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This is a page to connect the community of Torvik Family Tae Kwon Do students, as well as give you information on classes, seminars and tournaments.

Core X

TFT! we've got two new videos up! have you seen them yet?
To get notified every time we post a new video go to our channel, subscribe and tap/click on the little bell icon.

This video is for those of you who are doing the tournament and need help with their introduction.

This video is a core workout that's just 5mins long that any of you can do! The actions are pretty simple so it shouldn't be too challenging.

Workout starts at 5:50.

[04/10/19]   Tournament this Saturday! Let the games begin!!
Go TFT!!

Seven brown belts walked in and seven RED BELTS walked out!
Now all the focus is on that black belt.
Here are a few highlights! @ Torvik Family Taekwondo

Seven brown belt walked in and seven RED BELTS walked out!
Now all the focus is on that black belt.
Here are a few highlights!

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We had lots test this week and all did so well and listed here are just a few of those hardworking students.

#yellowbelt #goldbelt #brownbelt #tft #torvikfamilytaekwondo #taekwondo #martialarts #fighting #rankingup #focus #hardworking #dedication @ San Antonio, Texas

This new GOLD BELT means BUSINESS!

Mr. Jonathan here destroyed his test today and by the sweat on his forehead you can tell he worked hard.
“Sweat is the manifestation of hard work.”

#torvikfamilytaekwondo #torvikfamily #tft #blackbeltattitude #goldbelt #hardwork #focus #taekwondo #movinup


Mr. Joseph worked hard, stayed focused and pushed through in EXCELLENCE during his Purple Belt Test today!

#tft #torvikfamilytkd #purplebelt #focus #characterfirst #blackbeltattitude #taekwondo

Congratulations for earning your 4th degree black belt, Derrick! TFT is so blessed to have you!

This is our home tournament that we sponsor, so please SAVE THE DATE and come!
Check the form below for a few details as more will be sent out soon.
ALSO we'll be sending out the registration forms here in the near future so be on the look out for that!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Ginger

[01/07/19]   Good afternoon and HAPPY NEW YEAR, TFT! This week is the first week of classes for our new semester for *most* of our co-ops.

All classes at the Home Dojang start this week too so if your specific co-op hasn’t started yet you can get a head start by dropping by and getting a few extra classes in before your semester starts.

Hours for the Home Dojang are
Monday from 6:30pm-7:30pm
Tuesday from 6pm-7pm
Wednesday from 9am-10am

If you’re not a regular at one of those classes, be sure to message/email us if you’ll be attending.

One more thing!

If you bring a friend to class and they join, YOU get a free month of classes! BRING YOUR FRIENDS!

The bo staff master! This guy was so fun to teach and he’s an amazing student! Low key sometimes laughed more than we learned;)

Amazing job Benjamin! Proud of you!!! @ Torvik Family Taekwondo

Just one week ago this amazing young woman earned her first degree black belt!

“I remember the second you became a black belt and it was long before today. That’s how I knew you were for real.”
- Derrick Torvik(@99d_tor)

#blackbelt #blackbeltattitude #taekwondo #martialarts #tft #torvikfamilytaekwondo @ Torvik Family Taekwondo

HE DID IT! Last Friday Mr. Daniel Eller earned his 1st degree black belt!

Over the years Mr. Daniel has been tirelessly working to earn stripe after stripe and rank after rank. Congratulations sir! You should be proud!!

#blackbelt #blackbeltattitude #practicemakespermanent #hardwork #martialarts #tft #torvikfamilytaekwondo

Meet Ms. Kaylin! Last Friday she earned her black belt and obviously is very happy about it!
She originally trained under Mrs. Torvik but starting this recent Fall semester, she trained under Mr. Derrick and has worked so very hard! Congratulations Ms. Kaylin on promoting to your 1st degree blackbelt! @ Torvik Family Taekwondo

Welcome Mr. Daniel Eller, Ms. Kaylin O’Rourke and Ms. Abigail Warren to the TFT Black Belt family!

These three have put in the required hrs and earned the required stripes to promote to their black belt. THEY’RE OFFICIAL! So proud of them!

#blackbeltnation #blackbelt #taekwondo #martialarts #tft #torvikfamilytaekwondo


Attention all orange belts!!! Your green belt form is now live on our YouTube channel! Check it out below!

Torvik Family Taekwondo YouTube channel

Woon(green belt form) Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.

Won Jo(gold belt form)

Hello all! Both the new gold belt and orange belt form videos have been posted!
Check the links below to watch and learn!

Torvik Family Taekwondo YouTube channel

Won Jo(gold belt form)

Pyong Ahn Cho Dan(orange belt form)

Also, check out the playlists to find all your specific belt rank requirements. Keep in mind that you need to always be studying the requirements for the belt rank that's next for you.
An orange belt needs to learn the green belt requirements for them to promote to green belt.

Have a blessed evening!

- Derrick Torvik

[10/31/18]   Good morning TFT! Today is test day for our Home Dojang class here this morning and at The Well Co-op. We’ve got 5 students testing total and are so excited to reward their hard work, focus and dedication by promoting them to their new belt rank.
We’ve got three yellow belts, an orange belt and a blue belt just waiting to be earned!

Purple Belt Techniques

Purple Belt Techniques are up!!!!

Torvik Family Taekwondo

Techniques up to Blue Belt are now on our YouTube channel! Check them out and comment with any questions you may have.

Orange Belt Techniques

Gold belts! This one’s for you!
Check out the video below to learn the technique requirements to get orange Belt.

Also make sure you subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with future videos!

If you are a gold belt going for orange this is for you!

Gold Belt Techniques

New gold belt technique video is up for all you yellow belts out there who are trying to get your bronze stripe. Watch, learn and drill, drill, drill!

To be clear. You need to watch this if you are trying to get your gold belt...not if you already have your gold belt.

If you are a yellow belt going for gold this is for you!

Yellow Belt Techniques

Hello TFT! The yellow Belt Techniques are now up on YouTube! Study and practice!!

Use this video to practice and drill the yellow belt techniques!

[09/04/18]   Don’t forget tonight’s the first night of bo-staff! Arrive at 7 to start at 7:15.

We’ll see you then!

[08/29/18]   Don't forget our weapons class starts next Tuesday at 7:15! Arrive at 7.

Email me at [email protected] to get signed up!

Jackson Rudolph - Believe | Hyper Martial Arts

This is Jackson Rudolph. He is a Bo Staff champion and the one who created the curriculum we use here at TFT.
What he talks about in this video is essential!
The majority of people who don't make it to black belt don't make it not because no one believed in them but because they never believed in themselves. Check it out!

Jackson Rudolph started training at the age 6 after receiving a gift card at a carnival. He became inspired after his traditional school started extreme clas...

[08/21/18]   With testing being next week, keep in mind that this week is the last week to be eligible to test. Make sure you're taking advantage of our youtube channel so you can study and practice on your own.

Stay focused, work hard and we'll see you at class!

Tonight's class: 6-7pm @Home Dojang(8191 Pittman Rd, Adkins, TX 78101)

[08/03/18]   Hello! This page has been pretty quiet for some time now and it's about time we change that.
In the coming weeks be on the look out for tips and tricks, promotions for classes, events and special deals and for posts about how our students are doing in tournaments, tests and our weekly classes.
You can contact us with any questions you may have by messaging us through Facebook or using the contact info given on the page.
Lastly, please share this page with anyone that you know who is interested in getting involved in Martial Arts or more specifically American Taekwondo.
Have an amazing day!

[03/12/16]   TFT is at the Health and Fitness Festival at Trinity Church until 2:00pm today! Come check out our table and the other great things going on here!

Josh is ready for the tournament... Are you?! See you tomorrow at 10am.

[03/23/15]   Have you signed up for the tournament yet?! there's still time. Its going to be a blast, so come to participate or just spectate (its free to watch) May 2nd!

[02/24/15]   It's almost that time again! The 2015, TFT, Spring Tournament is May 2nd. There will 3 be events: Sparring, Forms, And Weapons starting at 10AM and the black-belt divisions kicking off at 9AM. You DON'T want to miss this! Be sure and contact us if you are interested in competing.

Won Jo (Gold Belt Form)

Check out our schools first beginner form! This is Won Jo, required to get your gold belt. performed by Matt Torvik.

Won Jo (Gold Belt Form)

[01/21/15]   A new class kicked off at Bracken Elementary 2 weeks ago! theres always time to join! message me if you are wanting details on any of our many locations and class times.

[01/10/15]   Classes at FEAST, Northwest Community, Trinity Christian Academy, Teams Co-op and our home studio in Adkins have all kicked off this week. theres still time to join if you are looking for a great, character based, fun, martial arts class for the whole family! Message me for more details.

BOB got dressed up for Christmas!

A few clips from a recent demonstration. Derrick performed Myung, which is the purple-belt form and Phil broke a few boards!

[01/05/15]   It's almost that time again! TFT Spring tournament date has been nailed down for May 2nd, 2015! its going to be the best one yet with many revisions and improvements to make this the best running, funnest tournament around! if you're already a part of TFT I encourage you to participate. If you are not yet a part but you are interested, message me and we will get you hooked up in one of our many city wide classes!

[05/22/14]   Summer classes in June, at Feast we are starting sword! Don't miss out! $50 for 4 one and a half hour classes.

[04/18/14]   ANNOUNCING! New classes starting wednesday, May 7th @6PM and thursday, May 8th @6pm.
These classes will be specifically focused on weapons, sparring and muscle fitness for individuals 10 and up. Come out to TFT Adkins to enhance your weapons handling, sparring technique and overall fitness! contact Phillip Torvik at [email protected] or message directly on Facebook for more details on these classes. Thank you!

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