Fish On Line & Fishing Reports, Afton, OK Video May 28, 2018, 2:27pm

Videos by Fish On Line & Fishing Reports in Afton. This page is going to be for fishing reports on Grand Lake in the Bernice Oklahoma area from Horse Creek to Two Tree Island and sometimes other parts of Grand Lake

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It’s not to late to book an awesome spoonbilling trip contact Den Keith at Reel Time Adventures Guide Service before the season is over. You can catch the excitement too. Zebco Pritchard's Guide Service

One Man one Rod Grand Lake paddlefishing is going to good get a trip booked today
There are a lot of fish to be caught. Book a trip today for an awesome experience. Contact Den Keith at Reel Time Adventures Guide Service Quantum Fishing Zebco

Spoonbill season is here.Book your trip today with Reel Time Adventures Guide Service thanks to Den Keith for another successful fishing trip Quantum Fishing Zebco

A year and fishing with Quantum Fishing Starkey Hearing Reel Time Adventures Guide Service

Grand Lake Spoonbill 2018
Grand Lake spoonbill fishing. Dreaming of spoonbill season I can hardly wait. Thanks to Quantum Fishing Reel Time Adventures Guide Service Rob Wilson Zebco for making it a great year

Big Gar while white bass fishing. Den Keith I needed you there oh wait you would have let it go lol. FYI everyone its bow hunting time call @Reel Time Adventures Guide Service see if you can get a bigger one than this, it was 4.5 feet long almost 50lb. Quantum Fishing

Zebco field test day at Fort Gibson
The latest trip was back at Fort Gibson with Rob Wilson & Bob Hickson from Zebco. They brought out some nice equipment to play around with but these weren’t toys. While white bass fishing I hook a decent size gar and that light Quantum spinning reel with 8 lb Cajun clear was up to the task. Since the white bass bite was slow we said “lets try the spoonbill “. In about two hours we boated 8 spoonbills. Those BIG CAT XT rod and reels had no problem getting those bills in. If you want a good spoonbill set up at a great price you should look at the Zebco BIG CAT XT. Special thanks to Den Keith and Luke Hitt (aka Puddin)at Reel Time Adventures Guide Service If you want to make some of your own exciting memories call them today to book your trip 417-456-2908 Zebco Quantum Fishing Reel Time Adventures Guide Service

Fun with Spoony at Fort Gibson

Spoonbill at Fort Gibson

Fort Gibson
Fort Gibson Spoonbill fishing

Benny's day out
Uncle Benny had a blast fishing Saturday. This is life on Grand Lake! Benny Haynes Zebco Quantum Fishing Ron Haynes

February spoonbill trip
Thursday was a gray rainy day but there was still adventure to have on the water. We were also excited about using the new Zebco Big Cat rod and reel combos for spoonbill. We all felt like the Big Cat combo was up to the task at hand and it performed well. We didn’t catch any large fish and they seem to be moving so that kept us on our toes. The Reel Time rig kept us warm and dry though while we chased them. Book your adventure today. Thanks out to Reel Time Adventures Guide Service Den Keith Rob Wilson Zebco Quantum Fishing Starkey Hearing N.E. Oklahoma Hearing Aid center

I think I'll going fishing today......well maybe not

Winter Spoonbilling
It may be cold but the fishing is red hot. I was out with Reel Time Adventures Guide Service and man the spoonbill fish is good. We caught quality fish all morning. If you want to catch the excitement call Den Keithtoday. However, I must warn you, after you go you will be hooked. So, call today and don’t let the cold weather scare you it stays nice and toasty in the enclosed boat. 417-456-2908 Reel Time Adventures Guide Service

Dec Spoonbill

One man one fish
This the full report for this week. Spoonbill test equipment. The test was can one man use the most basic equipment go out by himself and catch spoonbill. Well the video tells the story and the answer is yes. Let me give you a list of what I was using. I will start with the boat it’s a Tracker pro 175 from Southwinds Marina Southwinds Marina it has a very basic Lawrence elite3 graph with a tiny screen. I used my iPad with a free hummingbird app and the map purchased in the app for $25. The rod and reel are from Walmart less than $40 for the rod and $40 for the trolling reel. The line was 500 yards of 100lb braided G-Braid made in china purchased on Amazon for less than $16. Everything performed well with one exception. You cannot see it in the video but at some point, while pulling the fish in the 2Lb weight broke off so the moral is, you want to probably spend a little more than $16 on the line. Special thanks to Den Keith and Luke at Reel Time Adventures Guide Service for showing me how it’s done. By the way Luke you can land a spoonbill by yourself let me know sometime and I will teach you “the ways of the force “. LOL

Grand Lake Spoonbill

Spoonbill season is here
"Catching the Excitement" with Den and "Use the force" Luke on Grand Lake with Reel Time Adventures Guide Service its spoonbill season get your spot now 417-456-2908 Reel Time Adventures Guide Service

Fall catfish

Crappie at Bernice
The fishing is good Horse Creek is the place to be if you want to catch some fish. To start with crappie action was good as the video shows I was catching them at the bridge on feather jigs at varying depths. There were some small ones to work through but I did manage to catch enough to make a mess. The blue cats are awesome right know on jug lines using shad. I boated almost 30 fish most of them were blues and the average size was 4lbs the biggest was 8lbs. By the way I lost two jug lines Monday morning so if you’re in horse creek keep on the lookout for them. If anyone finds them message or call me please.

Blue Monday
It was a Blue Monday for three reasons. First: I caught some Blue Cats Second: I only caught two fish this made me blue and third I’m very blue that the big one got away after having it in the net it was a 20+ pounder. The blue cats are being caught in the Horse Creek area shad is still the best bait. Crappie are still active at the bridge. I did not see many white bass on Sunday. I definitely need a bigger net.

Evening White Bass fishing on Horse Creek

Aug 14 2017 White Bass
Well the weather has been great and so is the fishing. The white bass are in their full late summer pattern. They are schooling in shallow waters and can be caught with anything that is flashy or spins. I had family in this week so I wasn’t even trying very hard and was able to boat 20 nice whites.

July Sunset

Jug Line fishing is picking up catching Blue's, Channel and what I call Gray Mud Cat. Most were caught on shad and some on perch. In Horse Creek white bass still are not in big schools, but you can still catch a few. Large mouth were easier to catch last week, that bite has slowed down. Crappie are still being caught at the bridge. Notice the end of this weeks video one was still trying to get away.

Quantum Weekend
It was a Quantum weekend thanks to Rob Wilson at Quantum fishing. I have two new bait casting reels Quantum Smoke HD and Pulse. I highly recommend you check out Quantum fishing reels. The fishing was good this weekend despite boat traffic and tournament fishermen. I still had help this week too from Mountain Man Haynes aka Carl Haynes or as I refer to him as Dad. Also, Benny Haynes aka uncle Benny. Large Mouth: Rocky points still seem to be the best place to find the most bass. Most were caught on plastic baits (worms and creature baits). Some were caught on crank baits. Crappie: They were holding in about 16-18 foot of water and caught on FleFly jigging spoon. White Bass: Still not finding large schools where you can fill the boat but you can still catch some trolling with crank bait. Catfish: I think that they are starting to move out into deeper water however some were caught on dock lines with perch. I did not jug lines fish this week hope to get back to that next week.

Fishing with family
The rain effected my opportunities to fish but I was able to have some success. I also had some help this week with family. Large Mouth: During the day Rattle Trap and casting spoon caught a few fish in 2-6 foot of water. Evenings we switch to plastic worm on points and around cover. White Bass: Crank baits and Jigging spoons. Trolling is working to; however, I’m not finding large schools like I was a few weeks ago. Crappie: jigs and jigging spoons around cover in 15-21 foot of water. Jug Lines: No report because I didn’t put any out this week, maybe next week.

Fishing report 6-12-17
Still a few fish being caught. Last night Large mouth on crank bait in 5 foot of water. Whites on rattle traps and Blues on jug lines. Check out the video where I catch a channel cat on a top water.

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