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PNEUMA (Greek for "breath of God"), is a Family Wellness Centre located in Adrian, Michigan. We offer massage, yoga, reiki, meditation classes, and professional licensed counseling. Visit our website to learn more, or to schedule your next session or class today! We can also be reached via email at: [email protected]

It Works: New Study Outlines What Meditation, Yoga, & Prayer Can Do To The Human Body

Great read! The medicinal benefits of meditation and yoga are now firmly established in scientific literature. One of the latest studies to emerge on the matter comes from Harvard researchers working at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). They determined that meditation literally rebuilds the brain’s grey m...



12 Effective Stretches to Relive the Tension in Your Neck and Shoulders

Have a Wonderful 4th! Neck and shoulder pain are the first things to a pain when having to sit too long or when your muscles are sore. These neck and shoulder stretches are the most effective when it comes to getting relief from pain and to improve circulation.

Collective Evolution

Some great plants to have in your home.


Today’s Yoga schedule @ PNEUMA
9:15 am to 12:15pm
Open class @ 9:15am
Chair @ 11am
*Open for private classes in between scheduled classes🧘🏻‍♀️💗

You can’t move forward if you stay in the same spot!
You don’t learn, unless you have a moment of opportunity!
Jeremiah 2:911
Follow your path...
It’s not the same as mine or your other neighbors. God Bless !


Contemplating suicide, Marine turns to yoga

I worked with a local chapter Team RWB for years... Individuals and their families for years for PTSD. I can honestly say that my job is not a job because it’s one of the most rewarding things I do.💕 After years in war zones, a Marine takes up yoga to deal with trauma.

Food is Medicine 💞


[06/21/19]   Push beyond your comfort zone... There is wisdom on the other side.💞

Too Hilarious not to Share!
Thank you Caren!

[06/18/19]   Passion: Everyone has it...
Do you...Do what inspires you! ✌🏼

[06/16/19]   Happy Fathers Day!

Jay Shetty

Sky Above...
Earth Below...
Peace Within 🙏🏼💗🙏🏼

If we don't heal the pain of our past we will bleed all over our future.

I hope your day has been amazing!
Be Encouraged!
-Linda 💙


All You Need To Know About Plant Protein – Because It Builds Muscle The Same, If Not Better, Than Meat

Good Afternoon!

We need to eat six meals a day...
3 the size of both of your hands together.
3 the size of one hand... Whatever you can fit in that one hand..An apple or an orange...Nuts and Legumes💝

Peace. Health. Love 🙏🏼
Linda Related CE Article: Plant Based Protein vs Protein From Meat. Which One Is Better For Your Body? An often cited “fact” is that vegetarians and vegans will struggle to build muscle because they don’t have enough protein in their diet. Non meat eaters are often told that getting sufficient prote...

Food is Medicine! 🍎


Jay Shetty

Live! 💗

Wait till the end! Life is full of ups and downs, it means you're alive.

People have asked in the last 2 days...
All walk in Yogis $10
Students 5 for $35
Mommy and Me walk in $15 every other Wednesday @ 11:45am
*There are Group prices and Monthly prices... if you choose a Monthly class, the price is for that Month only.

[06/04/19]   It’s Cool
to be

Collective Evolution

Food is medicine!

Nature is medicine.

[05/23/19]   Work Hard
Be nice to people

Medical Medium

Delicious and nutritious!

Not sure how to bring fresh aloe vera into your diet? This delicious slushy is a fantastic way to sneak in its incredible healing benefits. It’s refreshing and sweet and only takes a few minutes to prepare.

Aloe vera possesses more than 70 trace minerals that are grouped into undiscovered medicinal alloys. These alloys work together with the phytochemical aloin to calm inflammation in the gut, which makes it a top aid for IBS, Crohn’s, and colitis. This anti-inflammatory nature rejuvenates the appendix, as well as the ileum—a critical portion of the intestinal tract, because that’s where the body produces vitamin B12 when the digestive system is functioning as it should. That’s not all—as aloe rehabilitates the ileum, it also delivers a very bioavailable form of B12, making aloe an all-around B12 enhancer.

Aloe is wonderful for relieving constipation. It is also antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal (including anti-mold), and anti-parasitic (including anti-worm). It is incredibly useful for killing off the pathogens that create colon cancer, stomach cancer, and rectal cancer, as well as eliminating H. pylori and supporting the pancreas. It also has the unique ability to stop the growth of polyps and reduce the growth of hemorrhoids. And if you’re concerned that you’ve been exposed to radiation, turn to aloe—it has beta-carotene combined with lignins that remove radiation from the body.

Aloe Watermelon Slushy

2 cups frozen seedless watermelon*
2 tbsp aloe (double for extra medicinal benefits)
1/2 cup fresh strawberries*
1 tbsp lime juice

* You can use fresh watermelon and frozen strawberries if you prefer.

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

Serves 1

Find out more undiscovered properties of healing foods and how they support the liver, check out my NY Times bestselling book, Liver Rescue

Beautiful slow flow on this wet chilly morning. 💞

Here are just a few things the thyroid helps regulate:

Heart rate
Body weight
Muscle strength
Cholesterol levels

Later today I will post so food choices... Food is Medicine!

Tabitha Brown

My favorite Vegan 🌱 is making non processed “Faken Bacon”! 😉

Honey come on in this room and let’s make some “carrot bacon” and then wrap it up in an Italian herb tortilla with spinach, tomato, avocado, onion and of course a pickle!
This is my first time making carrot bacon but i. My spirit i believe this will work!!
Sliced carrots
Maple syrup
Liquid smoke
Garlic and herbs
Smoked paprika
And prayer
Bake on 350 for 10 minutes and I’m praying it does the trick🙌🏾
Come on in this room and let’s find out together!

Tabitha Brown

Good Morning!
And I 😉😘
Have an Amazing day🎉💕

Just a little reminder to someone, that something’s you are going to have to do alone!! I believe in you!! ❤️ Love you ❤️

Tabitha Brown

Believe my Beautiful Friend...💗

Sometimes I cut up, but most days I’m just trying to give folks the real!! Thanks for capturing this moment @shushcouture and @ottleyink ❤️ #TabithaBrown #Inspire

[05/14/19]   We are near...Yoga time...💕

Tabitha Brown

Good Morning Beautiful Yogis!
Here is a friendly reminder... we are not on a diet, we are just eating clean!
Don’t forget to eat breakfast... let’s get those engines started! Pack your lunch and little healthy snacks... to keep that engine going!
Does anyone have any good recipes?
PS... this is my favorite Vegan!

Sometimes you just gotta rekindle you love with Lima Beans❤️. Add that cinnamon and watch your mind change😋

After Yoga, wearing our favorite t-shirts!

This is my friend Stephanie... what a wonderful job! Slow and steady movement with Keto for beginners!

When we were children we went outside to play... it was “PLAY” not “EXERCISE”.
Have fun doing things you enjoy... just move and eat clean!💞

To all my fellow Yogis🧘🏻‍♀️🧘‍♂️
How’s this for a Slow Flow... a little Turtle Medicine🐢
Taking time to heal yourself 💕

Yesss... Yoga is Medicine!

Tabitha Brown

My favorite vegan!
Enjoy... she is a card!😂💗

So Choyce and I tried the new Del Taco Beyond Meat Avocado Tacos! We had a few “husband Daddy” technical difficulties 🤦🏾‍♀️ but we made it thru it lol... And very good Del Taco❤️
I suggest an extra piece of avocado and maybe pico de Gallo but still very good!!
The combo comes with 2 tacos, fries and a drink for $7.49. Definitely not an everyday option but a good treat every now and then❤️

Headwrap from

Ohhh...Yessss... it’s vegan and packed with a punch of flavor!
-3 avocados finely chopped
-3 jalapeño finely minced
-2 small white vandalia onions finely minced
-4 Tsp of chopped cilantro
-2 Tsp lime juice
- Pink Himalayan sea salt to taste
* great, topping over tofu scramble or scrambled eggs

New Info Has Some Experts Believing The Human Gut Might Have Evolved For A Vegetarian Diet

Good Evening Beautiful! This is a republished article with some updated information. If you’re considering a vegan/vegetarian diet, modern day science is showing that it is completely natural, and that our bodies are totally capable of sustaining one. In fact, a lot of evidence is showing that a vegan/vegetarian diet (if...

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