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Minnesota Polocrosse Club


Private message me for price and more information.
Hey Polocrosse family! The first ever Nebraska tournament is coming up and we are so excited! Lots of amenities and great hospitality, this sanctioned event has the makings to be spectacular! Looking to have registrations received by Monday August 26 so we can publish the teams and schedule in advance. Let me know how we can help and we can't wait to see you all in cornhusker country!
First ones here!
Will there be anyone arriving at the airport around 8pm on Thursday or leaving around 8:30am on Monday? Let me know! Just trying to figure out transport 😁
I have a horse being shipped up for the August tournament. I had planned to come pick her up at that time to take her to Canada, but CFIA changed the requirements for crossing. I need to hold her somewhere for 21 days to meet the out-of-texas requirement before crossing. Would anyone happen to have room for me to board this mare Aug 3-24/25?
Good Luck to all the MN Polocrosse players at nationals this weekend. I know you will all make MN proud!!!!!!
ISO: 2 used rackets for a couple of newbies and a racket that could be used by a 5 yr old. Please let me know what you have for sale. TIA!
Hey is there someone who can send me the last names of all the players at your tournament so I can get ratings done?
Thanks to Terry Hawkins for her generous hospitality while we were stranded last weekend. We made it home safely Tuesday evening. Thank you to the whole club for Putting on a great tournament! We’ll be back next year. See you all at nationals! Andrew Nordstrom Kristy Isley Gusick Kristi Beall Johnson
Hi MN PX friends! Perhaps someone in the group is interested in starting to breed ASH? Layla is for sale and could produce a nice baby for you, and in time (or sooner with maintenance) will be able to handle regular riding. She’s as sweet as they come!
please share, lost in your area

Minnesota Polocrosse Club is a non-profit organization providing education and participation in the sport of polocrosse across Minnesota & Wisconsin.

Minnesota Polocrosse Club and is based just outside of the twin cities in Afton, Minnesota. Our club is one of the fasting growing clubs in the Polocrosse Association, and we have players and coaches with experience at the top levels of play who also generously volunteer to teach and coach other club members, including first-timers. We promote a fun, yet competitive, family-friendly atmosphere. Safety for both horse and rider is a first concern in all matters. Our club generally has practice every Sunday during the summer months (May-September) and hosts a major tournament and several clinics each year. Most of our club members compete nationally at a number of tournaments and several have competed in the international arena as well. We have several members who have been on the USA World Cup polocrosse develop squad, the APA 21 & Under and 16 & Under teams, and the US Pony Club squad. These club members are participating at the highest levels of international competition which often includes exchanges and test matches in Ireland, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The APA and its affiliated clubs also host teams from other nations here in the US as well. The Minnesota Polocrosse Club welcomes new members of any level – and we are always happy to help you get started with this fun sport!

[06/01/20]   Hi All - the MNPC board made the decision today to move the camp/clinic out to the July 10, 11 & 12 dates due to the COVID restrictions and the current unrest in downtown Minneapolis.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding 😊

American Polocrosse Association

How to start a Polocrosse Club - Part Two

In this video, you'll hear from Kristy Gusick from the Minnesota Polocrosse Club on Part 2 of How to Start a Club.

#polocrosse #polocrossewillreturn

American Polocrosse Association

Great video by our fearless leader about how to start a Polocrosse club!

In this video you'll hear from Kristi Johnson of the Minnesota Polocrosse Club on Part 1 of How to Start a Club.

#polocrosse #polocrossewillreturn

A few of our club members were at the U of MN’s Leatherdale Arena teaching D-Level Pony Club kids how to play Polocrosse.

[01/21/20]   2020 Minnesota Polocrosse Activities

March 28-29: Grand Bay, MS
April 18-19: Sandie Creek, GA
**May 2-3: Lone Star, TX
May 23-24: Carolina, NC
May 23-24: Outlaw, CO, Practice/Playday
June 10-11: Kokopelli, CO
**June 12-14: Minnesota Polocrosse Camp, Afton, MN
June 20-21: Bay Area, MD (rain date June 27-28)
June 20-21: Ranahan Cup: CANADA
**June 27-28: MN Polocrosse Weekend Practice in St. Croix Falls, WI
July 4-5: Charlie Horse, FL
July 4-5: Ranahan Stampede Classic: CANADA
**July 11-12: MN Polocrosse Weekend Practice in St. Croix Falls, WI
July 11-12: 3rd Kokopelli Saddle Series, CO
July 11-12: Okotoks Ag Society Tournament: CANADA
July 25-26: Peak, CO
**August 8-9: Minnesota Polocrosse Tournament, St. Croix Falls, WI
August 15-16: Calgary Smackdown: CANADA
August 22-23: Saskatoon Tournament: CANADA
September 5-6: Nebraska
September 5-6: Sugarloaf, MD
September 19-20: Heartland, VA
**October 9, 10, 11: APA Nationals, Harvest, AL

** Denotes 2020 Minnesota Polocrosse Club Committed Activity

Come watch Polocrosse with us this weekend in St. Croix Falls!

Our AMAZING club sponsor Triple Crown Feed representative Jessica Drexler will be at our Tournament on Sunday giving out goodies, answering feed questions and doing body scoring of horses (if you want it). Please make sure to stop by and say hello to Jessica!

The weather for our up-coming Tournament is looking spectacular!

GREAT NEWS! Massages will be available at our Tournament on Saturday, August 3rd with Massage Therapist Tricia Praus!!

Awesome day prepping the field for next weekend’s tournament! Great job MN Polocrosse 😊

REMINDER: Here is the information for our 2019 MN Polocrosse Tournament. We can't wait to see you all there! Here's the link for registering: https://forms.gle/m9hK1pTYdyd3JT2r8

Wow! What a huge day for MN Polocrosse! With over 35 people at practice today... it might have been a record for us!

We welcomed several new players to practice today as well as welcoming back many of the people who came out to our recent “Beginners Clinic.”

Thanks to all to came out - and to all who helped coach and umpire. And as always, a special thanks to our host family, The Finch Family and our fearless leader Kristi Beall Johnson.


Minnesota Polocrosse Club's cover photo

Minnesota Polocrosse Club's cover photo

We sure had a great time at our recent 3-day camp/clinic! If you’re interested in joining us at an up-coming practice, our next one is scheduled for Sunday, July 7th at 1pm. New people are always welcome!! (Photo Creds to Moon L Lai and Stacy Upshaw)

Our 2019 “Beginner’s Clinic” is a wrap - man what an amazing turnout! We had over 20 new people join us with ages ranging from 9 yrs old to over 60 yrs old. We had raw beginner riders, expert riders, trail riders, polo players, barrel racers and eventers ...all with one thing in common. They all wanted to try Polocrosse! So much fun! We sure hope to see many of you back on our field again soon!! 😊👍👏🐎


MN Polocrosee Club's "Beginner's Clinic" Sunday, June 9th in Afton, MN

Hi Everyone! We need to know who is interested in coming to our "Beginner's Clinic" and/or planning on attending. To help us plan, we would like to ask that you complete this registration form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1znf5rDUJ1ZdNzKKj3WXm1lQ1wr13iI10nrw_dAGY0Vw/edit

docs.google.com Join us as we share with you the wonderful sport of Polocrosse!! Polocrosse is an excellent way to learn how to improve your partnership with your horse - while also challenging your own riding skills. The bonus is that you do all of this while playing on a team with two other people! These are alwa...

American Polocrosse Association

Our USA World Cup Team is all settled into their cozy cabins in Warwick, Australia. They are proudly displaying sponsor banners and flags out on the front deck. Today they are heading to check out some polocrosse at the Cunningham carnival down the road. Go Team USA!

#bombersequestrian #teambombers #scpolocrosse #saussyfarm #usapolocrosse #polocrosseworldcup #polocrosseworldcup2019 #USA

American Polocrosse Association

GEARING UP FOR THE BIG WORLD CUP WEEKEND! Team USA lands in Brisbane, Australia on April 13 and will be going non-stop! See full schedule with details on the game times, standings, special events, and live streaming info at https://polocrosseworldcup.com.au/.

Follow our USA Team page, Instagram to keep up-to-date with Team USA while they are in Australia. We plan to have videos on this APA page also.

The Team and World Cup Chair Heather Shuttles thanks all of those who have supported us in the preparation leading up to the big event! Keep tuning in!


Local Polocrosse Riders Head Down Under for World Cup

The World Cup is only two weeks away - so exciting!

thepilot.com Even among equestrians, polocrosse can be a bit of a head-scratcher.

TAFE Queensland

Wondering what Polocrosse is all about?

Polocrosse...Not sure what it is about?

Check out this video to hear what Australian Polocrosse Team Assistant Coach Cameron Shepherd has to say 🐴

See the world’s best battle it out at the Adina Polocrosse World Cup 2019 in Warwick, QLD. Be there from the 22-28 April 2019 to live the action!

Results from the March Grand Bay Tournament

So the first 2019 APA sanctioned tournament held on March 15th-17th is officially in the books... and what a tournament it was!

The Grand Bay club hosted 87 players total, including the visiting World Cup Team from Ireland and the USA World Cup Team at their Polocrosse field in Wilmar, Alabama. Play was held on one field which made scheduling play rather challenging, but the Grand Bay Tournament committee and Chief umpire Daniel Johnson pulled it all off without a hitch.

Play started on Friday afternoon at 3pm with the first of three “Test Match Games” between the visiting Irish World Cup Team and the USA World Cup Team and concluded late on Sunday afternoon. The results of all of the games are listed below.

The APA would like to thank the Ireland Team for making the trip over, the Grand Bay club for hosting the tournament, and also to all of the many people who legged up and loaned horses for both World Cup Teams.

Below is a list of the results from the tournament. We’ve also posted a link to some photos from the tournament which were taken by Emma McGeough. If you share any of these photos, please give photo credit to Emma.


1st- Tennessee Valley/ Sugarloaf
2nd- LoneStar
Best Player: Derek Rumel
Best Horse: Moonshine (rode by Emma Strider)

1st- Grand Bay/ Tennessee Valley
2nd- Tennessee Valley
Best Player: Ashley Barbour
Best Horse: Tie: Satellite(Karen Saussy) Cinco(Jeremy Barbour)

1st- Minnesota
2nd- Tennessee Valley
Best Player: Carolyn Gusick
Best Horse: Teak (Carolyn Gusick)

1st- Grand Bay/ LoneStar
2nd- Sandie Creek
Best Player: Tie- Andrew Hatchett & Kiri Freeman
Best Horse: Tie- Steely(Ashleigh Riffe) & Dottie (Kiri Freeman)

1st- Tennessee Valley/ LoneStar
2nd- Grand Bay
Best Player: Thea Hamlin
Best Horse: Sarah (Thea Hamlin)

1st- Ritchie Crocket, Jamie Zito, Jessica Marcotte
2nd- Kathy McAteer, Geff McAteer, Allison Wix
Best Player: Ritchie Crocket
Best Horse: Chipotle (rode by Ritchie owner by Jamie Zito)

Game 1 was 31-18 USA
Game 2 was 23-25 Ireland
Game 3 was 27-21 USA

Best Players:

Ireland Men - Seb Chambers
Ireland Women - Debbie Harris
USA Men - Rahul Desai
USA Women - Kat Liner

Best Horses:

USA voted their Best Horse for the Men, Special, and Best Horse for the Women, Tilly

Ireland voted their Best Horse for the Men, Reclaim. And they voted the Best Horse for the Women, Eclipse.



The PolocrosseBible

Yes! We love Polocrosse!

The latest edition of the annual 'This is why we play' videos, with footage taken from A grade polocrosse at the UKPA Nationals 2018
Credit: Charlie Wright-Roberts

Warwick Polocrosse Club

Yes! We agree - Polocrosse is like Rugby on horses 🐎

Hands up if you love Rugby League?

Rugby League legend, Shane ‘Warhorse’ Webcke reckons polocrosse is the next best thing!

Like league, polocrosse is gutsy and tough...not for the faint-hearted.

Players and horses grapple for control of the ball, there are scrum-like packs, horses with turn of speed like the wingers...Polocrosse has it all...at a galloping pace.

Don’t take it from us...Webcke got a taste for polocrosse at IOR Morgan Park and says polocrosse is league on horseback, and urges you to see it for yourself in April as Australia takes on the world at the Adina Polocrosse World Cup.

If you love rugby league, you will love polocrosse...Shane said so!

It’s almost Polocrosse Season! 👏👍🤩


MN Polocrosse 2019 Membership Form

If you'd like to become a member of our club in 2019 - here is a link to our membership document. https://goo.gl/forms/q15GYKEn3cYeYubJ2

docs.google.com The Minnesota Polocrosse Club offers to its membership: regular meetings, communication updates in the form of e-newsletters, networking contacts with fellow players and supporters, coaching and umpire training opportunities, competition opportunities, website, insurance for member only practices, a...

Fun time at our recent “2019 Kick-Off Party” - We can’t wait to see you all this year!!


2018 MN Polocrosse Club Recap Video

2018 was a GREAT year for our club - and here's a fun recap highlight video! https://youtu.be/GCE5kibU1Vc

A video of many of our club activities, practices and tournaments from 2018. Check out our club's website www.mnpolocrosse.com for more info!


MN 2018 "Cheese Curd Challenge" Tournament July 21-22 in St. Croix Falls, WI

Our tournament is coming up - and the deadline to register without paying a late fee is Friday, July 6th.

Here's the link to register:


Please let us know if you have any questions!

docs.google.com This is an APA sanctioned tournament which also serves as a qualifying event for the 2018 APA Nationals Tournament Cost & Registration: ¥ $130 Adult Division. ¥ $100 Junior Division (Players Under 16). ¥ $50 Beginner Division (Walk/trot only on a lead line or off. One game per day) ¥ Each entry ...

We invite you to join us at our 2018 MN Polocrosse Tournament - either as a rider or a spectator on July 21st and July 22nd!

Warwick Polocrosse Club

World Cup 2019!

See the world’s best battle it out at the 2019 Polocrosse World Cup in Warwick, QLD. Combining the strategy of netball, the toughness of rugby, and the ball skills of lacrosse, polocrosse is an Australian made sport where action, power, skill and pace dominate.


Meet the Team | Minnesota Polocrosse Club

Curious about our club member's? Check out our website's 'Team Page' for more info!


We would like to invite you to our 2018 MN Polocrosse Camp and PlayDay Tournament with World Cup Player and National Champion, Prissy Rumel. Our camp includes two full days of instruction and a semi-formal PlayDay Tournament on the final day where you can practice your new skills!

All meals and a camp T-shirt are included in your registration fee. We encourage all level of players from the very beginner to advance, as well as all age groups. Riders will be divided into groups based on their knowledge, riding experience, polocrosse and riding skills. We want players to have a better understanding of the sport and improve their personal game. Fees are $275 per person for MN Polocrosse Members or $300 for non-members.



NOTE: DUE TO MEAL PREP AND CLINICIAN TRAVEL FEES THERE IS ARE NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 15TH. However, your spot can be transferred to another rider if you find a rider to take your place. If you are not riding the entire 3-days, the pricing is $100 per day for members and $125 per day for nonmembers with meals included or $50 for just Sunday's Playday (NOTE: no meals or t-shirt if only playing in Sunday's PlayDay Tournament).

PayPal payments preferred made to '[email protected].' If you need to pay via check, please send your payment to: MN Polocrosse c/o Terry Hawkins 200 State Road 35 N Dresser, WI 54009

Horses must be E-Penned if camping. If you do not have E-pens, please let us know and we can help find one or make other arrangements for you.

Identity Stores - Minnesota Polocrosse Online Store


Get your order in by December 7th!!


Minnesota Polocrosse Club's cover photo

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.




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