Hawaii Rush 07 Boys, Aiea, HI Video July 16, 2019, 6:56am

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Let’s Go!

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Rush Fest Closing Ceremony

Rush Fest Game 1- Hawaii vs. Dallas. Final 0-0.

Rush Fest Game 1-Hawaii vs. Dallas
Travis made a spectacular save! Way to go!


Let’s Go!

Here are some of the 07 boys at 808Futsal tonight. They were able to scrimmage some great Aussie teams before the Pacifi...

Meeting Clint Dempsey!
The 07 boys were able to meet & take photos with some of the Seattle Sounder's superstars today...So awesome!

The 07s visit the Famous Gum Wall!
The 07 boys left their mark in Seattle...

A short video showing what the 07 boys have been up to so far...

The boys are working hard to gear up for summer travel.

Some of the 07 Rush Boys were player escorts at the Pacific Rim Cup today.

07 Rush vs. 07 Galaxy. 01.06.18
07 Rush vs. 07 Galaxy. 01.06.18

01.06.17 07 Rush vs. 07 Galaxy - Penalty Kick.
01.06.17 07 Rush vs. 07 Galaxy - Penalty Kick.

07 Rush vs. 808 Futsal
07 Rush vs. 808 Futsal. First futsal game of the spring season. 5-3, Rush.

Tyler Cole's Header 5.22.16
Tyler Cole's SUPERB header today!!! Way to go, Rush!!!

07 Rush vs. 07 Kailua Kings 05.22.16
Short clip of the 07 Rush team playing against the 07 Kailua Kings team.

07 Rush vs. 07 Surf
The 07 Rush Boys played a great game today against the 07 Surf team. We'll get 'em next time, boys!

Trying to round up these 07 boys and get a team picture is similar to herding a bunch of cats at bathtime. Lol.

Nice shot, Kilika!

Wednesday Warm Ups have commenced. Happy Wednesday everyone! ⚽⚽⚽

Short clip from the 07 Rush Boys vs 07 Chelsea game today. Great job, boys!

07 Azul vs 07 Galaxy. 4-3, Azul.

Coach Marcus Chambers and Steve Whitehouse answering the ice bucket challenge.