Sunstone FIT, Addison, TX Video February 13, 2019, 10:31pm

Videos by Sunstone FIT in Addison. SunstoneFIT is North Texas's premier boutique fitness provider offering yoga, pilates, barre and High Intensity Interval Training classes in 14 studios.

Form is important when your reps are on a loop. 📸: @gatrme #LiveFitLiveWell

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We know you’ve got a lot of balls in the air but always make some time for yourself. #LiveFitLiveWell

Raise your hand if you’re into fitness! #LiveFitLiveWell

Get a leg up on your fitness. See what we did there? #LiveFitLiveWell

Let’s do this. #LiveFitLiveWell

Have you HIIT it yet? (High Intensity Interval Training, that is.) #LiveFitLiveWell

Come have a ball with us and try a Barre Class. 📸: @sunstonefitpfv #LiveFitLiveWell

Down, down, down. Up, up, up. #LiveFitLiveWell

Work it like it’s the weekend. 📸: @happybabyyoga #LiveFitLiveWell

Child or frog? Which pose works best for you? 📸: @sarmix_a_lot #LiveFitLiveWell

Form is important when your reps are on a loop. 📸: @gatrme #LiveFitLiveWell

Getting ready to HIIT it hard. 📸: @robin_adam1 @sunstonefitrockwall

Have you trie High Intensity Interval Training HIIT yet? Make this the year you do! #LiveFitLiveWell 📸: @fitforlifeabby

Stay on the ball and keep coming to class. #LiveFitLiveWell 📸: SunstoneFIT - Rockwall Village

What will be your core focus this year? 📸: @gatrme #LiveFitLiveWell

Make 2019 a HIIT! Give High Intensity Interval Training a try this year! 📸: @sunstonefitpwp #LiveFitLiveWell

Our married instructors @sarmix_a_lot and @beanrugbyref know how to mix the fitness with some fun. Check this video out. 😂 #LiveFitLiveWell

Join team Sunstone at Wanderlust 108 tomorrow in Austin! A run/walk 5K, DJ-powered yoga flow, soul-reviving meditation led by world-renowned spiritual leaders, and more! Tickets are available in the link in our profile. See you there! #LiveFitLiveWell

Class just feels like it goes fast. #LiveFitLiveWell Sunstone FIT - Preston Towne Crossing

Everyone seemed to enjoy our special Bat Yoga today! Happy Halloween! #BatFitBatWell

Even this lazy bones came to class at Sunstone FIT - Rockwall Village. No excuses for you. #LiveFitLiveWell

Everything is pumpkin spiced these days. Even squats. 📸: SunstoneFIT - Rockwall Village

Come HIIT with us! Note: Not actual speed 📸: @happybabyyoga #LiveFitLiveWell #HIIT

Cheers to hot yoga. #StayHydrated #LiveFitLiveWell

Get pumped for the start of a new week! #LiveFitLiveWell @sunstone_uptown

Ready make next week a HIIT? #LiveFitLiveWell @sunstonefitec

Come hang with us. With Yoga, Pilates, Barre and HIIT classes, there’s something for everyone to get passionate about. #LiveFitLiveWell

SunstoneFIT is more than a studio, we’re a family of avid high-fivers. #LiveFitLiveWell Sunstone FIT - Rockwall Village

If you were wondering how the T-Rex prepared for its role in the latest Jurassic World, it was HIIT classes.

Rope some friends into taking a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class with you. Friends that rope together are dope together. Let’s see if that saying catches on. 📸: @happybabyyoga #LiveFitLiveWell

When a workout gets tough, remember to keep your chin up. 📸: @fitforlifeabby

Class only feels like it goes by this fast. ;) “@fitforlifeabby Time to flow! Fast forward? I am always inspired by the amazing dedication of my students. They come without fail and leave it all on the mat! Maybe you can stop by, there’s always room for one more! #LiveFitLiveWell

HIIT Class
It’s Wednesday. Keep moving! @sunstonefitrockwall #LiveFitLiveWell

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” -Napoleon Hill. Sunstone FIT - Skillman Live Oak

Never give up. Tag someone you know that needs to see this today. 📸: @arat.gym #LiveFitLiveWell

Keep it up, Kara! “@sunstonefitrockwall Kara was head over heels about receiving her 10 class wristband today! We are too! Awesome job @handstand_hippies we are so glad to have you a part of our community.”

Row, row, row your rowing machine fiercely in your class. 📸: @rock_elle #NewYearDoYou #LiveFitLiveWell

Kettle Bell
Good morning, bell. GIF: @amber_evans1 #NewYearDoYou #LiveFitLiveWell

End of 2017 Savings
Just a few more days to add a family member* for just $29 a month. In 2018 that price is going up to $49. Lock in that 2017 savings today! And there's still time to refer a friend and you'll both get a FREE backpack! #LiveFitLiveWell *Must be an immediate family member in your same household

12th Day of Fitmas
On the 12th Day of Fitmas my teacher gave to me...12 hot yoga sit ups. #sunstonefit12days

On the 11th Day of Fitmas my teacher gave to me...11 sets of Superman jacks (5). #sunstonefit12days

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