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How We Roll Motorsports is the leading San Antonio dealer of both Hammerhead Go-Carts and Linhai Yamaha ATV's and UTV's. So stop in and roll out!

How We Roll Motorsports is an owner-operated ATV, UTV, Scooter and Go-Cart dealer. We offer a wide range of DOT certified helmets and accessories for your ATV and UTV needs!

Couldn't wait to get home to ride his new BIRTHDAY present!!! And what an AWESOME gift it is!!!

Thank you so much Bingham Family for choosing How We Roll Motorsports!!! We genuinely appreciate you supporting small family businesses like us!!!

Now go out and have a blast on your new Hammerhead Mudhead 208R!!! Get muddy!!!!

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This is just an awesome photo...thought we should share cause that's how we roll.

Have a fabulous day everyone!

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Many, MANY thanks to Mr. Rau!!!! What an AWESOME surprise for the kids!!!! You guys are going to have an absolute blast on your new Hammerhead GTS150!!! Thank you for trusting How We Roll Motorsports with your new family purchase!!!

Any many thanks for your dedicated service to our country, sir! We genuinely appreciate it!

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Happy Mother's Day to all of you fabulous mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers out there!!! We hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

We were rollin' on Essex Street long before it got trendy and cool but we're certainly glad to see all the friendly faces around here these days!!!

That being said, it's gonna be a mad house down here this weekend!!! Even though Snoop Dogg canceled,they still have a heck of a line up planned and the street will be shut down for cars and only open for foot traffic.

That means our downtown store is going to be closed on Saturday folks...not to worry, our Adkins store WILL BE OPEN.

Everyone have an incredible time at Essex Music & Art Festival! Enjoy are pretty awesome neighborhood because we CERTAINLY LOVE IT!!

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2018 MASSIMO WARRIOR 800 TEST | Dirt Wheels Magazine

Let's just follow up yesterday with this pretty awesome article!!!! β€” The UTV Indiana Jones would buy β€” By the staff of Dirt Wheels If you take a look at the entire sport utility landscape, most offerings look basically similarβ€”rear- or mid-engine layout with a relatively open cab area. In many cases, you need a pretty savvy expert to differentiate different b...

Did you say that you wanted a Massimo Warrior 800??? That you'll take TWO? Why OF COURSE we'll hook you up...'cause that's How We Roll!!!

A Texas-sized thank you to Mr. Lujan of MIDLAND, Texas...yes, all the way from Midland Texas!!! How We Roll making it happen all over the place!!! Mr. Lujan and his team were absolutely awesome to work with throughout the process...shout out to his team member Tracy as well!!! She was a giant help!!!

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Somebody is an awesome dad!!! Way to go Mr. Conner!!!! He came all the way from Lockhart just to buy a surprise go cart for his daughter!!! A little outdoor dad and daughter craziness!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!

Thanks again Mr. Conner! We genuinely appreciate your patronage!!!

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Well, a giant thank you going out to Ms. Slaydon of Seguin!!! We just delivered two...yes TWO, Hammerhead GTSs to her!!! We were so excited that we forgot to grab some pictures!!! Bahahahaha! After all of these years, we still get excited like little kids and forget to get pictures!!! Well, I guess that means we're still having fun!!!! Thanks again for trusting How We Roll Motorsports!!!! We truly do appreciate the wonderful support you give us!!!

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It's been a CRAZY, CRAZY great week here at How We Roll!!! So sorry we haven't been keeping everyone updated!!! Whoops!

Here are a few items we were lucky to work on!!! Tha k you to Mr. Pritchard for your Honda (not pictured), Mr. Garcia for your go cart, Mrs. Joiner for your Massimo crew and Mr. Brooks for your Kawasaki Mule!!! The trust you have in our service team speaks VOLUMES and we GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!!!! Happy Rolling!!!

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Ahhhhhh, so sorry I missed you guys!!! But I do love it when your family stops by for a visit!!! Love you guys!!!

Went to go see our friends! Happy Friday all.

The Epoch Times Canada

Maybe this will convince a "certain somebody" that I should have a goat...just saying...πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

The first time watching a goat ride a motorcycle πŸ™‚

Credit: ViralHog

Many, MANY thanks to Mr. Hosek!!! Thank you for stopping by our Adkins store and purchasing your new Bighorn 200 SE!!! We know this is going to come in handy for you and the family!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! AND, stay safe!!!!

People often ask us how "good " the Hammerhead Offroad go carts really are.

Well, here's a picture of one of our customer's odometer. We can preach all day long about the reliability and durability of the go carts but here's the proof!!! This is why the Hammerhead line IS THE VERY BEST!

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Another trailer load out the door for service! AND, three different brands!!! Polaris, Honda and a John Deere diesel utv!!! Not a problem for our service team!!!

Thank you everyone for helping How We Roll continue to grow!!! We truly do appreciate it!!!

Happy Rolling, Everyone!!!

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Just some of our High Rollers out having fun!!! Thanks for the pictures guys!!! You make this all worth our while!!!

And, by the way gentlemen, thank you for your service! God bless you both, James Marrone and Justin McCormick!

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And ANOTHER High Roller joins the family!!! A giant thanks to Mr.Marrone if San Antonio!!! We know you guys are going to have a blast on this thing!!!! Just stay safe!!!

Happy Rolling, Everyone!!! Have a great week!!!
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Say hello to our newest High Rollers!!!! Many, MANY thanks to the Wickham family!!!! Thank you so much for purchasing your new Hammerhead go cart for How We Roll!!! And thank you for supporting small, local businesses like us!!! We greatly appreciate it!!!

Have a blast, guys!!!

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Big shout out to Mr. Peeples!!! Thank you so much for allowing the HWR service team to fix your son's go cart!!!

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Just wanted to give a shout out to my very best friends, the Adams family!!! Thanks for the awesome impromptu visit this weekend!!! We LOVED seeing you guys!!! And Jackson, we've need to convince your mom and dad that you need one of these things!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

One of our customers using his VERY handy R150!!! And it just so happens we put them on sale today!!! Check out our post below this one for more details!!!

My Hammer Head earning it's keep. Rough cut shredder towed.

Guess who's birthday it is??? This little girls!!! And I'm the lucky lady who gets to take her on her very first BIRTHDAY go cart ride!!!

Many thanks to the Yackel family for making your SECOND How We Roll purchase!!! We greatly appreciate your continued confidence and patronage!!!

Happy birthday, girl!!!

#CustomerServicePriority #HowWeRollMotorsports #GoCartLife #HammerheadOffroad #Polaris #HappyBirthday!

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IT'S SPRING TIME!!!! And that means it's Trails of Texas Tuesday!!! Every Tuesday we're going to feature a different park in Texas where avid ATV/UTV/Go-Cart riders can go play and stay!!! We'll give the park's location, contact information, lots of colorful photos and some of their key points!

This week we're featuring Creekside Edge Offroad Park

As always, if interested in this park, please:
1.) Call before you head out there.
2.) Make sure you read and understand all of their rules! Each park is different!

Creekside Edge Offroad Ranch
13580 US HWY 59
Spendora, TX 77372
WEBSITE:, good website...answers a lot of immediate questions
FACEBOOK: 4.6 rating with over 741 reviews, great with plenty of posts and updates, great events

Located in Splendora, Texas, Creekside Offroad Ranch offers some of the finest legal wheeling in the Lone Star State! In addition to the miles of challenging trails, mud, hills, and sand, the beautiful Peach Creek runs right through the middle of our park with plenty of spots for you to jump in and cool off.
So, if you're ready to get dirty & have fun doing it, come check out our AWESOME offroad action! Water, mud, hills, sand, and miles of trails to explore, we've got it all, and we want YOU to enjoy every minute of your visit!
Don't wanna head home right away? No problem. We also have Full Service RV Hookups! We'd love to have you stay as long as you can, that's why we have plenty of room for camping. With 12 full service (sewer, water & electric) RV sites, 12 RV sites with water & electricity, and plenty of room for primitive camping, Creekside Offroad Ranch is the Houston area's PREMIER OFFROAD PARK! When you're ready to get away from the every day grind, bring the toys out to Creekside Offroad Ranch and let loose...for a day or for the whole weekend!

Here's a rundown of our most Frequenly Asked Questions:
1. When are y'all open? Effective April 8, 2011 We will be open on weekends only. Friday noon thru Sunday 6pm.
2. How much is it going to cost me to ride out there? $20 per day for 1 ATV or ORV & 1 rider.
3. What can I ride out there? Trucks, ATV's, UTV's, Dirtbikes, if it goes in the dirt, bring it out!
4. What are the safety requirements for your park? Are helmets required? Can we ride double? We strongly recommend helmets and strongly discourage riding double.
5. How do I get there? For detailed directions and links to maps, please see our Location Page.
6. Can we bring our pets? Yes, but please make sure that all dogs are leashed and attended at all times.
7. Can we camp? Please, be our guest! For camping rates, please see our Camping Page.
8. Do you have clean showers & bathrooms we can use? ABSOLUTELY!
9. Can we bring our BBQ pit? YES!
10. Does everyone have to sign the release, even if they are not riding? YES! When you enter the property everyone must sign the release, regardless.

Mudhead 208R with Performance Package & Light Bar

Happy GORGEOUS Saturday, everyone!!!

Just wanted to drop a quick video of one of our Mudhead 208Rs with the performance package added. Sorry for it not being more enticing or one said I was headed to Hollywood!

The package adds about 15% more horse power to the unit, changes the sound completely and the light bar is SUPER bright!!!

Mudheads retail around $2,299, with the performance package and light bar they are retailing at $2,699! Not bad, huh!!!!!!

Come and getcha some of this greatness!!!

Happy Rolling, Everyone!!!

ADKINS: 11310 Highway 87 East, Adkins TX 78101. 210.649.1537
DOWNTOWN: 30 Essex Street, San Antonio TX 78210. 210.988.2157

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Do we do service and repairs??? Well, heck yeah we do!!!

Here's a Polaris Ranger and a Kawasaki ATV ready to roll again!!!

Thank you again, Randy, for your continued confidence in our service team!!! Your business is GENUINELY APPRECIATED!!!

Happy Rolling, Everyone!!!

Seriously! Go Away!!! We wanna PLAY!!!!

Oh my gosh! I think we found one of Olive's relatives. Albeit, a younger and more professionally groomed relative but yeah, pretty close!

Have a good one, everyone!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!



2018 Massimo Warrior - $13,500 (normally $14,900). Savings of $1400! - ONE LEFT
Full Metal, Powder Coated, V-Twin 800cc 60hp Engine, Liquid Cooled, Power Steering, Power Hydraulic Dump Bed, 4X4 with Locking Differentials, Tilt Windshield, Roof, 4500 lb. Winch...One Year Warranty on the Engine, Drive Train and Bumper to Bumper (Parts & Labor)

2017 Massimo 850X - $11,000 (normally $12,499) Savings of $1499 - TWO LEFT (one camo & one green)
Massimo Crew, V-Twin 800cc 60hp Engine, Liquid Cooled, Power Hydrualic Dump Bed, 4X4 with Locking Differentials, Roll Cage Powder Coated, Tilt Windshield, Roof, 3500 lb. Winch...One Year Warranty on the Engine, Drive Train and Bumper to Bumper (Parts & Labor)

**Active Military and First Responders get ANOTHER year warranty for FREE!***

Serving TWO San Antonio locations:
ADKINS: 11310 Highway 87 East, Adkins TX 78101. 210.649.1537
DOWNTOWN: 30 Essex Street, San Antonio TX 78210. 210.988.2157

Well, this is why we do what we do!!! Here's the modified Hammerhead Offroad MUDHEAD 208R in action!!! LOVE THE SOUND!!!

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much Mr. Carroll!!! Thank you for the INCREDIBLY KIND words, thank you for the support and THANK YOU for the AWESOME videos!!!

We are new to Texas and wanted to get our son an off road buggy to explore the area around our development. Nick and Six where incredible out of the gate. Six stopped what he was doing and showed us every model and answered all of our 127 questions that we had. We bought a Hammerhead and my son loves it...and they delivered it to us 2 days before X-Mas....INCREDIBLE customer service and INCREDIBLE people. If your in the market for anything off-road, call Nick and or Six- you will not be disappointed.

#CustomerServicePriority #HowWeRollMotorsports #GoCartLife #HammerheadOffroad #Polaris #HighRollersClub

Okay everybody, we just completed some serious upgrades to one of the Mudhead 208Rs! Added the performance kit (gain about 20% more power), modified the dash, added a light bar in from and safety lights on back. I'll try and post of video of the sound enhancements due to the performance kit being's pretty AWESOME!!!

Happy Rolling, Everyone!!! Stay safe out there!!!

#CustomerServicePriority, #HowWeRollMotorsports, #HammerheadOffroad, #Polaris,#GoCarts

GREAT products.
AWESOME prices.
INCREDIBLE warranties.
(Financing available!)

Why not give us a look?

We're pretty sure we can fit your needs AND make you happy!!! πŸ™‚πŸ‘

[01/30/19]   Did we mention we finance???? πŸ˜ƒ
Cause we do!!! And we've got some great deals right now!!!

I know we just put a couple of Massimo 850X Crews on sale, so THIS IS PERFECT TIMING!!! Our financing company is offering some great rates right now.

You can apply online from our website, (under the "About Us" tab there will be a link for Octane (Roadrunner) Financing.

OR, EVEN BETTER, just give us a shout at the store and we can do it over the phone! Super easy!!! 210.649.1537

Happy Rolling, Everyone!!! And bundle up! It's chilly out there!!!

Inventory Clearance Sale - ONLY TWO LEFT!!!

INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE!!! Normally priced at $12,500 NOW ON SALE FOR $11,500!!! ONLY TWO LEFT IN STOCK!!!

This is a Massimo 850X Crew - it has a 800cc V-Twin 60hp engine in it! Yeah, that's right, a V-Twin 60hp's a beast!

Vehicle comes with the roof, tilt-windshield, doors, mirrors and trailer hitch with ball attached! This vehicle has a maximum speed of roughly 60mph, towing capacity of 1,600 lbs and a bed payload capacity of 670lbs. ALSO, THE BED IS A POWER HYDRAULIC LIFT!!!! No manual labor here!!! Roll cage is powder coated for extra protection!

This AWESOME (and awesomely priced!) UTV comes with a one year manufacture warranty one the engine, drive train and bumper to bumper! This covers PARTS AND LABOR! AND, ask about our additional FREE year for First Responders and Active Military!!!

Only TWO left in camo and one hunter green!!!!

Please visit either one of our locations to check them out!!!
DOWNTOWN: 30 Essex Street, San Antonio TX 78210. (210.988.2157)
ADKINS: 11310 Highway 87 E, Adkins TX 78101. (210.649.1537)

One of our most favorite photos (with a little editing!)!!! Here's a couple of our customers on one of the Hammerhead Offroad go carts, the GTS150 Platinum!!!

They took it out to a local track in Marion, Innovative Compound MX (a.k.a. Buffalo Valley), and had an absolute blast!!! They couldn't have gotten a better picture!!!

As always everyone, we love the photos and videos!!!! These also help people who are on the fence about the brand so, keep them coming!!!

Happy Rolling, Everyone!

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Mudhead 208R with Performance Package & Light Bar
Inventory Clearance Sale - ONLY TWO LEFT!!!
Torpedo DONUTS!!!


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