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Spearfishing NA PONO ‘O I’A HAWAI’I or “Spearfishing Gear from Hawaii” is the true ethos of HammerHead Spearguns. In the Hawaiian language “Pono” is a powerful word translating to righteousness, excellence, or the proper procedure.

Many recognize “Pono” in the state motto of Hawaii “Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono”; meaning “The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness”. When applied to tangible items like spearguns “Pono” means completeness, entirety, and possessing all the correct gear and accessories. i'a in Hawaiian is spear either one yielded by warriors or fishermen. During Hawaiian indigenous times mastery of the spear or i’a meant the fisher or Lawai’a could provide sustenance for the entire village. Hawaii is home for HammerHead Spearguns. Isolated by deepopen-ocean and formed through volcanic activity our existence is of the sea. As a company HammerHead Spearguns draws strength from our unique Hawaiian heritage and dedicated spearfishing lifestyle "Na Pono 'o i'a Hawaii" this is our “Pono” our gift to you.

As an organization, HammerHead Spearguns strives to persevere against the norm in taking on new challenges in design, manufacturing, and materials. We embody a culture of sharing and expanding the sport of spearfishing and the freedive experience. We embrace and support spearfishing at the local community level by encouraging participation by youths, advocating sustainable resource management, and ensuring spearfishing access for generations to come. HammerHead Spearguns has emerged as the premier developer of innovative equipment for spearfishing and freediving. HammerHead Spearguns remains on the cutting edge of product development as we strive to create products for our sport of spearfishing and freediving. Since the inception of the HammerHead Muzzle™ in late 2003, HammerHead Spearguns has emerge as the premier developer of innovative spearfishing and freediving equipment for the world. Headquartered in sunny Aiea, Hawaii, HammerHead Spearguns was started by Kevin Sakuda, a passionate freediver and fisherman, who had a vision of improving the world of spearfishing one dive at a time. Teaming-up with a close friend and fellow fisherman, Chris Strong, the two embarked on their first project; developing an open muzzle speargun modification utilizing off-the shelf components, advanced manufacturing techniques, and fluid artistic designs. In short, the two wanted to build a bigger-better muzzle packed with more features at a lower-cost that looked great. After much anticipation and hard work it was time for Kevin and Chris to crack-open the speargun muzzle mold for the first time but what they saw was not what was envisioned. Functional and strong the first HammerHead Muzzle™ was bulky, inartistic, and difficult to manufacture. Undeterred Chris and Kevin the two company founders struggled, persevered, and finally succeeded in creating the very successful HHEAD and REEF speargun muzzles and during this formative early period they developed a company mantra of "perseverance against the norm and taking on new challenges in design, manufacturing, and materials." Almost immediately after the introduction of their two models of HammerHead Muzzles™ HHEAD and REEF the company began to grow with muzzles were being sold across the globe. One of the key-drivers to this success was the addition of Jon Sherwood Chock to the team. A fisherman, wedding photographer, and advertising executive Jon lent his many talents and edgy-eye for web, print, and video media to share the HammerHead Speargun experience with the global community. Along with Jon came a new corporate culture that embodied "sharing and expanding the spearfishing and freediving experience to all". Not complacent to just be an aftermarket accessory HammerHead Spearguns soon launched the EVOLUTION™ their first speargun line in mid-2006. With this grow HammerHead Spearguns soon introduced the SPEAR-APPAREL™ Clothing Line, POWER BLADE™ Fins, ADAPTATION™ Wetsuits, and All-in-On Measurement Tools. With this strong and sustainable growth in revenues HammerHead Spearguns would need to make a serious decision on how to balance business objectives with that of further advancing the sport of freediving and spearfishing thus a promise was made "to embrace and support spearfishing and fishing at the local community level by encouraging participation by youths, advocating sustainable resource management, and ensuring spearfishing access for generations to come.",

Operating as usual

Hogs for days...... repost from @flfreedivers of @bgorall and @codydempsey94 with a sweet pair of Atlantic Hogfish. Remember to hashtag #HammerHeadSpearguns to be featured!!! #Hogfish #Snapper #grouper #lobster #spearfishing #speargun #freediving #spearo #spearfish #spearing #spearfishingworld #catchoftheday #spearfishingaustralia #spearfishingflorida @forceedivers @spearfishing_reviews @atlanticspearandscuba @captainhooksfl @strikezonefishing @finzdivecenter @fii_freedive

What A Wahoo!

#Wahoo aren't the easiest fish to catch, but they sure make on heck of a fun hunt. Plus they taste great too! So when you see a respectably sized adult wahoo, be sure you have your speargun with you, one that shoots lightning fast and is easy to maneuver. Like the Hammerhead Karbon!

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Pooling together the entries from both Instagram and Facebook, here are the seven winners of our green-rubber giveaway:

Dylan Newman (@captdylannewman)
Calvin Yang (@calvin.hi),
Jerome Romero (@eat_watchu_kill)
Joshua Fukumoto (@joshuafukumoto)
Chad Aoki (@aoki.sensei)
Brandon Tatemichi
Josh Brouwer

Congrats, guys! We'll send you a message through your inbox for info on how to claim the prize.

Green is the new black. And they don't come any greener than our green rubber bands!

That's why we're raffling off ten feet of this eye-catching band, with matching green attack pack, for St. Patrick's Day! Look for this image on Instagram (@hammerhead_spearguns), like it, and tag three friends in the comment section, Deadline is tomorrow!


Sportsmans Hub

Super thankful to have been included in this list. We strive to be the best spearfishing and freediving company for all of you guys. Thanks a lot, Sportsmans Hub!

The best sporting brands in the country!

This is it what it means to be boss!

We know Steel Rockett's been raring to get back under the water after injuring his arm, and he's quickly making up for lost time, diving 100 feet to catch these bad boys.

#HammerheadSpearguns #repost

Filleting Like A Boss Lady

This chick's knife skills are off the charts!

Clip from 9Gag.

Spearfishing gear fit for a king from #HammerheadSpearguns!

#repost from Hamad Al Fouzan


A knife, a fish, and a pair of gloves. Or maybe a lobster. These are a few of our favorite things.

#HassleFreeHappiness can be had with #HammerheadSpearguns! Order your favorite stocking stuffers via hammerheadspearguns.com and don't even break a sweat.

We're craving for some tuna this Tuesday, so we went out and caught ourselves some, fresh from the sea.

#repost from Back to Basics Adventures

#spearfishing #HammerheadBenthos #HammerheadSpearguns

What are the odds of being out on a dive and a nearby flood starts happening? The odds were pretty dire for Austin Bloch and his buddies, but still, here he is, posing in his all-black Hammerhead Benthos wetsuit with two big mahi mahi!

#HammerheadSpearguns #repost

We at Hammerhead had such a great time at DEMA last week that we're still talking about it today! Thanks again to all those who dropped by. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Mutton for all! Here's what James Simcic (in a Hammerhead Ambush rashguard) speared while off on a trip on his dad's boat.

#repost #HammerheadSpearguns

Visit the #HammerheadSpearguns booth at the DEMA Show 2016 and find out our new innovations that's got everyone abuzz! We're no. 1146, so don't miss out!

No need to grasp for groupers when you've got skills like Ritchie Zackers and gear from #HammerheadSpearguns!


Big smiles now!

John Pestana always makes the best catch, and he always makes sure to get all the action on the camera, whether its a big trip to the Bahamas or a quick post-shift dive like this, off Waianae, where he caught this rainbow runner.

Mount your GoPro both on your head (with the MV3 Action dive mask) and your speargun (with the Action camera mount) and get all the documentation you need!

Spectacular spearo Juan Jose Carballos catches all the best fish in his #HammerheadAmbushDeepReef #rashguard, like this massive hogfish in the Bahamas.

#repost #HammerheadSpearguns

If you take care of your #wetsuit, you help extend its life span and keep it supple and clean. You keep it from cracking, smelling, and fading, and it doesn't even have to be hard. Just soak your wetsuit in 10 mL of Seagod Wetsuit's rubber and plastic solution diluted in 8 liters of fresh water, and you've cleaned and conditioned your wetsuit in one easy step!

That massive feeling of relief you get when you bring that #fish on to the boat whole, not getting a massive chunk bitten of by nearby sharks. Total bliss, man.

Repost from Joan Lapinel.

#HammerheadSpearguns #HammerheadBenthos #wetsuit #permit

In one end and out the other, that's how AJ Arbutante spears his fish!

#HammerheadSpearguns #HammerheadKarbon

Front row seats to a concerto of male humpback whales singing their beautiful arias. And that's why Sarah Lahbati and Richard Guttierez dove into the deep waters of Vava'u, Tonga, #HammerheadKabon fins strapped on and waterproof cameraas in hand.

#freediving #onebreath


How it feels when you brandish a weapon in the face of a hothead.

(Video from 9Gag)

When dog meets fish.

Say hello to the weekend with a massive smile! We're off for another #spearing #dive, and we can't wait to see what we pull up this time. Maybe it's gonna be a doggy! Not the furry kind, we hope. :0

Repost from Koa Yoshida

#HammerheadSpearguns #HammerheadAmbsuhDeepReef #wetsuit

Sexy fish caught by Angie Anderson (wearing a #HammerheadAmbushDeepReef #rashguard) off at the oil rigs in Louisiana. This cobia is headed for a record somewhere, for sure.

#repost #tbt #HammerheadSpearguns

What if you found a basket of this waiting for you when you get home? How would you prepare these lobsters?

#repost from Jaminie Payne

Dressed for success, that's what Joe Newman is. Must be coincidence, or it could just be plain skill, but Joe's been consistently nabbing massive salmon off Bodega Bay while wearing his Hammerhead sweatshirt.

We also have other shirts you guys can check out on hammerheadwebstore.com!

For this labor day weekend, put your feet up or go for a dive! Cop a dive mask from hammerheadwebstore.com and have it delivered straight to your doorstep for free! Simply use the promo code MV3ACTION and have the shipping fee waived (for US territories only).


Uhm, You Got Anymore of That Fish?

This monk seal is almost as bad as those sharks!

Just when the fish was about to be brought to the surface, this little bugger waltzes in, calm as you please, and steals the catch right under Kev's nose! Well, at least one of us isn't going hungry tonight. :)) :)) :))

The barred pargo. Not terribly easy to catch, due to their relative rarity and their tendency to hide in the cover of rocks and reefs. So it was an extra proud moment when Kevin managed to spear one in Baja a few months back. Here's the photo proof. :D

#HammerheadSpearguns #GoPro

Red Snapper FTW!

Fresh catch of the day: Louisiana red snapper! Diving deep into the waters of Baja, Kevin found this one swimming amidst some shipwrecks. With his #HammerheadKarbon aimed at it, it was going on the dinner menu for sure!

What's the best recipe you have for snapper?

Super stoked to pose for another shot with this good-looking critter. Check out this pez gallo hamming it up for the camera with Kevin. For stunning moments underwater best caught on tape, don't forget to bring along your #GoPro camera. Better yet, stick it on your #MV3Action mask and keep your hands free to do what they need to do!


Showcasing the best of what Hawaii has to offer, the Made in Hawaii Festival is now running on its twenty-second year!

Hammerhead Spearguns is proud to take part in this wonderful event, as we have always made it a point to produce all our gear, products, and apparel in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

Come visit our booth and take part in our promo offerings. Buy any of our T-shirts at $22 each, or buy two for only $40!

A motley collection of the treasures of the sea, harvested by Koa Yoshida from a dive from the coast. Amberjack, grouper, and tako make for a good feast on a Monday, don't you think?

#HammerheadAmbush #wetsuit #HammerheadSpearguns #Hawaii

Sniper Sighted

If you've ever used a #speargun band like a riflescope before and acted like a #sniper, then you are awesome! And if you can guess the name of this #fish that Kevin #stoneshot, you get a free pair of gloves on us!


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Na Pono o'ia Hawaii. HammerHead Spearguns is the world leader in spearfishing innovation and design.

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