Rach Holden You Accountable- Fitness Trainer

What’s up everyone?! Welcome to my trainer page! My Camp Gladiator journey is not my own, and so I want to be able to share it with whoever wants to come along for the ride with me. Let’s push the needle towards greatness today!

[07/05/19]   Meet at Spruill Park today at 10am! Come get rid of those bbq food babies 😅

***No weights!***

Happy 4th of July from me and Camp Gladiator fammo!!! 👏🏾🇺🇸🥳

Endurance week day 3 and hallelujah... y’all made it!! Total BEASTS if I do so say so myself.

BIG round of applause to Rhévan for her FIRST of many CG workouts! Lots of positive energy and smiles 😃👏🏾

I took the picture too late but, Carmen and Chelsey- great job as well 😜

[07/03/19]   ***LOCATION CHANGE***

Addison circle park mid morning-evening (10am- 7:45pm) meeting @

4936 Marcus Avenue, Addison, TX 75001

Well well well...what do we have here? 🤔

8 amazing go getters who got out of bed this morning and said YES to their health, goals, and fitness. 😎

Let’s also give it up for Michael for his first of many CG workouts 👏👏👏

Photos from Rach Holden You Accountable- Fitness Trainer's post

5am and 6:15am! Top of the parking garage.


What a legit BEAST... coming back from vaca and getting right back into it with endurance week. Thanks Katie for all your hard work and commitment!!

Small group but mighty individuals!! They worked as a team and got it done today. Thank you for always giving your best! Y’all are TRUE Gladiators 🤩💪🏾

[06/28/19]   45 mins till Friday Funday CG style!! 🤩

Meet @ Addison Circle Park- 10am!

See you there 😎

ALSO, this lovely lady went 💢BOLD!!💢

Welcome to the fam. We’re happy to have ya! Even if you say you hate me 10x a workout 😊

Never miss a Monday camps before CG summit in Austin!!

Waita work you guys. It all pays off in the end!

Rach Holden You Accountable- Fitness Trainer

Scratch that. No rain. Meet up top!!!
Aislin, Aubrey, Anna

Good chance of rain in the morning!!
We’ll be meeting one floor under the top of the parking garage @...
Foro Sports club!
5am and 6:15 😃

[06/24/19]   Good chance of rain in the morning!!
We’ll be meeting one floor under the top of the parking garage @...
Foro Sports club!
5am and 6:15 😃

Bold week schedules are modified... less workouts, but more opportunity to try out different locations and trainers 😊

How much fun was today??!! Y’all are all rockstars 🤩
Different type of workout, but y’all are smart so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem 😉

‪Pressure creates diamonds. Fire refines GOLD. ‬

‪The pressure, the obstacles, the struggles that you overcame today are preparing you and building you into something greater! ‬

‪BIG congrats @Andy for making the decision to go BOLD! Super proud and excited for his CG future 🤩‬

Tuesday turn up!! Peak week is in full effect!

Let’s give it up for each and every one of these beautiful people for pushing through the adversity and coming out on top!

P.S- the sunrises are BEAUTIFUL up here

#PeakWeek #Burpees #Rampsprints

[06/17/19]   FORO!! We’re meeting inside the parking garage tomorrow morning.

Specifically, the level right under the top of the parking garage ⬇️⬇️⬇️

See y’all dark and early!! 💪

Alright guys this FRIDAY...
Addison Circle Park...has a couple surprises 🥳

🅰️ Clean Juice is coming! Get your juice on with amazing samples and juices for purchase.

🅱️ The highly requested Tutu day is a thing. You heard it from me. It is an actual thing... come wearing your tutu tomorrow at 10am b/c Emily Curtin, Valerie Kooistra Feizy, and @AbigailChavez are apparently the bosses around here now 😂😂

#anythingformycampers #tutufriday #youareinforasurprise

Thank you Jackie and Clean Juice for being such great hosts today!

Come and sample or buy your juice THIS FRIDAY at camp.

💢10am- Addison circle park!💢

Preorder a smoothie, juice, or bowl...or order a juice while you’re there. You won’t want to miss out on all this healthy, sweet goodness 😍😋

Some views from today’s workouts!

If there is any way or reason I can slip soccer in someone’s life then it’s going to be done lol

Great work today team! Interval week Day 1 is in the boooooooks 👏

Fridays are for fun 😊😜


Let’s get it 5am!! ✅

Let’s give these groups some recognition!! 👏

My 10am crew and Tyler’s evening camps that I covered for 😎

Everyone stepped up to the plate and found that little athlete inside of them. You got what it takes to push yourself to the next level, you just gotta dig deep to find it 😤

5am? No problem! 6:15am? What a breeze! 😜

Great job today crew. Proud of yalls hard work and dedication.

Also S/O to Caitlyn and Michael for their FIRST workout!!! ✔️🎉


Rise and grind my friends. The work you put in today will better your tomorrow!! ☀️💪🏾

Changes don’t happen overnight. They happen by staying CONSISTENT. The first step is always the hardest, and I’m proud of y’all for pushing towards greatness!

Here we go!! Another week in CG nation is upon us, and I just KNOW y'all are as excited as I am!!

It strength and agility week which means...

👉 Bring your heavies 🏋
👉 Practice that footwork 💃 (agility)
👉 Channel your inner athlete (bc we all have one)🏆

...Because it's going down!

🅰 I got FORO @ 5am and 6:15am
🅱 I got Addison Circle Park (***MEET AT SPRUILL PARK***) @10am

Get pumped. Bring your buddy. Never miss a Monday! 😎😤

🎉Friday Funday!! We finished off endurance week with a steady partner workout. Nothing too crazy! They found their pace, stuck to it, and worked till the end.

🎉 Bonus: the rain held off!! Jesus only rains down BLESSINGS on his CG children ❤️

#BetterBelieveIt #BetterTogether #Week1 #tagyourself #tagyourfriends

Emily Curtin

Foro Sports Club

Hey Camp Gladiator fans! Rach Holden You Accountable- Fitness Trainer will be hosting STRENGTH AND AGILITY WEEK starting next Monday @ 5am and 6:15am!

Come try out your first workout for free!

Get in touch with Rach Holden You Accountable- Fitness Trainer via DM or email [email protected]

See you bright and early!

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[05/31/19]   ***MEET AT SPRUILL PARK- FRIDAY 10am CG***


Tell your friends, make sure everyone knows we’re NOT meeting at Addison circle tomorrow 🤜

Let’s end the week on a high note! See y’all soon! 🤘

Ayeeeeeee foro squad!!!

Usually I would say no picture no proof, but since I forgot to take pictures of BOTH groups, that phrase is now irrelevant. Yes, I make up my own rules 😇

✅ Thursday WORK

✅ Endurance week finisher

✅ Aislin’s FIRST workout!! 👏👏👏

We’re back at it Monday morning at 5am and 6:15am!! Leggggoooo 😎

5am and 6:15am! Top of the parking garage.

Photos from Rach Holden You Accountable- Fitness Trainer's post

Photos from Rach Holden You Accountable- Fitness Trainer's post

[05/29/19]   ***Location change!!!***

MWF 10am we are meeting at:
💢SPRUILL PARK💢 from now until June 3rd.

4925 Marcus Avenue 📍

If you have any questions let me know! See y’all there!

❗️5am (no picture) and 6:15am (first picture doing supermans...not just laying down lol)

💯Endurance week is always different kind of hard, but they successfully made it till the end!

❕Come workout with us Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at either 5am or 6:15am ! Bring your friends and a ready to work attitude! 💪🏾

Heyo!! What a great start to Memorial Day! Y’all absolutely crushed the workouts. Look at these hard working people. Some even got in 2 CG workouts back to back!!

✨Be proud of the work you put in today. It tremendous shapes your tomorrow.✨

6:15am @ FORO Sports Club 🤩
10am @ Addison Circle Park 😇


I’m on the map!! 😍🤩

Come check out these amazing locations with even more amazing athletes 😎


AND look who came to support! The only and only Becky Leverett Pfeil. The first one to introduce me to CG. The first one to get me started... to you, I say thank you a million times over! ❤️

Whoa whoa whoa... Friday group 🤯

Let’s just all take a moment pause for how legitimately INSANE (in a good way) these athletes are! Friday fun day was a huge success!

Even though they may have disagreed that it was fun, I did get some smiles and laughs out of them, so I’d call that a WIN 😜

#Wework #Weconquer #Wesweat #Weachieve

Foro Sports Club

💪🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️Thanks for a great FREE preview week! New camp cycle starts Monday with @campgladiator and Rach Holden You Accountable- Fitness Trainer

Bring your friends, come and get a great workout in, and hang out and play soccer after! ***Also, come join Rachel and/or bring your team to play in a league or even pickup games.***

Message Rachel for more details!

#pushinglimits #strength #challenges #overcome #muscles #sports #training #strong #fit #workout #healthy #health #exercise #gym #exercises #fitmoves #athlete #foro #forosports #fsc #FREEdeal #Deals #Texas #forosportsclub #train #play #win #campgladiator #fitness #bootcamp

Also, can’t forgot Mackenzie and Aubrey! I always seem to forget a picture at 6:15, BUT nevertheless... they killed it 😎

Happy Thursday everybody! Check out these hard working campers! Almost the end of the week and they’re still pushing themselves towards greatness 🙌🏾

Today’s safe spot from the rain! Mackenzie and Katie killllllllled it today 😎

I forgot to take a picture 🤦🏽‍♀️ but 6:15 still happened I promise!

5am I was straight chillin by myself, but that’s okay because that moment was meant for me to grow! Faith is believing in what you can’t see and at that moment I saw... well of course nothing 😂, but I know there’s many things working behind the scenes. I stay excited for the opportunity! #CGstrong

Two more bomb camps in the books for ya!! My 10am and then Tyler Reed’s 12pm that I covered. Thank you guys for pushing hard and getting it done 😎💪🏾

#workwork #dontstop

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