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Abby is an amazing trainer! She is funny, patient, and knowledgeable. Which is everything a trainer should be. Every session I leave feeling accomplished, which is how I should feel. The environment is clean, And has all the equipment you will need for a varied and challenging work out. I have been going to a gym on my own for the past few years, and have seen more results with Abby in such a short period of time than I have in the last five years. She does a combination of strength and interval training which really helps to target total body. Also, the space in which she trains, is always private and secure for Muslim women to feel comfortable as they work out and achieve their goals. I would recommend Abby to all my friends, she does a great job and is definitely worth it!

Results driven personal fitness training and classes for women in a private studio. Focus is on high intensity and strength training.

[04/21/20]   Bring that thunder with this Fitness Challenge!


"Practicing Krav Maga through Veiled Fitness has been the absolute highlight of my week and by far the best thing I've ever spent on for myself. After just a few classes, I noticed my strength, stamina, and flexibility increase dramatically. As a woman of small stature, I assumed learning self defense would be a pointless pursuit. But the highly skilled instructors teach you how to execute each defense in a way that uses your own body size and mechanics to your advantage. Above all, gaining a sense of my own power from this class has been priceless. Learning how to strike efficiently, escape from a chokehold, disarm an attacker, throw off a perpetrator who's pinned you to the ground, land a deadly throat punch, and getting acquainted with the iron beast that's within you are just a few of the multitude of skills to gain in Krav!" 📸 @ms.aliya.hoda

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“Having two kids under two did a number of my body. I would run out of breath just strapping kids in the car. Not only did I feel constant fatigue, but it had a direct effect on my mental health as well. Thanks to Veiled Fitness, I no longer have these problems. After attending her launch program for over a year and then transitioning to Surge for muscle-strengthening, I feel stronger than ever before. Not only does this new strength physically allow me to be a more hands mom to my toddler and pre-schooler, I have also found these workout sessions to be a great stress reliever. I’m overall happier and a more productive me.

My absolute favorite part of coming to class is the uplifting atmosphere and sisterhood. The attention to form and constant encouragement are great especially on days where I don't feel like giving it my 100%. The meal plan and group accountability has totally transformed my relationship with food. I love that I no longer have to drag myself to workout classes, now I look forward to it.”

📸: Shaista photography

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"As I begin a set, not only am I getting my body ready to challenge itself, but my mind is letting go of all the stressors of the day. During this time, nothing else matters. It’s my time. The time I get to focus on me. Everything else is a blur. It’s just me. And the lift.

Two years. It’s been two years, Alhamdulillah since I joined Veiled Fitness. Before VF, I couldn’t even do a push-up! (AND I still struggle..!!!) What I’ve learned being a part of this community is that fitness is a journey. A journey that requires consistency and patience. It’s not linear and there are plateaus. But the accountability that comes along with being a part of this fitness group has helped me reach my goals and create new ones.

So many people ask me “What do you do for workouts? How did you lose the weight?” And when I answer that I lift weights, I feel as though women automatically think that it’s not something they can explore or achieve. I felt that way too. It was definitely out of my comfort zone. But had I not taken the chance to try something different, I know I would have never felt as strong as I do today, Alhamduillah. In addition to strength, I’ve gained confidence and I’ve made some amazing friends.

If you have thought about joining Veiled Fitness, but have found an excuse that’s prevented you from joining, I want to tell you that you won’t regret it. Work hard and smash your goals. But first—show up!"


Surge Girl.

📸 @shaista_photography
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Even Mrs. Duck needed a cheat...

Now that I'm back from a few days away and a looong winter break that actually went by too fast, it's time to get back to routine.

Although I'm sure I gained 10lbs, I'm not going to let that phase me. We've got some damage control to do so we've gotta get back to working hard. Even though we might be scared of not seeing results fast enough, don't stress.

Stress and lack of sleep can cause major setbacks in your health and fitness goals. So don't kick yourself for having a good time when you were on holiday or on vacation, embrace and reminisce on the wonderful time you had.

As the saying goes, Work Hard Play Hard. Now that your play is out of the way, time to WORK HARD! Earn that next PLAY 💪🏽

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[01/06/20]   Motivation Monday! It's the first Monday of the new decade and it's so hard getting back to it life after the holidays, but don't let the Monday blues kick in, instead turn it around.

OUR PROGRAM WORKS! These results happened in less than 10 weeks!

We've got a slew of new classes starting next week! From metabolic HIIT class to weightlifting to self defense ALL FOR WOMEN ONLY! Register soon before classes fill up. Link in bio.

Here's a client who had these results in less than 10 weeks.
Age: 31
Height: 5'2"
She went from 129lbs ➡️ 112lbs
Started from 31.5% body fat ➡️ 23.5% body fat
Guess what she did? Class twice a week, homework exercises twice a week and strictly followed the nutrition guidelines...she pretty much just listened to me😬

Here's what she had to say:

"Joining launch workouts has been a great experience. As someone who has never step foot in a gym, I had no idea where to start. Picking Veiled fitness to start my fitness journey was the best decision. Abby explains all workout throughly and demonstrates correct posture for all exercises. She comes up with different and engaging workouts. Having a private space to exercise with like-minded hijabis is like cherry on top. She also provides nutrition guidance, focusing on healthy eating for body decomposition to lose fat, not just weight loss. I would recommend her without reservation. ( I already have recommended her to my friends!)"

Who's going to see results next??

Disclaimer: Results vary by person.

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Achieving goals
As 2019 comes to a close and we set our 2020 goals, we need to realize we aren’t going to get anywhere doing the same things we’ve been doing.

For example, improving your health means PRIORITIZING your health. Start by not making excuses and certainly not arguing with your coach when she says bread can't be a staple in your diet! 🤨

You can’t lose weight if you keep eating the same way and you can’t start a new exercise program if you aren't willing to sacrifice the time.

No matter what your goal, I want to learn what you plan to do DIFFERENTLY to achieve that goal. Tell me all about it!

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Achieving goals
As 2019 comes to a close and we set our 2020 goals, we need to realize we aren’t going to get anywhere doing the same things we’ve been doing.

For example, improving your health means PRIORITIZING your health. Start by not making excuses and certainly not arguing with your coach when she says bread can't be a staple in your diet! 🤨

You can’t lose weight if you keep eating the same way and you can’t start a new exercise program if you aren't willing to sacrifice the time.

No matter what your goal, I want to learn what you plan to do DIFFERENTLY to achieve that goal. Tell me all about it!

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‼️When Winter Break breaks you...

I had a full on emotional meltdown earlier in the day before this photo was taken. Overwhelmed, outrageously angry, flat out emotionally turbulent...and it wasn’t just one episode🙈. Although I had plans that evening, I couldn't even bare the thought of simply putting a smile on my face, so I desperately wanted to cancel. Winter break had just broken me.

After some convincing and the fact that I hate flaking, I sucked it up, slapped some makeup on and went out on a girls night out...and let me tell you, Alhamdulillah I'm so glad I did!

I realized that while training and teaching, I get time away for my sanity and mental health without thinking twice about it. After a week and a half of momming 24/7 and constantly meeting the demands of others with no "alone" time, I had just lost it. As much as I love my family and being their rock, as much as I think that I can mentally handle the world, I simply needed an outlet...and I didn’t even know it.

After an evening out, I was a completely different person.

You’re not weak for wanting to be alone, you’re not weak for sobbing from feeling overwhelmed, you’re not weak for feeling annoyed or defeated. Sometimes, you just need to RESET. Maybe head to Target alone and just browse, grab a cup of coffee with a friend and talk about how you’re going accomplish your goals for 2020 or even go for walk by yourself to think about anything and nothing at the same time. Getting out for an hour will do so much more for your mental health than you realize.

What are some ways that you RESET?

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📸: @saranisar426

Posted @withrepost • @tayyabawrites I think one of the hardest parts of adulting is not being able to be a kid again. We miss that playfulness, that care-free attitude, that joy and zeal for life. With age and post child-bearing, our bodies may make us feel older and weaker than we really are. Struggling with my endometriosis and after having three Cesareans, I came to believe I had no strength left in me. I couldn’t lift my toddler, my laundry, my books or even my groceries. It became a sad reality for me. But I think the best part about being a kid is believing you can do anything and not being aware of your weaknesses. That’s the kind of attitude we need: can-do-it-all. And that’s what my coach Abby @veiledfitness has helped me develop again - ‘don’t tell yourself what you can’t do.’ In this last year, I’ve found my strength again and the will to try. Alhamdullilah. I am able to not only do the simple things again like lifting a load of laundry or a bag of groceries, but help my mom get into bed at night, assist my husband after his knee surgery and carry my sleeping toddler to her bed from the car. I have always told my kids that I’m still a kid myself. Now, I can finally act like a kid again. Find your strength unveiled with @veiledfitness. New classes start tomorrow. They’re private, empowering and life-changing. Thank you, Abby, for pushing me to be me. I love you, Coach. Here’s to strong women: may we be them, raise them and lift them. 💪🏽
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Addison Park District's Club Fitness

‼️Tired Mom
I'm exhausted. I totally need this winter break. But why do I feel guilty for being tired?

As a mom and business owner, our weekdays (and sometimes weekends) are planned down to. the. minute. So much so that if I have an extra 20-30min before evening classes...I try to sneak in a nap. But that nap is me laying, with my eyes closed, but ready to bounce back up out of the guilt of even needing a nap.

Does this happen to you too?

Let's be real, I know most of you women don't get a full night of 💤. You're lucky if you get 5 hours a night without interruption. Amirite? You're forced to get sleep when you've fallen ill and...even then you're stubborn. Perhaps stubborn out of guilt?

Sleep is the way our body recovers from physical and mental stress. With exercise and even weight loss, we can't hit our goals without adequate way, no how, not happening. Notice how tired you are after an extra hard workout? Especially a leg day? Notice how tired you are during certain times during the month (ahem)? This is your body telling you it needs more rest. Don't feel guilty when your body needs to recharge.

Get sleep ladies...sleep proud...sleep loud...err maybe not so loud 🥴 and guilt-free. You've earned this hibernating time!

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Looking back as 40 days post Hajj has ended, I can't help but have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Grateful to have been blessed with the honored invitation of Hajj, but also for the women in my life.
I’m not here to tell you my life is perfect, living my best life and stress-free. Oh No!! Life has actually been much harder after Hajj in many ways! But my perspective has changed. Focusing on daily blessings that we usually take for granted.
One of those daily blessings are the women in my life. My spiritual growth wouldn’t and couldn’t have happened without them and the crazy part?? Most of them don’t even know it! It’s their actions, character, their interactions that have such an impact on me over the years.
As if I didn’t have enough to be grateful for...these incredible women have been celebrating my spiritual growth ever since I returned from Hajj! From trusting me with their duas, celebrating my hijab #hijabbyabby sharing Hajj reflections with other Hajj sisters, having a bday party turn into a surprise Hajj party for little old me being #straightmuslim now, generous gifts and even wishing me Mubarak! 🥰...these women have been here every step of the way.
I don’t deserve you all, I don’t deserve everything you’ve done for me. But, I will continue to be grateful for our every interaction that brings us closer to each other and our Lord. I truly cannot thank you all enough! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! To the infinite power ♥️ I don't have photos of all you behind the scenes superwomen, but you know who you all are!
📸 @randdiabmd
#sisters #hajj2019 #strength #keepstrong #spiritualgrowth #celebratinggrowth #strengthunveiled #fitmuslimah #straightpath #spiritualstrength #unveiledtoveiled
@hhspottedclub @hautehijab #hhspotted @ Oakbrook Center

Introducing FIERCE a Self Defense Class for Women!

We've been on the hunt to bring women an ongoing self defense class in a private space, that IS NOT a workshop...and here it is! As we know, practice makes perfect.

Participants will learn the basis of Krav Maga techniques to be able to get themselves out of various threatening situations.

No experience necessary.

Registration link available in bio and can be found by visiting

Register to Unveil Your Strength!

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