Old School Personal Training

Personal training with an old school frame of mind with new school technique to get you to your fitness goals

I have worked with young teens to retired, from MMA to house wives. As a personal trainer it is my job to customize a workout program for you. Unlike most trainers I will not feed your head with terminology that is confusing and hard to follow. My approach is a no nonsense hard knocks old school principle that has been overlooked with today's "satisfaction now mentality". There is not a single move that you will do alone. My theory is lead by example. The difference between a good trainer and a bad one is simple, A good trainer hopes that you become better than them. A bad one........ Well...you get the point I'm sure.

[01/16/20]   I'm very happy to announce old school personal training will soon be offering online training opportunities. This is something I've dreamed of for a long time

Since February of 2013 . Merry Christmas from Old School personal training and self-defense. I love you guys thank you for your business. Thanks for the support of the community. They say that small businesses can't thrive in Adrian but that's not true. Provide a quality service and people will come. Have a great Christmas everybody.

Sign up for a self-defense class and learn these safety measures along with using your mind and body. Let Old School show you the ropes. Message or Call Jeff Markel.

This Friday at Old School personal training from 8 to 11 we will be holding a self-defense course for women and young ladies. The price is 25$ for 3 hours training! 33 east main Adrian
Please pm me any questions!! Todd Hecox Marissa Markel Cheyenne Baney Madison Markel Jenny Motley Markel

Old school self-defense class on Saturday night was a great class. 2 self defense classes in 3 days I'll be eating applesauce for the next week. Price of being a choking dummy haha !! All worth it though!!

Success!!! Self defense is what we do!!

[02/13/19]   March 9th 5 p.m. self-defense class old school personal training PM for info

[02/13/19]   always remember a good teacher or instructor always wants their students to be better than themselves.

Teaching SELF DEFENSE with Todd Hecox is one of my favorite things to do!!

It's that time again NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!. You will get a gym membership go on a new fad diet stare at the machines you don't know how to work and most likely fail. Blame it on work kids and family and say you'll try again next year. Why not call me up and succeed. Hold yourself accountable by having a personal trainer that knows what they're doing. Not sure it's for you? That's okay I can give you as many references as you need. Hundreds of pounds have been lost at Old School personal training. But it's not just about the pounds it's about improving your way of life and not wasting your money or time. 816 738 5643

Ladies! It is never too early to prepare yourself for a real-world threat or situation. Here is your chance to learn practical martial arts self-defense techniques, taught by certified self-defense instructor, Jeff Markel and his partner, Sheriff’s Deputy, Todd Hecox. This is for women & girls 12 years and older, the cost is $20 per person and will be held Friday, January 25th, 6:30pm, at the Garden City Campus. This class will last 3 hours, you should dress in appropriate gym attire.
Sign up and pay online under the events tab www.heartoflife.org

[12/07/18]   If you're not working out at Old School personal training you're missing out.

Customer appreciation during the whole month of December at Old School personal training and self-defense. If you are an existing client whether in a group or one on one you may bring one person with you for free during your workout. It needs to be a different person every single time. Come show your family and friends what they're missing.

Another buff killing machine from old school personal training !!

[10/01/18]   SELF DEFENSE and kickboxing class for all 12 and up is now a weekly class!! 5:00 every Thursday

Transformation Tuesday. Yep that's me

WOW! 70 pounds lighter!! We're twins!!! Randy Wimsatt because of the program he's on with Dr Holden at Harrisonville and kicking butt here at Old school personal training just take a look at this guy! I remember seeing Randy just before the State volleyball game that Adrian played in. He had just finished having hip replacement surgery and had an infection and could barely walk. "Now he puts more steps in a day than most do in a week". He told me when I get this infection taken care of I'm coming to see you ,I'm not done yet and I want to make one more good run at getting fit again. Boy did he mean it! He doesn't cuss at me near as much as he used to ..at least to my face!!!!!hahaha much deserved respect and admiration for what he's done for himself and my gym he's helped me out a lot!!

[09/10/18]   I'd like to thank everyone for coming to our self defense class we had this Sunday it was a lot of fun I think everybody left here with some good knowledge.

[09/07/18]   Todd Hecox and myself are having a self-defense course this Sunday at Old School personal training from 2 to 5. $25 for 3 hours training

Old school personal training self-defense tips for your iPhone and Android Samsung. And Siri

[08/28/18]   I GIVE SELF DEFENSE CLASSES!!!!!!!!!

Old school self-defense training.
With all the recent events of assault and violence , I have had many people reach out to me and that's where it's really ended ...so I feel at this time maybe some references are in order maybe if you wouldn't take my word for it maybe you would take the word of some law enforcement officers that have trained with me and Todd Hecox. So here are just a few and you can talk to them and ask them if they believe what we have to offer it's viable & useful. Justin Shaffer David Jones Caelyn Hilty Andrew Newman Andy C-ham Christian Lee Caleb Martin Frank Nunum Wesley wachner Jared Johnson just to name a few they are in no way affiliated with old school in any way other than they have trained with Todd and I and I feel they could give you a good assessment of our ability. If you do not get self defense with us you had best get it with someone. You can pray for the world you want but you had better prepare for the world we live in. PM for information on classes prices. Please be safe out there everyone.

[08/20/18]   It's amazing to me sometimes to hear the excuses that people make. It is a fact if you lose weight and you get in better shape your feet won't hurt as much your knees won't hurt as much your shoulders won't lock up as much and you will experience life like you've only dreamed of. People always make comments about well at least they're comfortable and they can live the way they want. I'm telling you that's a lie. They would love to climb mountains they would love to run again they would love to water ski or jump on a tube. They'd love to ride a bicycle again they'd love to just go shopping and to be on their feet all day. You must start somewhere. You must make a decision to at least change a few days of your life for the better. You must stop making food a social event and use food for your energy to survive. If you eat more calories than you burn in a day you will gain weight. You can eat Lean Cuisines every single day for lunch but if you're not doing any physical activity you're not going to burn any calories. Stop making excuses and move forward with something positive in your life to get you what you really truly in your heart want. Because I will guarantee you it is not being overweight and crippled.

Old School personal training has group total body fitness classes.
Mon 430 and 530
Tuesday 7pm
Weds 430 and 530
Thursday 7pm
24 a week gets you 2 group classes!!!
You cant beat that!!

[08/02/18]   Who wants to do a self-defense class? Let's set something up College will be starting at the end of this month

If you don't have a gym Crush it's because you're not spending enough time in the gym.

[06/11/18]   anyone wanting to come in for a single appointment at old-school personal training can do so. Message me for availability

I try not to be this way when first meeting new clients knowing they will soon be crushing my hand.

[05/31/18]   With Summer here old school personal training has X available during the day message me for details.

Hell ya my clients love me.. Breakfast!! Thanks !!

Shoot a sharp Dirtnapgear.com broadhead and eat meat!! Thats my secret!! Ha!!

Getting my greens for the day thanks to Marissa Markel and It Works products

[05/15/18]   with Summer right around the corner it's time to come to Old School personal training. I have times available throughout the day message me with details or call at 816 738 5643.

I'd just like to brag about one of my clients Kyla Pierce. She is kicking ass. Her 100% effort in the gym makes my job a lot easier keep up the hard work my friend

[02/15/18]   Old school kickboxing at 5 tonight will be primarily for 18 and younger with the exception of mothers or fathers with their children attending class



If you want to work out with a group as awesome as these guys give me a call. Old School personal training can help.


[02/05/18]   Effective March 1st all clients will be required to pay by the month. My business and my family depends on this. Policies that I have written and designed myself with the client coming first have always been very important to me and always will. But my family's Financial Security and the future of old school depends on a better more secure payment system. I love all you guys you are not only my clients you are my friends. I will understand any decision you make whether to stay or go

It's been awhile since I tried these. I love pull-ups and chin-ups.

If you're not willing to challenge yourself you will not see change. You will not get better with good intentions.. action speaks louder than words. Put up or shut up.

With school and college starting there are now some openings throughout the days and some class time openings also. Do not miss out on the opportunity to start changing your life for the better 816-738-5643 don't wait these times won't last forever

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