Schott In The Dark Farms, Agoura, CA Video December 25, 2019, 7:01pm

Videos by Schott In The Dark Farms in Agoura. Jumpers, Dressage, Hunters / Equitation, Theraputic Riding & Vaulting. Specializing in Jumpers from a Classical Dressage point of view

Merry Christmas. Karl eating chocolate tools

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So much fun

Alison's first time riding in a very long time. Bob was happy to oblige

Mommy and me brought to you by Bob and Teddy

Lilah and Jack

Q & Fifi

Shelby came to visit. Hope we'll be seeing a lot more of her and her family

Friday evening with Q and Fifi

She's back.

Lilah showing us how it's done

Anastasia and Teddy

Roo family

Meerkat watching hawks

Jack is enthusiastic about changes !

Merry Christmas. Karl eating chocolate tools

Lilah pushing her boundries !!

Lilah doing what couldn't be done.

Yay has conquered her fear of heights !!

Lilah and Jack 2 ft bounces

The healing garden

Borderline benefit

Anastasia and Teddy cavalettis

Yeah for Yay ! First time standing on a walking horse. Conquering her fear of heights !!!

Madison's 3rd ride

Sydney's 3rd ride

Q new exercise

Gracie said I just want to trot a few rounds. Changed her mind. Canter it is

Lilah's new deal

New exercise for Myster .

Q and Fiona. .85

Anastasia leg yields

Anastasia &Teddy

More lilah

Lilah & Jack .70s

Lilah and Jack having fun

Georgia's back.

Lilaha getting her Mojo back.

Q and Fiona

Q &Fiona practicing new turns


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