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Gun Store and Ammo!!!! Located in Afton, Oklahoma just turn south on Ross St. and travel approx. 1.7 miles. You will see a large red and white building turn into the gate and follow the drive way around back. We offer concealed carry classes normally the 1st. and 3rd. Saturday of each month, call and get signed up today. We have a full range of handguns, shotguns and rifles to select from. Special orders can normally be received within a day or two. Come on by!!!

[11/26/19]   Remember:
Excalibur Sporting Goods will be Closed Thursday-Saturday
Wishing You and Your Family Safe Travels and a Happy Thanksgiving.
See everyone Tuesday

Sisters! I think someone made a mistake at distribution but one of my customers is going to be happy! GLOCK 43x's with consecutive serial numbers, 000&001. Call for pricing.

MOST WANTED carry guns here at Excalibur! Come in and checkout the new Springfield Hellcat or the Sig Sauer P365XL! Were still running closeouts on Excalibur Crossbows and if you haven't been here in a while, come on in and check out the additional handgun consignment inventory as well as the newest rifle racks!

Looks like the cold finally made it and so has our supply of Pennington Hardwood Stove Pellets! We've got 220 tons reserved so come and get 'em. By the bag or by the ton, we load 'em for ya and nobody beats our price!

Colion Noir

⁉️ Beto During 4TH Debate: “Americans WILL comply with GUN CONFISCATION”

Robert the only person not following the law is you. The 2nd Amendment said, “Shall Not Be Infringed” that was a directive to YOU. Not the American people, but YOU the government. The last time I checked, you and your people in the government are the only ones trying to take OUR guns.

Need I remind you, “H*ll, Yeah we’re going to take your AR-15”.

BETO wants to start a civil war. I mean there’s nothing else to be said. He’s literally admitting to taking guns out of your hands and if they do know where they are, they’ll go there and take them too.

Open carry is not a form of intimidation it’s an exercise of a right, I’ve seen your workout videos no one needs to intimidate you.

Beto, you’re talking about a country that refuses to use the metric system just cause. We have AM and PM because we don’t feel like counting to 24. We put A1 steak sauce on wagyu beef. We hold “THE WORLD” Series with only American Teams. We write our dates out of order just to mess with people from other countries.

Robert, the last time someone expected the American people to give up their guns, we shot at them for 8 years straight.

This country isn’t exactly known for our compliance. Every aspect of this country’s history reek of noncompliance, so you might want to go back and re-evaluate your expectation because if by some act of GOD you become president, and try this mess, you’re going to be in for a phenomenal surprise.

All this talk about the lethality of the AR15 and we have way more AR15s in the hands of people today than we did in the 70’s. We have way more guns period in the hands of people today than we did in the 70’s.

Basically our murder rate should be through the roof, except, in 2017 there were 4.6 gun murders per 100,000 people compared to 7.2 gun murders per 100,000 people in 1974, but let BETO tell it we’re experiencing the worst violence today.

Keep America Tactical
➡️ http://bit.ly/2VLPBKI

I Am the Militia
➡️ http://bit.ly/2nAD7sF

Performance Center® - Texas Whitetail Hunt Sweepstakes

experiences.wyng.com Enter the form below for your chance to win the Performance Center® - Texas Whitetail Hunt Sweepstakes. Now until October 31st, 2019 at 11:59pm (EST). Enter now for a chance to win: https://experiences.wyng.com/campaign/?experience=5d4c5c040c2666001334a309

Congratulations to the Excalibur Oklahoma Hunters Education Class of 2019! Many Thanks to Darren Tippet and Welch State Bank for their support and sponsorship as well as food for lunch and the new hunter orange hunting hats for the kids, Stan Carpenter and his wife from Mossy Oak Properties who cooked lunch for all, and Ralph Askren at Hawke Optics for all the hats, koozies and stickers for the kids! We didn't give just one rifle but three! A rifle from Excalibur Sporting Goods and folks I saved the best one for last.......If you don't think we've got THEE BEST Game Wardens, State Parks and Lake Patrolman in Northeast Oklahoma you need to take a closer look! This class couldn't have happened without Jason Adair and Austin Jackson our Craig and Ottawa County Game Wardens, Patrolman Seth Hembree with GRDA Lake Patrol and Officer Zach Early from Oklahoma Parks and Recreation. The "Officers Gun" came from these guys out of their own pockets!

All is ready for the Hunter Education Class in the morning! Expecting a full house. Outgrew the classroom last year so were at the back of the shop now!

Can you say collector gun?? Our Sig Rep just stopped by and dropped these on me! Sig Sauer P365 in FDE color NRA Special Edition with challenge coin, three(3) magazines and all serial numbered with NRA designator! I was told will be the only P365 model in FDE.

Check this out for a new carry pistol! Debut at this years NRA show in January and just got one in, The NAROH N1 9mm. Looks and feels like a cross between the GLOCK 43 and a Sig P365 (in my opinion). Safe action, longer trigger pull, hammer fired, compact and accurate, all for under $400!

The leavings of a GREAT DAY! The Afton Ag Booster fundraiser shoot was a great success with kids from Afton, Fairland, Bluejacket and Vinita. Congratulations to Billy McCall on winning the Henry Big Boy .357 Rifle! Special Thanks to Rick Walker for the loan of his machines!

Afton FFA


Social Media Silencing: "The Well Armed Woman" Removed From Instagram - Bearing Arms -

So much for freedom of speech.

bearingarms.com We’ve seen a slow but steady crackdown on anything having to do with gun ownership on social media over the last few years, from the recent demonetizing of some gun channels on YouTube to Facebook’s ban on advertising sales of firearms or ammunition. Now we’re starting to see individual accoun...

Bond Arms

Here's some of the new and popular this month; From Bond Arms (The only Derringer we carry here at Excalibur) "The Rough and Rowdy", grey textured finish and about $100 less than other models.. From GLOCK, the new 43x in all black! This is the one that you have been asking for!

Roger Raglin has been doing outdoor hunting shows for years. Here's a chance to listen and meet the man. $5 ticket gets you dinner and drawings! We've got the tickets here at Excalibur!

Coming soon! Watch for ticket pricing and more details.

All have been waiting and I agree: GLOCKS SHOULD BE BLACK! So for your consideration, the New GLOCK 48!

$5 ticket includes dinner and drawings!

Coming soon! Watch for ticket pricing and more details.

4 Days until Nationals, Kali's week is starting very good!

Afton Ag Boosters Fund Raiser
Win a Henry Big Boy .357 Rifle
$5 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20
Ticket will be drawn August 31rst 2019 at the Ag Boosters Wolf Chase Shoot fundraiser here at Excalibur.
I have tickets here at Excalibur and if you can't make it out here, I'll take a card over the phone and hold your tickets, so help these kids out!

Smith & Wesson Saturday! One of the oldest and still best and most dependable brands on the market! We've got three different Shield 9's in stock including one with the Apex Trigger Kit and a ported 9mm S&W Performance Center Model! $25 off any S&W revolver and we even have a Governor 45/.410, The new .380EZ, Bodyguards and 2 models of the M&P .22!

It's Sig Sauer Saturday! Get a FREE laser with the purchase of ANY Sig P238 or P938, A FREE box of Sig Ammo with the purchase of ANY Sig Sauer pistol or A FREE Sig X-Five ASP Airgun with the purchase of ANY Sig P226!
This is in ADDITION to the in-store sale, $25 off of ANY Sig Sauer pistol in stock and also includes any Sig Sauer pistols placed on order!

Just a lot of fun to build something someone wants! A GLOCK 19mos, Powder Gray Cerakote, Silencerco barrel threaded to for suppression, ZEV Striker and spring polished by Excalibur, complete surface polish on all internals to include safety plunger, trigger bar and disconnect, ZEV disconnect and reduced plunger spring; and to top it off a HAWKE 5moa Reflex Dot! This ain't your daddy's GLOCK!

Kali Thompson - Team GWG

So excited to be on the Kansas High School Rodeo Association National Team in both Goat Tying and Light Rifle Shooting! Headed to the National High School Finals Rodeo in Rock Springs, WY
Thank you to all of my sponsors that supported me this year I could not do it without you!!!
Excalibur Sporting Goods
Girls with Guns Clothing
Charlie 1 Horse Hat Company
Double A Forge LLC
Bar-none cowboy church Official Site Afton Ok.
Simply Equine & K9
Bluebonnet Feeds
Fast Feathers

Just got one in!

The High Bright, polished cylinder flutes are just one of the many features of this enhanced J-frame. https://bddy.me/30XfWaU #moonclipsincluded #performancecenter #tunedaction #chromed #jframe

Another Dodge City in the books, now for another state championship. Very proud of the work this girl does!

I can’t believe I forgot to post this! 💁🏼‍♀️
3x State Champion in Light Rifle Shooting!
Michael Nelson at Excalibur Sporting Goods this buckle is for you this year! I couldn’t do it without you.
Thank you to all my sponsors
Girls with Guns Clothing
Charlie 1 Horse Hat Company
Bar-none cowboy church Official Site Afton Ok.
Double A Forge LLC
Simply Equine & K9
Bluebonnet Feeds


Excalibur Now handles Vault Doors! Our floor model is on the way and you'll be impressed by the construction and the ease of installation! If your building your safe room or your toy room, give us a holler!

Our new Vault Doors are well into production. Each one is hand-crafted from start to quality finish in our Provo, Utah facility. With Out-Swing and In-Swing Door models, there is one to fit any need. Visit our site to learn more, or contact your local Champion Dealer. #ChampionSafe #VaultDoor #AmericanMade https://championsafe.com/vault-doors/

Kali Thompson - Team GWG

New personal best in prone 113!!!! 302 total on 3 positions 👍🏼
Big thank you to my shooting coach Michael Nelson at Excalibur Sporting Goods could not do it with out you! #nationalsbound
Thank you to my sponsors
Girls with Guns Clothing
Bar-none cowboy church Official Site Afton Ok.
Simply Equine & K9
Charlie 1 Horse Hat Company
Double A Forge LLC

Summer is just about upon us and if your looking for something light to put in your pocket here it is! There's only four pictured but we have the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 in 5 different versions. We just got our Smith program guns in so these are a great deal. The engraved w/laser pictured here is normally $419 and we now have it for only $385!

There are no judgements on the range!

Getting Ready for the Dodge Match

Beautiful day to be on the range at Excalibur Sporting Goods

Excalibur is proud to announce that as of March 15th, 2019 we are the newest distributor for Battery Outfitters so if your in need of Auto, Gas or Diesel Trucks, Watercraft, Tractors, Mowers, Golf Carts, Trolling Motor, ATV or any other battery that you can think of, Give us a holler and look forward to the same great service here at Excalibur!

Excalibur just got in a fresh shipment of Pennington Hardwood Pellets today and they seem to be going fast! Remember, by the bag or by the ton, we load 'em for you!

Coming to Excalibur Sporting Goods. If your going to build your safe room, this is the way to go!

Our Vault Doors are built with the same exacting quality as our home safes. Thick American-Made Steel, Massive Boltworks and Steel Ball-Bearing Hinges. Visit Champion Safe at https://championsafe.com/vault-doors/ for more information.

Tagua Gunleather

We make sure to select the highest quality leather to produce our products. Therefore our holsters design easily stands out.
#everydaycarry #tactical #gunlife #gunlove #pistols #handgun #leatherwork #leatherholster #2a #concealcarry #tacticallife #edc #firearmsphotography #leather #holster

If your using wood pellets, Excalibur just got in a fresh shipment of Pennington Hardwood Pellets today and they seem to be going fast! Remember, by the bag or by the ton, we load 'em for you!

A Valentines Wish.............

Congratulations to Linda Young of Disney for winning the Diamondback DB-15 AR Rifle in support of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Reserve Program.
Thanks again for supporting our Sheriffs' Reserves!

Miller Pecan Company

Miller Pecan Company is a family-owned and operated company, based out of Afton, Oklahoma. Being one of the only U.S pecan producers to take pecans from the tree to the table, Miller Pecan Company is committed to delivering unprecedented quality to their customers all across the country.

Just in and only got these two, We'll see if they last the weekend; The new GLOCK 43X and GLOCK 48 9mm's! I reaaallly want to fire this 48! These are going to be great carry pistols!

We've had several requests and finally got another one of these back in stock, the Ruger 10/22 American Eagle.

John Stossel

After every shooting, people say America needs more gun laws. But they don’t know how strict and cruel some current gun laws are. NYC traumatizes legal gun owners from other states:

'Nuff said!

Hahahaha Exactly! @thehuntingpagellc

Just an FYI for all, although we are normally closed on sundays and mondays, Excalibur will be open on Sunday December 23rd from Noon 'til 6:00pm and on Monday the 24th from 9:00am until 2:00pm.
Still plenty of sales going on GLOCK, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Springfield and Excalibur Crossbows as well as plenty of those stocking stuffers !

Great sales going today, take $25 off any Sig in the store as well as any Smith & Wesson revolver, Any Springfield Armory, or any GLOCK in stock as well as $50 off any Excalibur Crossbow in stock! You'll find much more here at the store also!

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