Dylan "Bigdeal" Book Racing

Dylan "Bigdeal" Book Racing


🏁 The 2nd annual Arnold Motor Supply Midwest Madness Tour presented by Western Iowa Racing Results is set to kick off on June 27th, 2020. Please give our page a like to see more updates as they come available! This year is shaping up to be pretty big! Monster Graphix has stepped up to be the Modified Sponsor, and added to the points fund, with other added bonus’s!

🔴 2020 Schedule: 🔴
Saturday June 27th – Park Jefferson Raceway, Jefferson, SD
Sunday June 28th – Raceway Park, Jefferson, SD
Monday June 29th – Clay County Fair Speedway, Spencer, IA
Tuesday June 30 – Jackson Motorplex, Jackson, MN
Wednesday July 1 – Kossuth County Speedway, Algona, IA
Thursday July 2 – Stuart Speedway, Stuart, IA
Friday July 3 – Crawford County Speedway, Denison, IA

Please help us advertise, and Hope to see you come out to a few of the nights on the Tour! Let us know if you plan on racing more than half of the nights, and we will make a “Going on Tour” poster!
Arnold Motor Supply Midwest Madness Tour presented by Western Iowa Racing Results --

$1,000 MINIMUM to win each night for Stock Cars and Modifieds
Draw/Redraw for Stock Cars and Modifieds
$150 to Start Modifieds //// $125 to Start Stock Cars
Support Classes each night: Sport Compacts, Hobby Stocks, Sport Mods
Bonus Prizes being awarded in ALL CLASSES!
Prizes are being added weekly, follow our page for updates!

~ If your planning on racing 50% or more of the tour, please let us know, and we will share it!

The Midwest Madness Tour will be from June 29th - July 5th

June 29th - Shelby County Speedway, Harlan, IA
June 30th - Clay Co. Fair Speedway, Spencer, IA
July 1st - Park Jefferson Speedway, Jefferson, SD
July 2nd - Stuart Speedway, Stuart, IA
July 3rd - Buena Vista Raceway, Alta, IA
July 4th - Crawford Co. Speedway, Denison, IA
July 5th - I-80 Speedway, Greenwood, NE

~ If your wanting to help sponsor the Midwest Madness Tour presented by Western Iowa Racing Results Please PM us
Winner winner chicken dinner! B feature winner! #dubhuntin #survivaloftherichest
where are you racing weekly in 2018?
Hey, We would love to get you registered for our 2nd Annual Western Iowa Challenge Points Fund this year! Top 15 Drivers GUARANTEED to win something (Top 10 guaranteed cash)! We can E-MAIL more information over about registering, just let us know! 100% raised from Sponsors and Drivers entered, is given back! Here are the rules: Let me know if you have questions! Thanks You. and hope to see you register!

DBR is a motorsports racing team that races on dirt tracks around the country. Supporting local trac


Headed out to Adams County Speedway today for The Tradition! We will have our 2020 apparel with us! #trumptrain #dubhuntin


If anyone wants to pick up their shirts tomorrow or next week let us know!

PS we have EXTRAS if you didn’t pre order.



If you wanted us to mail them to you please send us your address! Thanks


FREE for the taking. Pick up in Adel. Can be autographed. First come first served!


If the rain stays away, we will be Crawford County bound tomorrow! 😷👊🏻 #dubhuntin


Testing is complete on the 2020 Jet Mod. We will be headed to Adams County Speedway on Saturday night. Who will be there??


Where is the first place you want to see BigDeal race at in 2020?? Comment the race track below 👇🏻👇🏻


Hoodies will be PRE-ORDER ONLY!! Comment your order below, private message me your order, or text/call Dylan your order at (515)491-5458.

Sweatshirts (hoodies) will be a Port & Company Performance Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt 100% poly. PRE-ORDER ONLY. Sizes available are adult small through adult 4XL. $40 per unit, shipping will be FREE. Picture in comments of sweatshirts.


You asked, so here is our answer! Dylan Book Racing will have t-shirts and sweatshirts made for the 2020 racing campaign. We partnered with Three Wide Clothing Company who produced a KILLER design. Check it out below 👇🏻

Here is the information on t-shirts and sweatshirts:

T-shirts will be a Gildan Dry Blend 50% cotton/50% poly, black in color. We will have sizes adult small, adult medium, adult large, and adult x-large. We are ordering a quantity of 100 in each size. $20 per unit, shipping will be FREE.

Sweatshirts (hoodies) will be a Port & Company Performance Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt 100% poly. PRE-ORDER ONLY. Sizes available are adult small through adult 4XL. $40 per unit, shipping will be FREE. Picture in comments of sweatshirts.

Sweatshirts are PRE-ORDER ONLY, with a deadline of Friday, April 24th. To pre-order, please private message this page your order, comment below your order, or text/call Dylan at (515)491-5458 with your order information. We will then send you a paypal link or other payment options.

**Due to high demand, it would be best to get in line by prepaying for your t-shirt order also. We believe these shirts will not last long as there is a limited quantity being ordered. At this time, we are unsure if we will reorder. Please, do not wait because once they are gone they are gone.


After spending numerous hours in the race shop laboratory, we have finally found the vaccine to cure the covid. Pure methanol, 100% alcohol is the answer. Once in the air it kills the virus on contact. Gentleman, start your engines!! #openthetracksASAP


Deck Height ⬆️⬆️


Now more than ever before, place you hand over your heart and repeat after me;

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


2020 Sneak Peak 👌🏻


2020 wrap proof is finalized and will be printed off today!! As you can see, BigDeal will be supporting a number change in 2020, to 2020! We will probably catch some shade from this, but we must Keep America Great!! B-Ham Signs and Designs knocked it out of the park!!!


Bout that time!! #2020 #wheresthefuelcell


Please share!! Need to get this car sold!!

19 Jet with brake lines and fuel cell 12 nights $6,200


DBR’s 2020 Jet Mod lookin fierce! Who wants to see the wrap proof for this year?? Comment what you think it will be! ⬇️


Who’s ready for the 2020 race season? BigDeal and the team will be headed out to Beatrice, Nebraska to pick up the 2020 Jet Mod soon! #bigdealNATION


BigDeal Car Care

Little snipbit of the DBR 2019 Jet Mod in this commercial for Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses of BigDeal Car Care!

Amazing commercial done by Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses of BigDeal Car Care!! We are #makingsmallbig one day at a time. Please SHARE this and FOLLOW our journey as we grow the #bigdealSHINE!


Who’s ready to see Bigdeal’s return back to the IMCA Super Nationals since 2011? #boonebound #dubhuntin


Well, should we go to The Super Nationals??


Racing is a sport of highs and lows, achievements and disappointments, late nights and early mornings, but there are times God shows you right where you’re supposed to be. This was one of those days. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, chase your dreams. #trustinghisplan #bigdeal #dubhunting


Will the rain stay away this weekend??? 🤞🏻🤞🏻


Slight change of plans! With the expected weather in Western Iowa, we are headed to Webster City to race at Hamilton County Speedway tonight!! #dubhuntin


Where do you want to see us this weekend?? #rainraingoaway #dubhuntin


From Dylan: “Had the opportunity to wheel the 2x Harris car in Harlan on Saturday and Spencer Sunday. We ended up 6th in Harlan and 2nd on Sunday in Spencer. Thank you Dustin Reynolds with Midwest Concrete and Midwest Spray Foam for the opportunity this weekend. Thank you Daniel, Austin, Judson, and most importantly Shane for helping to get this thing set up!”


Western Iowa Racing Results

Clay County Fair Speedway, Spencer, IA full results 5/5/19
Stock Car Special A:
1 Ricky Thornton Jr Racing Adel, IA 20RT
2 Pat Graham Ames, IA 1G
3 Donavan Smith Racing Lake City, IA 35
4 Buck 92 Schafroth racing Orient, IA 92
5 Les Lundquist Souix City, IA 19
6 David Smith Lake City, IA 8
7 Todd The VanEatonville Mafia v31 92 Orient, IA V31
8 Devin Smith Lake City, IA 81
9 Curt Lund Redwood Falls, MN 30
10 Rick Mees EAGLE LAKE, MN 54
11 Shaun Bruns Danube, MN 71D
12 Austin Jahnz Lewisville, MN 32J
13 Dan Mackenthun Hamburg, MN 92X
14 Mathias Lux Hartley, IA 33M
15 Justin Nehring Storm Lake, IA 20N Racing Team
16 Mel Elsberry Orange City, IA 5E
17 Carl Monroe Sheldon, IA 1M
18 Tom Hagedorn Royal, IA 1H
19 Roger Tripp Sioux Rapids, IA TNT
20 Derek Green Granada, MN 32
21 Tom Sierck Spencer, IA 56
22 Mitch Dowhower Milford, IA 7M
23 Calvin Lange Humboldt, IA 43
24 Devin Tripp Sioux Rapids, IA TNT2

1 Kelly Shryock Racing Fertile, IA 3
2 Dylan "Bigdeal" Book Racing Adel, IA 2X
3 Jeff James Racing Stanton, IA 71
4 Jason Briese Cleghorn, IA 3X
5 Brandon Beckendorf Danube, MN 5
6 Shane Demey Racing Denison, IA 15M
7 Jason Fisher Lakefield, MN 14
8 Tim Watts .., AL 11W
9 Corey Bosma Early, IA 07B Racing
10 Lyle Sathoff Racing Armstrong, IA 8L
11 (DNF) Chris Palsrok Sibley, IA C5
12 (DNF) Jason Brees Meriden, IA 21B
13 (DNF) James Slawson Racing Spirit Lake, IA 17S
DNS Mat Hollerich Good Thunder, MN 49

Sport Mods:
1 Matthew Looft Racing #9 Swea City, IA 9
2 Colby Fett Racing Algona, IA 00
3 Tyler Watts Beloit, KS 77W
4 Alec Fett Thompson, IA 08
5 robb nutt Armstrong, IA 15R
6 Eric Kinnetz Milford, IA 75
7 Zech Norgaard Spencer, IA 14Z
8 3D Keith Demey Racing Newell, IA 3D
9 (DNF) Mike Bailey Schaller, IA 98
10 (DNF) Daniel Chinn Graettinger, IA 48C
11 (DNF) Bill Wegner Armstrong, IA 79W
DNS Mike Jensen Spencer, IA 8
DNS Brady Joynt Webb, IA 1AND

Hobby Stocks:
1 Cory Probst Brewster, MN 75C
2 Brandon Nielsen Racing Spencer, IA T8
3 Cody Nielsen Spencer, IA 29N
4 Justin Luinenburg Reading, MN 17X
5 Drew Barglof racing Sioux Rapids, IA 45
6 Bryant Johnson Graettinger, IA 48J
7 Dillion Magnussen Racing #28 Sioux Rapids, IA 28M
8 Andrew Claus Spencer, IA 7C
9 Derrick Barglof Sioux Rapids, IA 717
10 Ben Peterson Granada, MN 76
11 Mike Smith Lake City, IA 22
12 Darin Johnson Dickens, IA 20J
13 Corey Schreiber Jackson, MN 33C
14 Daniel Smith Lake City, IA 88
15 Nathan Gegner Morgan, MN 99
16 Chris Krug Emmetsburg, IA 91
17 Jake Manitz Sibley, IA 47
18 Brad Falline Spencer, IA 21B
19 Nathan Roiger Sanborn, MN 11N
20 Nathan Asche Armstrong, IA 76A
21 (DNF) Chad Krug Emmetsburg, IA 301
22 (DNF) Josh Sidles Emmetsburg, IA 99X
23 (DNF) Chris Burg Spencer, IA 2020

Sport Compacts:
1 Oliver Monson Clear Lake, IA 5
2 Jared Gross Spencer, IA 3R
3 Jay DeVries Racing Spencer, IA 8J
4 Kaytee Devries Spencer, IA 8K
5 RJ Esqueda Madelia, MN 16X
6 11ARacing Bubba Brown Jackson, MN 11A
7 Gavin Maass Mankato, MN 40M


LETS GO RACING!!!!!!!!!!! #dubhuntin


The 2k19 Jet Mod is ready for #BHAM to do his magic!! If this post gets 200 likes before Tuesday we will post the final wrap proof!! #share #share #share


Huge SHOUTOUT to Jet Racing for knocking out this 2019 Jet Mod! Johnny and his crew are second to none, building a high-quality, safe, and very quick race car. #jetmod #2k19 #bigdeal


Stuart International Speedway bound! #dubhuntin


Who wants to see the BigDeal in Boone, Iowa for the IMCA Super Nationals?? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️


Team BigDeal will be Shelby County Speedway bound tonight with the 2018 Jet Mod! #dubhuntin


2018 lookin’ fresh! #bham #bigdeal #betterlatethannever


Almost that time.. #latenights #bigdeal #2018jetmod #dubhuntin

Videos (show all)

Little live action from KOA at Humboldt Speedway!
Live at Joes Karting introducing celebrities.
Bigdeal LIVE from Joe's Karting in Council Bluffs at the Holiday Horsepower Drive!
A Feature time here in Salina, Kansas. 9-30-16
Here we go LIVE from Salina Kansas. B feature #2. Top 5 make the A.
LIVE from Salina, Kansas. Heat race
LIKE&SHARELoading up our 2016 Jet Mod for "The Tradition" at Adams County Speedway in Corning, Ia. Do you want to see Bi...
Nothin' like winning the heat by a whole straight away! #bigdealSTYLE
Stuart June 5th 2016
LIVE feature from Adams County Speedway 5/21/16
LIVE from Adams County Speedway Heat Race 5/21/16




Adel, IA
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Dallas County Fair Association Dallas County Fair Association
28057 Fairground Rd
Adel, 50003

Dallas County Fairgrounds, located in Adel, IA, is home to the Dallas County Motor Speedway and a great location to hold your reception or other event, camp, attend a horse show or rodeo, and most of all visit during our great Dallas County Fair in July!

K9 Sports Club K9 Sports Club

Licensed UKC Obedience and Agility club

Dance Fitness Desoto Dance Fitness Desoto
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Dance Fitness Adel is a Zumba inspired workout!! we have a lot of great songs and a real great time!! If you are ready for a great workout, come join us!

Stopek Stables Stopek Stables
24819 270th St
Adel, 50003

Stallion Services for Superior Sporthorses & Sportponies.Standing approved Trakehner stallion Prelude By Mozart. Trakehner horses for sale.

Anytime Fitness Gym: Adel Anytime Fitness Gym: Adel
215 S 6th St, Ste A
Adel, 50003

River Valley Golf Course River Valley Golf Course
22927 Valley View Trl
Adel, 50003

Locally family owned & operated since 2004.

Raccoon Valley Sportsman Club Raccoon Valley Sportsman Club
26404 Sportsmans Club Rd
Adel, 50003

We are a members only gun club. You must be a member to use the facilities. Come to a monthly meetin

Kelby Watt Racing Kelby Watt Racing

Communicate with others about racing and help promote Kelby Watt's racing career.

Forever Strong Training Center Forever Strong Training Center
27871 Fairground Road
Adel, 50003

This is a training program that has been running for 10 years and is expanding to a new +6000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art equipment.

Adel Tumbling and Dance Club Adel Tumbling and Dance Club
211 S 7th St Ste A
Adel, 50003

Established in 1986, Adel Tumbling and Dance Club is owned and operated by Lori Rickert.

Anytime Fitness Adel Iowa Anytime Fitness Adel Iowa
215 S 6th St
Adel, 50003

Welcome to your friendly neighborhood gym in Adel! Whether you're a beginner or fitness fanatic, Anytime Fitness will help you get to a healthier place!

Iconic Apparel Iconic Apparel
105 N 9th St
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Specializing in sports apparel and equipment. Custom team jerseys and uniforms, hats, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and lots more.