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I worked their initial Hunter/jumper show. Absolute, top notch facility. The guy who was running the hunter ring (me) was only so-so. The footing is GREAT. The on-site accommodations (that I saw) were 1st class. Get a spot for their next show!
thinking of you all this weekend. so glad no one was hurt. just wondering how the bird houses were doing...
You're in my next of the woods Mark😃🌽🍓🍇🍉
Very excited to see you added Hunter shows to your calendar. Hoping to bring three for Hunter Breeding classes.
Crickets are coming this weekend! Sales and Rentals..
Not only is Aiken a fabulous horse community, but for one week a year it becomes a fabulous music town with world class Juilliard musicians and other talented artists. Check out the schedule, the fun begins on March 7th with a New Orleans style jazz funeral parade downtown, Opera, Piano, Swing Dance, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Cabaret, something for everyone!
wow! what a beautiful Stable View aunt Shirley
Hi there! Does anyone know who the photographer was for the show last Saturday?Thank you!! :)
Hi there - when do you think the 2019 Show Schedule will be posted? Thank you! :)
Thank you stableview my fairytale wedding festivities were perfect the barn was the perfect size for the occasion and the sunset was beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
If you don’t want to strip your stall, the Aiken county pony club would love to help!! Stop by their tent in vendor row!!!
Stable View is an AMAZING facility to be holding the Summer Trials! Come out! Let's talk!

Stable View is a preeminent international equestrian training facility located in Aiken, South Carolina.

We have been committed to creating a preeminent international equestrian training facility at Stable View in attempt to ensure success. THE MAIN BARN: When Stable View was initially purchased the main barn comprised 16 large stalls. We decided to remove one of the stalls and install two indoor wash racks with hot and cold water. The rubber brick flooring, large tack room, laundry facility and high ceilings create an efficient working and living environment for both horses and humans. MAIN BARN ACCOMMODATION We added a two bedroom apartment with en suite bathrooms above the barn to accommodate guests coming to stay at Stable View. THE WORK SHED Next we moved on to the large “Work Shed” to see how it could become a more useful asset to Stable View. We added 11 stalls with Nelson® automatic waters around the outside of this building, two wash racks with hot and cold water, two tack/storage areas. THE WORK SHED ACCOMMODATIONS We built 2 – one bedroom apartments with en suite bathrooms. THE KENNELS For horses we added 6 matted stalls, with Nelson® automatic waterers. Each stall has its own private tack room. The unique design allows riders and grooms to walk out of the back door of their apartment/bedroom into a hallway, straight into their tack room which is connected to the back of each stall. THE KENNELS ACCOMMODATIONS The third large building on the property was “The Kennels”. This building was used to house the hunting dogs from the previous owner,(rooms are named after some of the dogs that used to reside there). The building was completely refurbished and features two-two bedroom apartments, three one bedroom apartments each of which have en suite bathrooms, a fully equipped common kitchen that offers laundry facilities and a tub for bathing dogs. PASTURES Initially there were several 4-acre pastures but after taking professional advice, we decided to sub-divide these into 35 -1/2 acre paddocks with automatic waterers, allowing for each stall to have its own assigned paddock. COVERED ARENA It was determined that there were very few covered arenas in the Aiken area. As a result we built a 250’ X 300’, covered arena using Pinnacle® footing from Attwood Equestrian Surfaces. This dust free riding surface is engineered with the intention of causing minimal concussion and maximum viscoelastic rebound. Stable View hosted the US Equestrian Eventing Team training sessions taught by US Team Coach David O’Connor during the winter of 2013. As a result Stable View has been named one of the USET’s official winter training sites. CROSS COUNTRY COURSE In addition we decided that Stable View, with its sandy soil, should provide an irrigated cross-country course. As a result, we drilled five wells which collectively produce 250 gallons per minute, distributed via over a mile of underground pipes, to run a K-Line portable irrigation system. We believe that this is the first of its kind in Aiken. Our course was designed by Capt. Mark Phillips. Capt. Phillips has recently retired as coach of the US Eventing Team after 13 years and is a world renowned course designer in the US and Europe. As a result of Captain Phillips recommendation, course builder Eric Bull was brought on board as the course builder, Eric, has built many interesting and challenging courses around the country. The first phase of the cross-country course will offer Beginner Novice through Preliminary levels with our first nationally recognized horse trials to run September 27 & 28, 2014. FORTHCOMING PROJECTS - Turf Grand Prix jumping arena. This arena was renovated, sprigged and seeded (with Bermuda). This arena is 150’ X 150’ and we included some trees in its design - The next project will be an outdoor all weather arena. This will be built adjacent to the covered arena thus enabling integrated usage. This expansion will enable Stable View to host large shows featuring many different disciplines.

Congratulations to the winners of Week 3 of the Stable View Virtual Dressage Competition sponsored by Sterling Thompson Equine Insurance!

Remember to send in your videos for USEF Second Level Test 3 and USEA Preliminary Test A. Entries for those classes close on Monday, April 27th.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of additional weeks of virtual competition thanks to the outstanding level of support we have received!

It’s been a very active season so far in our bird boxes! Currently there are 15 blue bird nests, 38 eggs, and 16 nestlings.
The female kestrel is pictured with her 4 eggs.
Keep checking back weekly for updates, and hopefully our first fledge report of the season soon!


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𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐱 𝐮𝐩𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞:

We’re making great strides on the changes and additions to the G.L. Williams water complex!

Although we were sad to see the recent tornado took out several trees, we made it an opportunity to grow and improve.

In addition to doubling in size, the water now has more open entry points and newly made banks / drops. These changes will greatly increase options for our course designers and pose a new challenge for riders.

We can’t wait to see competitors splashing through! 🐎

Stable View Farm, LLC
A Gathering Place

Special thanks to ETB Equine Construction, LLC for their hard work in making our vision a reality.

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Happy Earth Day! 🌿 🌎

At Stable View, we take conservation seriously and do our best to steward this land well. We are proud to be involved in a variety of environmental initiatives including:

Blue bird habitats

Red cockaded woodpecker habitats

Ongoing flora and fauna audits

Award-winning work with the Southeast Regional Land Conservancy

LEED Gold certified Pavilion

Sustainable fertilizing and property maintenance

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Congratulations to the winners of Week 2 of the Virtual Dressage Competition sponsored by Sterling Thompson Equine!

Entries for Week 3 have already filled, but entries are open for USEF Second Level Test 3 and USEA Preliminary A for Week 4! Submit your video YouTube link to [email protected].

#weeklybirdupdate The first blue birds of the season have hatched! There are currently 13 blue bird nests with a total of 52 eggs and chicks. More good news - the Kestrels have returned for a third year! There is currently one kestrel egg in the nest. Stay tuned for more updates all season long!

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Attwood Equestrian Surfaces

Because there is so much riding on it! Attwood Equestrian Surfaces has installed footing in forty-one U.S. states, Canada, India, and the Middle East. A small sample of the equestrians who believe in our products...
Peter Barry and Colleen Loach: Eventing, Team Canada; Aiken, SC and Montreal, Canada
JJ Tate: Dressage; Wellington, Florida
Allison Brock, Bridlespur, Keswick, VA
Will Faudree, Eventing; Gavilan Farm, Hoffman, NC
Silva Martin: Dressage; Team USA, Windurra USA, Cochranville, PA
Boyd Martin: Eventing; Team USA, Windurra USA, Cochranville, PA
Virginia Horse Center Foundation, Lexington, VA
The Oaks of Lake City FL, Karen & David O’Connor’s signature equine community
The Chesapeake Dressage Institute in Annapolis MD
Sprieser Sporthorse, Marshall VA
Morningside Training Farm, The Plains, VA
Stone Hall Farrm, The Plains, VA
Morven Park International Equestrian Center, Leesburg, VA
Project R.I.D.E., Elk Grove, CA
Stable View Farm, Aiken, SC
Toyon Farm, Napa Valley, CA
Want to know more? Call Melanie at (540) 364-5647 for a free quote.
Photo: Nick Attwood and Chris Barnard at Stable View

Virtual Dressage Update:

2 spots available in Training A! The first two entries emailed to [email protected] will be eligible.

We've added Week 4, which will offer USEF Second Level Test 3 and USEA Preliminary Test A.

The classes for Week 3 are filing quickly, so enter soon!

More details available at

Social Distancing Blog 3 - Click HERE to read!

Congratulations to the winners of Week 1 of the Stable View Virtual Dressage Competition sponsored by Sterling Thompson Equine! #svvirtualdressage

Click here to view full placings and scores:

April 9, 2020

In an attempt to restart Equestrian activities at Stable View, we are going to eliminate late fees during May on all of the events referenced below. In addition, we are delaying final acceptance of Entries to the latest date possible. Please check back on May 1 for a further update regarding the status of our May shows.

Subject to the present restrictions being lifted, the latest date for accepting entries for our Schooling Dressage Show on May 13th will be May 10th.

For the Eventing Academy on May 23rd and 24th, in terms of Schooling on the 23rd, as usual, sign up in advance or on the day. For the unrecognized event on the 24th, entries will be accepted through May 20th with no late fee.

For the Schooling Hunter Jumper Show on May 30th, as usual, sign up in advance or on the day with no additional fees.

If possible, please enter early as this will help us plan in terms of officials, arenas, and levels of Staffing. If we cancel an event, Stable View will continue with its full refund policy.

Our present view is that there could be only one or two days notice prior to restrictions being lifted. As a result, we thought that it would be good to share our preparedness to reopen Equestrian activities at Stable View at the earliest opportunity. Please continue to follow your local guidelines regarding social distancing and gatherings. We look forward to seeing you back at Stable View soon.

For more information:
[email protected]

Click here to read Social Distancing Blog 2 -

Silva Martin

Entries are full for Week 1, so send your entries for Weeks 2 and 3 before they fill! Thank you to Sterling Thompson Equine for their generous sponsorship of the Virtual Dressage Series!

A big thank you to Stable View for organizing this virtual horse show, so that we could compete from the safety and comfort of home! This was such a wonderful idea and we are very grateful!

#dressage #stableview #virtualhorseshow

Stable View Social Distancing Blog 1:

We thought we’d start a weekly blog. It’s a way of keeping you up to date with what’s going on at Stable View - you can't come and see us, so, we’re going to come and see you!!

It’s just over a month ago that we were starting to clear 125 fallen trees from the property. Quite a lot has happened since!

The new Rider Lounge that we were building is now finished - ready for use. Unfortunately it seems that we’ll not be using it for a few more weeks.

In terms of events to be held here, we’ve put back the next Eventing Academy by a week - potentially allowing for an A rated H/J Show.
We’ve had to cancel a number of Weddings.
The Boarders have nearly all gone home - this was Boyd Martin’s sixth year at Stable View. Those that haven’t gone home are stuck here for a bit!
We had a great “season” here, even after the coronavirus pandemic introduced Social Distancing.
The new replacement Stalls will arrive from England at the beginning of May - they will be a week late due to their shut down.
In terms of farming duties, we’re full speed ahead with pre-emergent, fertilizing, vibrating, and, soon to be irrigation of Cross Country Courses.
We have started to use three year Stable View horse fertilizer on the Cross Country Courses - a big saving on our fertilizer bill.
In terms of activities, there was a window during which Stable View was going to be running a special 3* and 4*. This would have helped the US Olympics Team as they prepared for Tokyo - that unraveled once the Olympics were postponed - I hope it can happen next year.
The bird fledge program is in full swing.
So far, we’ve undertaken two Controlled Burns.

We are benefiting from being privately owned. No tax $, no donations, no committees - allow for a quick objective, independent and unemotional response to business opportunities.
We’re not going to be doing anything illegal, but we’re going to remain opportunistic as we develop the business of Stable View.

In my opinion the after effects of this pandemic will be with us for years. A variation of Social Distancing - bowing or waving instead of shaking of hands will become accepted - towns and cities are out, villages and open spaces are in.

In the US we are dealing with the worst health system in the developed world. What we do have is the most efficient supply side in the world - it’s this that will pull us through. Please take advantage of our virtual dressage competition in the coming weeks!
That’s it for now.

We hope that you are well.

Regards, Barry and Cyndy

With regular horse shows on hold, Stable View is offering a VIRTUAL DRESSAGE COMPETITION with prize money sponsored by Sterling Thompson Equine. Entries to the online competition are FREE! This is a three week series with different judges and tests offered each week! Simply upload your video to Youtube and email the link to [email protected]. The first ten submissions for each test will be accepted.

Week 1: USDF Training Level Test 3 and First Level Test 3 judged by Debbie Rodriguez (S) and Sue Smithson (S). The submission deadline is April 6.

Learn more here!

Spring is here! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming, which means it's time to bring back the #weeklybirdupdate! Stable View has 12 blue bird boxes and 5 screech owl boxes on site, as well as habitats for Red Cockaded Woodpeckers. As a member of the South Carolina Blue Bird Society, we track and monitor the progress of the boxes weekly.

This week, we have two complete nests with one egg each. This photo is of the first blue bird egg for the year. Stay tuned each week for an update on nest, egg, baby bird, and fledge counts!

We're hiring! If you are interested in joining our team as a Show Secretary, click here to view the job description and for information on how to apply.

Stable View understands that many brides are in the midst of rescheduling their weddings due to the unforeseen circumstances of the Coronavirus. We have several dates available for both of our venues later in the year to accommodate your wedding needs!

Limited availability for the Pavilion and Main Barn in June, August, September, October, November, and December.

Call 484-356-3173 for more information or to schedule a venue tour! Please share with any couples you know who may have to reschedule their wedding.

Prescribed Burn | Stable View | Aiken, SC

Prescribed burn at Stable View in Aiken, SC on March 19, 2020.

We know this break from competition can be tough...what are you most looking forward to about getting back in the show ring? Let us know in the comments! 🏆

Photo of DPEquestrian LLC by Shawn McMillen Photography.


As a result of advice from the CDC, Stable View has decided to postpone the Designer Builders CCI-S 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* that was to be held on March 28th and 29th. We feel that in spite of overwhelming support from Riders at all levels, the CDC’s advice is unequivocal in a manner that was not present with previous guidance.

Riders will be repaid in full, all entry, stabling, bedding and accommodations fees ASAP.

Unlike certain other facilities, Eventing at Stable View is not crowd sourced, thus with few spectators it was considered unlikely that contamination would occur.

At this time we would like to thank many Riders, Owners, Grooms and those in the Eventing Community who supported our stand. We will run future dates on our Eventing Calendar ASAP.
We will be continuing with our full refund policy which we would suggest corrects a legacy issue within the Eventing industry that brings it into disrepute - Riders being charged for services not rendered.

The Boyd Martin, ETB Schooling Field at Stable View will remain open - cost $60 per horse. The new Rider Lounge with toilet and shower facilities will be available for use.

Please contact 484-356-3173 or email [email protected] with further questions.

Further to Stable View’s Announcement on Friday evening, we are intending to run the Designer Builders 1*,2*,3* and 4* on March 27-28.
Social Distancing will be encouraged. There will not be a Competitor Party and Vendor Alley has been cancelled. Spectators will be discouraged. A significant number of additional hand sanitizers/wash stations have been ordered.
This event serves as an FEI qualifier but is NOT a USEF qualifier.
As Riders are aware, due to its two day format, the Designer Builders 1*,2*,3* and 4* is limited to 155 entries. We are however working with USEF (via the provision of an additional Ground Jury) to see if it's possible to accommodate additional entries.
All riders requesting a refund by Monday March 17 at noon will receive a full refund. Riders are being individually emailed to this effect.
Prize money will still be offered as listed in the Omnibus. Any riders wishing to compete, but to cancel their stabling will receive a full stabling refund. At this time our entries are full but we have started a wait list and will pull riders from that wait list as scratches come in from those requesting refunds.

[03/13/20]   OFFICIAL STATEMENT REGARDING COVID-19: Stable View has always made horse and human welfare its number one priority, and we have kept a constant watch on developments related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As previously stated, we had the full intention of running all events unless otherwise advised by governing organizations. Unfortunately, through statements made today by USEF and the FEI, as well as growing pressure from state and federal agencies, we now feel compelled to cancel all National Divisions for the next month. Full repayment will be made to all riders for all fees associated with these entries. This weekend’s Southern Comfort Dressage show remains unaffected.

For the FEI event scheduled to run March 27-28, we are continuing to take advice. We have been told that upper level riders need to be able to run their horses, in case the Olympics still occur, and that we would be providing a needed service to these riders if the event proceeds. Having taken further advice, we have been told that the event would still count as an FEI qualifier, but not a USEF qualifier, and that we are still allowed to give prize money. If we do proceed, we would take as many precautions as possible, including canceling our vendor row and competitors party, and ordering extra hand sanitizing stations. Another option is to run a schooling event on the same course at a reduced entry price. Regardless of which direction we go, we would offer a full refund to riders who would prefer not to come. We are seeking further clarification and will make a further announcement ASAP. At present, our FEI event remains open for entries.

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Prescribed Burn | Stable View | Aiken, SC
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151 Stable Dr
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Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
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