Nation Knives, LLC

Nation Knives, LLC


This guy is awesome. I told him what I wanted and he came thru with flyin colors!! I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out!! I had him make me a duck knife for debreasting, yea I could have had went and bought a cheap knife from wal mart but I wanted something that would last a lifetime!! This will definitely be passed down to my lil one when he gets of age jus for the fact that there is no other one like it!! Thx Austin
Can you make me a wasp style knife?
Man Austin your really making some good looking knifes now great job.
Love your work man! Awesome informative videos too! Thanks! Nation Knives

Custom knives and sheathes built to order. Special order request often accepted.

Operating as usual


I want to thank everyone who has placed knife orders for their patience. This past year has been a crazy one but in a great way! With the birth of our first child (beautiful baby girl) and the purchase of our new place which we are completely renovating there has not been any free time in months for knifemaking and I do apologize for that. We are hoping to be in the house in a couple months and I’m hoping to have a shop set up in the spring. Again thank you for your patience and I hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed holiday season!

Timeline photos 02/15/2019

Here we have a midsize clip point EDC. This one came with a square sheath which makes it great for pocket carry but it also has loops for horizontal carry and a detachable loop for vertical carry.

Timeline photos 02/12/2019

Set of two matching bushcraft style knives with etched finish, black walnut scales, brass pins and vertical carry sheaths.

Timeline photos 01/28/2019

Here we have a drop point skinner sporting a nice hamon line, brass pins and zebra wood scales. All of this fits nice in the formed to shape friction fit double stitched sheath. Ready to hear what the customer thinks once it arrives!

Timeline photos 08/31/2018

Drop point skinner with hamon ready for shipment!


I can not explain how much of a joy and privilege it was to be able to make this knife for my great friend Bill Morgan. This man has stood behind me from day one with my knifemaking from letting me use his welder to build my very first forge to letting me use his drill press to drill the holes for the handle of my very first knife and letting me use his torch to do my first heat treat. I can’t wait to find out how it does on his pheasant hunts for many years to come! Thank you Bill for your friendship and your business!!!

Timeline photos 04/23/2018

I finally got around to making myself a stitching pony today! I can’t wait to see how much easier this makes the sheath making process! 🇺🇸

Timeline photos 04/20/2018

Another duck knife out the door! Hoping to fill the other orders for this style blade in the next week so if you have one of these on order you can be expecting to hear from me soon! 🇺🇸

Timeline photos 03/10/2018

Three matching knives made for a father and two sons! These were finished a while ago but they were gifted today so now I can post the picture! Hope they get years of enjoyment out of them! 🇺🇸

Photos from Nation Knives, LLC's post 03/09/2018

Another one finished and out the door! @lupelovetree

Timeline photos 02/15/2018

Another one finished up and out the door! Forged clip point blade with copper guard and pommel, red and black spacers and antler handle.

Photos from Nation Knives, LLC's post 01/25/2018

Finally got to fire up the new forge I’ve been building!!! Needs a few small adjustments but I’m happy so far!!!


Built some burners today for the propane forge I’m building! They seem to be working good. Can’t wait to finish the build because it will help speed up the knifemaking process!!!

Photos from Nation Knives, LLC's post 01/16/2018

Here is one I just finished. This will be a duck cleaning knife. I can’t wait to get it to it’s new owner!!!

Timeline photos 01/13/2018

Well if I wasn’t working today I would be glueing this up right now! Maybe I can do it tonight. Happy Saturday!!!

Photos from Nation Knives, LLC's post 01/11/2018

Well I believe this one is done!!! It was a really fun project and I hope it’s enjoyed for years to come!!! @biwwywong

Timeline photos 01/05/2018

Alright now I think I’m finished with the feather. Now just to stain the sheath, polish the knife and put a good edge on it! @biwwywong

Timeline photos 01/04/2018

I got the feather outline done last night. Going to do the tooling tonight to make it stand out. @biwwywong

Photos from Nation Knives, LLC's post 01/03/2018

Working on the sheath design for this one. I wish I could just staple the leather like I did on this template. @biwwywong

Timeline photos 01/02/2018

Getting really close! @biwwywong

Timeline photos 01/02/2018

Got the handle pretty close to done on this one! Ready to start the sheath. @biwwywong

Timeline photos 12/31/2017

Bevels cut in on this big guy! @lupelovetree

Timeline photos 12/30/2017

Another one roughed out today! @lupelovetree

Timeline photos 12/30/2017

Getting fired up!

Timeline photos 12/27/2017

Here’s one for all of my bird hunters out there!!! Still have a lot of work to do on it but it is a fun one.

Timeline photos 12/27/2017

These two are ready to be heat treated tomorrow!!! @biwwywong


I was finally able to get back in the workshop and get a little work done on this one. Ready to get busy!!! I should be able to move through orders pretty quick now so if you have put your name on the list you can expect to be contacted as soon as I get to your name. Also if you have not been put on the list and you would like to be on it feel free to contact me.

Timeline photos 09/02/2017

Great day for a ride!

Nation Knives LLC. 08/19/2017

Nation Knives LLC.

Sorry about the previous share. Hopefully this one takes you straight to the home page instead of putting you on one single shirt.


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