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"Everyone has the desire to win, but only champions have the desire to prepare."

Legit Strength and Conditioning backed by science and an incredible pedigree. Gabe Salinas has Worked with and consulted with some of the best Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the Country from Virginia Tech (Football, Basketball, Wrestling), University of South Carolina, Miami Heat, and the Los Angeles Lakers. Passionate about creating a winning and hard working environment, OA Athletics is not a 'fitness gym'. OA Athletics builds champions via consistent dedication, hard work, and sound Strength and Power building principles.

Reminder! We are closed the next two days!

In honor of @marvelstudios #avengersendgame we’re getting some grip work done with Thor’s hammer, courtesy of @ryanjpitts1 .

Great for grip strength and wrist stability at various angles for lineman and wrestlers like @cterek77 .

Happy Easter to all! We will be closed today. Enjoy your time with family!

Pumped for @agomez133 this weekend. We’re all rooting for you!

Grip strength is an important trait for all athletes. Here’s a fun little drill/competition using IronMind Enterprises, Inc. ‘s rolling thunder piece against @shanetrain95 and @aidanmann15

WRESTLERS. We got a zercher bar for the flywheel. You’re gonna love (hate) it.
#Repost @war__engineering with @get_repost
Even though my focus is 99% race cars at the moment i took a quick moment to fab up a zercher bar attachment for @sportslabllc flywheel platform i made for him a while back. A great addition to a versitile platform. Rotating center section. Nothing fancy but I needed to be sure i still remember how to point and shoot a mig gun haha
#strengthequipment #powerlifting #thesportslab #wrestling #athletetraining

Good luck to these hammers at IKWF state this weekend!

We love using the flywheel (developed by WAR Engineering / WAR Strength Equipment) for a variety of sports and exercises, but LOVE it on wrestlers. In addition to a heavy eccentric, The wheel pulling down gives a distinct “wrestling feel” similar to someone snapping you (Good Morning) or sprawling on your single leg (Bent Over Row). We’re going to be adding a zercher bar soon.

Good luck this weekend @jacob__crandall @tylerg0721 @headlock_polo and instagram-less Karl Schmalz (who I thought I had a flywheel video of but didn’t) and Grant Madl!

#wrestling #wrestlingstrength #strongerwrestler #ikwf #kbox #flywheeltraining #flywheel

We will Be OPEN 9-11am tomorrow and closed in the afternoon. Stay warm!!

Congrats @bcallen65 and @rams on winning the NFC and heading to the Super Bowl!!

To the continued pursuit of improvement and excellence. Looking forward to 2019 with you all. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your goals and lives. Happy New Year!

Izzy Style School of Wrestling

#WILLPOWER @will_lewan38

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Crafty Will Lewan. @will_lewan38 #GoBlue

Don’t let @maxinebautista fool you, this exercise is brutal.

Figure skaters land on one leg at various knee joint angles. Our goal here is to strengthen that joint angle range with a 5 second eccentric. We do 5 reps.

It’s a super tough exercise and should be added to all figure skating and hockey athletes.

3 months. 3 days/week. 12lbs gained. 0 misses. 0 excuses. Big performance improvements.

Many young and old athletes severely underestimate the power of showing up. Day in, day out; week upon week, month into month. If you can do that on a consistent basis, the majority of all your “not good enough” problems will go away.

Nice work @timdalton1

100 Rep Lever rows with 50% bodyweight on the bar. Quickest to 100 reps wins.

When programming for athletes, it’s important to write with their sport, season timeline, strengths, and weaknesses in mind.

That said, it’s important to break up the monotony sometimes. We utilize games, competition, and different set/rep schemes to change it up occasionally.

Your programming shouldn’t always look like this, but it’s a nice addition to any athletes’ training.

It’s competitive, challenging, and fun...except when @will_lewan38 kicks your ass.

Reminder: we are closed Friday and Saturday morning. Normal hours Friday afternoon and Sunday.

We apologize for the late notice, but we are closed this afternoon. Comed said it should be fixed today but we do not have a set time. Normal hours tomorrow!

Congratulations @joey_keane! The @nyrangers got a great player and person. We know you’ll do great things there and look forward to seeing it!

Super Proud of @bcallen65 . The @rams picked up a phenomenal athlete and center and better person.

Everyone have a great spring break!

Closed today, but open normal hours for the weekend. Good luck to all of our wrestlers at IKWF state!

[02/09/18]   We WILL be open normal hours this afternoon! Be safe out there and good luck to all our winter sports athletes competing in the playoffs/qualifiers this weekend!

[02/09/18]   WEATHER UPDATE: The roads are bad out there! We will be closed this morning and as of right now we are open in the afternoon. If there are any changes, we will keep you updated! Be safe out there

Sport requires both bilateral (two limbs) and unilateral (one limb) strength to be successful.

Sadly, many programs place their focus on bilateral only movements.

Change of direction, figure skating landings, (some) basketball jumps, wrestling shots, and various hockey movements absorb force in primarily one leg.

These are some of the most important movements, so why not train the leg properly?

Here’s a tough exercise to master, but one we like adding in our athletes programming.

Thanks for the demo @treykeizer3 @patty_weeks @johnny_johnson18 @jaydencolon46 @hoopsintensitytraining

Not surprised. Keep it up @bcallen65!

While not the ONLY strategy, this is one of the exercises we use to train this specific joint angle.

Great for athletes needing acceleration, hockey players, basketball, soccer, figure skaters...basically every sport that sees this position.

Try out the ISO Lunge and see how you like it.

Thanks @wsko_35 for the demo!

“I’ve never believed in New Years Resolutions- Whatever you think you should be doing, you should’ve probably started yesterday.”

Happy New Year Sports Lab family! Here’s to a great 2018 and starting/continuing your journey to success no matter the date.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!

Big Squats=Big Drives. Shout out to @oliver.casey for hitting his first 315 squat...with much more in the tank!

We had a few monsters come by to get winter break training in. As always, it ended in a competition.

@plapointe_22 beat them all.

Main point-Successful athletes are successful for a reason-they don’t use winter break as an opportunity to rest on their laurels and relax.

They see it as an opportunity to get better. That is one of, if not the most important difference I’ve seen that separates elite to average.

This applies to life/sport practice/strength and conditioning: Next time you don’t want to train and get better, remember that your competition is.

Thanks for the demo @bcallen65 @jaydencolon46 @cob_white @plapointe_22 @mjallen64 @theoneandonlytbone

As a young coach, I always thought this was wrong and I work to correct it. Many coaches still work to correct it as well.

Not only is the stutter/false/plyo step something that 95 percent of all athletes do naturally, but it’s also been shown in research to benefit speed in short sprints.

By “loading the leg”, it allows for a more powerful push off which will increase acceleration.

None of these guys were coached to do this-they did it naturally.

Also of note-a great drill that’s competitive and great for reactive and accelerative ability.

Hold A ball and either hand and drop one. Once the draft occurs the athletes must read through it and catch it on the first bounce. Gradually increase The distance and watch as an intense competition unfolds.

Thanks for the demo @owen.goss @guyhenry_gozz @wsko_35 @jackkroll10 @mdunphy11


Looking good @joey_keane

Normally I’d root for one of our former athletes, but not when it’s against my alma mater.

You’re going down @matt_hembrough !

@gomez_wrestling_0721 preparing to defend his state title this year.

When coached properly, no good exercise is unsafe. This is Tyler’s first time sumo deadlifting. Once fundamentals are in place and learned-neutral spine, hip hinge, etc. movements are picked up easily like this.

He also said he’s coming for your deadlift record @darealagomez.

And @buckeye158, he said he’ll see you in 6 years!

#freshfacefriday! (Is that a thing?)

Many of you already know our former intern and current performance coach, Zach.

Zach has experience as a collegiate track athlete in both the throws and middle distances.

He’s also currently embarking on a powerlifting journey that has seen him almost hit a 1,000lb total at his first meet at a 150lb bodyweight.

Zach has experience in coaching multiple sports and age groups and has very technical knowledge of exercise technique and programming.

Next time you’re at The Sports Lab, say hi if it’s your first time meeting him and give Zach a follow at @zt39. Bonus: You’ll find some great pics of his awesome new puppy there too

@ The Sports Lab

My alliteration game isn’t as strong as I thought it was.

If you want to hit the ball far, you should be focusing on these five things:

1) Ground Reaction Force (the more force you put into the ground, the longer it goes. The World’s Longest driver, @joemillerldc Squats ~600)
2)Glutes (Max and Med). Strong glutes correlate to lower handicaps.
3) Glenohumeral-External Rotators for strength, stability, and a longer backswing
4) Grip. Grip correlates to distance, club head speed, and score.
5)(g)Rotational Strength and Power. Do I really need to explain this one?

The exercises in the video ARE NOT the only things you can do for the above. They are options. Have any to add @joemillerldc?

Thanks to @aidanmann15 for the demos!

Win-Win. @kyle.smolen gets shoulder rehab and I get cleaner mirrors.

If you’re an athlete that requires explosive pushing in your sport, try the ball catch/throw out.

Strength is an important factor in pushing, but just as (if not more) important is the ability to realize that force FAST.

This is a great exercise for that. Have a partner stand about 20” above you and drop the ball.

Once you catch, absorb and immediately explode upwards, keeping your elbows in.

We usually add these immediately after a bench press set and shoot for about 3-5 reps.

Thanks to @jgeallen66 and @dlanciloti for the demos!

How many times has your coach told you to “get lower”? Every athlete in every sport has been told that numerous times.

Staying low gives you leverage, more power output, and a more stable base.

If you’re not strong enough however, we tend to stand tall, or compensate by bending at the waist instead of the hips-Not good unless you like being bad at your sport.

Here’s a tough exercise that will increase your quad strength and get you strong at the low joint angle, helping increase your takeoff power, your skating, etc.

Try it out and let us know what you thought.

Thanks to @t_keane4 for the demo.

We have a new Sports Lab member. His name is Ghost.

We’re thankful for YOU. For all of you who believe in us to help you reach your goals, thank you.

Enjoy your thanksgiving with your friends and loved ones.

Testing out the @jawkuspeed today. Solid device that seems pretty accurate vs the laser.

Has a few pros and cons, but overall a solid piece. It did confirm my suspicions that @angel__torres27 is really fast.
@ The Sports Lab

Congrats to @domenicvirelli and Naz Football on making it to the State Finals!

Working on the Velocity portion of the F-V Profile. As a #figureskater, @patty_weeks jumps and lands unilaterally all the time.

Adding in assisted jumps decreases coupling time and teaches the nervous system to fire faster than it would without the assistance.

Can be used both unilaterally and bilaterally.

Try it out and let us know how you like it! We shoot for 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps each leg.

Photos from The Sports Lab's post

Anytime competition is added, the drill gets that much better.

Here’s a great acceleration drill that incorporates competition and body lean.

Obviously there’s a speed difference in skill position vs line positions (unless you’re @k52mack_ or @bcallen65), but this drill bridges that gap.

-Slower athlete up front starts with a head start in his stance
-On an auditory command they both sprint to the first cone, then choose a direction, then another.
-Trailing athlete must tag the front man without diving. (Foot tag doesn’t count)

Give it a try and let us know how you like it below!

Thanks to #GBW #football players @wsko_35 and @davidlanciotti

#football #soccer #basketball #hockey #acceleration #speed @ The Sports Lab

Benet offense pulls its weight

Congrats to Tim, one of our members and a Benet Football coach! Benet's football team advanced to the Class 7A semifinals for the second straight year with Saturday's 14-10 victory over Lincoln-Way Central in New Lenox.

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