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Full Scale Fitness provides personal training to the Akron Ohio area and online training! We also provide meal plans built by our registered dietitian.

Full Scale Fitness is a personal training company based out of Akron, Ohio. We are designated towards helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. We provide in-home personal training, online training and individualized meal plans. If you live in the NE Ohio region, we can bring the gym to you! If you live anywhere else in the US, we provide our services online! We offer exercise prescriptions and build custom workout programs designed to your goals. Every program developed is individualized to the client. Every package comes with nutritional advice and support. Our registered dietitian is also available to build you an individualized meal plan. All of our exercise programs are accompanied with nutritional tips and advice at no extra cost. For more information please contact us through direct message or visit www.FullScaleFit.com!

Mission: Our mission at Full Scale Fitness is to provide our best services possible in helping you achieve your healthiest you. We will do whatever it takes to help you succeed!

Hate working inside on beautiful days? How about a yoga break OUTside! 🌞🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️These lucky employees are getting some vitamin D with our corporate yoga instructor Serenity! If you work for a Northeast Ohio company who could benefit from a wellness program, contact us today! #HealthisWealth #Yoga #Worksitewellness @ Stow, Ohio

What a great event today! 🍀Thank you @fourleafcloverrun for putting on such a wonderful event for such an amazing cause. Incredible turnout! Thank you to those who participated and a very big thank you to the #FullScale clients / family that came out to support! 🍀We appreciate it! @desireedakota @hi_im_quinn @dbutleravo @clg21 @kristyr9 @knapp4335

🚨New Trainer Alert!🚨 Meet Kiwi 🥝. He’s our newest Pupper Trainer and is booking sessions today. Only accepting clients who are friendly and pay in belly rubs and milkbones. He can’t carry any weight but can be used as the 3.5lb weights. Very tough and good at “barking” orders. He loves long walks in the park and loves playing with his friends. Contact us today to book your session! 🐶

#Akron #Yorkie #EveryoneWantsToTrainWithKiwi

Last week we asked what people wanted to learn about and postpartum exercise came up. We have worked with postpartum women before but never had posted any information about it. 📚So, we took the request and wrote a short blog on the basics of postpartum exercise. 📝🤓Be sure to share it with a friend who may need this! #Postpartum #postpartumfitness #Akron #PersonalTraining #FullScaleFitness


When the light goes out on your 96 yr old client - you change it for him! 💡 Real relationships, more than fitness. 💪 #FullScaleElectricians #HeDidntMindTheRest ☺️


Funny thing is that this isn’t new for us! His wife (90yrs) has enlisted us in sweeping their garage, watering flowers, picking vegetables out of her garden and even reading her short articles out of the local Akron Beacon Journal. She knows how to get things done! 😂 We love our clients! #FullScaleFitness #SeniorFitness

Ran some Breezing metabolism assessments this week!

With this test, the lucky employees now understand their current metabolism state. This test also informs them of how many calories they burn each day (metabolism). This then allows them to determine a healthy diet and how many calories they should be consuming.

Perfect for weight loss goals, athletes and even pregnant women!

Learn more at: www.fullscalefit.com/metabolism-assessments/

#FullScaleFitness #PersonalTraining #CorporateWellness #Akron

We recently were asked, “What are three guidelines I can follow to improve my diet?”

We had our amazing #RegisteredDietitian Kayla answer as simply as she could. Here are 3 simple guidelines to follow...

Video is from our Instagram story (www.instagram.com/fullscalefitness)

Thank you! Do you have any questions for us?


Hello there! We would LOVE if you would consider running (or donating to) this amazing race! We met the event organizer/founder and learned the story of how he sadly lost his 2 sisters to cancer. He knew he wanted to honor them by supporting local fighters and that became this race. Each year there is an individual chosen to receive the benefit and this year it’s a young boy named Jackson. See the 3rd photo of both Ed (the founder) and Jackson! Head on over to their website: www.fourleafcloverrun.org to sign up. The race/walk is June 8th! We hope to see all of you there! Four Leaf Clover Run #Akron #FourLeafCloverRun #CancerSucks #BeTheDifferenceYouWantToSee

“I was brought in to work with Michael towards the end of his ACL rehab. I’d previously worked with a another soccer player in a similar situation, but Michael has surprised me from day 1. If he didn’t have a knee brace I would’ve never known he injured his knee by how well he moves. The foundation (focus) of our training has been core stability and proper landing mechanics. Being a former athlete I know we all want to lift the most weight, but it doesn’t necessarily translate over to sports performance.” - Wendell Christian Jr., MS, CSCS, CPT, Full Scale Fitness Personal Trainer.

Our trainers are blessed to have the opportunities to change lives. From a 90 year old client to a student athlete such as Michael, we understand what it takes to make a difference. Wendell loves working with athletes and has his Masters in Exercise Physiology so we knew he’d be a perfect fit for Michael. #WeLoveWhatWeDo #SoccerTraining #ACLRehab #StudentAthlete

#Akron #PersonalTraining

Love getting these messages! This screenshot was sent by one of our amazing clients in the Canton region. She’s been kicking butt and it shows! Thanks for sharing @rjgbrewer! 😁🤘🙌

#FullScaleFitness #InHomePersonalTraining #OhiosBest


Are you diabetic? Know someone who is a diabetic? Send them this super short read on how to eat if you’re struggling with diabetes! This is also great for those who may be pre-diabetic and want to help prevent the advancement of the disease. This article was written by our amazing #RegisteredDietitian Kayla!! 🍎


#FullScaleFitness #ExerciseIsMedicine #Akron

WAY TO GO JAIME!! 🙌🎉🎊She lost 68lbs in 6.5 months with us! Jaime worked with her trainer 2x a week and stuck to her program we provided. Everything we do is science based with no crazy fad diets / workouts! It was all about Jaime and her health (and fun)! ❤️ 🤸‍♀️

“I’ve struggled with weight loss my entire life. When I decided to hire a trainer with Full Scale Fitness I was determined to change my ways. After several months, something happened that never had before; I enjoyed my exercise routine. My trainer was friendly and personable which made me comfortable enough to focus on me. I became strong over the months and my weight continued to go down.

Putting the money towards my health by hiring an at home trainer was the best $$ I’ve ever spent.” - Jaime, FSF Client

#FullScaleFitness #Akron #PersonalTraining #WeightLossTransformation

Today we celebrate #internationalwomensday! We want to recognize the women who have helped shape us (and their clients) into who we are today. Women are passionate, caring and dedicated individuals who can pick anyone up when they’re down. We recognize that without these ladies, we wouldn’t be us. And not only do we want to acknowledge the trainers but our female clients too! Every single one of you are AMAZING and have accomplished so much! There’s still more to come - keep being amazing! ❤️🧘‍♀️👩👱‍♀️💃🏋️‍♀️


#Yoga is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t know what I did before these morning practices.” - A lucky employee at one of our corporate client accounts. 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

We love changing lives and have an opportunity each and everyday to do so! Whether it’s our personal training, yoga or our nutrition services - we give our best and make a difference! 🙌

Does your company offer yoga? Connect with us and we can get a program started!

#CorporateWellness #FullScaleFitness #Akron #Canton #Cleveland



Blood Pressure and Exercise - Full Scale Fitness Akron Personal Training

1 in every 3 adults in the United States has high blood pressure (hypertension). That's way too high! Learn more on how exercise can help lower your blood pressure. Don't forget - exercise is medicine!

The challenge is getting people to understand that even though they don't "feel" their blood pressure - it shouldn't be ignored. Don't be one of those individuals!

Contact us today if you have questions!


fullscalefit.com Long term effects of regular exercise has blood-pressure-lowering effects in people with or without high blood pressure, or hypertension. The American Heart

We love ALL of our clients but Jimmy has a special spot in our heart ❤️! He has been working hard and he is doing great!

Woo-hoo Jimmy!!

#FullScaleFitness #MoreThanFitness


This video is from our Instagram page (@fullscalefitness).

I've lost 65lbs with Full Scale Fitness - Cynthia Success Story

"At this time I have lost a little over 65 lbs. It has a made a huge difference in the quality of my life in a sense of I'm happier, I feel better and getting around is easier." - Cynthia

This is what we LOVE! Hats off to you girl!

Will YOU be our next success? Don't go to the gym, let us bring it to you! That's how Cynthia did it. :D

Learn more: www.FullScaleFit.com/inhome-personal-training

#Akron #PersonalTraining #FullScaleFitness #AkronsTopRated

Try this stretch! 🙌

It’s for your quadriceps muscles (thigh) and your hip flexors. It’s an amazing stretch if you’ve been sitting all day or have recently exercised your lower body. 🧘‍♀️

In the photo our client Rebecca is stretching her left quad. Focus on keeping an upright torso and contracting your glute muscle in the back. Take your time and only stretch to a mild discomfort! Be sure to warm up dynamically (such as walking 🚶) before stretching statically (pictured)!

Let us know if you need help or try it! #FullScaleFitness #Akron


❤️ Happy #HeartHealthMonth! We know the importance of exercise and preach it everyday! Exercise is medicine! Thank you ACSM for this quick fact ❤️

Go get your #SundayFunday #Fitness on!

Amazing benefits! Exercise is medicine!

#HappyHeartHappyLife #FullScaleFitness #ExerciseIsMedicine

Happy Heart Month! Throughout February, we'll be sharing important information on heart health and how being physically active can reduce your risk for heart disease.

Not only can regular exercise lower your blood pressure, it can also boost your levels of good cholesterol, assist in weight loss, and reduce stress, tension, depression and anxiety. All of these are good for maintaining heart health!

Can’t start the day without your coffee?

Give this a read and see how you can alter your routine to optimize your health! No, that doesn’t mean decaf! 🙃 ☕️


Learn about how exercising can help manage your diabetes! Our #personaltrainer Quinn wrote this wonderful and educational blog - we highly recommend giving it a read!

#FullScaleFitness #Diabetes


Absolutely love our personalized gift from @rjgbrewer! The two dumbbells are formed by different fitness phrases and cues we use for our personal training. How thoughtful and creative!? Thank you @rjgbrewer for the gift! Looks PERFECT in the office! #Appreciative #Thankful #FullScaleFitness

We LOVE this exercise! It’s called a dead bug and it’s great for building core stability. Focus on keeping your stomach tight but not rounding your low back. Move slowly and feel the burn! 🔥

Please note, you can perform this exercise without the swiss ball.

Let us know if you try it!


Working like a dog! 🐶 We had a new “trainer” join us for our workouts today. He can be pretty “ruff”! Let us know if you want to work with our newest #Personaltrainer. He accepts Milk-Bones as payment. 🐶💰


Some office workouts today! We love working with our corporate clients. It’s a beautiful thing to see a company care about their employees like our friends over at #Drossbach in #Stow do!

They have us doing 1-on-1 personal training sessions, group sessions, yoga classes and even individualized nutrition programs.

Good work ladies! #FitnessAtWork

#FullScaleFitness #CorporateWellness

2019 is just around the corner! Make sure you’re prepared for success by planning SMART goals! 📝📈

Give it a quick read (2-3 min) and you’ll be ready to take on the new year in no time! 🔥💪

Let us know what your SMART goals are. We’d love to hear them! 📩


#FullScaleFitness #Akron #PersonalTraining

Happy Friday! 🙌 Give this exercise a go if you’re looking to strengthen your stomach and arms. Keep your stomach tight, hips up and move slowly to feel the burn! 🔥 🔥 #FullScaleFitness

Wellness in the workplace! It’s essential to make sure your staff is healthy and ready to take on the day! ❤️

Here you can see our instructor Serenity is leading a #yoga / #balance class right in the office! 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

We don’t only work with individual clients - we have company clients as well! If your company doesn’t offer any wellness programs, contact us and we’d be more than happy to help develop a fun and efficient plan! 💪

#CorporateWellness #Akron #FullScaleFitness


Let's Move Our Butts! (Lower Cross Syndrome) - Full Scale Fitness

Lower back pain? Tight hamstrings?

One of our brilliant personal trainers, Wendell Christian Jr., wrote this article on lower cross syndrome (LCS) and what you can do about it. If you spend majority of your day sitting - chances are you're developing LCS.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions! We can even build you a simple exercise routine to help combat LCS.

Share this for your friends suffering from low back pain and those working in an office setting!


fullscalefit.com Studies have shown that upwards to 80% of humans will develop chronic lower back pain at some point in their lives. Lower cross syndrome can often be the...


- We bring it to you!

A personal trainer at your doorstep. All equipment provided. No excuses!

Ohio winters can be brutal! The last thing you want to do is leave your warm home to go to the gym. So, we solved that problem. :)

Learn more here: http://fullscalefit.com/in-home-personal-training-akron/

Or send us a message if you want to get started!

#Akron #Canton #Cleveland #PersonalTraining #FullScaleFitness

Meet Scott. 🙌
We featured Scott on our instagram (@FullScaleFitness) about a month and a half ago and had overwhelming support! He loved every bit of it. So, we decided to highlight Scott with a little more insight on his workout and his motivation.
Scott was in a wheelchair when he first started working with us. Now, here is is conquering the stairs 20x in a row!
He is full of energy and says he is inspired by his fellow Akronite, Lebron James.
Scott plans on continuing his training to improve his strength, posture and gait.
Scott loves feedback and we read every comment / DM to him!
Thank you all for your support! Stay tuned for future videos of his progress. 💪

Also... what’s your excuse again? 🧐🤔

#NowThisIsInspiration #FullScaleFitness #FullScaleInspiration #Motivation #Akron

Back pain? Well...

Rebecca’s low back pain was so bad that she couldn’t even comfortably lie down flat. Asking her to get up and down off of the ground was a challenge, just because of her pain.

Here she is today, performing a perfect Romanian deadlift (RDL) with a 40lb kettlebell! How incredible is that? She might as well be sponsored by PF Flyers for as much as she is running and jumping nowadays.

Way to go Rebecca!! 💪🏋️‍♀️🙌

#FullScaleFitness #PersonalTraining

A quick demo on our metabolism assessment tool! 🎥

This video is from our Instagram story: Instagram.com/fullscalefitness

If you want to learn more about our assessment, please visit: http://fullscalefit.com/metabolism-assessments/

#Akron #AkronPersonalTraining #FullScaleFitness

Try putting a tennis ball 🎾 or lacrosse ball in the dip of your lumbar spine (low back) when performing movements like the bird dog (pictured here). It’s a great way to keep your hips squared to the ground and your core activated. Always remember to draw your stomach in and to keep breathing!

Let us know if you need some help or have any questions! Feel free to send a video of you trying it and we will provide feedback - even if you aren’t a client! 💪🤓 #HereToHelp

#Akron #AkronOhio #PersonalTraining


🏋️‍♀️- Akron’s Top Personal Trainers - 🏋🏻‍♂️

This man is an inspiration.🙌

When we first started working with Scott, he was only using a wheelchair. Now he is up everyday on his walker.

Up until 2 weeks ago, Scott hadn’t climbed a set of stairs since 1988. On August 20th, Scott climbed 20 flights in a row!

So, we want to say congratulations to Scott for setting his goal and accomplishing it with no problems! It was a “cakewalk” as he put it. 😁🍰

All comments and support will be shared with Scott so send some love! 💙❤️

#PersonalTraining #Akron

This video was taken from our Instagram story. @fullscalefitness

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I've lost 65lbs with Full Scale Fitness - Cynthia Success Story




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