REACT is a state-of-the-art community fitness & paralysis recovery center

REACT is committed to providing a comprehensive activity-based restorative therapies (ABRT) program for individuals with spinal cord injuries and similar neurological disorders. The result - health and independence. REACT follows strength & conditioning principles, complemented by exercise science fundamentals in combination with state-of-the-art equipment and professionally educated trainers. The result - a strong-willed, supportive, goal oriented recovery environment. Our clients tell us they have more confidence and strength, increased energy and endurance, better feeling and balance. We know how to respond to your body and push you to recover neuromuscular function. Our specialties include: Spinal Cord Injury Transverse Myelitis Traumatic Brain Injury Multiple Sclerosis Other neurological conditions No workout is typical, but every workout must have repetition. Human development patterns are broken down and relearned. No matter what your age, ability or years post injury, results are possible. We offer: Nervous System Training Load Bearing, Closed Chain Exercises Gait Training Strength Training Balance & Postural Training Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) Training Range of Motion/Flexibility Training Interested in becoming a client? Head to to complete an application online or contact us for more information. Prefer to see the facility and meet our team first? Call Kendell at (972) 386-0701 to schedule a tour today!

Our Core Values We’ve found that when facing adversity it helps to be reminded through positive words of encouragement. So stop hearing you CAN’T and focus on our core values: BELIEVE – to accept something as true & genuine; believe you can DETERMINATION – the power & will to persist; do the impossible, you have the grit so go the distance AMBITION – a strong desire within; reach for your goals and when you fall get back up PERSEVERANCE – the will to continue regardless of obstacles; dig deep and never give up Our Philosophy Restorative Exercise And CommuniTy is a two-fold commitment to ourselves and our clients. Restorative Exercise is the pillar from which we train. Exercises that imitate fundamental movement patterns of human development have been proven to reorganize our central nervous system, while repetition of these patterns helps fill the gaps. The result is restored motor function. CommuniTy is the fellowship of clients, their families, and outside supporters that are working together to bring change to how people view spinal cord injuries. We lean on each other for strength, we share knowledge about an injury not known to most, we move others to get involved and together we overcome adversity. Our facility is a highly-specialized state of the art training center for individuals affected by SCIs and other neurological conditions. We focus on neurokinetic therapies to help our clients regain muscle control and balance. Our professional team of trainers have backgrounds in strength and conditioning, physical therapy, kinesiology and exercise science. They have mentored under some of the best fitness professionals in the industry. We BELIEVE in activity-based restorative therapies and tailor each program to meet the individual’s needs. With an emphasis on strengthening and restoring neurological function, we BELIEVE we can create progressively independent lifestyles and an enhanced quality of life for our clients. When life feels overwhelming or situations become intimidating, face adversity with DETERMINATION and support. We’re here for you. We’ll educate, demonstrate and design exercise programs that adhere to the progression of each individual’s recovery. We’ll guide you to set attainable goals and attack them with AMBITION. Above all, we encourage PERSEVERANCE, particularly when recovery seems unattainable. Strength is best found in numbers. Our CommuniTy of clients, families, staff members, and outside supporters provides a resilient atmosphere to ensure an attitude that we will triumph over those who say we can’t.

Mission: REACT, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, aims to inspire and self-empower all people living with neurological disabilities through intense exercise and advocacy.

We still have spots left in our upcoming Legacy Project starting in January!! Click the link in our bio for more info, or to apply!

#adaptivestrengthtraining #LPatREACT

Tomorrow at 1 we will hold our Annual Friendsgiving!! It’s potluck style, so bring something yummy and stop on by!! Check out the signup sheet on our Facebook Event Page to see what everyone is bringing! We’ll be here until about 3, and we’d love to see you!!

Don’t forget, we will be CLOSING EARLY AT 1pm TOMORROW (Wed. 11/27), and we will be CLOSED all day Thursday and Friday (11/28-29) for Thanksgiving! We will resume normal hours Monday 12/2.

Camp PossAbility - Helping Adults with Disabilities Find Empowerment

Camp PossAbility, Inc. is now accepting applications to camp! Camp week runs July 26-31, 2020, in Martinsville, Indiana, just south of Indianapolis. Campers come from all over the US to attend (we have 24 camper spots per week so anyone interested will want to sign up ASAP!)

Camp PossAbility serves young adults who are ages 18-40 with SCIs who have a typical high school diploma and require the use of a wheelchair (and other physical disabilities with the same requirements as spots allow).

All info about camp can be found here:

People can register here:

Camp PossAbility, Inc., exists to give high functioning young adults with physical disabilities an opportunity to relax, refresh, let their guard down, and e...

Congrats Missie!! You are lookin absolutely fabulous in your new wheelchair!! Missie is member at REACT, and was chosen to receive a customized wheelchair provided by our invaluable donors ❤️ It can’t be said enough how fortunate we are to have such incredible support. With their help we were able to chose three individuals to gift custom wheelchairs to. We are so excited to continue finding ways to support our community in the future. Thanks again to our donors for your critical support, you really do help us make a difference ❤️

#customwheelchair #newwheels #CommuniTyatREACT @ REACT

Our #therapydogs always seem to know when they’re needed. Here you see Draco (FKA Ranger) helping Ryan make sure he keeps his ankle securely anchored to the ground, while also providing some stability so Ryan doesn’t wobble backwards 🤣❤️ #therapydogintraining #therapypuppy #dogsofinstagram #labradorsofinstagram @REACTlabs #REACTlabs #RyanatREACT

Who’s excited for the @abilities_expo to come to Dallas this year?! We can’t wait!! Make sure you stop by our booth #439 to say hi 👋🏼

#abilitiesexpodallas #REACTatAbilitiesExpo

✔️tennis skills
✖️rope burn

#adaptivestrengthtraining #paraplegic #quadriplegic #beatparalysis #bridgingthegap #superbill #BillatREACT @endlessrope

Just to keep everyone updated, we HAVE chosen a winner to our #wheelchairgiveaway, and they HAVE been contacted. Once we have hammered out logistics of travel etc. we will post the winner! Thank you so much to everyone that participated ❤️ with the support of our donors, we hope to do more giveaways like this in the future!


We will be announcing the winner to our Exclusive Wheelchair Giveaway THIS WEEK!! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their bios ☺️ we are so excited to give back to our community thanks to our supportive donors ❤️

#giveback #wheelchairgiveaway #independence #communitysupport

#independence #eat #makegains

#Repost @theactivehandsco
The S'Up spoon is designed to reduce spillage for those with shaky hands, just scoop up your cereal, soup or dinner and tip the spoon back!⁠⠀
Simple but effective #StockingFiller⁠

If y’all didn’t know... we’re having a Friendsgiving at REACT on Wednesday November, 27th and we just got word that there will be a fried. Turkey 😲😲😲 !!! If you want to get in on the action, check out the event on our page, OR leave a comment here! It’s potluck style, so let us know what you’re bringing!! You don’t have to be a current member of REACT to join, just be up for a good time with some good people and delicious bites!! The party starts around 12:30/1 👍🏼🍗🌽🥧


Happy HOWLLoween from @reactlabs Cowboy and Draco!! #HarryPawter #SlytherinDraco We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!! Y’all stay warm!!

#HalloweenatREACT @ REACT

Ryan (spInal cord astrocytoma resection) showing off his #fancyfootwork with the help of our @fitlighttraining setup 🕺🏽

#footlooseandfancyfree #fitlightfootwork #hesgotmoves #getlit #lightupyourlife #beatparalysis #adaptivestrengthtraining #RyanatREACT

When you don’t have a fancy frame to put your #fitlights on, just grab an old clothing rack!! Here’s Kevin using our fitlights from @fitlighttraining he has improved his balance and core so much!!! #beatparalysis #adaptiveathlete #seethelight #coreexercises #strengthtraining #activitybasedtherapy

If you are looking for something fun to do tomorrow, enjoy some disc golf over in Frisco!!
Contact Randy Mecca for more information: [email protected]
Phone: 214.533.1983

Did you know: REACT stands for Restorative Exercise And CommuniTy? We have been so fortunate to have such supportive donors from the very beginning. Our main focus so far at REACT has been Restorative Exercise. Over the past seven years, we have been able to award over $800,000 in scholarships to some of our most deserving clients to help them continue their neurological recovery at REACT. We approached our donors about taking action in our CommuniTy, and helping individuals increase their independence and quality of life even if they are not a current member of REACT. AND BOY DID THEY DELIVER!! It is thanks to them (once again) that we are able to provide an opportunity for someone in our community to receive (or win?) a custom wheelchair through the REACT Scholarship Fund!! We are so excited to add focus to the CommuniTy aspect of our mission with our Exclusive Wheelchair Giveaway ❤️ Help us get started by sharing our contest, OR if you’re eligible, follow the steps below:

1) FOLLOW on social media and LIKE our post.
2) COMMENT on this post on our page to tell us why you need a new custom wheelchair.
3) SUBMIT a bio and tell us how a new wheelchair will maximize your quality of life to [email protected]!!

To be eligible you MUST be able to come to REACT for the wheelchair evaluation. You DO NOT have to be a current client/member of REACT.


We know... it seems too good to be true... but that’s the kind of donors we have!! They want to help us enrich lives in our community in every way we can!

To be eligible you MUST be able to come to REACT for the wheelchair evaluation. You DO NOT have to be a current client/member of REACT. To enter the contest:

1) FOLLOW on social media and LIKE our post.
2) COMMENT on this post on our page to tell us why you need a new custom wheelchair.
3) SUBMIT a bio and tell us how a new wheelchair will maximize your quality of life to [email protected]!!

Where I fits, I sits ❤️🐾

#REACTlabs #therapydog
#labradorsofinstagram #rufflife #sofetch #therapydogintraining #noboundaries #numberonehelper #ShadyatREACT

DID YOU KNOW: You can apply for financial assistance through our ‘No Athlete Left Behind’ fund to help with the cost of therapy at REACT?! To see if you are/can become eligible to apply, or for more information, click on the link below!

#scholarshipfund #noathleteleftbehind #scholarshipsatREACT

We have really felt the love & support this year from our community!! We are SO grateful for all y’all do for us & we’d really like to give back & show our appreciation ❤️ we are holding an Exclusive CUSTOM WHEELCHAIR GIVEAWAY!!! To be eligible you MUST be willing to come to REACT for the wheelchair evaluation. You DO NOT have to be a current client! To enter the contest:
1) FOLLOW us on social media and LIKE our post
2) COMMENT to tell us why you need a new CUSTOM wheelchair
3) SUBMIT a bio and tell us how a new wheelchair will maximize your quality of life to [email protected]


QUAD Foundation, Inc.


This is amazing. Shop at Target!

Y’all... we gotta give it up to #kingGerad (SCI T10 Incomplete) here!!!! Fightin’ through the struggle every. Damn. Day. This big man stood up from an 18 inch box UN👏🏻A👏🏻SISSTED!!! We’re so grateful to be a part of your recovery Gerald!!

#whatparalysis #beatparalysis #fightingthegoodfight #sittostand #hardereveryday #everydayislegday #bridgingthegap #GeraldatREACT

That’s 👏🏻 right 👏🏻

Like we’ve been police officers for a long time and every day you see something new!

Like look at this Suburban over here looking like a Transformer as it basically detaches itself for wheelchair access. Look at how much room is needed for this fair citizen to be able to get out and get on with their day. This is why it’s super imperative that YOU do not park in handicapped spots if you don’t have a placard AND why you don’t park in white painted lanes.

But you can park in a handicapped spot if you’re just running in real quick to grab your Chipotle to-go order right? Like just for smidge when you’re grabbing the kids Corbyn and Plaid from soccer practice? That’s ok to just park there for juuuuuust a sec at Town Hall to run in and see the Preparedness display in the lobby, mmhmm?


Park correctly. If you pull in and realize, whoops, you’re a few inches over the line into a handicapped spot or on a white painted lane spot, you’re not stuck there. Like you get more than once chance to park! You can back up and try again! What a world!

Be considerate and be kind and park correctly!

#Repost @bachik_methods

That face though 😍 brings joy to SO many!!

#therapydog #rufflife #thatssofetch
I love how Cowboy has turned into the station dog for Addison Fire. He never misses a trip with me to say hi to the chief, admin workers, and the men and women on shift. I know cowboy has a second home.
@david5jones @visitaddison @fwennie @bachik_methods @neuroreaction @reactlabs
#fire #firehouse #labradorretriever #lab #firepup #firedog #yellowlab #englishlab #cowboy #6yearsold #texas #dfw #addison

REACT's cover photo


THank you so much #ParkerServes for coming to help us out with out Legacy Project Alumni Workout!! We look forward to seeing y'all next time!


Another photo for last Friday's ParkerServes. This is a day that each year Parker University closes the campus and students, faculty, and staff go out into our community to do good for others. Here are (left to right) Sandra McLean - VP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Kendell Bachik - Director of Institutional Advancement, and Theresa Guerra - VP Business Affairs. They gave their time to REACT, a non-profit organization whose aim is to inspire and self-empower all people living with neurological disabilities through intense exercise and advocacy.

Thank you to ALL of our donors who participated in #NTxGivingDay2019! You have all helped make an impact on our community and our Neuro-restorative programs!!

#getupandgive #thankyou

September is National #SpinalCordInjuryAwarenessMonth #educatethepeople #whatcanyouteachthem #SCImyths #themoreyouknow #SCIatREACT

Everyone that comes to REACT has different goals-but we’re all fighting the good fight-your donations help make a difference for individuals like @d____24_17 (spinal cord injury T10) who, comes to REACT not only to get stronger and recover, but to look fabulous for her wedding day! And it freakin worked. She. Looks. Phenomenal 😉 special thanks to @concept2inc for the cardio help and @thenotoriousmma for the wardrobe/motivation ❤️

If you haven’t already, please help us out by donating to our cause to make the world a stronger place by clicking the link in our bio for @ntxgivingday !! There’s a few hours left to help us reach our goal!!

#getupandgive #ntxgivingday2019 #beatparalysis #whyigive #wontbackdown #SCIrecovery #adaptivestrengthtraining #whatsyourexcuse #DulceatREACT @ REACT

September is National #SpincalCordInjuryAwarenessmonth!! Help us make the world stronger by raising awareness about activity based restorative therapy!! Insurance does not cover #adaptivestrengthtrainging! So a lot of our clients are funded by scholarships made possible by our lovely donors!! Please help us out by donating to the link in our bio today for @ntxgivingday!! #getupandgive #whyigive #ntxgivingday2019

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Please consider us as your charity of choice for @ntxgivingday!! We have a goal of $15,000 for the day!! Your donations go towards scholarships for people with neurological diagnoses to get stronger, more independent, and play with these super cute pups!! Please help us reach outlet goal by donating today using the link below!

#getupandgive #ntxgivingday2019 #therapydogs @reactlabs #reactlabs #labsofinstagram #sofetch #rufflife

#Repost @ntxgivingday
Just ONE MORE SLEEP until North Texas Giving Day! Are you ready for the biggest party with a purpose in the nation? Get ready to #GetUpandGive!

#NTxGivingDay #WhyIGive

@ntxgivingday is the day after tomorrow!! Please think of us when choosing from the many wonderful organizations to support!! We couldn’t be able to help as many people without our wonderful donors!! Your support is SO important to so many lives!!

#getupandgive #ntxgivingday2019 #whyigive #adaptivestrengthtraining #beatparalysis #bridgethegap

@ntxgivingday is THIS THURSDAY Y’ALL!! We hope you’ll consider us as your charity of choice!! Help us out by creating your very own #FUNdraisingpage for REACT!! Click the link in our bio and create a page to share with your family and friends ❤️ we have prizes for the FUNdraising pages that help us raise the most in donations 🙌🏼

#getupandgive #NTxGivingDay2019

Valerie (SCI T12) is SO strong, we have to add resistance to her crawling to make it a challenge for her 😉 Seriously though y’all this girl is a BEAST and we’re so proud of how far she’s come!! Draco (our therapy puppy in training) just couldn’t let Val have the spotlight to herself, we are also proud of how cute he is 🤣🐾

Please help us continue to help individuals like Valerie by donating to REACT on #NTxGivingDay THIS THURSDAY 9/19/19❤️❤️ with the scholarships we award thanks to our donors, we can help so many more people with neurological diagnosis!!
#getupandgive @ntxgivingday #whyigive #crawlbeforeyoucanwalk #beatparalysis #adaptivestrengthtraining #whatsyourexcuse #paraplegic #quadriplegic #bridgingthegap #ValerieatREACT

We had SUCH a great time yesterday @northparkcenter for @ntxgivingday!!! We met so many great people with such fantastic hearts ❤️ thank you so much @misstexasorg for stopping by our booth to meet our pups and learn about our mission to make the world a stronger place for everyBODY! Thank you to #NTxGivingDay and #NorthParkCenter for doing so much hard work to put on such a successful event!! We are forever grateful for the exposure ❤️🙌🏼

#therapydogintraining #therapydog #labsofinstagram #REACTlabs #rufflife #thatssofetch #getupandgive #REACTatNorthPark

Come out and see us!!! We’re at booth 9 right outside the @apple store!! For @ntxgivingday ❤️❤️

Good luck to my boy @caradesapatojr tonight. Lets get this W baby. Shoe face is one of the nicest guys outside the octagon and one of the fiercest inside !!!! Good luck brother !!!

@caradesapatojr @bachik_methods @americantopteam @fwennie

#mma #att #compete #sport #strength #conditioning #coaching #martialarts

Join us @northparkcenter NorthPark Center and schedule your donation to your favorite causes! We will be there with these sweet faces from 10-4 PM today!!

#getupandgive #NTxGivingDay2019 #rufflife #thatssofetch #therapydogs #labradorsofinstagram #REACTatNorthParkCenter

September is National #SpinalCordInjuryAwarenessMonth

#raiseawareness #educate

Help us continue to provide #adaptivestrengthtraining for individuals with neurological diagnosis!! REACT is a state-of-the-art community fitness and paralysis recovery center offering programs specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of people living with neurological diagnosis like spinal cord injuries, stroke, traumatic brain injury, Transverse Myelitis, Multiple Sclerosis and more. Help us spread the word about #NTxGivingDay2019!! Your gift matters!! Whether you can donate $10 or $100 ❤️ Thank you to our #REACTfam for all your love and support!!


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15046 Beltway Dr
Addison, TX

General information 15046 Beltway Drive Dallas, TX 75001 Business Hours: Mon-Fri, 9-6 Kendell Hall, Executive Director [email protected] phone: 972-386-0701 fax: 1-888-319-1805

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 18:00
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