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[02/26/13]   Tonight Modern Combat Dojo was honored to host the Bloomingdale Boy Scout troup lead by Mr. Scott Williams. The troup was treated to a self defense demo ala Sensei Rick who expertly displayed his Martial Talent or hardest working student Mr. Brandon Allen. The boys were also treated to a rare Judo display by 83 year old Sensei Lou Delgado who effortlessly threw Sensei Mike around like a rag doll proving you dont have to be big, strong or young to effectively defend yourself. Sensei Lou lives the Warriors way, enough said. Sensei Mike gave the troup a Jiu Jitsu display consisting of reversals, shoulder locks, chokes and his personal speciality the neck crank. Demonstrating all parts of the whole that make up the cirriculum of Modern Combat with a heavy dose of Warrior philosophy throw in. Finally the troup was able to practice some practical self defense techniques for themselves. All in all the event was a success and the guys left with some practical skill they can use if need be. If you have a group and would like to schedule a demo at Modern Comment we would happily do it for you! Please call Sensei Mike at 847-609-0713.

[02/22/13]   Coming in March - Ladies this is for you! Cardio Combat! Get in fighting shape while learning REAL fighting techniques from a real fighter! This is NOT your grammas cardio kickboxing class! Call 847-609-0713 for more info and to sign up now! Your body will thank you and your enemies will fear you!

[02/12/13]   NEW SCHEDULE!! Mondays will concentrate on Self Defense with Sensei Rick, Wednesdays will center on Combat JuJitsu and MMA with Sensei Mike and Saturdays are combined training. We will soon be adding morining classes including Combat JuItsu/MMA, and Womens Cardio Combat! Also more night classes to be added as demand increases, call for more info 847-609-0713! Protect Yourself! Gain Confidence! Get in Shape! Amaze Your Friends at Parties, and Just Plain Whoop Some Ass! Come in For a Free Class!

[02/06/13]   Modern Combat Dojo is now under the direction of Grappling Hall of Fame Member, Master Bob Schirmer of Combat-Do Jiu Jitsu and MMA. Modern Combat will be teaching the Combat-Do cirriculum in additon to the self defense cirriculum. Now you get the best of Martial Arts training under one roof, Street Defense, MMA and Fighter Training. New Schedule is Mon, Wed, and Sat 530 to 730pm, sat 10am to 12pm. Call Sensei Mike for more info 847-609-0713

Modern Combat Dojo - Training Center for Hybrid Street Combat - Addison, IL

2013 is here, Come train With Us and Increase Your Confidence, Self Protection Skills, and Have Fun and Get In Shape Doing It! 20% off your first Month if you sign up by February 1st! Call Us at 847-609-0713 for more info and visit our page Modern Combat Dojo is a training center for Hybrid Street Combat.

[01/10/13]   2013 is here, Come train With Us and Increase Your Confidence, Self Protection Skills, and Have Fun and Get In Shape Doing It! 20% off your first Month if you sign up by February 1st!

Modern Combat Dojo - Training Center for Hybrid Street Combat - Addison, IL

Every time you turn the news on there is another murder, another assualt on a kid, another attack. The sad fact is that this is NOT going to get any better. However you dont have to just take it...thats where we come in. We can help you become your OWN Bodyguard. Come see us! 847 609 0713 Modern Combat Dojo is a training center for Hybrid Street Combat.

[01/08/13]   "So Live Your Life That The Fear Of Death Can Never Enter Your Heart. Trouble No One About His Religion. Respect Others in Their Views and Demand They Respect Yours. Love Your Life, Perfect Your Life, Beautify All Things In Your Life. Seek to Make Your Life Long and Its Purpose In the Service of Your People.
Prepare a Noble Death Song For the Day When You Go Over The Great Divide.
Always Give a Word or a Sign of Salute When Meeting or Passing a Friend, Even a Stranger, When in A Lonely Place. Show Respect to ALL People and Grovel to NONE.
When You Arise in the Morning, Give Thanks For The Food and For the Joy of Living. If You Find No Reason To Give Thanks the Fault Lies ONLY WITH YOURSELF.
Abuse No One and No Things, For Abuse Turns The Wise Ones To Fools and Robs The Spirit of Its Vision.
When it Comes Your Time To Die, Be Not Like Those Who's Hearts are Filled With the Fear of Death, So that When Their Time Comes They Weep and Pray For a Little More Time To Live Their Lives Over Again In a Different Way. Sing Your Death Song and Die Like a Hero Going Home."- Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief.

[01/07/13]   2013 is here and the planet shows NO signs of becoming any LESS dangerous. Dont be unprepared! Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Kids:530--6:30 and 11 am on sat. Adults 6:30 to 7:30 and 10am on sat. Up your confidence, get in shape and have a blast while doing it!

[12/31/12]   Sensei Mike and Sensei Rick want to wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year and we hope you kick more ass in the coming year than you did in the past year! Make part of your New Years Resolution to learn how to protect yourself more effectively with us at Modern Combat Dojo! NO MORE EXCUSES! GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND COME TRAIN!

[12/28/12]   We train because we want to develope ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Hardcore Ass Whooping skills are just a desirable side effect!

[12/24/12]   In the Spirit of the Season, Modern Combat Dojo wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We will be closed monday but we will have Classes Wed at regular time! See you there! Sensei Mike & Sensei Rick.

[12/13/12]   The ONLY way to get good fast is through Sweat Spilling, Muscle Aching, Lung Taxing, Deep Digging, Spirit Testing, Heart Thumping, Fist Pounding, HARDCORE TRAINING!!

[12/06/12]   "We Few, We Happy Few, We Band Of Brothers. For He Today That Sheds His Blood With Me Shall Be My Brother."- Shakespeare

[12/06/12]   Our kids class is progressing at a staggering rate! Theyre all on their way to being very accomplished Martial Artists if they stick to it. Some of them have more pawer in their kicks and strikes than some adults and theyve only been training since October!!

[12/05/12]   Visit us at better visit us at the Dojo and come kick some much needed ASS!!

[11/29/12]   The only easy day was yesterday and we GUARANTEE the guy who wants to hurt you is counting on the fact that you are NOT KNOW what to do!

[11/27/12]   Our website will be up soon!!

[11/14/12]   You will not find the following in a street fight: 1) a weight class 2) protective gear 3) a ring or octagon shaped cage 4) a time limit 5) a referee 6) rules of fair play 7) a limit of one opponent 8) Anyone to throw the towel in for you or stop the fight unless its a cop but I wouldnt count on it. 9) anything that is not total chaos and violence. Just something to think about.

[11/13/12]   I always ask this question: Which is better; to be able to throw a punch or be able to take a punch? Answer: In my Opinion and the opinion of those who taught me was it is better to be able to take a punch. That is why we do hard style training.

[11/08/12]   In order to become more than what you already are, you have to be willing to make the physical sacrifices and the mental discipline it takes to become more than what you already are. It starts by putting in intense effort into each training session and then doing mental training outside of class. No one ever became great at anything without putting in the time, the sweat, and sometimes the blood.

[11/03/12]   The Person who attacks you will not be prepared for the SMACK you are about to LAY on him.
DONT JUST TAKE IT...FIGHT BACK!!! Come and join us!

[11/01/12]   As you read this, someone who may try to hurt you or your loved ones is training harder than you and preparing more than you to accomplish it. Are you going to just let them?

[11/01/12]   Classes for Thursday November 1, Womens Street Defense 11am-12pm. Kids -530-630. Adults -630-730. Weapons -730-830. Dont get caught unprepared...Train Like it Matters...because it does!

[10/30/12]   No Class on Wednesday, Oct. 31st....HALLOWEEN! Classes resume Thursday Nov. 1st class times for November are Mondays-, Kids-530-630pm, Teens and Adults -630-730pm, Adult Weapons Class-730-830pm. WEDNESDAYS -Kids -530-630pm, Teens and Adults -630-730pm, Women's Street Defense -730-830pm. THURSDAYS-SAME AS MONDAY. Also Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am-12pm WOMENS STREET DEFENSE...LADIES, November is "Safety in Numbers" month. Join with a friend and recieve 20% off! Be Prepared!

[10/26/12]   Novenmber 1st starts our Womens Street Defense Class, the class times will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 2pm and Wed evenings from 730 to 830pm after the Adult class. Ladies this is your chance to learn the most pratical and efficient ways to escpae and survive an attack! Dont be a target! FIGHT BACK!! Call us at 847 609 0713 for more details!

[10/23/12]   Great job yesterday everyone, kids class worked on foot work and the extremely effective open hand slap, or as I call it...the El Smacko! Adults worked Dirty Boxing and Weapons! Keep up the good work, PREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATION

[10/22/12]   Adult Weapons Class and Women's Street Defense Begin in November! Be Prepared! Call 847-609-0713 for more info or stop by and sign up! Free Tshirt with new membership!

[10/20/12]   "When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand, and when there is an opportunity 'I' do not hit...'IT' hits all by itself."-Bruce Lee

[10/18/12]   Hey Warriors, Nov 1st starts Womens Street Defense and Adult Weapons class! Check back for times or call for more info!

[10/18/12]   Ok my Wife noticed the error I made in class times. Its kids at 530 and teens and adults at 640. Now that we have that corrected. Everyone trained full blast tonight and thats the way you get good in short order! Brandon welcome to the club! More classes coming soon including Womens Street Defense Class and weapons class for adults!

[10/17/12]   Class tonight! Kids 530, adults 540! Time to get SERIOUS about your self protection skills!

[10/16/12]   HARDCORE CLASS tonight. We drilled the old three card monty with a twist...if you dont know what that is you should come and experience it first hand! Great job Sean, Scott and Brandon! Hard style training like that will make you get good fast. Thanks to Sensei Rick for coming up with the drill! If you want to get good, you gotta put the time in. Stop in amd train with us!

[10/15/12]   Just for the Ladies, Classes forming now for "Ladies Only" Self Protection! Afternoon and evening class! Call for more info and to sign up now! 847-609-0713.

[10/06/12]   "Obsessed is What the Lazy Call the Dedicated"

[10/05/12]   Today a girl was found restrained in a washroom in an Addison School. whether its at Modern Combat or somewhere else, GET YOUR KIDS SOME TRAINING!

[10/04/12]   Great job to the FIRST Youth class at MCD, you guys did OUTSTANDING for your first time. The key to being proficient in fighting, or anything else is consistency and effort.

[10/02/12]   GREAT Class last night! Thanks to everyone who came out and trained hard! For the month of October the class times are: Mondays and Wednesdays - Kids 5:30 to 6:30, Teens and Adults from 6:40 to 7:40 pm, Saturdays-Teens and Adults 10:00am to 11:00am, Kids 11:10am to 12:10pm. More classes to be added as they fill up.

[10/01/12]   We open tonight from 5pm to 9pm with an adult class from 7pm to 8pm, please feel free to stop by, say hello, and train with us!

[09/27/12]   Schedule for Oct. - Mondays: Kids class- 5:30 to 6:30 Adult Class- 6:40 to 7:40 Wednesdays: Kids Class 5:30 to 6:30 Adult Class 6:40 to 7:40 Saturdays: Adult Class- 9:00am to 10:00am Kids Class-10:15am to 11:15 am. We will be adding more days and classes as we progress!

[09/26/12]   "You can tell a Crane by its plummage, a Tiger by its stripes, and a Warrior by his courtesy."- Samurai Wisdom

[09/22/12]   Ive been asked alot what is taught at Modern Combat Dojo. We like to call it "Hybrid Street Combat", or Dirty Boxing. The best from a number of Martial Styles with all the fat taken out, we give you just the filet.

[09/18/12]   Unfortunately the world is becoming a progressively more dangerous place. Learning how to protect yourself is no longer a luxury or a is a NECESSITY! Come and train with us at Modern Combat Dojo and up your odds! We open October 1st! More info call 847-609-0713

[09/12/12]   Our Logo designed by my Wife and created by my brother. What is it? Its the Japanese symbol for Samurai inside the Spartan Hoplite shield symbol and the Taoist Yin Yang appears in the word Dojo. Why? We believe in following the Way of the Samurai, Train hardcore like the Spartan Warriors and the Yin Yang symbolizes our quest for balance as Human Beings in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Come and Train with us! Opening the 1st monday in Oct. Call Mike for more info.

[09/06/12]   Hanging heavy bags this week. Then the mats go down. After the business license is taken care of we'll ready to rumble! I hope youll all come and check us out! More to follow!

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