Grapplers HI

Grapplers HI is a grappling club focused on wrestling. We are here to provide conditioning and training to bring competition to the next level.

Monday and Wednesday is for the high school kids. Tuesday and Thursday is for the kids and Judo practice. Sunday is for all wrestlers. Mission Statement: To provide a club for individuals to foster their passion for grappling and aid them in achieving their full potential mentally, physically, and technically both on and off the mat.

Terao Named Flo Brute Wrestler of the Week, AU Student-Athlete of the Week Presented by GEICO

David Terao is named Flo Brute Wrestler of the week! American University redshirt sophomore wrestler David Terao was named the Flo Wrestling Brute Wrestler of the Week. He was also recognized as the AU Student-Athlete of the Week Presented by GEICO, Department of Athletics officials announced Monday.

[11/25/13]   CONGRATULATIONS! American University's David Terao Keystone Classic #125 Champion! Defeating Rob Deutsch of Ryder. Sudden Victory 3-1. Cheehuuuuuu! We are so proud of you and the team! Hawaii represent!!!!!

[11/24/13]   Former Grappler and current wrestler at American University David Terao majors the #8 ranked Anthony Zanetta to make it into the finals of the Keystone Classic. Good luck in the finals. We will be cheering for you!

Maryville Wrestling

Great interview by former Grappler and current team captian at Maryville Wrestling Brandon Oshiro. Good Job Brandon!

Preseason interview with Maryville Wrestling senior Brandon Oshiro.

[11/17/13]   Grappelers HI Folkstyle State Championship Results:

Josh Matsumoto - 1st
Matt Vinci - 1st
Connor Lee - 1st
Tyler Yoshikawa - 2nd
Ian Murakami - 2nd
Makana Valdez - 2nd
Colby Watase - 2nd
Alex Mimura - 3rd
Connor Villarmia - 3rd
Joseph Fong - 3rd

Good job team!

2013 HFUSAW Folkstyle State Championships

Grapplers HI wrestled hard and represented at the state championships today!

Grapplers HI wrestled hard and represented at the state championships today!

Good job last weekend Matt! Awarded All Tournament Most Valuable Wrestler at Big Horn Nationals. Keep working hard.

Grapplers HI's cover photo

Josh Terao Signs to American University!

Congratulations to the Terao family for signing Josh to American Univeristy!

Congratulations to the Terao family for signing Josh to American Univeristy!

David Terao Wins Match at NWCA All-Star Classic

26 seconds into it is slick! Good job again David.

American University's 125 pound wrestler David Terao wins his exhibition match at the 2013 NWCA All-Star Classic in exciting fashion.

[11/02/13]   Grapplers HI David Terao competes tonight at the NWCA All Star Classic.


Josh Terao 2013 Greco National Champ!!! Joshua Terao of Team Hawaii 2013 was crowned the Greco-Roman Junior National Champion at 120 lbs. today at the ASICS/Vaughan Juniors and Cadets National Championships in Fargo, North Dakota. Terao ...

[07/16/13]   JT going for first place!
9:15 HST Finals Stay tuned!!!

[07/16/13]   JT taking care of business! One more win to stay in the hunt!!

[07/16/13]   Not to overlook the girls:
Paaaina just killed her opponent.
Yams is 2-0!!!

[07/16/13]   Josh just beat a Beast!!! Opponent was a top 6% contender and was undefeated up till then.
Keep knocking them down!!!!

[07/16/13]   Session 2 Round 2 about to start. Lets go Joshy!

Videos | Grapplers HI: Built to Build Champions

Check out the University Freestyle Nationals and many other recent tournaments at

State Freestyle and Greco Championship starting tomorrow!

Freestyle wrestling tournament this weekend at Campbell High School!


Team USA vs Iran is live.

NCAA On Campus - Kyle Dake

Great video on Kyle Dake before he won his 4th NCAA Title!

I could take the time necessary to explain in great detail how wildly stupid you're comment is, but I'm pretty sure already that you lack the common sense required to comprehend such a thing. Try this. Actually watch the video and actually read the previous comments. If you're still confused, then…

[05/12/13]   Allene Somera takes second at the women's Body Bar National tournament. Congratulations!

Hawaii USA Wrestling Championships

Grapplers flew to Maui for the island championships.

Grapplers flew to Maui for the island championships.

Grapplers new unofficial mascot!

AU Athletics Celebrates Student-Athlete Banquet

David Terao is awarded MVP for American University's wrestling team. Congratulations! The American University Department of Athletics and Recreation celebrated the accomplishments of each of its 16 NCAA Division I teams on Sunday at its annual Student-Athlete Banquet, which was held at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C.

2013 Senior US Open | Grapplers HI: Built to Build Champions

US Open matches are up and ready to watch!

Get ready for this weekends freestyle tournament in Waianae.

Great words from a great man...

[04/19/13]   Morgan Yamaguchi took 8th in the women's US Open division.

[04/19/13]   Braydon Akeo took 6th in freestyle at the West Jr. Regionals in Las Vegas.

Missouri's Schmitt, Colorado's Rutz top list of Western Junior Regional champs in Greco-Roman |

Braydon Akeo took third at Las Vegas. Congratulations! The competition kicked off a big week of wrestling in Las Vegas, with the U.S. Open set for Thursday through Saturday in all three styles.

[04/11/13]   Practice is cancelled this evening. Head over to Ku Lokahi at 7:00 for their rules clinic.

USAW Folkstyle Nationals Junior and Cadet Finals

Folkstyle Nationals was this weekend. Check out the live stream from the finals. Live stream of the finals in the Junior and Cadet divisions of the 2013 USAW Folkstyle Nationals

Cool article on why Jake Herbert wrestles.

Why I Wrestle:

A must read from Jake Herbert, 2x NCAA champion and 2012 Olympian. Enjoy!

2011 Men’s World Freestyle Championships | Grapplers HI: Built to Build Champions

The 2011 Men's Freestyle World Championships can be found at


Olympic medalist Clarissa Chun came by the gym on Monday. Thanks for the support Clarissa!

Smith Picks Up InterMat Honors InterMat announced today that it has selected Oklahoma State wrestling coach John Smith as the InterMat Coach of the Year.

[04/03/13]   Here are the rule changes going into this freestyle and greco season. We will go over them at practice.
Be educated on the rules modifications going into Vegas.

General Modifications for both Styles

1. Going out of bounds on their feet with any attack that started in the center will be a caution plus one point for fleeing the mat and not just 1 point. This occurs when a wrestler makes and action and the defensive wrestler goes straight out of bounds. This can also be called if the wrestler makes no attempt to stay inside the mat and walks off to avoid wrestling, it will be a caution and 1 point for fleeing the mat. If normal wrestling results in wrestlers going out of bounds, it will only be 1-point. The same as it has been in the past.

2. At the European's, pushing a wrestler outwith arms extended and the defensive wrestlers was trying to stay in bounds, the wrestler was given an "Attention" and no point was awarded at times. If wrestling was near the edge and the action resulted in them going out even if there was a slight push was given 1-point as normal. This was called but never really occurred more than one time in a match. The wrestler pushing the guy out was only given an "Attention" and was not penalized. Therefore we will continue to call this as we did in the past. If a wrestler leaves the mat, it will be awarded 1-point.

3. Clubbing the head - they did not want wrestlers boxing. If both wrestlers were slapping at each other but it wasn't to bad, they were first warned verbally. If one wrestler got a good shot or slapping continues. The procedure is to give an "Attention" and a stern warning. If it happens again, it would be a Caution and 1-point. Wrestling in a collar tie is fine, but clubbing down on the head or getting a shot in is not allowed.

4. Posting on the head - this is when the defensive guy has his arm extended posting on the opponents forehead. This was discouraged because it prevented scoring. The procedure would be to say "Open". Then stop the match, talk with the wrestler. If continues, Stop and give an "Attention". If continues, then give a Caution and 1-point for fleeing the hold. Sometimes, the first stop could result in an Attention. The wrestlers must be given an "Attention" before a caution and 1-point can be given. The wrestler cannot put their hands in their opponents face to prevent scoring from taking place would be addressed the same way.

5. Grabbing fingers and hands - This was strongly discouraged because it prevents scoring. The first time, the referee should slap it off and say "Open, No Fingers." The referee should continue to talk to the wrestlers to stay off the hands. If it continues, Wrestling should be stopped and the offending wrestlers should be given an "Attention." If continues, then a Caution and 1-point would be given.

6. Fleeing the hold is mainly grouped under some of the above points (grabbing fingers/hands, posting on the head, blocking the chest with forearms and hands, etc...), basically anything that is blocking and preventing scoring actions. If a wrestler is blocking and not making an attempt to score, he or she may be called for fleeing the hold. The procedure for this is to first stop and talk to the offending wrestler and tell them what the problem is. If it continues, then stop and give an "Attention." If it continues after that, then a Caution and 1-point will be given. The important point is that these Caution and 1-points that are given cannot be challenged by the coach. They also must be confirmed by the Mat Chairman for it to be called. Also, If technical points were scored, the fleeing the hold call was not called as much. It was mainly called when the score was 0-0. Also, once a caution is confirmed, the referee must look back at the wrestlers to see if any actions were taking place. If something occurred and points were attained, then the caution would go away. If there was no action or no points, then wrestling would be stopped and caution would be given. They didn't want a good action that scored technical points to be taken away so a caution could be given. This is a judgement call by the refereeing team.

7. Head Butt - if it was intentional - it would be a caution and 1-point and eliminated from the match.

8. The Referees are to be very vocal during the match and are to stimulate action and scoring. There was a big emphasis on using the FILA vocabulary during the match. Like "Red Action, Blue Head up, Red Open, etc..."

9. Wet Towels are not allowed in the corner between periods. The Referee will remove the towel immediately. If it continues, they will remove the coach from the corner.


1. The consensus from the European Championships is that they do not want many clinches at the end of the period if there is not any score. If there was more than 1 clinch in a match is was not good. Fleeing the hold was called more often as a result. However, it was not called out of control and wrestlers were given the opportunites to score points. In most cases, this did stimulate more action because wrestlers knew that they could be called and that may decided the period. The refereeing team must look at who is trying to score points and who is trying block. This is a judgement call by the team.

- The protocal is to stop the match, talk to wrestler seen as not being active or who is blocking - same as discussed in the previous points.
- If the a wrestler continues to block (or grabbing hands, etc...), the referee will stop the match and give an "Attention" This is important because it tells the wrestler and coaches that they are about to get called for a Caution and 1-point
- If it continues, then the referee will ask for a Caution and 1-point and must be confirmed by the Mat Chairman.
- This call cannot be challenged by the coaches.

- The attentions and cautions can be given anytime they are justified. The referee must stop and give the wrestler a verbal "Attention" before giving a caution.
- If a second caution is given for fleeing the mat in the same period, it does not require an "attention". It may be given immediately. This doesn't happen very often in a match.
- It seemed, that once a caution and point was given, the action of wrestlers picked up.
- There were still clinches, but they were cut down to 1/5 of the number that was done before.

2. Attack and counter attack - who's action was it? If the offensive wrestler maintains the lock that it may be only a 3 points for the offensive wrestler and not 3-2
(double leg - body lock) situation. This is still a judgement call by the refereeing team.

3. Clinch period - if three points of contact are made it is going to be 1-point - if a wrestler is put into a seated position it is 1-point - mainly the same as before. The one situation that was discussed on a video was a single leg by the offensive wrestler and the defensive wrestler goes to a whizzer low on his ankle. The offensive wrestler has the leg, and the defensive wrestler may have an ankle whizzer but if he is on both knees and 1 hand. They will give the 1-point for the offensive wrestler because 3 points of contact are made. This was really only called during the clinch and it is because this is a special situation.

Greco Roman

1. Fleeing the hold - this was called with great variation at the tournament. If one wrestler was constantly blocking, grabbing hands, not being open, etc.. The procedure would be the same as above. 1st - Stop the wrestlers and give a warning. 2nd - Stop and give an "Attention." 3rd - Give a Caution and 1-point - this must be confirmed by the Mat Chairman.
This was called throughout the Greco tournament. The feeling is that this will still be called but not at the frequency that it began with at the European's. This will probably get called potentially twice throughout a 3 period match. Going to Par Terre was okay. If a wrestler is constantly blocking and making no attempt to take hold, they could be called.

2. Position - there was an emphasis on stopping the wrestlers and talking to them about the correct position. They wanted the wrestlers to be chest to chest and taking a hold. They did not want them forehead to forehead (which was called the Freestyle position). They also wanted them to be open and not locking down on the hands and just pushing a guy around. If a wrestlers was just pushing, he would be stopped and warned.

3. Par terre - pause on blowing whistle- same as before

4. Any crawling is discouraged in par terre. They did not want the wrestlers moving much at all or working toward the zone. If the wrestler did, the referee would say "Place" and "Attention." If the wrestler continued, then the referee would ask for the Caution and 1-point

5. Any fouls that occurred during the 30-second clinch period were returned back to that position. If a leg foul occurred during that time, once confirmed, it was stopped, points and cautions were given and restarted back in the same place. They did not let the time run out of the period before the match was stopped.

6. Leg bent in par terre
- Official will slap away and say "attention" without stopping match
- If continues, caution plus 1 or 2 points depending on scoring attempt or not.

7. Grabbing hands in par terre - the referee should say "Open" and slap off the hand. If continues, say "Attention" and slap again. If wrestler continues, then it would be a caution and 1-point

2013 NCAA Wrestling Championships | Grapplers HI: Built to Build Champions

All the NCAA Finals matches are available at

Happy Easter!

USAW Girls University National Championships Session 1

USAW Girls University National Championships Session 1 Live streaming now! USAW Girls University National Championships Oklahoma City, OK March 30, 2013

Cornell’s Kyle Dake wins 2013 WIN Magazine/Culture House Dan Hodge Trophy, presented by ASICS |

Dake wins the 2013 Hodge Trophy! Dake received 41 of 43 first place votes, after winning fourth NCAA title. Ed Ruth of Penn State got two first-place votes and was second.

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