HammerHead Spearguns

HammerHead Spearguns


the day I buy my 75”🔥🔥
Happy Holidays from Okinawa, Japan.
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Me and my Jack Prodanovich speargun and dinner in 1971. How do your spearguns compare.
Thank you for my new Scuba Santa gloves. Scuba Santa Approved.
I personally want to thank you for your help with the Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament. All money made by the tournament goes to help heal men and women of our armed services who gave more than their fair share of their body and soul. Without the support good people like you this event would not happen and our heroes would not benefit from it.
Hammerhead Spearguns We exclusively use Mahi Mahi Dentex Gloves while working on land and Treasure Diving Florida's Treasure Coast.
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Thank You for my Hammerhead Speargun that I won for 1st place in the Gag Grouper category in the Florida Spearfishing Tournament 2018...
Florida Spearfishing Tournament #FloridaFreeDivers #FLF Charles CJ Duffie
Snuck up on this beautiful Singapore Parrotfish with my E2 Karbon 120.
The Waterman’s Alliance is hosting a second Urchin Removal event July 21st -22nd in Albion/Schooner Landing and we’re looking for support.

If you have observed our northern CA coasts in the last few years you’ve seen the affect the purple urchin population explosion has had on our kelp beds, on now the lack there of…

The fist Urchin Removal weekend was a fantastic success with volunteer divers and their kayak teams helping to remove over 50,000 purple sea urchin (~7000lbs) from Ocean cove over the Memorial Day weekend. See article in the Press Democrat about the event….

The fundraising raffle that was supported by donations from our generous dive and coastal communities helped raise $13,600, with all proceeds going to the fund the commercial removal efforts.

The next recreational removal event will be held on July 21st-22nd in Albion Cove (see attached flyer) and the Waterman’s Alliance is seeking donations to help continue funding the commercial removal plans, that have been ongoing since the beginning of the year. The fundraising raffle will be held the afternoon of July 21st and all proceeds will go to the removal plans.

To date the Waterman’s Alliance supported commercial efforts have helped remove around 75,000lbs of urchins so far, and your support will help us continue to keep that number growing.

All businesses that donate to these efforts will be promoted in the event marketing and on social media as well as donations are tax deductible, Waterman’s Alliance is a 501c3.

Please consider donating items to be included in our fundraising raffle and supporting this event by letting your customers know about this fun weekend activity.
Monstah Cuttlefish. Diver Sergio. Western Pacific.
Love my new HammerHead “yellow tako” rash guard, kept me warm on a rainy windy lava flow night hike.

Na Pono o'ia Hawaii. HammerHead Spearguns is the world leader in spearfishing innovation and design.

Operating as usual


Please check out our Instagram page @hammerhead_spearguns as we go live again today at 8:00 PM EST (2:00 PM HST). We're talking all about the Evolution 2, and we have a special giveaway by the end of the live session!


HammerHead Spearguns

Getting Ready for the Weekend!!!

A quick video to get your Spearfishing Blood pumping for the Weekend!!!

[05/02/20]   A quick video to get your Spearfishing Blood pumping for the Weekend!!!


@slinginsteel holding-up a great Labor Day Weekend Catch of Florida Keys Black Grouper. What was your Labor Day Weekend haul??? Hash-tag #HammerHeadSpearguns to be featured. #spearfishingflorida #catchoftheday #spearing #speargun #spearfishing #spearlife #spearfish #spearbigfish #grouper #hogfish #snapper #lobster #spearfishingworld #florida #floridakeys @strikezonefishing @captainhooksfl @fii_freedive @flfreedivers @floridaspearfishing @huntermarinekwt


It's definitely a sign of great things to come when #mahimahi this size drift by in #WestAustralia. Luckily Vin Rushworth, with #HammerheadBenthos wetsuit all zipped up, was on hand to make the catch. #MahiMondays for the win!

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Happy St. Paddy's Day! Pooling together the entries from both Instagram and Facebook, here are the seven winners of our green-rubber giveaway:

Dylan Newman (@captdylannewman)
Calvin Yang (@calvin.hi),
Jerome Romero (@eat_watchu_kill)
Joshua Fukumoto (@joshuafukumoto)
Chad Aoki (@aoki.sensei)
Brandon Tatemichi
Josh Brouwer

Congrats, guys! We'll send you a message through your inbox for info on how to claim the prize.


Green is in for #StPaddysDay and we're giving away ten feet of green rubber bands plus matching green attack pack for seven lucky spearos! Head on over to our Instagram page to join! All you need to do is to like the image and tag three mates in the comment box. We're picking winners tomorrow, so don't wait too long!

#HammerheadGiveaway #swag


After being out of the action for a short while, Steel Rockett is ready to get right back into the spearfishing game. And just like that, with his all-black #HammerheadBenthos #wetsuit on, he's back in the water, diving 100 feet to get these cubera snapper.

That's showing them who's boss.

#HammerheadSpearguns #repost


Fishing with the pros requires pro gear. Hamad Al Fouzan holding up a spanish mackerel while wearing an all-black Hammerhead Benthos wetsuit.



Time for some tuna! Dogtooth tuna are always fun to catch, because they don't go down easily, and they're a great way to build an appetite for dinner.

#repots from Back to Basics Adventures



Pretty risky dive right here by Austin Bloch, where a flash flood caused the waters to churn into a messy stew. But he still got his fish after all! Two impressive mahimahi at that!

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This year has proven to be a very challenging one for our nation as well as the entire world. But still, there are still things to be thankful, not least of which is the continued support of our friends, fellow spearos, and partners in the industry. Stay awesome, you guys! And have a wonderful, happy thanksgiving, from our Hammerhead family to yours!

#ThankfulThursday #HammerheadSpearguns


Check out the bigger, brighter #HammerheadSpearguns booth at DEMA!

We're booth no. 1146, displaying all the Hammerhead products you love and showcasing some new innovations. Talk to us today!



If only choosing presidents were as easy as Ritchie "TGO" Zacker choosing a target . . .

Oh well. Did you guys exercise your right to vote? Whom did you vote for?

#HammerheadSpearguns #Grouper


Running around, spearing rainbow runner, that's what John Pestana decided to do after work one day. If only we could do that to unwind every day!

With his 130 cm #HammerheadKarbon spearguns in tow, Masta P captured some kamanu for dinner that night!

#HammerheadSpearguns #MastaPstyle


Fun under the sun and under the water in the Bahamas, especially for those who know where to look! Juan Jose Carballos, in a #HammerheadAmbushDeepReef #wetsuit knows all these great nooks and always comes home with the best catch!

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Cleaning your wetsuit has never been easier! Just drop 10 mL of Seagod Wetsuit's rubber and plastic solution into 8 liters of water, let it soak for 30 minutes, and hang it inside out (away from the sun) until dry. And just like that, you've conditioned and disinfected your #HammerheadBenthos #wetsuit in one go!

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Hitting Two Fish with One Shaft

Most of the time, when you get to an aggregation of fish, you'll need more than one gun. This is not one of those times. One shot. Two fish. One happy spearo!

That's what you get with a speargun as powerful as the #HammerheadEvolution. And if you get our new speargun


A pair of #wahoo never hurt nobody, especially if they're caught fresh from the seas of the Dominican Republic. Here's Carlos Valencia, posing proudly with his catch in his all-black #HammerheadBenthos #wetsuit.

#HammerheadSpearguns #repost


You know that feeling when you go out on your boat to a sweet fishing spot but not find any fish at all? What would you do?

Joan Lapinel dove even deeper and found a massive school of permits! He took a chance, shooting one permit from a distance, and had to rush to the boat to keep the fish from being chomped down by the sharks swarming nearby.

#HammerheadSpearguns #HammerheadBenthos #wetsuit


hen life hands you lobsters, you grab 'em with no hesitation, especially when your hands are protected by #HammerheadSpearguns's #DentexNT gloves!

#Repost from Kate Rogers


Grab that lobster by the tail, by the torso, or any which way you want! You've nothing to fear when you've got out #DentexNT gloves on. ANSI-certified to be cut and puncture proof, and chemical resistant, you're hands are free to grab hold of any spiny lobsters out there no sweat!

#Repost from Kate Rogers


Skewer that blue #jack on your shaft and you won't have to worry about looking for a spit to roast it on. :))

Repost from AJ Arbutante.

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We're giving a speargun away!

If you want freebies, like spearfishing, and have an Instagram account, you should join our Instagram-only #HammerheadSurpriseContest!

All you need to do is to tag two friends on the original post that we put up about the contest and then post a winning image of you wearing or using #HammerheadSpearguns products (with the hashtag). We will then select the best image together with Spearfishing Reviews!

Contest runs until tomorrow, so best not to delay!


Dolphin vs. Dolphin!

Talk about #MahiMonday! We were swimming and spearing at an aggregation of #mahimahi, aka dolphinfish, when a bunch of dolphins decided to join in.



This is why we don't flash a gun in front of a predator.

Video taken from 9Gag.


The dog days might be over, but we're just looking for any excuse to take a dip into the sea. Koa Yoshida pulls in another #amberjack from the local beach after a quick #dive, and his dog is more than happy to put in a little help. You go, dog!

#HammerheadSpearguns #HammerheadAmbushDeepReef #wetsuit #repost


It's hard enough to pull in a fish as big as this cobia, but you also have to contend with pesky sharks and pulled shafts! But Angie Anderson (in the #HammerheadAmbushDeepReef #rashguard) was finally able to haul in this bugger, and not a moment to soon. Just look at that smile!

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LOBSTER LOVE courtesy of Jaminie Payne!

Can't wait to get ahold of these babies and try out our Gordon Ramsay chef skills in extracting flesh from lobster.


Fishing is how Joe Newman destresses, and he usually makes a trip out to the water after work. On one of his trips, he snapped up this massive King Salmon just outside Bodega Bay in Northern Carolina, wearing his Hammerhead sweatshirt. "[And] this evening I landed two nice salmon. Must be that lucky sweatshirt."

#HammerheadSpearguns #luckyshirt


Enjoy the fruits of your labors this weekend! Grab an MV3 Diving Mask off hammerheadwebstore.com and have it shipped for free when you use the promo code MV3ACTION.



A perfect ten K for Hammerhead Spearguns!

We're doing another Instagram giveaway, in celebration of gaining 10,000 followers!

Ten lucky winners will be receiving a gift bag, each containing $100 worth of items. Check out @hammerhead_spearguns for the instructions!

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Another one for the books! This snapper came down after a headshot from Kevin's trusty Hammerhead Evolution 2.

Trick question: Is the barred pargo really colored green underwater?

#HammerheadSpearguns #Baja #latepost


Barracuda make for a very thrilling chase, but you need a speargun that can keep up with these fast-swimming buggers. Jaminie Payne uses a 130 cm #HammerheadEvolution to make sure every shot connects.


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Hitting Two Fish with One Shaft
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