Sunset Speedway-Spokane,WA

Sunset Speedway-Spokane,WA


Is there a rule book, I'm interested in getting a kart and would like to know what is orvis not allowed for each class.
I am selling all of my clone/predator stuff. Ton of carburetor parts, 3 ARC adult carbs, 1 Vaase Jr. 2 carb, 8 stock carbs, 2 new LW aluminum flywheels (1 clone, 1 predator), crank bearings, keys, 1 max stroke crank, 8 rods (1 forged, 1 .005 long, 1 .010 long) 30+ new valve springs, valves, rockers, valve covers, 1 new bare head, 1 complete head, 1 used head. 2 new top plates, 8 new pistons, 20+ sets of rings and 15 top rings, box full of gaskets, 9 new cams. 7 motors - 1 rebuilt clone, 2 short blocks, 1 race old hemi-head motor, 1 hemi head motor still in box, 1 complete ready to bolt on predator w/alum. flywheel, 1 clone needs flywheel. A little over $2,400 in parts alone, sell everything for $2,700. I will separate if you just need a few parts. Randy Lasswell 795-6059.
Saturday September 14 is the final race of the season at Sunset Speedway. There will be a potluck again. AREA51 will be providing hot dogs, chili and a nice cake for dessert. We need people to sign up for one more main dish and also some side dishes. Please contact myself or Kasara to sign up. Good food, good people and good Racing all go hand in hand. Thanks guys see ya there!
Some sights n sounds from this season.....
Racing is still on for this evening come on out and play
Does anyone have a jacket they want to sell? Size XL
UAS only at big sky July 20....sorry 206 guys I spoke too soon Last Call, If you are racing at BK11 this Saturday, and have not yet sent me your info to be added to the driver roster please do so. Please share this post and help get the word out. Thanks. Class or Classes entering Kart # Driver Driver Hometow Owner Chassis Motor (UAS Class) Sponsors/Special Thanks
I am moving from NC to Spokane in a few months, I am looking to get back into kart racing but I’ll need everything pretty much to get started if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it. I can’t seem to find anywhere online (stores) that sell anything for them.
Where do I find Beginner Racer rules to race a Kart?
For sale $800 Unsure oN make and year. Comes with a blue clone motor. runs great. Needs a pull starter cord. Also includes, a few extra tires and wheels and a box of parts Call or text 509 951 3847

Family Friendly Kart Racing President - Dave Black Vice President- Sec/Tres- Diane Perry Board Members- Bob Thompson Sunset Speedway is a 1/5th mile clay oval track.

We are located just west of Spokane in Airway Heights in the Spokane Motorsports ORV complex. Racing on Saturday day races starting at 1pm, night races starting at 7:00pm RULEBOOK 2017 Race Schedule April 22nd (day race) May 6th (day race) May 20th (day race) June 10th (night race) June 17th (night race) June 24th (rain date if needed) July 22nd (night race) double points August 19th (night race) September 9th (night race) September 16th (rain date if needed) September 30th (day race) double points FUN DAY: October 7th

Mission: To provide a fun, family oriented racing experience for drivers and fans of all ages!

Operating as usual

2020 Fall Brawl continues. Race #2 is less
Than two weeks away! Saturday Sept 19, 2020.
Gates @ 9am
Hotlaps @ 10am
Racing by 11am

As always, Sunset Speedway provides a premium racing surface for the most exciting experience in dirt racing! Several classes available so there is always something for everyone! Experience Thee fastest clay oval around ....and around and around!
Beg 5-8 yrs
Jr1 8-11 yrs
Jr2 11-15 yrs
Sunset Stock 4’s
Open modified
Open KT

If you don’t see a class offered that you want to see, it takes 3 karts to make a class so message me and we’ll get it figured out! Big thanks to our sponsors, fans and YOU THE RACERS who make this possible! Hope to see you all at the track!

[09/06/20]   2020 season is drawing to a close! A week from today, sept 12 is the final race of the season! Race #7 Double Points Championship event. It’s up for grabs in all classes! The most exciting race of the year you won’t want to miss! Huge shout out thank you to all of our sponsors who helped make 2020 a heckuva season. I also
Wanna call out all open modified class drivers. Sept 12 will be The Small Motor Mafia shootout. Any air cooled single cylinder two stroke 131cc max and any air cooled single cylinder overhead valve pushrod type motor, or flathead motor. 275cc Max. The UAS CC/weight rule apples 10 kart minimum will pay $750. More karts more payout! Get those animals, clones, Techumseh KT...Sudam...get’em ready for a shootout! So all you guys..n gals out there with an open modified kart package wanna be part of the small motor mafia shootout let me know so I can get the rest of the details worked out! See y’all at the track!

First attempt at a day race track. I feel good about what we were able to take and learn from. Onward to thrr er next...,

2020 Sunset Speedway points

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Race #6 Winners

Photos from Sunset Speedway-Spokane,WA's post

[08/24/20]   Not sure if everyone knows but the racing community in Washington State had a scare last week. Governor Inslee made some new Updates to the outdoor recreation guidance clarify restrictions to non-spectator motor-sports in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Safe Start plan. These changes go into effect on August 24.
When these changes came out, it seemed to read that all Go kart tracks, ORV/Motocross facilities and non spectator motorsports were now not allowed, after 3 months of being allowed. This affected all racing tracks from karts, motorcycles, drag strips, road courses and stock car tracks in the State.
After some discussion today from motorsports groups and the state it was clarified to read, spectators and spectator camping, spectator races and spectator events are not allowed.
So we are still allowed to have non spectator events, but we need to limit the number of people at the races. Each driver is allowed to have two other people in the pit area. We will not be opening the outside pit area for free entry like in the past.
All other kart tracks in the state require masks be worn by everyone, everywhere at the track except in your own pit area and when drivers have their helmets on.
We need to make sure that we follow the rules so we can keep racing.
Each person must bring your own pen to sign the waivers.
Thank you
Sunset Speedway

[08/16/20]   Thank you EVERYONE for coming out for race #6 last night! Another great show in the books...track was smooth and bad fast!congrats Jared Storer and Kily Fleming on your main event wins! See everyone sept 12 for the double points season finale! It’s gonna be a barn burner!

[08/15/20]   As a reminder to everyone, registration is open from 3:30 til 5:30. If for whatever reason you cannot make it by 5:30, and register after the registration closes no pea pick will be allowed. My scorekeeper was a bit frazzled from re-doing the lineups due to late arrivals. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. See everyone at the races!

Workin every day fine tuning track
Prep. There’s a lot of trial and error that goes into this effort. I can not control Mother Nature. Wind, rain, blazing sun, overcast, humidity...these are things I can not control or affect. The only thing I CAN the amount of water I put on. It’s race day folks!

Track is ready for race #6 tomorrow.
Gates @ 3
Hotlaps @ 6
See everyone at the track!

Photos from Sunset Speedway-Spokane,WA's post

Team Thirty One

Heat 1 KT 100 8.8.2020

KT heat One

Team Thirty One

Sr Lo 206 main event 8.8.2020

What another amazing event last night at Sunset Speedway. The pits were packed and we had 35 karts! I can’t thank the racers and fans enough for the overwhelming support you all show each week. It was our largest turnout yet! The track was smooth and had good bite. Congratulations to all the winners and we’ll look forward to seein ya next Saturday August 15 for race #6! Season is winding to a close and the racing is starting to intensify as the battles for all the top spots are heating up.

Tomorrow’s race day! With only 3 races remaining, there are tight battles forming for the top spots in each class! Corona virus put the breaks on our season for a bit over a month but we stuck with it and are
Doin the work. This has been a great season so far and we’re gonna finish strong! See y’all here...tomorrow!
Gates at 3
Hot laps at 6

Let’er marinate now. Track prep
Complete ...

[08/04/20]   A reminder of some items that have come up this season.
-All pit areas must have fire extinguishers.
-NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL allowed.
-garbage (pack it in/pack it out).
-everyone must have pit passes including people in your pit area. All drivers know this but some act like they don't know. The penalty is to dq the driver. -non ethanol fuel to pass fuel tech.
-no restarting engine once on track, even if you don't get out of the kart. The only restarts are on red flag when drivers are told to turn off engines, as long as the kart was running before the red flag

Airway Motocross Park Official

IMPORTANT! Click this link: I rarely ask people for their time but this is important. Please give us 5 minutes of your time to fill out an online survey. This is going to help with the future planing of the park

I’m really pleased by how well
The club is doing. The members have come
Together and we are “doin the work”...kinda one of my battlecries from
A couple seasons ago lol....Seeing the fruits of your labor materialize has a reward all of its own! Big thank you’s to Diane, you put in more time than anyone are definitely an asset to karting in the PNW! Kily Michelle and Kily along with Loren Bartle, Bryan Morris, Jim Perry, who mind you is recently retired, he crews for Diane, and is the Sheriff of The Tare takin care of things on the scales during the races....Kevin D White ...Monica!Kevin Heer and the RevCraft Racing Team, Dylan Heer...Larry and Ethan guys have above and beyond been instrumental....Madam President, Kasara....just puttin up with me is plenty lol...Kelly McKlees is our heckuva guy...I thank Rusty King for bringin Kelly into our lives! Our Sponsors
Have come through big time as well...Mike Burris...Hegar...Diamond Lake Lumber, Nick and Rachel Johnson...Judges, Competition Carbs....Daystar Childcare...Klaiber Racing..JB is the man!.... Ronnie Swyers Product 41....thank
You every member, every sponsor! Thank you every racer that races here and the fans that support this grassroots of racing! Thank you everyone for the effort you put into being part of something big! .....
Karting in the Pacific Northwest!

Race #5 Winners

Photos from Sunset Speedway-Spokane,WA's post

Race # 1 Winners

Photos from Sunset Speedway-Spokane,WA's post

2020 Sunset Speedway points

Photos from Sunset Speedway-Spokane,WA's post

[07/29/20]   Just a reminder to all Sunset Speedway racers of our remaining schedule.
We have two races scheduled for Aug and one in Sept.
Sat. Aug 8th is our 2nd make up race.
Sat. Aug 15th is race #6.
Sat. Sept 12th is race #7, Double Points race.

[07/19/20]   I’m thinking of having a small motor mafia pay race around the end of August or later in September after the UAS Grand National Race. By small motor mafia I mean only air cooled, small displacement (131cc max) 2 stroke kart specific engines. Parilla, Sudam, Yamaha KT, K35, etc. CC/weight rules per UAS air cooled rules. Bore and stroke will be the only tech for the top 5 pay spots. It wasn’t but 6-8 years ago these powerplants were the big dawgs of the UAS. Lotta guys still have these motors and I feel this would be an excellent opportunity to pull’em off the shelf for another run. I’m open to all ideas and suggestions ANYONE may have. Message me on Facebook if you wanna RSVP, have ideas or would like to sponsor this race event. The Fireball 2020 was a great success and we want to build on that. We’re seeing growth around karting in the PNW and want to keep that momentum going forward in this grassroots of motorsports.

Fireball 2020 Sr. Clone Main event.
Sunset Speedway 7.11.2020
Jared Storer wins the main event stretchin it out.....however, post race inspection revealed the exhaust header was
Laying in the floor pan and not secured to
The head...Dq’d on a technicality...sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail. Congratulations Kily Fleming getting the main event win...and a brand new motor!

Blake Hinton rides the front stretch wall off of the song goes....”I crashed that piece of s#%t and just walked away...Blake walked off under his own power...jokingly says “he’ll prolly feel it in the morning” ....hope you’re doin ok Blake!

Huge shoutout to this kid! What a blessing it was when Edward Reynolds came walkin up Saturday morning ....just lookin to hang out at sunset and catch the Fireball 2020! Edward was a huge help from the minute I saw him. He helped us stage out the prizes for display in the registration booth, ran the grid a little for me...he used his own vehicle to help me get the track wheel packed on Sunday morning, he was the corner flagman for both days also....Edward showcased his racing savvy Saturday night recognizing a potentially serious crash and throwing the yellow flag at the correct time to eliminate possible
Catastrophe late in the UAS main event! Edward has a huge heart and his willingness to help in anyway he can speaks volumes with me! We really hope to
See more of Edward in the coming races! Thanks again so much buddy for the help! You da man #8!

Team Thirty One

Jared Storer wins the Fireball 2020 KT 100
Main event sponsored by Kevin D White watertight roofing Team thirty one racing, Ronnie Swyers Product 41, Morris Wheeler Motorsports, Joe Stackman Judges Performance, Area 51.

KT main/ UAS

Sr. Lo206 main event. 7.11.2020 Fireball 2020. Sponsored by Mike Burris Burris Racing. Nick Moore Bryan Morris Larry Wheeler top 3.

Fireball 2020 Double points races weekend in the books! Can’t express my thanks enough to everyone the showed up to race and for our sponsors overwhelming support! Complete details tomorrow ...I’m whooped! Thank you everyone again! From Sunset Speedway ....3 deep in the pit area! Been a while since we’ve seen that!

[07/09/20]   The Sunset double race weekend is coming this Saturday and Sunday and there are few things to let everyone know about.
The club will be hosting a BBQ and we are asking club members if they could bring some chips or desserts.
All non towing vehicles must be parked outside the pit area.

Each race day is a separate event and so we need to pay each day separately. There will be camping in the pit area with no water or power for $15 per night, per unit.
We need to remind all drivers that Sunset Speedway is Burris only track so anyone racing member or non member must have Burris tires. This rule does not apply to UAS as they are a separate Series.
No one is allowed to go near Jr II or adult drivers until they have scaled after each race, Beginner and Jr I drivers are allowed one adult to help them. The post race tech area is only for one driver or mechanic per kart. No driving in the pit area and please slow down coming off the race track as there are always kids running around.
All spectators must stay behind the fence on both the on ramp and off ramp, no one is allowed past except officials.

All minor drivers (members and non members) need to have a copy of birth certificate on file with Sunset Speedway.
Everyone must remember to follow social distancing or wear
a mask, Sunset has masks and hand sanitizer available.

Race #4 WInners

Race # 4 WInners

Race # 4 WInners


2020 Sunset Speedway points

2020 Sunset Speedway points

Our Story

Sunset Speedway is a 1/5th mile clay oval track. We are located just west of Spokane in Airway Heights in the Spokane Motorsports ORV complex. Racing on Saturday day races starting at 1pm, night races starting at 7:00pm

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12402 W Sprague Ave
Airway Heights, WA

Opening Hours

Saturday 19:00 - 21:00
Saturday 09:00 - 10:00
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