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Just a Personal Blog in my journeys in autocross, flagging races, and starting in 2020, my adventures in going through Novice Whele to Wheel Road racing and earning my Comp License.

Operating as usual

Wow! I did two races (one weekend) in the BMW M4 for the SCCA Foundation iRacing league. I didn't like how the M4 handled the transitions onto and off the ovals. I did not realize that I was sitting in 5th Place until now. Runoffs are this weekend for the league. I might have to give the Porsche a try...

Advanced Auto Fabrication

While your cars in the shop waiting for next season, don't forget to get those parts that will help you #GetToTheFront!

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Something I haven't done in over 20 years. In the world of computers, I am beyond antique. more ancient. I have only purchased prebuilt compturs, like Gateways, IBM Thinkpads, and Dells new, then a string of used custom built computers.

I picked up a used gaming "PC setup" about 6 months ago so I could have an iRacing setup at home, which allowed Kristen and I to race in the same races together. But shortly after, iRacing did a big rendering update that pretty much made that computer useless for most road racing (FPS would freeze and then I would crash when it unfroze, and killed my stats quickly).

This is the first of a few planned upgrades. 700W PSU, and a GeForce GTX 1660 Super GPU.

A rough start for for the beginning of the race, but they pulled through, and lucked out with driver change timing. Pombo wrecked at T1 while they were in the pits and FCY closed pits. If they hadn't pitted when they did, the second driver would not have gotten his minimum drive time.

Podium in TCR - huge thanks to our crew!

Jzilla Track Days

Every single one of you are in this seat with me... all of you. ❤️ -Gino

I successfully created my first "semi" successful iRacing livery. This is for the Northwest Racing Series NWTS race tomorrow. It will be broadcasted on LSRTV on Youtube.

I say "semi" because I did try to do a spec map, but it turned all of the logos grey. The green is supposed to be a "chrome green" and the black is supposed to be a satin Black. With the gold numbers, this is similar to how the Pro3 will look after paint and wrap.

One sponsor is self explanatory. The other is not really a sponsor, but a charity I love, called Wigglin' Home Boxer Rescue. We were given decals that are the Miata, and am looking to get another set for the Pro3.

I attempted one in the past for the Radical Invitational Cup, but it never would load.

Oh yes...

After 2 months of silence on this page I can finally announce that my new website is ALIVE! This site was formed to facilitate the sale of The Shadow Special Edition Package and other related Shadow items. Please go to https://uopshadowicons.com to review offering details and place your orders.
Although I have been silent on this page too long, we have not been idle. While completing video and still photography for the AVS MKI Book, we have also been repairing the injured Shadows from the 50th Anniversary. As can be seen in the photo below the Championship DN4 that attempted to fly down the front straight at Road America is in much better condition than first feared. We are well on the way to repairing the racer for its next venue. I can announce that this DN4 Shadow will be accompanied by 7 other Shadows at the Amelia Island Concourse on March 4-7 2021.
I also could not resist trying to replicate the Iconic 1969 Road & Track cover photo. Many more High Resolution photo images as well as a 60 second Video of the 2 MKI Shadows on track together, for the only time ever, are included in the Special Edition Package.
I also could not resist trying to replicate the Iconic 1969 Road & Track cover photo. Many more High Resolution photo images as well as a 60 second Video of the 2 MKI Shadows on track together, for the only time ever, are included in the Special Edition Package.
Look for more updates on this page in the upcoming days. Thanks for your patience and continued interest.

Amazing day at ASNW's Octocross today. Ms Squirely Pants is running both days, and I only ran the Pro3 today.

Goodnight! All ready for the morning


NHA Maryhill Hillclimb 2020 Fastest Run

Here's the video to my fastest run on Maryhill this past weekend.

Northwest Hillclimb Association's Maryhill Hillclimb Goldendale, WA Sept, 27th, 2020 Fifth and final run of the weekend. First time doing a hillclimb, I ran ...

A bunch of rough sanding done....


So this is where my number will be for Maryhill and Octocross...

FAST Cooling

Thank you Todd Lamb for this great video.
Also featuring: Tony LaPorta • Atlanta Speedwerks • Lemons of Love • Mazda Motorsports

I had a couple of these 1st gen CRX's back in the day. That's one car I regret getting rid of, and will probably pay alot for a clean one in my later years. That's the hot rod of my generation.

You never know who will pop up and bomb your photo! Scott Giles leans against his FSP CRX while Tom O'Gorman photobombs in grid at the 2020 Toledo Champ Tour

Roll bar foam, vinyl cover, 10BC Fire Extinguisher installed, and driver's window fixed. All prepped for Maryhill next weekend.

Now to finish sanding the Pro3 and get tires swapped onto wheels.

I brought Ms Squirrely Pants out to represent autocross for the all racing edition of Randy Mann's series "How Do You Hod Rod?"

While filming was going on, William Castana grabbed a camera and got some cool shots! Editing by The BuickMann

HARD Motorsport

About to head out for Qualifying!

An amazing, but expensive, opportunity for an amateur driver from back home to compete at the highest level of racing at Road Atlanta. Float a few bucks if you can.

Jzilla Family,

Thank you for another awesome event this weekend at Road Atlanta. Even in this strange time we live in, there is nothing better than spending time with you all.

The event is called Preheat the Petit, and this year it was more appropriate than ever. None of you drivers realized it at the time, but you were all in fact part of something bigger. If you were at any time passed by the AOA Racing TCR Audi you were in fact part of a test session. A test session for it’s attempt to run Petit Le Mans next month.

I have personally known John DeBarros for close to 20 years. Watching him race himself professionally to now owning and operating our home team AOA Racing. A team that has taken many of you racing already! I am so excited to watch my friend accomplish this goal of fielding a car as an owner right here at Road Atlanta.

But I do not want to simply be a spectator for this. I want all of us to be a part of if. I want the Jzilla name on that car and I want one of us in that car. Few people know this but when AOA Racing was first getting off the ground I told Gino to go see John DeBarros and introduce himself. The rest as they say is history. Gino will be the first one to tell you he is not and will never be a pro driver. He’s a track day guy. He’s just as excited driving Joe’s Mazda Protege5 as he is to drive an LMP3 car. He’s one of us. His love for this organization and our family is why we push him and why we support him. He represents us not only on the track but off it.

As many of you know racing is expensive. I alone cannot afford to sponsor this car, but a few dollars from all of you can make this happen. I’m not sure if we'll ever have an opportunity to write a story like this ever again. Let’s show the racing world who we are, who our people are, and what we stand for.

To support the Jzilla effort (and it does not have to be much, could be 5 bucks) to sponsor this car please go to:


Or buy a Tshirt at jzillatrackdays.com/store and profits between now and Petit will go towards sending Gino to the Michelin Cup Challenge.



James Marcellana


@aoaracing will be entering a car for the Michelin Cup Challenge during the Petit Le Mans weekend @roadatlanta

The Jzilla Community will be a huge part of this. Stay tuned for more!

Did a Hard Dog bar install for Ms Squirrely Pants the Miata. Not required for autocross, but is for Northwest Hillclimb Association and for track days.

The first picture was 30 minutes in on Thursday night, then I ate dinner and went home.

The rest were Friday night. All in all, it took me a total of 7 hours, with a lot of breaks.

Next will be installing the fire extinguisher and then it's all set for Maryhill.

Kicking ass and taking names later.

Well today was just one of those crazy days. Filled with smoke and hazardous air conditions. I was able to pull 2nd place from deep inside somewhere i have never been, however, I am still not sure how. My overall point spread for 2nd place for the year are down to the race tomorrow. Rachael and I will be battling it out for 2nd overall for the season. This has been an amazing year for both of us and so much fun and growth! I was still able to reach my goals and identify my points of struggle. So no matter what happens, I know I am learning and growing with each race! I feel truly blessed to have the great support of my family and friends and my teammates. You have all made this year amazing! Oh and of you look in the one photo...... Ms. Squirrely got her new headband (rollbar) installed by Russ!!!!

Some interesting conditions for the West Coast Smash to Pass League race tonight on iRacing. MX5 at my hometown oval track, Lanier Speedway.

If you look closely, you might be able to see what the Pro3 might look like...


PittRace Hoosier Super Tour Saturday News and Notes

A great man who I can only dream of having an ounce of his kindness and generosity sold is Trans Am Caddilac this year and got into Spec Racer Ford.

scca.com This weekend in Wampum, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh International Race Complex hosts its first-ever Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA® Super Tour. Ironically, ...

We did something today. Kristen and I are going to step out of our comfort zone. In my professional auto career, my areas of focus have been primarily suspension, diff rebuilds, and fabrication.

We both have wanted an engine rebuild project.

This has no indication on any direction that my intended business will go. I still will focus on Chassis Fabrication.

This is a Personal Growth Challenge, with no clear plans of what to do with it afterwards. It is the same engine in my Outback, it will bolt into a Formula Vee or a baja bug....

Ms. Squirrely Pants the Miata

A recap of race weekend. Man its getting intense! Rachael is reallya blast to race with and against! Day 1 was a bit rough. I had a hard time getting my grove. I did reach goals but was glad the day was done. I finished 2nd in class. Day 2 was wild a fun course. I sought feedback from so many people. Rachael and I rode with one another. Sean popped in and got a ride along. And I ended up 2nd in my class. Russ was there both days cheering and helping me stay on track! He was such a wonderful help and encouragement! I also really experienced some of the limits of the car qith a little side driftish action. We also learned to double check the trunk for stuff Teheheh It is always an experience. Oh and there was a beautiful old truck out racing that was so so fun to look at and watch!

I have added photos of placements and times ect. I want to thank all of you for your continued support!
A huge thank you to Bob and his crew at Liberty Tire and Auto for getting my tires all fixed up for this race!!

This came out to the autocross today. I had a great conversation with the owner of the truck and Hell's Gate Hot Rods. So much in the fab details...

Three more years of Indycar at Portland!

PIR, City of Portland & Green Savoree Racing Promotions announce 3-year extension of Grand Prix of Portland NTT INDYCAR SERIES race. Read the press release at: https://tinyurl.com/y43gc6pe

New street shoes put on the factory 14's and the RE71's flipped on the race rims to squeeze a little life out of them.

Radical Racing League

Fun league on iRacing. The Radical on ovals. They even tried a lower tier with SRF on ovals for S2, but it didn't become as popular as hoped to be.

I was taking part in practices as a Recruit to start in Season 2, but then the updates made my computer outdated.

RRL has been getting an awesome amount of interest today, feel free to contact us if you’re interested in racing with our league. Thanks in advance!

We had a buddy decide to join in on the party!

Before and after!

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