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Coast Guard "Cardinal Points" for the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac

The Ninth Coast Guard District wishes you a warm welcome to the Chicago Yacht Club Race Mackinac. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable voyage. The Mac Committee has provided you with excellent materials on how to be best prepared and we'd like to supplement that with some Coast Guard basics.

IN AN EMERGENCY: If an emergency occurs during the race, such as a person overboard, medical problem, taking on water, or disabling damage from storm, and assistance from the Coast Guard is required, we recommend you contact us via VHF-FM channel 16. You do not need to know what the closest Coast Guard station is -- we will determine that -- simply call "Mayday, mayday, mayday, Coast Guard, this is [vessel name] on channel 16, over." During your initial contact, we ask that you provide the following information:

*Location (GPS coordinates and/or geographic reference)
*Nature of distress
*Number of persons on board
*Description of your vessel

If you have an EPIRB or PLB (preferred over SPOT devices) on board, activate that as well because the SARSAT satellite system has global coverage beyond VHF-FM or cellular antenna range. Launching of flares or displaying of other visual signaling devices should also be considered. Use of cellular telephones should be considered a tertiary means of distress alerting.

WHAT TO EXPECT Once the Coast receives your distress call, we can decide what the closest response units are, what capabilities to bring and approximately how long it will take to get to your location. The Coast Guard communications watch stander on the other end of the radio may have additional questions for you to further ascertain your situation. For those accustomed to police or fire units responding within a few minutes in your city, be aware that Coast Guard boats and helicopters may take longer to reach your location because we may have to transit dozens or even hundreds of miles. Do your best to stabilize your situation in the meantime. The Coast Guard can also provide basic first responder medical care from our boats or helicopters, but paramedic-level (and greater) medical support must be provided from land-based resources. Please be aware that we do not have divers with subsurface or SCUBA capability. Our helicopters carry a rescue swimmer who can conduct rescues on or near the surface only. If subsurface rescue may be required, let us know that as soon as possible because SCUBA capability must come from other agencies and can take hours to coordinate and transport.

RESCUE 21 The Coast Guard recently installed the Rescue 21 communications system around the Great Lakes, greatly increasing our reception and transmission capability. For race participants, your procedure for contacting us remains unchanged - see the "Mayday" call guidance in the "In an emergency" paragraph above. For our part, Rescue 21 allows us to rapidly obtain a line of bearing from our radio towers to the location of the VHF-FM caller. This helps us home in on your position more quickly and easily, and also helps us catch hoax callers. Again, you do not need to know where our towers or stations are - call us on VHF-FM channel 16 and we will work with you on a case-by-case basis. In addition, all participating members are required to monitor their VHF-FM radios.

IN CASE OF STORMS If severe storms do occur, it is up to race participants to decide whether to continue their courses or to divert toward cover or safe harbors. The Coast Guard cannot make that decision for you, and we are prohibited from providing specific sailing directions (courses to steer, etc.) to you. The Coast Guard communications watch stander can, however, transmit to you published/charted navigational aids, hazards and information that may be helpful in making your decision.

A WORD ABOUT HYPOTHERMIA Even if air temperatures during the race days are warm and seasonable, be advised that lake temperatures will likely be cold enough in many locations to cause moderate to severe hypothermia within hours. Participants should dress themselves with those water temperatures in mind - and of course, wear their personal flotation device. Hypothermia is an insidious killer that catches unprepared people in the water off guard, so you stack the deck in your favor by wearing a survival suit, dry suit, wet suit or anti-exposure coveralls.


Joint Rescue Coordination Center Cleveland
Ninth Coast Guard District
1240 E. 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44199

[email protected]


Electric powered outboards for boats - Torqeedo

Important safety warning for Torqeedo outboard motor batteries to Torqeedo Customers

“Travel” and “Ultralight”
Dear Customers,
Torqeedo places the highest value on the quality and safety of our products. We are therefore informing you about a possible safety risk in connection with the batteries used in our outboard motors "Travel" and "Ultralight":
Torqeedo has found some examples in which the battery housings for those motors were not water tight. In such a case, water may penetrate the battery housing. This is a particular if a battery with a water permeable housing becomes completely or partially submerged under water.
If water reaches the internal part of the battery it could cause a chemical reaction resulting in fire and/or bursting of the battery housing. Such a circumstance presents a risk of serious injury!
At no cost to you, Torqeedo will perform an inspection for the models and serial numbers listed below. If the inspection shows that the battery housing is not water tight, Torqeedo will repair the battery free of charge.
Serial number (S. no.)
… Travel from 1001 – 1752… and Ultralight from 1117… – 1826…

Torqeedo GmbH
Friedrichshafener Str. 4 a
82205 Gilching, Germany


J/70 Italian Class

🎥 Opening Ceremony !

Fraglia Vela Malcesine | J/70 International Class Association

Henri Lloyd | Armare Ropes | Garmin Marine Italy | Key-One
Powerade | GIRMI | Serena Wines 1881 | IMAC Technologies

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(Newport, RI)- Picture-perfect conditions greeted the Friday fleet of starters for the 2019 Annapolis-to-Newport Race, which got underway at 11:00am on the Chesapeake Bay. North-northeasterly winds ranging from 8 to 12 knots enabled the 23 boats in five classes to enjoy a downwind start and many miles of port tack beam reaching SSE out of the Chesapeake Bay to the first, and only, turning mark offshore of the Bay entrance.

A popular strategy was to come off the starting line on port jibe and make a beeline to the deep water of the shipping channel since the current was about to begin flowing out the bay from an unusually high tide.

Off the boats that went southeast in search of the expected current advantage, LADY GREY– a J/110 skippered by Herrington Harbour Sailing Association member Joe Laun– showed strong form and speed in leading the entire fleet down the Bay.

Annapolis resident Ken Comerford skippered the J/111 MONEYPENNY and had his two sons– Kyle and Willy– as part of the crew. Kyle Comerford recently completed an outstanding career as skipper of the SUNY-Maritime offshore sailing team while younger brother Willy competes at the College of Charleston.
“As you get older, I think you do anything you can to spend time with your kids,” said Ken Comerford. “I do very much appreciate every opportunity I get to go sailing with my sons.”

There is quite a rivalry between the Comerford brothers, and it will no doubt manifest itself at some point during the long trip between Annapolis and Newport. Kyle is serving as navigator while Willy has agreed to handle the foredeck out of necessity.

“They both have their own strengths and skills,” Ken Comerford said. “Willy has really impressed me with his ability on the bow. Kyle will be doing the navi-guessing the whole way, making sure we’re pushing the boat as fast as we can and living up to our polars.”

Comerford, a veteran ocean racer with many miles under his belt, expected a fairly straightforward passage. “I don’t think it’s going to be a big tactical race. I think it’s going to be a drag race with a lot of reaching,” he said. “Every time we run our models the wind seems to go farther and farther aft, which would be good for this boat.”

In short, it was a simple race. After starting in the Northeast breeze which sent the fleet flying down the Bay on port tack, a Low pressure system moved by to the south and offshore, so the wind swung quite rapidly from 50 degrees to 120 degrees. As Comerford mentioned, they just tacked at the first turning mark and fetched Newport on starboard the whole way. The only mistake the J/111 MONEYPENNY made was to go “over” to windward (leaving Block Island to port) on their way in to Newport from offshore. Most of the fleet went to leeward (leaving B.I. to starboard and benefitted from an enormous current boost over the northern bar near the 1-BI Green bell buoy.

In ORC 1B Division, the J/44 GLORY sailed by the US Coast Guard Academy took 2nd, while the Comerford family took third on their J/111 MONEYPENNY.

In ORC 2 Division, the J/110 LADY GREY maintained her good pace and in the end, her skipper Joe Laun was quite happy to take the bronze.

In PHRF Racing 1 Class, the J/120s gave everyone and themselves a serious run-for-the-money. Winning was Rick Hanson’s NO SURRENDER from North East River Yacht Club. Jim Praley’s SHINNECOCK, a past winner in class and overall, took third, while Richard Born’s WINDBORN was fourth and James Chen’s CHAOTIC FLUX was fifth.

In PHRF Racing 2 Class, it was Albert Bossar’s J/42 ALLEGIANT that won from the Herrington Harbour Sailing Association, while Lynn McClaskey’s J/110 CIMARRON placed fifth, just 11 seconds from 4th place!

Finally, in the PHRF Doublehanded Class, Mike Greene’s J/35 LOBLOLLY placed third. For more Annapolis to Newport sailing information Flip

Boat Dealership

J/Boats, Newport, RI

New J/99 offshore speedster flying downwind under spinnaker. 15.8 kts boatspeed, 16-20 kts TWS. Sailing off Newport, RI. #j99 #jboats #passionforsailing #sailing

Remembering Lowell North

Lowell North, founder of North Sails, has passed away. Nicknamed “The Pope” by his peers, Lowell began his sailmaking career at the age of 14 when his father purchased a Star with cotton sails. The father and son team came in last in every race, motivating the young Lowell to recut the mainsail. The rest, as they say, is history.

As an aeronautic/aerospace engineer, Lowell knew he could build a better sail through rigorous testing and incremental improvement. His methodical and scientific approach to sailmaking changed the industry forever, and it also helped him win five Star World Championship titles and a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics. The foundation laid by Lowell in 1957 has permanently shaped the North Sails culture.

“Lowell’s philosophy when building North Sails was simple,” explains North Technology Group CEO Tom Whidden. “Get the best people, who he called Tigers, and commit yourself to the science and technology of making the best product. He pioneered new ways to make and shape sails. His clear purpose, creativity, and competitive spirit continue to drive North Sails today—even as the company explores territories he never could have imagined.”

Lowell sold North Sails in 1984 and retired from sailmaking. He continued to sail, racing his boat Sleeper for many years, as well as cruising the Pacific. He passed away in San Diego at the age of 89, with his wife Bea by his side. He will be greatly missed.

J70 North Fleet Wayzata Yacht Club

Fun practice night on Friday- It was really great to spend some time tweaking the jib. Here's some diff looks, changing lead placement and gross sheet adjustments for a couple modes. Full power and flat

J/70 Italian Class

🎥 Scarlino aftermovie

Video by Enrico M. Lucarelli Drone Videomaker/Alberto Lucchi

J/70 International Class Association | Club Nautico Scarlino

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North Sails

Hooper’s Yachts is a j Boat and North Sails dealer

North Sails is never satisfied when it comes to finding more speed. The new F-1 is our new recommended cross cut mainsail for your J/70. Tested and approved at the Worlds, the F-1 is now available for your team.

Sea Scout Ship Luna #336

This page was created to help keep everyone (Sea Scouts, parents and friends) up to date and informed about Sea Scout Ship Luna, Apostle Islands, WI.


J/70 UK National Championships 2019 – Royal Torbay Yacht Club

rtyc.org Copyright © 2018 Royal Torbay Yacht Club | Some images courtesy of Jean Border | "Torquay Harbour" courtesy of Matthew Hartley licensed under Creative CommonsData Privacy

J/70 Italian Class


50 boats already registered!

➡ 10 more slots available : please remember that there is time until March 27th to enroll! late entries after these dates may be accepted
and will be subject to an extra fee


U-Gotta Regatta - J/Fest Upper Midwest

SAILING Champions League

More #NATIONS⭐️, more #CLUBS⭐️, more #RACES⭐️, more #EXCITEMENT⭐️!

SAILING Champions League 2019 is coming. Watch our first #teaser for #SCL2019 and brace yourself for the upcoming season.

USA J/70 Class Association

First start at the J/70 Midwinter Championship

J/70 International Class Association


J/70 International Class Association

First weather mark in race 5 at Davis Island Winter Series 3

Photos from Hooper's Yachts's post

Seldén Mast

Seldén Mast Inc. attended the US Sailing National Sailing Program Symposium this past week and had a great time! We met so many amazing program organizers and sailors who all have the same passion for Dinghy and Keelboat Sailing. Thank you to US Sailing for running such an amazing event!

J/Boats, Newport, RI

First sail! J/99 sailing off southern England on the Solent. Sailing as a “doublehanded” team, Paul Heys (J/UK) and Fred Bouvier (J/Composites France) put the new J/99 through her paces on a gorgeous winter day. With 19 kts of wind, hitting a steady 11.3 kts, at 146 AWA. Quick and easy to sail! Thanks to North Sails U.K. and Gill Pearson for sailing photo credits.

J/Boats, Newport, RI

First sail! J/99 sailing off southern England on the Solent. Sailing as a “doublehanded” team, Paul Heys (J/UK) and Fred Bouvier (J/Composites France) put the new J/99 through her paces on a gorgeous winter day. With 19 kts of wind, hitting a steady 11.3 kts, at 146 AWA. Quick and easy to sail! Thanks to North Sails U.K. and Gill Pearson for sailing photo credits.


Mac Race Previews 2019 Safety at Sea Training Requirements | Race to Mackinac

cycracetomackinac.com Enhanced safety at sea training requirements for sailors in the  2019 edition of the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac presented by Wintrust are expected to be announced when the Notice of Race is issued in January 2019.

[12/14/18]   J/121 Wins “Performance Yacht” @ British Yachting Awards!
(London, England)- For the first time this year, Sailing Today teamed up with presenting partner MUSTO and sister magazine Yachts & Yachting to bring you the British Yachting Awards, truly a celebration of every aspect of the sailing world – from Caribbean cruising to high tech racing.

British Yachting Awards- Performance Yacht Category In the Performance Yacht Category, there were over a dozen boats under consideration. The sailing public voted in the United Kingdom and winning the Performance Yacht Category was the J/121 offshore speedster!

J/70 International Class Association

No racing today at the DIYC J/70 Winter series

J/70 International Class Association

Race Day 1

Lake Superior Tall Ships

Give A Gift of Sailing!

On November 27, we are participating in the national day of generosity, #GivingTuesday. This is a day when you can make an impact on the kids that we serve, with a gift of sailing.

With your help, we are raising funds to support our partnerships with schools and youth organizations to take kids sailing on Lake Superior. We provide this unique and exciting adventure to young people who would not otherwise have this opportunity. On the schooner Abbey Road, they safely test and push their limits, which will help them to realize their full potential and expand their horizons.

How can you be part of this? Here are a few simple ideas:
- Consider making a Buoyancy Brigade Gift by clicking on the Donate button on our cover page:
$50 - Gets one kid out on a daysail.
$250 - Gives five kids an adventure they won't forget
$500 - Sends a whole classroom out on Lake Superior.
$750 - Helps a youth group discover the Apostle Islands.
$1000 - Will help us acquire a larger boat to expand our programs.
- Share this post with your friends and family.
- Share photos on Facebook or Instagram showing how sailing on the Abbey Road has made an impact on kids that you know.
- Do something kind for another person.

With your support, we will get more kids sailing on Lake Superior in 2019

Wishing you fair winds and following seas!

Gordon T. Ringberg
Executive Director
Lake Superior Tall Ships

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