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[09/22/20]   Give me a call if you have any questions about firearms or looking to purchase you first handgun will try to help any way I can.

[07/01/20]   So Hunting season is creeping up on us as well as just a good cleaning is always a good plan my rate is $20.00 an hour. Give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

[05/01/20]   So... since my semi retirement status and the Wuhan flu crap. I have found little time to complete, or work on my shop. But we have a bunch of new baby goats. Just kind of a status update. Thank you for visiting and feel free to call me if you need anything.


Guntech holsters

Thank you Jerry Kelchen

Midwest company specializing in quality leather and kydex holsters.

[01/26/20]   I would like to thank Jerry at Guntech Holsters, for an incredible new gun belt. I can now carry comfortably again.

[01/11/20]   I am in the process of leaving my day job, so I will be available. trying to get somewhat of a shop setup out here at the house.

[11/16/18]   I am looking for single action revolvers that need repair,looking to buy.

[05/25/18]   Everyone, please remember the reason for the holiday weekend.God speed to all who gave the ultimate, and all who have served.

[06/14/17]   This Russia crap and Democrat garbage needs to stop. Collusion? How bout Obama on a hot mike telling g putin that after the election he will have more flexibility. How about Benghazi and Americans dying and blaming it on a YouTube video. How about bill Clinton and loretta lynch on the tarmac during investigation, a closed door meeting. How about lynch telling Comey the Clinton emails are a matter not an investigation. How about the emails not getting resolved. How about the Dems starting w trump, whiffed, kushner, whiffed, sessions, whiffed and that puke comey who just scored a 10 mil book deal to say he's stunned and caught off guard when he is the head of the FBI.

The Dems wasted 6 months of a presidency and Trump is killing jobs, economy, and isis while the tax payers are paying for bullsh*t made up stories which has shown zero obstruction or collusion. Zero. Get your head out of your asses. There aren't anymore outs left, you've struck out every time. I'd be embarrassed if I had the record of getting your ass kicked and proven wrong at every turn. Buck up and quit blaming people and accept the loss. Corruption is scathing hot in the Democratic party (see Bernie getting bent over by Schultz and the DNC) and let the prez do his job.

[07/02/16]   Hello all I have a new supplier possibility for ammo they are a veteran owned company from Iowa. Please comment on this post with calibers that interest you. Thank you

[07/02/16]   Happy Independence Day to all , God bless America

[10/14/15]   Wow if you're a Democrat and you're voting for any of those hot messes on the stage last night you're an idiot 05/08/2015

Texas Committee Passes Bill to Ban Bulk Sharing of Concealed Carry Lists with Feds | Tenth... AUSTIN (May 6, 2015) - Yesterday, a Texas state House committee passed bill that would ban the state from providing bulk lists of concealed carry permit holders to the federal government, something that agencies have requested elsewhere, and could potentially be used to harass or persecute lawful gu…


T/K Guns

Stop by and check out T/K Guns for all of your hunting needs.
Tom and Kim Swearingin, owners


Creative Arms LLC

I met one of the owners today great guy Check out their page Iowa grown nice looking weaponry

started in 2013, we pride ourselves in the manufacturing of high-quality munitions for law enforcement and military contracts as well as the public