Skylar Hunter Racing

Skylar Hunter is a micro sprint racer out of Afton, Iowa, currently competing in events across the Midwest!

Have only been able to get to the track 4 times this season. Have only finished out of the top 5 twice out of 8 races this year.

Raced at KAM Raceway in Hastings, NE on Friday and had the Wing car rolling. Started 1st in the heat and won it. Started on the pole for the feature, led 18 laps, and the chain broke under yellow with 12 laps to go. Ran Non Wing as well, and as soon as I won the B Main the car died, battery completely drained and we didn't have enough time to get a charge in it for the A.

We'll be back at the track again here in a couple weeks!


With this being the last full season Skylar will be racing due to college, we want to do something for our fans! There will be two different questions, two different prizes.

Question #1 will WIN a T-Shirt of their color and sizing choice: How many feature wins does Skylar have total in his racing career? (Hint: The total from this year was posted on the page.)

Question #2 will WIN a Sweatshirt of their choice: How many different states was Skylar able to pick up wins in this year, and what states were they?

Good Luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Haven't posted in a while, but in the past month, I've picked up wins #10, #11, and #12 of the season. #10 by line-up for the feature at English Creek Speedway in Open Wing due to rain after the heats, #11 for my sister's memorial race at Stuart International Speedway in Winged, and #12 last night in Non Wing at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex!

I have finished 2nd for the last 3 weeks here at Sweet Springs in the Outlaw Wing class from basically the tail. Last night in Outlaw I started 15th, and on the second lap I got into the wall and fell back to 21st. Ended up making it back up to finish 2nd!

We're going to try to repeat these results and hopefully improve again tonight!
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[08/20/17]   Race Results

Comet Classic @ Warren County Speedway
Qualifying: 1st Quick
Heat Race: Started P4, passing for the lead when torsion arm snapped, DNF.
Feature: Started P14 and Finished P3

Sweet Springs - Open Class - 8-12-17
Heat Race: Started P4 and Finished P2
Feature: Started P7, up to 5th on lap 3 when I got collected in someone else's wreck, made it back up to finish P6.

Newton - in the #33 SST - 8-18-17
Qualifying: 3rd Quick
Heat Race: Started P3 and Finished P3
Feature: Started P5 and Finished P2

Sweet Springs - Open Class - 8-19-17
Heat Race: Started P6 and Finished P3
Feature: Started P8, took the lead on lap #3, lost a chain on lap 27 while leading.

We are racing tonight at Warren County Speedway in Indianola, Iowa for the Comet Classic along side the USAC National Midget Series! Start time is around 6, but to ensure a good spot, we'd suggest an earlier arrival time. General Admission Adult is $25, Kids are $15 (6 to 12 I think), and Pit Passes are $25 as well.

We are also going to be back at Stuart Speedway in Stuart, Iowa this Friday! Start time for that is 7.

Race Results

Sweet Springs (Open Wing) 7/29/17
Heat Race:
Started P1
Finished P1
Started P11
Finished P7

Jefferson County (Non Wing) 8/1/17
Heat Race:
Started P1
Finished P1
Started P8
Finished P4

Solomon Valley (Non Wing) 8/2/17
Heat Race:
Started P4
Finished P1
Started P1
Finished P1
Win #9

Sweet Springs A Main 7-8-17

Here it is, the Open Class Feature from Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex on 7/9/17.
Many 2nd place finishes and part failures while leading later, we finally picked up a win here!
From the first time we came here when I first started racing, I wanted to be as fast as the guys racing in the open class. That night I was racing in the restricted class and finished last, pretty sure I got lapped two times as well. Now I am one of the drivers that the restricted kids look at and want to be as fast as. It is an awesome feeling.
It has taken me four and a half years to get this far, but I'm finally here. Thank you to everyone involved in this operation, couldn't do it without any of you!

Spectators viewpoint of the heat race at Sweet Springs from Saturday.

Sweet Springs Open Heat Race 7/8/2017

Skylar's Heat Race from Sweet Springs yesterday!

Skylar Hunter Start P2 Finish P1 Open Class Heat Race #1 at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex in Sweet Springs, Missouri.

Bad Luck or No Luck, Another DNF at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex
(TeeJay Crawford Photo)
Sweet Springs, Missouri | July 1, 2017 -
Skylar started off strong on Saturday after his tumble Friday night, dominating the heat race, putting a stellar eight second advantage on the second place runner by the end of the ten lap heat race. Having a low point average put the #7s Pace Chassis starting 6th in the 23 car field, set to run for 30 laps.
Starting 6th in the stout field, Skylar made quick work picking off cars driving through the middle of the track in no-mans land. On lap six, he was able to build up enough momentum on the cushion to drive by the leader and set sail. Feeling pressure most of the race from the bottom runners in turns one and two, Skylar used his experience and took the line away from the second place runner, until the 4th caution came out that same lap. After finishing 2nd twice and recording two separate DNFs in the open class this year, Skylar was looking to score his first win ever here in the closing 9 laps of the race. Coming around turn four taking the green flag, the spindle nut backed off allowing the left front wheel to take a lap without the car. This ended what could have been a first ever feature win at Sweet Springs for this team.
Undecided on where the team will head next, they know that this week will be full of work, getting the car back in shape to win after a very unfortunate weekend. The next scheduled race for the team will be back at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex for the annual John Hinck Championship, looking for win #8 of the season.
Skylar Hunter Racing would like to thank everyone who is a part of the team and helps get the car on the track:
Pace Chassis
Friesen Performance
Schure Built Suspensions
Yoshimura Research & Development of America, Inc.
Crutchfield Racing Engines
Engler Machine and Tool
K2W Precision, Inc.
Fibreworks Composites (Johnny Mordock)
T&S Industries Millwright and Crane Service
WillCo Services
Mills T-Shirts & Graphics
Outlaw Wings
S&S Welding
Nathan Benson Motorsports
and many others!

We got the car put back together to race again tonight.

Started 1st in the heat race and won it by a sizeable advantage.

Starting 6th in the feature!

Live video cut out, but not the night we wanted to have.

Started 12th in the feature, passing for 4th on the last lap, and got shoved up over the berm resulting in a tore up race car.

Driver is alright and the car is fixable!
We'd like to thank Pace Chassis for building a sturdy race car.
Schroth Safety Products for keeping me strapped in.
Bell Racing USA for keeping my brain as intact as it was when I started the race.
Jason Friesen Performance for getting us some more parts to race tomorrow!

KAM Feature Starting 12th

Testing for feature

After inspecting the motor during maintenence during the week, we found that the fresh motor in our Outlaw car is leaking down at 20% (for those that don't know, 10% is when you draw the line.) Therfore, we changed plans and went to KAM Raceway in Hastings, Nebraska.

Just finished running the heat race where Skylar started 8th and finished 1st! We bypassed the B Main with a weak motor. Feature results will come at the conclusion of the night. We will try to go live for the feature!

Race Recaps:

6/17/17 Sweet Springs (Open Wing)
Heat Race: Missed the call.
Feature: Started P11 Finished P2

Heat Race: Started P4 Finished P2 ; lost brakes.
Feature: Started P5 and Finished P2 ; still no brakes.
If I were to have brakes while racing and afterwards someone were to ask if I use them, I would say no. Racing without brakes really makes you appreciate having them because everything changes without them, the way you have to drive to be semi-decent and the unnecessary precautions you have to take while racing. Don't know how I was able to do this well on a glass slick racetrack lacking stopping power.

We will have this problem fixed for this weekend, where if everything goes well, we are planning on racing at 3 different tracks, Friday at Belle Claire with POWRi for the Knepper Memorial, Saturday at Sweet Springs or SIR for weekly shows, and Sunday at Double X Speedway!

[06/12/17]   Race Recaps:

5/26/17 Marshalltown Speedway (Outlaw Wing)
Heat Race:
Started P3
Finished P1
Started P1
Finished P1
Win #6

5/28/17 Double X Speedway (Outlaw Wing)
Heat Race:
Started P5
Finished P2
Started P5
Up to 2nd and got too impatient, fell back to 4th and got pinched in the fence.

6/2/17 Newton Kart Klub (Non Wing)
Heat Race:
Started P4
Finished P1
Started P2
Finished P1
Win #7

6/3/17 Sweet Springs (Open Wing and Non Wing)
Open Wing
Heat Race:
Started P3
Finished P1
Started P20
Busted the bolts out of the front spindle.

Non Wing
Heat Race:
Started P3
Finished P5
Started P19
Finished P8

6/9/17 Brooklyn Raceway (Open Wing)
Heat Race:
Started P4
Finished P3
Started P5
Finished P2

6/10/17 Sweet Springs (Open Wing and Non Wing)
Open Wing
Heat Race:
Started P5
Finished P3
Started P5
Got up to the lead on the fifth lap, led up until the 3rd caution on lap 14 when my steering shaft worked it's way out of the rack under yellow.

Non Wing
Heat Race:
Started P1
Finished P3

Started P14
Up to 7th when the motor started to pop, stayed out for a couple more laps and it dropped a cylinder.
Another DNF.

Beings we are out of stock motors, the Non Wing races will be put on halt until we figure out our next step!
We will be back on the track racing again this weekend racing in Winged Outlaw!

Three races to recap from the past couple weeks!

Race Recap 5/6/17 (Concordia Highbanks)
We thought we got the motor problem fixed in the non wing car, but once it got some heat in it it dropped a cylinder again. Only ran Outlaw Wing.
Heat race #1 I started 1st and won it. Heat race #2 was an invert of heat #1 so I started 6th and finished 2nd.
In the feature, I started 4th and wasn't able to get it rolling as well as we needed to to keep up, ended up finishing 3rd.

Race Recap 5/12/17 (KAM Raceway)
Non Wing:
Started 4th in the heat race and finished 2nd. This lined us up 4th in the feature. I was able to get to 3rd early but wasn't fast enough early to race close to the other two competitors. On the last restart with two to go, I finally figured out how to drive the car and passed for 2nd in the last corner on the last lap, finished 2nd.
Open Wing:
Started 9th in the heat race and passed my way up to 2nd, with two to go our drag link in the steering busted and caused me to lose control of the steering ability in the right front. Still managed to finish 2nd. In the feature, I lined up 5th in the stout field. I fell back early in the race to 7th and slowly started picking cars off again, with 6 to go, I was in 3rd and didn't think I'd have anything for my two competitors ahead of me. With three to go, I split between the wall, the leader, and a lapped car to drive off to win my first Winged feature at KAM. This is hands down the greatest victory I've had in my career because of the level of competition at this track.

Race Recap 5/13/17 (Warren County Speedway)
Started 5th in the heat race and finished 2nd. Started on the pole for the feature and picked up another win. Win #5 of the season!

Haven't been active on posting results!

4/15/17 @ Warren County Speedway - Open Wing
Started 3rd and won the heat race.
Started 1st and won the feature, win #1.

4/21/17 @ Brooklyn Raceway - Open Wing
Started 4th and won the heat race.
Started 2nd and won the feature, win #2.

Last night, 5/5/17 @ Kam Raceway
Non Wing: Started 7th in the heat race and won it. Started 2nd in the feature and got the lead 3 laps in, with 12 to go we lost a cylinder on the motor but still managed to pick up our first Non Wing win! Win #3.

Open Wing: Started 4th in the heat race and finished 2nd. Started 4th again in the feature and battled the whole race, only to come up half a car length short of doubling down on the night, finished 2nd.

We are racing in Concordia, Kansas tonight!

Race Recap 4/8/17 (I-44 Riverside Speedway):

Heat Race:
Non Wing, started 4th and fell back to 7th due to a car not taking off on the start. Made the way back up to 4th to finish.
Outlaw Wing, started 4th and took over second coming out of the first corner, finished 2nd.

B Main:
Because of the high car count, Skylar had to run the B Main in Non Wing. He started 3rd and fell back to 5th on the start. He passed for 4th and stayed there, hanging on to the transfer spot.

A Mains:
Non Wing, started 20th, picked off a few cars and stayed clear from wrecks. Ended up finishing 13th.
Wing, started 5th, jumped to 4th and battled with the 5th and 6th place runners the whole race. Came up on the short end and finished in 6th.

Weather pending, our next race will be at Marshalltown Speedway on Friday!

Race Recap 4/7/17

Heat races:
In Outlaw Wing, scheduled to start 5th but a car dropped out, lining us up 3rd. Took over 2nd for a few laps, ended up finishing in 3rd.
In Non Wing, started 2nd and fell back to 4th, ended up getting back by a car and finished in 3rd as well.

In Outlaw Wing, we started 8th and finished 7th.
In Non Wing, started 7th and got up to 4th, fell back a couple more spots throughout the race and ended up finishing 6th.

On to I-44 Raceway tonight!

It's race day in Kellyville, Oklahoma at Creek County Speedway! Skylar will be competing in the Outlaw Wing and Non Wing classes tonight. We will also be racing tomorrow night in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at I-44 Raceway tomorrow night in the Non wing division.

73 micros signed in to compete in our first race of the 2017 season at the Southern Illinois Center in DuQuoin, IL.

I started 5th in the heat race and finished 2nd, giving us enough passing points to line up 4th in the feature. After running 3rd most of the race, I got passed for 3rd and trying to get back by our 3rd place competitor, got shoved over the berm and fell back a few spots and finished in 8th.

Our next planned race is set to take place at Atchison County Raceway for their Spring Fling to race non wing and wing!

We are #TulsaBound! Skylar will be competing in 3 classes at this year's annual Tulsa Shootout: Outlaw Wing, Outlaw Non Wing, and Stock Non Wing. Last year there was over 1200 entries for this event! Wish us luck as we compete throughout this whole week against the nation's best micro sprint racers!

Thanks to Mills T-shirts and Graphics for taking the time out of their Christmas to get the decals stuck on the new non wing car last night!

Weekend Recap from the King of the Cage at Atchison County Raceway:

Preliminary Night
Started 1st in the Non Wing heat race and won it.
Started 2nd in the Winged heat race and won it as well.
Started 3rd and fell back to 4th on a very fast race track to finish there. This locked us in to the dash and A Main for Saturday night.
Started on the pole of the feature and led a couple laps until being passed. Had a strong 2nd position until the clutch decided it wanted to slip on me, ended up finishing 11th with the DNF.

Main Night
Started 4th in the Winged heat race and won it.
Started 3rd in the Non Wing dash and fell out of the racing line, falling back to 6th. Ended up working back up to 5th.
Due to the coin toss, the dash was inverted so I started outside the front row for the Non Wing feature. After leading the first 1/3 of the race, the track became too slick for my setup and we were able to salvage a 5th place finish.
In the Winged class, I was the high points guy in the non qualifying drivers so I started in 7th. After losing and gaining some positions, we ended up in 6th place on a super slick race track.

This was our final race of the season and we are building/rebuilding to get ready for the Tulsa Shootout!

Results from the Show-Me Showdown!

Preliminary Features
Open Wing: Started 4th and passed for 3rd and caught the leaders as they were battling. After a caution I messed up in a corner and slid too high, ending back up finishing 4th.
Open Non Wing: Started 7th and fell back really early to 17th, ended up gaining some spots back and finishing 14th.

Open Non Wing B Main
Started 2nd and led wire to wire, being challenged by the 2nd place finisher the last half of the race.

Open Non Wing A Main
Started 12th and gained a few spots and lost a couple at the same time, finished 10th.

Open Wing A Main
Was supposed to start 7th but after a tap from the person starting behind me on the start, the safety flap on my ignition switch fell down and killed the car, I didn't realize it until I was stopped. Restarted 23rd and made it back up to 11th in a matter of two laps. During the long green flag run, everyone was so spaced out I was only able to pick up two more spots, ended up finishing 9th.

All in all it was a good time at Sweet Springs for my first Show-Me appearance! We are on to Atchison County Raceway next in a couple weeks!

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Sweet Springs A Main 7-8-17
Stuart Heat Race 7-24-2016



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