In Home Fitness

Fitness Coach and Personal Training in the comfort of your home.

Fitness Coach and Personal Training in the comfort of your home.

Build Your Biceps Workout Strong biceps are essential for making everyday tasks easier, from picking up kids to carrying groceries. This mix-and-match workout featuring dumbbells and a resistance band is a great way to challenge and strengthen your biceps—and you’ll never get bored because you get to choose which exercises y...

New City, New Home, New Friends!

New City, New Home, New Friends! Finally things are settling down with the move from Kingman to Pheonix. Enjoying the amazing blessings God has given us, Family, Church, Friends and Home! We miss our friends in Kingman but are making new ones in Church, our neighborhood and at Ahwatukee Recreational Center. I have recently been put on staff at ARC but have openings for personal training. Enjoying this journey and excited to see what is next on the horizon. Please fell free to call, email or text for any of your fitness needs.

5 Stretches to “Un-desk” Your Body Your body is a perpetual motion machine that is constantly adapting to the demands you place on it. Unfortunately, modern life has allocated our daytime hours to sitting in cars, on couches and in front of computers, which has left many of us hunched over and in constant. Here are five stretches you...

[05/01/17]   Just and FYI...I will not be taking any clients for a while due to relocation. Will post when I will be accepting clients again.
Life is Precious, enjoy it and take one day at a time!

Ty Bollinger interviews Ocean Robbins - Food Revolution Summit (Illustrated)

Helpful information! All sessions available free on Youtube!

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Plank Challenge: The Ultimate Guide to Planks

Plank Challenge for those of you who are able to hold a plank for more than 45 seconds!
Great work out to strengthen that beautiful core in 30 days! Talk to some friends to join you in this challenge!
If your in, let me know. Check in each day to keep accountable and let me know how you are doing and feeling!
Good Luck and Happy Abs! Master our plank challenge for a seriously stronger core in just one month. Each move is designed to get you in bikini body shape—stat.

What One Can of Diet Coke Does to Your Body in One Hour Last week, an infographic on the effects Coke has on your body went viral. Now, see the price you pay for a can of no-calorie, fake-sugar-sweetened Diet Coke.

5 Food Fails That Can Stall Weight Loss Having trouble dropping pounds? Hit the dreaded plateau? These diet derailers could be to blame.

FED UP - Official Trailer

NOW PLAYING. FOR THEATERS AND INFO VISIT: Twitter: @fedupmovie This is the movie the food industry doesn't want you to...

[05/15/15]   “Keep Calm and Pace On” May Hike to the Arizona Hot Springs

Get your hiking boots or shoes on and lets hit the trail!
We will be meeting at Kingman Crossfit located at 532 E. Beale St Kingman, AZ 86401.
Time of departure will be 6AM on Saturday, May the 16, 2015.
Bring water, lots of it! If you have a camel pack, bring it!
Sunscreen, hat, flip flops & camera.
Don't forget the snacks to munch on. (Remember, what you pack in you will be packing out)

Trail Stats
For your safety, it is recommended you stay on established trails.
Length - 6 miles round-trip
Time - 5 -6 hours (total estimate time)
One-way elevation loss/gain - 800'

If you happen to have any questions message Alicia.

Special Olympics Arizona

"Keep Calm and Pace On"
The Arizona Law Enforcement Torch Run is this Saturday, 5/2/15 at 8AM at Centennial Park. Lets do it!!
5 K Run! $10 fee to run. Registration begins at 7:30AM.
Or, fee will be waived if you go on line to purchase a Torch Run T-Shirt and wear it on Saturday.
Let's support our community!
Meet at the flag pole at 7:15AM! See you all there! Special Olympics Arizona helps individuals with intellectual disabilities in creating their own gateway to empowerment, competence, acceptance, and joy.

SENIORS & MASTERS 5K MONEY RUN ~ Las Vegas, NV ~ June 20, 2015 SENIORS & MASTERS 5K MONEY RUN ~ Las Vegas, NV ~ June 20, 2015 ~ 5k run, 5k walk ~ Nevada

[04/09/15]   "Keep Calm and Pace On" will meet this Saturday at Kingman CrossFit at 7AM. Katie Church will be showing us some awesome drills to improve on our running!
For a little extra fun lets run the Monolith Trails! Meet at 8:15AM at the Chevron on the left side of Beale just before you get out of town. It is at the corner of Metwell and Beale.
Bring water and a great smile!!!

Avoiding back injury and caring for your back aches & pain; This video is helpful because it breaks it down for you... Camille Leblanc-Bazinet shows us how to care for our back and avoiding injury while doing your Cro...

[04/01/15]   "Keep Calm and Pace On" will meet this Saturday at Centennial Park at 7AM!. Meet at the corner of Beverly and Burbank parking lot! Bring your Garmin or any device to time yourself. We will run/jog/walk the bike/run path next to the library. Run/Jog/Walk as far as you want! (Bring water!) See you there!! Ap:D

[03/26/15]   "Keep Calm & Pace On" This Saturday at Kingman CrossFit at 7AM.
100m speed drills!!

Pumpkinman Run

This run looks like a lot of fun! The Tri was a blast!
Check out the website below for more info!
I think I want to run in this one! (-:!pumpkinman-run/c172k Pumpkinman will bring athletes from all over the US and Canada to complete in one of the most well known courses in Nevada. Start at Lake Mead National Park and

Foam Glow 5K - Las Vegas What is Foam Glow™ 5K? Foam Glow™ 5k is a unique experience focused less on speed and more on Glow in the dark fun with friends and family. Glowing runners come from all different ages, shapes, sizes, and speeds; but everyone who registers to glow has the time of their life. Whether you…

14 Foods That Can Keep You From Getting That 6-Pack Toned, flat abs are the epitome of fitness. It seems that everyone wants them. Most people t...

Should My Child Lift Weights? Your kids may want to lift weights, join CrossFit classes or do some other form of strength training. But is this a good idea for children, or will it harm their growth and cause injury?

[03/09/15]   Kingman CrossFit's running club, “Keep Calm & Pace On” will be hosting a Running Clinic by Melissa Patriquin this Saturday at 7AM at Kingman CrossFit.
Melissa was a coach at Kingman CrossFit before moving to Phoenix and is the daughter of David and Alicia.
Her Bio follows...

My name is Melissa Patriquin. I am currently a trainer at BackAlley Crossfit in Phoenix, Arizona. I have designed and implemented an endurance program at BackAlley as well as personal trained athletes on running and triathlon. I started running about 15 years ago and basically trained from injury to injury. At my “endurance” peak I had a moderate pace. Basically one gear whether it was 400 meters or 15 miles. This is how I “ran myself out of shape.” Over the years I have “borrowed”…alright flat out stolen pieces of different running philosophies and figured out what works for me. Along the way I have realized that everything that worked for me definitely did not for everyone, but certain foundational drills and skills were not only beneficial, but are necessary for developing runners.

The drills I will be introducing will improve foot landing position and start to develop an efficient foot strike. This means if you master and practice these drills you will get free speed. You will be using the energy from your body in a way that will propel you forward instead of beating the crap out of you. I will also introduce a dynamic warm up and go over the importance of the cool down…here’s a hint it’s not the walk to your car.

I have a passion for fitness because improving fitness can be a powerful key in unlocking a persons potential not just in athletics but, in all of the other aspects of a persons life.

I look forward to meeting everyone!!!

This clinic will be open to all who are interested in learning more about running.
This will be free to all Kingman Crossfit members and all others will be a $15 drop in fee.

[03/07/15]   Any one who wants to get out there and run and doesn't know where to start, meet me at Kingman CrossFit 532 E Beale, on 3/7/15 at 7AM. Bring running shoes, water and a great attitude! We are going to have FUN!!

[03/06/15]   Ladies Fitness at MBC, You asked and you received!!
We now have 2 days of fitness class instead of 1!
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30!

Invite a friend! See you all next week!

[03/06/15]   Here's a quick 6 minutes workout!!
Warm up for about 4 minute with a few jumping jacks and air squats and go right into this 6 minute workout! Have fun and let me know how you all did!
(count your Mountain Climbers and Push-ups!)


1.Start in a plank position so your hands are directly under your chest at shoulder width apart with straight arms.
2. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles
3. Lift your R foot off the floor and slowly raise your knees as close to your chest as you can.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat with your L leg.
5. Continue alternating for the desired number of reps or time.

If you are new to mountain climbers perform the knee to chest motion slow and steadily then build up to a faster pace with practice.
If you are more advance try placing your hands on an elevated platform such as a step as this will make the mountain climber more difficult.

20 sec Mountain Climbers
10 sec rest
20 sec Mountain Climbers
10 sec rest
20 sec Mountain Climbers
10 sec rest
20 sec Mountain Climbers
10 sec rest
20 sec Mountain Climbers
10 sec rest
20 sec Mountain Climbers
10 sec rest
50 sec Plank
10 sec rest
50 sec Plank
10 sec rest
50 sec Push Ups
10 sec rest

If you want a little more of a workout, repeat!!!
Have FUN!!

[02/24/15]   Wednesday at Manzanita Baptist Church for Ladies Fitness class at 12:30!!

[02/22/15]   Good morning, I would like to invite anyone who is interested in learning about essential oils and health to a Young Living meeting with Diana Buhr, RN Wellness Consultant at 130pm today at Kingman Crossfit. This is not a sales meeting it is an information meeting about essential oils and if you are interested or have questions come, ask your questions and listen to her. She has 15 years experience in essential oils and brings a boat load of knowledge!

[01/20/15]   Corina,
Here it is!
21 Day Push-Up Challenge.
15 pushups every day for 21 days. 1st day will be 1 tricep push-up and 14 regular push-ups, 2nd day will be 1 tricep push-ups and 14 regular push-ups. 3rd day 2 tricep push-ups and 13 regular push-ups, 4th day 2 tricep push-ups and 13 regular push-ups, 5th day 3 tricep push-ups and 12 regular push-ups, 6th day 3 tricep push-ups and 12 regular push-ups, 7th day 4 tricep push-ups and 11 regular push-ups, 8th day 5 tricep push-ups and 10 regular push-ups, 9th day 6 tricep push-ups and 9 regular push-ups 10th day 7 tricep push-ups and 8 regular push-ups etc. Goal is, 15 tricep pushups on day 21!
You can do it!
Happy Push ups!

[01/07/15]   Amy, nice job! So doggone proud of what you did today!

[01/07/15]   Lisa, great job on working on your squats! I am blessed God brought you into my life!!

[01/05/15]   Good job Corina! Keep up the good work! Arms are getting stronger!

This 77-Year-Old Grandma Can Deadlift 215 Pounds. Could You Do the Same?

Age is not a limitation!
Inspiring Lady!
Check this Grandma out!!! At just 105 pounds, 77-year-old Willie Murphy doesn’t exactly scream “meathead,” but she could probably put most of us to shame in the gym. Here's how to cop her moves.

[11/27/14]   Happy Thanksgiving!

A little tip for this season...
Cut your pie serving in half, and share with your favorite friend or family member!
Enjoy your slice of pie!

So grateful for family and friends!

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