, with the help of the GalileoTraining.en platform he’s seated on, Dennis is able to contract his abs, and keep his back from hyperextending while flexing/extending his knee.

#isolatedmovements #control #adaptivestrengthtraining #galileotraining #stimdesigns #beatparalysis #DennisatREACT StimDesigns

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Chris Lieberman Spotlight
Bill Spotlight 2019
Deborah Spotlight




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