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The Bikram method of Hatha Yoga is a 26 posture (asana) series that has been scientifically designed to benefit every muscle, joint, ligament, tendon & organ in the body. All classes are 90 minutes & appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Join us for a unique opportunity to be inspired by this outstanding and influential leader in the world of yoga. Rajashree is a world yoga champion, co-founder of Bikram yoga, founder of USA Yoga Federation and International Yoga Sports Federation.
Join us at 4:00 P.M. on Saturday, May 18TH, 2019. We will begin with a meditation and breathing workshop followed by a Bikram yoga class led by Rajashree. Taking class from Rajashree is a rare opportunity and we are so excited to welcome Raj back to our space. Please register early as space is limited and we are only taking a certain number of students. Please feel free to email me with any questions.
Please arrive at 3:30 to sign in for class and get a space. We will begin promptly at 4:00 P.M. The cost is $35 and is cash only. Please bring your yoga mat, 2 towels and water.

Day 4 of my #keto diet no sugar no carbs no beer. No joke. It’s hard. Even harder with being in the room all the time. It’s been a good test of my discipline and will power. Been a good test of my mind. #mantra I am #wolf #wolf I am #healthy #bendybabe #hotyoga #detox Learned a lot about myself in these four days but may have to stop after day 7 because I don’t want to get too skinny. It’s good to test yourself you know. I do it all the time, every time I practice #hotyoga it’s never easy but it always makes me feel better. #guaranteed


We have several students completing 60 classes in 60 days today as well as 35 classes or more in 60 days. Check out this testimonial from Meghan. You can do anything you put your mind to and always have a choice to take care of yourself. We love you Meghan!

Winter Challenge 2019

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE COMPLETING THEIR HOT YOGA WINTER CHALLENGE TODAY! Our students are truly amazing and inspiring. We are so excited to celebrate everyone today. Join us for some treats, challenge shirts and a lot of sweaty fun!

Bring your friend and they practice for FREE today. Spread the love and don’t forget to look for the 🌈
#agourahills #westlake #thousandoaks #malibu #topanga #newburypark #oakpark #sharethelove #valentinesdayyoga

Join us on Thanksgiving Day for some Yoga and piping hot Starbuck's after class. We have Bikram Yoga class at 7:00 A.M with our tremendous instructor, Pooja, who will get us stretchy and sweaty before we gather with friends and family. We can't wait to see you on your mat.
****ALL FIRST RESPONDERS PRACTICE FOR FREE-please share and/or invite ANY and ALL uniforms for YOGA and help us support our amazing community***
#ThousandOaks #Westlake #OakPark #AgouraHills #Malibu #Calabasas #Topanga #ConejoValley #hotyogaagoura #community

We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to ALL first responders for fighting for our community. Thank you for everything you do.
We will re-open our doors on Tuesday, November 13TH as air quality is still very poor and freeway closures continue to be in place. We can't wait to see you on the mat and start the healing. We would like to extend FREE classes for ALL first responders once able to participate. If you have friends or family members in the police academy or fire department, please extend our invitation. Our community is strong and we will all work together to get through this extremely devastating time.

#getonnit #getup #dontquit #surfing #mentalityiseverything #surfinsta #humble #whoaa #lifelessons fun weekend and I saw all my surf coaches today unexpectedly! We need a #yoga and #malibu #surf day and I will bring one of the instructors from the studio with me! It will be so good for all the #surfergirls and #surferboys we Yoga then we surf #learnlearnlearn my paddling game is stronger and stronger getting kinda quick in the water! 🐺 can’t wait to see what’s up in 6 months from now #heavens #broadbeach #oldmans 🏄‍♀️🐬🐳🐋🐙

Hot Yoga Agoura Hills

LA's top ranked Hot Yoga Studio. Click through for more info on a FREE First Month + nearly $800 in savings with our Autopay Special.

Early morning #rainydays #yoga with my early morning #yogacrew we did some awesome work on hip opening and spine stability #silence #meditation
jacket from @hiddentreasurestopanga #patches #6am class ✔️ teaching the 8:30 #bikramyoga class #armygreen #waymat #rainboots #galoshes #narcos all day #bingewatch #raindrops 🌧 ☔️

Hey guys! I am happy to announce on March 28TH Rajashree is going to visit us and teach the 10:30 AM class. Join us and mark your calendar. No extra charge for this class. We can't wait to see you at Hot Yoga Agoura.

We have Advanced class tomorrow at 1:30. Join us.

Hot Yoga Agoura Video02
At Hot Yoga Agoura, we believe that the Bikram sequence maintains a healthy body and a clear and calm mind. We are dedicated to our students and community which is why all our Bikram classes are led by instructors who are certified to teach Bikram Yoga and completed the intense 700 hour training. When you take class, you can rest assured your teacher is qualified to lead and has received their certification for the specific form of yoga being taught. We believe students should be taught honestly, receiving instruction by a certified instructor for the respective class. Our core values focus on self-healing, self-empowerment, self-sufficiency, compassion, service, integrity and love.

Join us today for our advanced class at 1:30. This is a great class for students who have been practicing regularly and who are interested in learning more and who want to take their practice farther. We can't wait to see you on your mat.

Our next Bikram advanced class will be on Sunday, February 11TH at 1:30. Expand your regular practice through the full series and learn about the additional postures and have some with us!

[01/01/18]   Happy New Year from our studio to you and your family. We are excited to wipe the slate clean and begin this year with you. Join us today for a fun and festive New Year's Bikram yoga class at 4:30PM. Our winter challenge begins on January 3rd! Sign up on our challenge board at the studio with the commitment to practice at least 35 classes in 60 days OR 60 classes in 60 days. We guarantee that when you make a commitment to your practice this New Year, you will feel amazing, no matter what you may be going through. You deserve to feel your best and our studio is going to help you do that! The challenge is FREE to everyone, all you need to do is sign up! See you today on your mat! Lots of love and light for 2018.

Annual Hot Yoga Agoura 6 Days of Christmas Sales is Happening NOW! Check our website at OR and get yours NOW!

Our handstand workshop was a lot of fun! If you missed it, look for it again soon. This is an excellent way to boost confidence, improve balance and your yoga game. Thank you to everyone who attended. ❤️

Is it doga!?? The original downward dog. Mondays are for yoga! Lets get it.

We have added our Inferno Hot Pilates to Saturday's at 6:30 AM! Join us tomorrow

Sacred Geometry workshop pics with Benjamin Sears today.

So much fun today at our backbending workshop with Benjamin Sears. Round two is tomorrow. We begin at 10:00 AM. Join us.

Benjamin Sears

SATURDAY, October 7TH 10 - 12:30 2.5 hours $40

A complete practice that links the lower body, Bandhas, and shoulders to the spine for invigorating and pain free backbends.

An intelligent backbend practice prepares, executes and unwinds to deliver the enriching buzz of opening the front to the future without waking up the next day still stuck in the past

SUNDAY, October 8TH 10-12:30 $40

Your body is your home, and dust gathers in the corners. Learn how to create space for functional flexibility. Whether you simply want to relieve your lower back, sit more comfortably for meditation or put your legs behind and press-up to handstand, you have to know your angles.

Sign up for one workshop or come to both and save! Get both workshops for $70!!

I'm a Yoga Journal Influencer

Our guest Benjamin Sears will be here next weekend. We have a few spots left and you may sign up on line OR at the studio. Check out this article on Ben and the Yoga Journal

Our Friend and Family Member Referral Program is happening now! Bring a friend or family member to our new Inferno Hot Pilates class for FREE and when they purchase a membership (class card, autopay, class package), you will be entered into a drawing to receive a $200 gift certificate to purchase clothes or mats at the studio. Check the schedule for our Inferno Hot Pilates classes and get ready for more classes in October! See you on the mat.

Have you heard the news!? Hot Yoga Agoura and YOGAthletica are coming together to bring you a DYNAMIC yoga retreat in Cost Rica in April 2018. This once in a life time opportunity is not to be missed! Sign up by November 30TH as registration is limited and you can save $500. Rachel and Shana are going to transform your yoga practice and you will inevitably change your life with our retreat. We are SO EXCITED to work together and have created a luxurious and life changing experience for you. April 14TH-21ST 2018. Don't sleep!

Join Hot Yoga Agoura as we welcome Benjamin Sears for TWO dynamic workshops in October. SIGN UP TODAY as space is limited! October 7TH and 8TH 10:00AM-12:30PM

Huangs world S04E08 Los Angeles ( Aug 16, 2017 )

Hey yogi's! Watch Rachel and Hot Yoga Agoura on Viceland, Season 4 Episode 8 Huang's World Los Angeles Eddie drives through LA, exploring the city's food history from the invention of the drive-thru to the current health and wellness ...

Los Angeles: HUANG'S WORLD (Preview)

Catch Hot Yoga Agoura on Viceland this week! Check your local guide for the channel! Wednesday night at 10:00 PM. Don't sleep! #AgouraHills #Westlake #OakPark #SimiValley #ThousandOaks #Moorpark #Camarillo #Ventura #Malibu #Topanga #WoodlandHills #Oxnard #ConejoValley #Hotyoga #Bikram #Sumit #Hotpilates #HuangsWolrd #JRE #juijitsu #MMA #Rachelshouseofpain

Eddie drives through LA exploring the city's food history from the invent of the drive-thru to the current health and wellness food movements. HUANG'S WORLD ...

Show up. #transformation #bikram #sumits #restorative #vinyasa #hotyoga #agourahills #westlake #thousandoaks #simivalley #camarillo #malibu #calabasas #woodlandhills #westhills #topanga #topangacanyon #oakpark #becauseyoga

Penelope Cruz credits Bikram yoga for energy boost

For those of us that practice Bikram yoga on a regular basis, we know 90 minutes of Bikram yoga is our fuel station. See you in the hot room. #comedownandpush Penelope Cruz is doing her best to teach her kids that 'good food is the best possible medicine'.

'Huang's World' Season 4 Gets New Trailer & Premiere Date

Catch Hot Yoga Agoura and Rachel on Viceland in August in an episode with Joe Rogan and Eddie Huang. Season four of Eddie Huang's VICELAND TV show Huang's World will be premiering late next month.

We are open all holiday weekend with regular class times Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. On Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th, we have a revised schedule for the holiday. See you on your mat! 🇱🇷️🌠🎆🚏😅

Pregnant & Breast Cancer... but Bikram Yoga was My Secret Weapon Reading articles like this just renews my love for Bikram Yoga, owner of Bikram Yoga D15 in Dublin, Anne Marie found out she was pregnant in 2012, but what should have been an joyous time turned out...

Join us for Advanced class today at 1:30 with teacher Devin. You will feel absolutely amazing.

Coming in hot from New Zealand! Lucas Miles will be leading a posture clinic and in-depth class at our studio! If you have never met Lucas, now is your chance! Lucas is a long time teacher and practitioner of our beloved Bikram sequence and his story is truly inspiring and will move you....literally! This will be a 2 hour class and is only $35. Sign up today. You may register on line or at the studio in person. I am really excited to share this with our community and it will be a wonderful way to start the holiday weekend!

Joe Rogan Experience #955 - Al Madrigal

Yoga is for everyone, including big guys like JRE. Check out this podcast with some great information about yoga.

[05/03/17]   Our studio is BUZZING with lots of fun classes, visiting teachers, practitioners, love and happiness. We have Josh teaching today at 4:30 and 6:30 and on Sunday at 4:00.... from Australia! We have Pooja coming in hot! Don't miss her class. We have Lucas Miles coming soon from New Zealand and he is going to give us a fun and informative workshop class. Sign up for that! We have Sumits on Saturday's this month at 8:00 AM. WOW! SO FUN! See you on the mat!

[04/15/17]   Happy holiday weekend. We hope you enjoy Passover and Easter with your family if you celebrate these holidays. We will have 8:00 AM class and 4:00 PM class on Sunday. Please join us before or after your plans. Namaste

[04/08/17]   Tomorrow! Join Erin and Rachel for advanced class at 1:30 PM. 84 poses and you, your mat and your favorite hot room.

[04/07/17]   As a yoga teacher and studio owner, I have received tons of letters, messages, cards, etc from students expressing #gratitude. It is one of the most humbling aspects of teaching, to know you've helped someone in some way or another.
I think THE most #gratifying thing in life is to inspire others. As a #yoga teacher, we inevitably change people's lives. We empower people to search within, and as a result, enable self-realization-that they are responsible for their own growth. But to be told by one individual that YOUR own evolution has created such inspiration, is far more fulfilling. Too often I see many not realizing their own worth. If everyone could tell those around them how incredible, how #powerful, how amazing they are, I think contentment and #peace within would be more abundant. Expectations would be far exceeded, and eventually true #happiness within would be met-the rest that comes with it will be a bonus.
Here's to all our wonderful students and teachers who inspire me and call Hot Yoga Agoura their home. Sending lots of love to you all. See you on the mat. Namaste.

[04/06/17]   ****Stay tuned for special guest teachers and one of our very own is coming home to visit us soon!***** #bikramagoura #hotyogaagoura #rachelshouseofpain #Thousandoaks #AgouraHills #Malibu #ConejoValley #Westlake #Camarillo #NewburyPark #Oxnard #WoodlandHills #WestHills #Calabasas

Have you tried our Sumits class yet!?? If not, what are you waiting for!?? Get with us today at 4:30 and check it out. You will love it! This class will provide you with the stamina you need to get through the week, clear out your mind and relax your entire body. Join us today and see what all the buzz is about! Make sure to check out our schedule for our Bikram, Sumits, Silent and Advanced classes. We can't wait to see you on your mat.

[03/28/17]   Join us this weekend as we celebrate as a community and spend some time together at Latigo Kid in Agoura Hills on Saturday, April 1st at 6:00 PM. Please feel free to bring your friend and/or loved ones. See you there. Namaste

Joe Rogan Experience #925 - Theo Von

Watch the JRE podcast today, lots of good talk about yoga. Stay tuned for details on the television show I did with Joe Rogan and Eddie Huang. It will air on A & E, should be the 2nd to last episode or the season finale on Huang's World. Details coming soon.

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