ZYIA Babes with Erica Herrold

ZYIA Babes with Erica Herrold


Heading out to do some grocery shopping in my Zyia joggers and Floral Zip Up Jacket! Unfortunately after losing a bunch of weight, I may not be able to wear these joggers much longer. I guess I will have to buy new ones!
Today I am 3 weeks postpartum and haven’t worn anything except sweats and my husbands basketball shorts. Today I wore my zyia leggings for the first time (I was 9 months pregnant when I bought them) and they gave me the support I needed to feel confident in my new body as it continues to heal and change♥️ (Photo of my little one just because she’s cute)
Hi girls... I’m having a party right now with Erica and posted this in my party but also wanted to share it here... Ok girls!!!! Going WAY outside of my comfort zone on this post. Erica asked me if I had pics of me in my Zyia to post. It is so easy to see yourself as not fit or uncomfortable taking these photos but honestly, not in my Bomber bra and high and tight capris. These make me feel so confident when I am in them!!!
Ahhh my stuff finally got here!! So excited 😍😍🥰🥰
Don’t mind my face but I love this copper charged tank with my grid bra! 🐆
If you don’t have the Havana tank you are seriously missing out!! Don’t mind the messy hair and no make up
Me and my workout buddy with our new water bottle from Erica (strawberry and limes-yum). Thanks
If you haven't ordered a water bottle and shaker from Erica, I highly recommend you do! Today's outdoor office and sunshine call for extra water, and the strawberries I have in the infuser are helping me fly through it!
Thanks for the workout class last night it was a good time!!

Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching ZYIA Activewear boutique Erica was born and raised in the heart of the Black Hills, South Dakota. She received a degree in Exercise Science.

After graduation she took a position as a student Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Wyoming. In 2011, she married her husband and they took a life adventure to Spokane, Washington. Erica is a natural born entrepreneur. Erica enjoys the thrill of chasing the next challenge. She has always been an athlete and over the years has participated in adventure races, 5k, 10k, 24 hour races, and even a marathon. She truly unleashed her passion after training and competing in her first Bodybuilding show in 2015. In her business she is able to fulfill her passion for motivating, coaching, and challenging others. She enjoys working one-on-one with clients to help them achieve their goals through making lifestyle changes. Her mission is to inspire, help, and challenge others to be their best!

Operating as usual

Whatever you do be fabulous! 🔥😜

ZYIA Babes with Erica Herrold's cover photo

Comfy and cute can be a thing! Head over to my shop to find out!
Specials going on this weekend! Message me or Comment below for deets! 🔥🔥

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We played it safe and stayed home! I sat and wished we were out camping the entire weekend 🏕

What did you do?

Stone leopard 🐆 leggings omg 😱
Everyone needs these! I’m freaking love.

Paired with our Bright lime Fantastic tank it has a built in bra! Stay true to size, medium support, can be worn as a swim top!

ZYIA Babes with Erica Herrold's cover photo

Welcome to my page!

Who wants to host a Summer showdown party with me!? ☀️ 👙 🏖

Maybe I should mention FREE and 1/2 off ZYIA to be had? 🍾PLUS when you host with me you get extra fun ways to get even more FREE! 😎

There are multiple ways to party:
🎉 5-7 day virtual Facebook event
🎉 3 day flash party
🎉 Grab a friend and do the party together in a battle of the hosts

Dates we have open:
June 25
July 9
July 16
July 23
July 30

ZYIA Babes with Erica Herrold

Packing my bags for Nashville Mini Summit with ZYIA Active! 26 weeks pregnant trying to decide what to wear... you send a hundred videos to your besties 👯‍♀️ seeking advice, just to decide that it doesn’t really matter what I wear as long as I am comfortable and feel confident.
So I threw a bunch of ZYIA in the bag and we are calling it a day! My team, my peers, my followers would expect NOTHING more from me than to just be me and enjoy the time. 🙌

As women we are trained to care what others think and to look a certain way... I am blessed to be part of a community @zyiaactive @zyiafamily that doesn’t care what you look like they care what’s on the inside. Come exactly as you are! No need to shine up your shoes be fit in, you are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT the way you are!

Community and culture are everything to me! It starts from the top!

ZYIA see you soon! 💜💜

25 weeks, are you ready? A question I am often asked... my response... Hell no, but once it happens it will all be perfect! For now I am gonna soak in the weeks ahead I have with just Sage girl!

What would you do to soak in the last weeks with only one kiddo?

When pregnancy hits you right into waking up before your 9 month old baby. Sage slept thru the night! 6 pm till 6 am! 🤩🥳

Guess who was up at 4am!? 🤪 initially I was frustrated... then my husband’s alarm went off and I thought gosh we haven’t had time for us in a long time. He is studying for a huge promotion in his career and waking up at 4am to grind it out EVERYDAY! 🎉

I let go of frustration and decided to spend the morning with him! Threw on my robe and made some coffee! We had a great 2 hours together! Sometimes we get exactly what we need if we are open to it!

He just sent me a text that made me so grateful “Had an amazing morning with you babe” 🥰❤️

Change your perspective, change the outcome! 🙌

I can’t believe this is where we live. Often we forget we are 5 min from the beach 🏖

I was raised in the hills, this is all new territory for us! We don’t know how long we will be in this paradise but we are determined to soak it all in while we can!

Would you rather live by the beach 🏖 or in the Mountains 🏔 ?

Baby Sage —> Baby E

24 weeks! This one is flying by, slow down I’m not ready!

8lb gain so far, feeling good and still working out 4 days a week.

Are you getting Boy 💙 or Girl 💜 vibes?

Stop the scroll girl, you know I got what you need! 🙌😉

Are you curious how I’ve built my biz? 😳

Are you wondering how you can get paid to have fun and wear amazing clothes? 🤯

Are you wondering what the heck I even do and if it’s right for you? Well babe, guess what, you can join as a fly on the wall. No pressure, just information about what ZYIA looks like.

Want an invite? Drop a comment below or private message me 💁‍♀️

Our morning routine? What does it look like? This! 😍

I don’t have to rush anywhere in the mornings! 🙌 So I let Sage decide how we spend the first few hours before I take her to daycare. I take her to daycare not only for my sanity and so I can dedicate time and energy to my biz. But also for her- she loves daycare, other kids, her teacher- Dara! It’s a great balance for us both. Around 2:30pm my heart does start to ache and I can’t wait to go get her! 💜

I am a better mom because I have something for myself, a growing and booming activewear biz! Something I am passionate about and just plain fun!
What do you have that lights your fire and makes you feel great? 👇👇

Dress them up or down... Leggings always have your back!

What’s your favorite brand? 👇👇

Did you know I share tips & tricks on my Instagram stories? If you miss them that’s ok- I save them in the highlights on my page. These are all about Mom hacks, ways to save money, pregnancy tips. I give you the exact details on how to get the items as well! I don’t get paid to do this, I just love sharing how to make your life easier!

Share my page with friends and family so they can learn too! 🙌

Be sure to follow @erica_herrold

Do the things that set your soul on fire! 🔥 I have been fishing since I could hold a pole and love out fishing all the men in my life. My Daddy, taught me how to fish and I married a man with a strong passion for fishing!

So blessed to work for myself and be able to step away and go enjoy during the week! It’s Friday after all, work hard- play harder!

This past weekend I hosted a group of ladies to a special leadership retreat.
They thought they were the ones getting the training but really I was the one learning.
One thing that sticks out in my mind and makes my eyes fill with tears. Is that most women feel alone and don’t have a true group of girlfriends but rather acquaintances. “Friends by connivence”

This deep rooted conversation brought me to a strong realization. I’m not in this business for the money, the leadership, the trips, the clothes or any of that! I am in it for the relationships. For the real heart ❤️ and soul. I have always craved relationships with NO BS, the ones who love you because of your imperfections and vulnerability NOT despite them...

They say “find your tribe” I say find those who love you for exactly who you are and expect nothing more or less then YOU!

Be a part of something bigger than yourself.. Be a part of something that requires you to keep dreaming bigger!

There is no better dream than the one that comes true! 😍😍

Awaiting my teams arrival (less than 40 minutes out 😳)! This is my first team event I’ve hosted! It’s called Uplift, it’s an earned trip to receive top notch training, planning, strategizing and of course FUN! 🙌

I never dreamed I’d be hosting these types of events, retreats and more for a team of ladies! How did I get so lucky!? It puts tears in my eyes to know there are people out there who look up to me... why me!?! I ask all the time...

As I was laying in bed last night, my husband knew the words I needed to hear. He turned to me and reminded me I’ve done the work, putting my heart and soul into this business and my team. They aren’t coming to this to event to get a magic pill, they are coming for the heart and soul.
The he said ”Erica your greatest gift and best leadership trait is you are 100% heart and soul..” give them what they came for!

Tears stream my face writing this... You always wonder what others think of you and you often don’t ever get to truly know. My goal- my objective in this life is to give 💯 to others and pour into them. Just as my mission states... Inspire, uplift and encourage women to feel powerful and confident in their own skin.

Cheers as we kick off this event and the weekend! Thank you @paul_herrold 💕

You know what never gets old....

Receiving money for hard work AND feeling like your efforts are paid in full! 🙌

Receiving an email from the company you represent saying here is an extra 5% 💰

Receiving countless messages from my team, asking if this is real life, they are actually making money in a direct sales company! Thanking me for believing in them and sharing this opportunity. 💕

Seeing happy tears stream across my face wondering how the hell I got so lucky! 😭

Seeing my husband so proud of me! See him believe in this dream just as much as I do! Just so you know he was anti direct sales for years. 😳

If you are watching and still wondering, “could I really do that?” Yes! I have an exclusive new rep training to get you launched. I’ve paved the way for you, I’ll link arms and help you every step of the way! ❤️

Closing out January it feels like it’s been a long month...

This month being a business owner was rough and straight up kicked me in the gut and punched me in the face a few times! Often you can feel like your on an island by yourself, talking to a wall, completely naked. Yeah picture that, it’s not pretty or glamorous.
Behind the scenes of any success comes struggle, failure, feelings of unworthiness, the questioning of your potential...
Sometimes you spin your wheels until you feel like screaming. A lot of what we do as business owners and leaders will never be appreciated or recognized. A lot of what you do will never been seen, heard, or talked about. That’s the hard truth.
If you want all of that recognition leadership and entrepreneurship might not be for you. I truly believe a good leader is more concerned about helping others cross the stage, then actually ever taking the stage themselves. 😳

At the end of this month I sit here with these brand new shoes (super excited about them) I bought myself. These shoes are a reminder to myself for the steps I’m willing to take, for the miles I am willing to run, for places we will show up— even when no one else will.

I am proud to be working toward the best version of myself, the best leader, the best friend, Mom, Spouse. I will take every kick and punch as a reminder that I am doing it. I’m building something bigger than me and it comes with some growing pains! 🖤

Embrace the struggle ladies and pick yourself up off the damn floor, you can’t help anyone from down there!

It’s Tuesday I usually take an hour to binge the bachelor... I can’t get into this season the drama is below my standard of entertaining. Anyone with me?

So instead I spent the morning at a coffee shop with a fellow boss babe and god 90% of my to do list done then came home- cleaned the kitchen, laundry AND cleared out my closet! Like half of it GONE! It’s only 3pm sayyy what!?

That ole gym selfie on leg day! Leg day while pregnant is a whole different ball game for me. Less weight and more tests. Also that sexy panting that occurs due to their being less space for my lungs 😂

Anyone else having Monday leg day?


Sometimes you just have to live fiercely! Like no one is watching! To be honest even if they are, their opinions don’t matter!

Spend less time worrying about what others will think and more time embracing the crazy!

What are you afraid of doing due to other opinions?

We are officially in that stage of pregnancy where buttoning your jeans is uncomfortable and you either have to move into maternity pants 🤮 or use the hair tie trick! Guess what I did?

#21weeks #babynumber2 #secondtrimester #irishtwins #militaryspouse #leopardprint #style #everydayoutfit

Flashback to Cabo on my first paid trip with ZYIA! Feels like yesterday I was on the beach with these babes! Now we are headed to Jamaica 🇯🇲 then to Bermuda 🇧🇲

I want to fill the beach 🏖 in July! I read posts daily saying “xyz changed my life” I don’t want to be another one of those posts.. however if you didn’t know where I was a few years ago before ZYIA, before I believed in myself- you’d just think this is my luck to have this life.

I close my eyes and give a huge thanks to each person who has been a part of my journey. I took a barely thriving business and launched it directly into the air. All because I said yes, sign me up a year and a half ago! When I decided to join ZYIA, I was running my dogs in a field in WA, living in a RV park in our 31ft camper.

Fast forward to now... living in Florida, we have our first dream of a home, 2 dogs, 1 baby girl, one more on the way, a back yard pool we paid cash for, won multiple trips and bonuses— and the list goes on. Yes, we worked hard for this, yes we made sacrifices, but most importantly we believed in our dreams and never stop dreaming bigger!

So, take a chance on yourself, come to the beach with me! I’ll be there... will you?

Stay at home Momma’s I applaud you!! 👏This gig is no joke! 🤪

There are so many beautiful perks to being able to watch every moment but with that comes a little burnout! It’s a 24/7 job not a 40-50 hour one.

If you are a stay at home Momma, pat yourself on the back. If you are married to one- give her a massage tonight or draw her a bath and put her in it! 😉

Cheers ladies you are freaking rock stars! Slay the day (or diapers and spit up) whatever it is! 😂

Side note: if you work and raise babies you are a beast too. Don’t worry we recognize you too! This post was just for the ones who stay home. 💜

Parenthood unfiltered- people told us being a parent was hard. So we waited 8 married years to decided to bring a kid into our family.

I love raising my girl with this man by my side! Sometimes it feels like the smallest decisions are like climbing a mountain. Each time we discuss how to do something or best way all I can think of is “man, we could of already had it done by now” but gosh thank goodness we take the time to discuss these things it’s so important to parent together. You don’t always have to agree and sometimes it’s not your way. Those little eyes are gonna be watching you, and those little ears are going to be listening. So be kind in your words and loving in your actions toward each other.

A few things we discuss are:
-Not talking about the kids in front of the kids. If there is an issue discuss in private.
-Treat them with respect and talk to them like you would an adult.
-Love each other first and MAKE time!
-It’s our job to raise them kind, healthy, brave, and strong. Be the example.

What do you value in your home in regards to raising little humans?

The days are long but the years sure fly! Gosh I’m gonna miss these snuggles!

Am I alone or do other sit in the nursery and snuggle their babies long after they had fallen asleep and could be put in their crib?

“It’s bad for your baby if you get it off schedule!” -random person

“It’s bad for you to give unsolicited advice!” -Me

The truth is we don’t have a strict schedule for Sage, when she is tired she sleeps, when she isn’t she doesn’t. We’ve allowed her to create her own sleep. Every time we have tried to nail down a schedule and be “strict” we all suffer.

There are so many thoughts, theory’s, and research on this. We’ve done it all. At the end of the day Momma’s it’s what works for YOU and YOUR baby! Screw everything else! 😉

Don’t worry I got your back! 💕

Our Story

Hi Friend, Welcome! As you can tell my page is all about Wellness. I am passionate about helping others unleash their true potential.

I am built on the foundation of serving and inspiring others. I have a strong passion for motivating, coaching, and challenging others. I help individuals feel comfortable in their own skin and feel proud of who they are.

I am a small town girl, raised in the heart of the Black Hills, South Dakota. I am married to a Military man and now we currently live in sunny Florida! We are expecting our first child in June of 2019, although we have two fur babies already, a Chocolate lab and German Shorthaired Pointer.

I am a straight shooter and enjoy the thrill of chasing the next challenge. I have always been an athlete and over the years has participated in adventure races, 5k, 10k, 24 hour races, a Marathon and many body building competitions. I can’t wait to learn more about you and what you truly want! -Erica

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