Motherhood movement Chicago: Western Suburbs

Motherhood movement Chicago: Western Suburbs


I'm going to assume this research is sound and eat ALL the blueberries. Random fact, I told my husband I was bummed because this baby is due at the end of June/ beginning of July. Blueberry season around here usually starts around July 4th so for the first time in 4 years I might miss a u-pick. 😕
More research on the benefit of delayed cord clamping.
😂 I also don't remember how many times I forgot one part to the pump. 😂
😂🤣 I laugh because it's true.
💚 Your body is still beautiful.
Yes!!! This bad boy was a LIFE SAVER, actually a boob saver. And not nearly as noisy as the electric pump.
So true. Mama, how are YOU doing? 💚

We support mamas who are trying to conceive, who are pregnant or postpartum to safely move through life and the gym. We love movement, good food, good times and good coffee all while supporting our core and pelvic floor.

Birthfit Chicago is here to provide women with up to date information and classes to help a healthy pregnancy, delivery and post-partum time window.

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💗"The world just needed a self-care day, Mom"💗
-Elle, 13 years old

Two things I love about kids is that they can be brutally honest and also they find love and beauty in everything.

COVID-19 has brought a lot of fear, sadness, anxiety and social distancing to many of our lives. It's also forced many of us to do what we've been avoiding: slowing down. But what if slowing down is the best gift we could have received? Slowing down to listen to the birds chirping in the morning rather than rushing to get ready. Slowing down to absorb the beauty of snow when we have no place to go. Slowing down to take the walks we've been too busy to take. Slowing down to connect and play with the ones we live with everyday. Slowing down but learning new things like teaching your parents zoom so they can video chat with their grandchildren. Slowing down so we can once again come up for air in the "busy" life we have created around us.

As much as the world needed a self-care day, so did we. Sure there are a ton of projects that coule be done and houses that could be cleaned. There are also souls and hearts that need nourished. Beauty that deserves to be appreciated and love that deserves to be our focus.

If you're struggling with not doing enough. If you're telling yourself everything you "should" be doing right now. I'm here to let you know that you are enough and you have permission to slow down. Permission to focus on what you love and what fills your soul.


If you are going stir-crazy at home, join BIRTHFIT for movement and mindset.

Mindset & Movement Day 4

Did you have a baby less than 6 weeks ago and things are feeling weird? Even though it's too early to do an internal evaluation there are still a lot of things you can do to help the body heal now. Two things you can focus on are sleep and nutrition.

Sleep deprivation in early motherhood is real. It is also brutal. Sleepless night, "trying to sleep when baby sleeps" but also doing laundry, making meals, caring for older children, and not falling over from exhaustion….it’s all hard. If you have someone you trust, see if they can watch the baby while you sleep. Sleep plays a major role in tissue healing and also the perception of pain. Asking for help so you can sleep is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of strength and understanding your needs.

For nutrition, one of the biggest obstacles I see early postpartum are mamas that are starving. A lot of times we are so tired that we turn to coffee and whatever we see in front of us as a source of nutrition. Sometimes that works, other times it ends up looking like the hungry hungry caterpillar and we end up with a stomachache or in some cases, a pelvic ache. Eating protein, good fats and ALL of the vegetables for meals and snacks is important to help support the body’s healing process. If you had a cesarean or perineal tearing, add bone broth (or collagen powder) and foods rich in vitamin C (broccoli, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, kale, kiwis, strawberries, spinach, and Brussels sprouts). These fruits and vegetables are equally beneficial because of their fiber content and helping you have a smooth poop after the baby comes. If you find yourself constipated making sure you are drinking enough water and eating foods high in fiber can really take some pressure off down there.

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My Mindful Birth

I will be offering postpartum visits at home for families who asked to be discharged within hours after they had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery in a hospital during this COVID-19 season, just like we do if they had a home birth. We assess mom and babies, weight check, jaundice, PKU and hearing test, all at home. Mom and baby chart will be faxed to attending OB and Peds. Charges: 2 visits with all above testing for $500, will submit claims to insurances as OON provider. Pt can possibly call insurance to get in network exception considering current circumstances. Visits done by experienced CNM and RNs.

This one is for my sister and anyone else who may need to hear this: you've got this.

To the mama whose kids are suddenly home for weeks, from a homeschool mama...

I know this wasn’t in your plan. It’s inconvenient and a bit overwhelming. For some, it’s an incredible hardship.

So here’s my advice, from one homeschool mom to another (temporary) one:

👉🏻 You don’t have to recreate school in your house. Desks and tables are never mandatory in homeschool... in fact, we tend to opt for sitting upside down on a couch or under a tree or even in bed.

👉🏻 Read everyday. Read to your kids, with your kids, listen to them read. Read comics and picture books and that book you loved when you were a kid. And when you need some time to yourself, turn on an audiobook - those count too.

👉🏻 Play. Play board games and card games. Play hide and seek and basketball in the driveway. Pull out the wii that is gathering dust and go bowling in your living room. Have LEGO competitions.

👉🏻 Write letters to grandparents and diary entries documenting your days. Someday their kids will want to hear stories about that time they were stuck at home.

👉🏻 Go on a hike. Stay up late and look at the stars. Plant a garden. Dig up worms. Draw the leaves and flowers and bugs you find.

👉🏻 Make stop motion videos. Watch BBC earth movies and plan an imaginary trip. Discover a new hobby... or resurrect an old one. Order some yarn and learn to finger knit. Paint pictures. Bake bread. They won’t fall behind or stop learning.

👉🏻 Enjoy a slow rhythm together at home... no early morning rushing to catch the bus, no running from activity to activity.

Yes, you might have to guide your kids in some virtual learning. But we homeschool mamas don’t hover over our kids all day long, making sure they’re always on task. Think of this as your chance to let your kids catch up on all the recess, art, music, and gym that have been cut out of your school district. This is your chance to let your kids do the things that get them excited... building forts, designing robots, baking muffins. This is your chance to help them see learning as something that happens ALL DAY LONG, in everything we do. Not just in textbooks and classrooms.

You can do this, mama. I’m cheering you on. 💛💛

🎉 Thank you for all your shares and the amazing response to this post!! I love that we can all support each other and cheer each other on! Everything in my shop is 15% off right now - including all my digital learning prints - to help you all have some boredom busters! The discount is automatically applies! 🎉

Pause and Connect by Rebecca Brown Wright

Domesticity does not equal motherhood. ⁣

I once sat in a class where teenage girls said they needed to learn how to cook, do laundry, and clean if they wanted to one day be good moms.⁣

I stopped and told them that cooking, doing laundry, and cleaning are part of being an ADULT. Those are not the things that make up motherhood. ⁣

But I get where they got that conclusion.⁣

You always hear women say they aren’t good moms when they don’t make homemade lunches, prepare cupcakes for the bake sale, show up to the doctor with kids who have brushed hair, or get the laundry put away in a decent time. ⁣

“I’m such a bad mom. I sent store-bought valentines to school with my kid.”⁣

“Mom fail. I didn’t get the laundry done.”⁣

“I’m a failure as a mom. I don’t make homemade bread/cookies/whatever.”⁣


Your “success” as a mother is not defined by domestic duties. Domestic duties are part of being an adult.⁣

While your children do need to be changed and fed, that’s not the summation of MOTHERHOOD. Anyone can change and feed children, including dads. You can hire someone to clean your house and feed your kids, and you’ll still be a mom. ⁣

And if you weren’t a mom, you’d still have to clean your house, cook food, and do laundry. ⁣

You’re not a bad mom because you didn’t do laundry in time. Let’s stop combining domestic duties with motherhood, because they just aren’t the same. Yes, moms do domestic things. And they raise children. These are two separate things. ⁣

Your housekeeping is not your motherhood, and you’re giving away power when you combine the two and judge one against the other. ⁣

You are a good mom because you love your child, and you try to help them learn the things they need to learn. You worry about your kids, you spend time with them, you plan for their future, and so much more.⁣

You might be terrible at domestic duties (I don’t know) or you might be the best housekeeper in the world. But neither end of the spectrum -- or anything in between -- determines if you’re a good mom or not.⁣

Housekeeping is NOT motherhood.⁣

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"I don't want to stop nursing but I was told I need to or I will make my prolapse worse."

"I was told pelvic pain is normal because I am breastfeeding."
Pain, incontinence and prolapse after childbirth are usually created by a combination of things - lack of sleep, mechanical changes, fear, nutrition, and hormones. When a mama who is not breastfeeding has these issues we often look at changing all or some of these to stop the pain and discomfort. Unfortunately when a mama is breastfeeding we tend to look at one thing- the fact she is breastfeeding. Most of the time these women are told two things, either suck it up or wean.
Yes, breastfeeding can increase prolactin and decrease estrogen. Estrogen helps with the creation of collagen, helps maintain healthy vaginal mucosa and helps with lubrication. A decrease in estrogen can temporarily weaken the tissue of the pelvic floor similar to that in menopause. BUT this is most noticeable in the first weeks after childbirth and the levels often return to normal within 6 months after childbirth.
Here's the thing, there is zero evidence that looks at breastfeeding and the pelvic floor short term. Zero. This needs to change but that's a story for a different day. What we do know is all antecdotal, some women have improvement with women and some women do not have improvement and may even feel worse. Every mama is different!
What research has looked at is breastfeeding and its long term relationship with leaking and prolapse. The study actually shows that breastfeeding is not related with either 1-2 DECADES after vaginal delivery. Another study showed there may even be a small beneficial effect of pelvic pain with breastfeeding!
Don't let anyone sabotage your breastfeeding relationship with misinformation. If possible, find an awesome support team to help you: a pelvic floor provider, a chiropractor, a nutritionist, and even someone to watch the baby so you can take a nap (because sleep matters).

🤓: doi10.1016/s1526-9523(03)00143-0 & doi 10.1111/1471-0528.13118 & doi 10.1016/j.ajog.2019.05.010

Oxytocin boost for Valentine's day. 💗

"I want to run but I'm scared I will hurt myself."

"I want to run but I don't want to pee my pants or make my prolapse worse."

FEAR:::It's a nasty little four-letter word that keeps many of us from doing the things we love. Fear of hurting ourselves, fear of leaking when we run, fear of worsening a prolapse, and the worst part... fear of not being able to do the things we love. Sometimes it's easier to avoid something we love for fear we find out we can't do it anymore. But in the words of my three year old, "how will you know if you can do it if you never try?"

If you love to run, run. If you want to do yoga, do it. If you love to lift heavy things, go find something heavy and lift it. If you are afraid of hurting yourself, I love using the Activity Traffic Light: a guide to movement safe pain from the book A World of Hurt. It's a great way to look at pain and movement because it highlights the fact that pain does NOT equal damage.

⚃GREEN LIGHT: Green means go. If you have pain that's 0-3/10 during the activity, keep doing it. If your pain is no worse after the movement or recovery takes 30minutes if you are 4-8weeks post injury/postpartum, 2 hours if 8-16 weeks, or 24hours if you are 16+ weeks following an injury (or doing a couch to 5K)...keep up at that level of movement and BE CONFIDENT. You can even add 1-5% of load, time, or reps.

⚂YELLOW LIGHT: This is a safe pain (yes, pain can be safe). Pain is 4-7/10 and pain persists at a 0-3/10 after 2hours (4-8 weeks post injury), 24hrs (8-16 weeks post injury), 48hrs (16+ weeks post injury). Do a quick body scan, if you still have full range of motion, strength and function, you are good to go. If you feel increased pressure in your pelvic floor, reach out to your pelvic floor provider. Continue your normal activities, think and speak positively and avoid negative thoughts and emotions. This is where you are testing to find your new boundaries and limits. During the yellow light movement, you may need a little extra rest, add some ice or heat and limit new movements until you know (and feel comfortable with) these new limits.

⚀RED LIGHT: This is where we slow down. A spike in pain rating 7-10/10 or the pain

Did you know there often times aren't early warning signs for prostate cancer?

A growing prostate tumor usually does not push against anything to cause pain, so the disease may be silent for many years. However, there are certain signs and symptoms you should bring to your doctor’s attention. In some cases, prostate cancer can cause symptoms that include:
💧A need to urinate frequently, especially at night, sometimes urgent
💧Difficulty starting or holding back urination
💧Weak, dribbling, or interrupted flow of urine
💧Painful or burning urination
Difficulty in having an erection
💧A decrease in the amount of fluid ejaculated
💧Painful ejaculation
💧Blood in the urine or semen
💧Pressure or pain in the rectum
💧Pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, pelvis, or thighs

One thing I recently learned is that some medication (Avodart) that is taken for an enlarged prostate can lower PSA but half. If a loved one is taking this medication and their PSA increases even a little bit, it is a strong indicator of aggressive prostate cancer.

I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but talk to your loved ones. Maybe that frequent urination is just frequent urination but it could be more. Opening up the story around leaking can help both men and women. If instinct tells you something is going on, don't hesitate to ask for more tests.

If you are in the Chicagoland area and unfortunately are in need of an amazing oncologist, look into Dr. Scott Eggner at University of Chicago. His bed side manner is phenomenal, he is compassionate, takes his time so you don't feel like a number, explains everything that's going on and his knowledge is up-to-date as he's one of the leading researchers in this area.

💗Information from Prostate Cancer Foundation

Your Pelvis is NOT too Small - Overuse of the CPD Diagnosis Are VBACs safe? Yes! Can you have a safe and successful VBAC with a previous diagnosis of a small pelvis or large baby? Yes! We are hearing stories of more and

How to have the BEST (damn) Epidural

👏 No matter your plans for birth, it's wise to plan for all options. Learn to maximize the Epidural experience and minimize side-effects. (Tons of research) Click through to get the free cheat-sheet to pack in your hospital bag! -

Holistic Path Doula

“We think in pictures and we should be painting accurate pictures. The cervix nor the vagina bloom. The cervix is not a zip lock bag. The purpose of labor is NOT the creation of an opening or a hole... The purpose of labor contractions and retractions is to BUILD the fundus, which will, when it is ready, EJECT the baby, like a piston. Without a nice thick fundus there is no power to get baby out....the cervix does not dilate dilates UP as a result of the effort to pull muscles up into the uterus to push muscles up to the fundus. The cervical dilation is secondary to that. The cervix is pulled up as a result of the building of the fundus. Assigning a number to cervical dilation is of little consequence and we make a huge mistake by interpreting progress or predicting time of birth to that number. Any experienced midwife or OB can tell you that the cervix can be manipulated and that a woman whose cervix is at 7 could have the baby in a few minutes or a few hours.
If more providers and educators knew the truth about birth physiology, we could make a huge difference for mothers. What is important is to keep her well supported for the purpose of the appropriate chemistry, to keep her well hydrated and nourished for muscle strength, and to believe in her. We should be supporting her so that her physiology and that of her baby are unhindered, so they can finish what they started.
We should not be measuring, poking, or interpreting her labor. THIS CHANGE in teaching about labor could make such a difference for women who are imagining what is happening in their bodies during labor. How much more strength might they have if they have an accurate picture?" -Carla Hartley

BIRTHFIT Chicago: Western Suburbs

BIRTHFIT Chicago: Western Suburbs is here to provide women with up-to-date information and classes to help facilitate a healthy pregnancy, delivery and postpartum transition.

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