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Full Scale Fitness provides personal training to the Akron Ohio area and online training! We also provide meal plans built by our registered dietitian.

Full Scale Fitness is a personal training company based out of Akron, Ohio. We are designated towards helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. We provide in-home personal training, online training and individualized meal plans. If you live in the NE Ohio region, we can bring the gym to you! If you live anywhere else in the US, we provide our services online! We offer exercise prescriptions and build custom workout programs designed to your goals. Every program developed is individualized to the client. Every package comes with nutritional advice and support. Our registered dietitian is also available to build you an individualized meal plan. All of our exercise programs are accompanied with nutritional tips and advice at no extra cost. For more information please contact us through direct message or visit www.FullScaleFit.com!

Mission: Our mission at Full Scale Fitness is to provide our best services possible in helping you achieve your healthiest you. We will do whatever it takes to help you succeed!

While 2020 is a struggling year for most, our client @rjgbrewer has been unstoppable! We challenged her to 12 weeks of tracking her calories and exercise. Every day she would report her total caloric intake to her trainer for feedback and accountability. This kept her focused and decreased the chances of slip-ups. She lost 15 lbs in her 12 week challenge! There was no fad dieting, no fad workouts - only consistency from her everyday! Way to commit to becoming a healthier you @rjgbrewer 😎🙌💪. She was hesitant to letting us share her success story but she said if it inspires even just 1 person to make a change, it’s worth it. So, let this inspire YOU! Good work @rjgbrewer 👏 @ Akron, Ohio


Health Calculators

This one is for the nerds (like us) 🤓 out there - CALCULATORS! 📱👩‍🔬👨‍💻

We’ve just added 20 health calculators ❤️ to our website that are 100% free to use.

You can calculate:
- Your ideal weight, 🧮🩺
- How many calories you burn walking, 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🔥
- What your target heart rate should be, ❤️
- How many carbs you should be consuming
- Estimated Bench Press 1 Rep Max, 🏋️
and more! 🍞🥐🍕🍏

What else is there to do during a quarantine? Study up and let us know what questions you have.

Please share this and get to calculating! 👩‍💻🧑‍🔬🧙‍♂️


fullscalefit.com Enjoy these free health calculators! If you have questions on how to use them or what they mean, let us know and we would be more than happy to help. Please remember that these are only estimations and should not be taken as medical advice. Exercise Calculators Nutrition and

1 on 1 Live Streaming Personal Training | Full Scale Fitness

We are excited to share that 1 on 1 Live Streaming Personal Training is available. Get your #QuarantineWorkout on with one of our amazing #PersonalTrainers today!

- 1 hour private video sessions
- No fitness equipment is required
- Great for any fitness level
- Includes an access code to our private mobile app

Please message us today if you are interested or have questions!


*This is a real workout with our client Cheryl and her trainer Quinn* 🙌💪


Exercise Database / Online Personal Training

Did you know that we have a free online fitness database with over 80 exercises listed?

Whether you're a novice or a professional - there are plenty of options for you!

We are always adding more exercises to the database but let us know if there are any in particular you'd love to see listed!

Here is the link: https://fullscalefit.com/our-activities/exercises/

Please share with those who may need this!

#PersonalTraining #HealthIsWealth #HomeWorkouts #Fitness #ExerciseIsMedicine #FullScaleFitness

fullscalefit.com EXERCISE DATABASE Full Scale Fitness offers a wide range of exercises you can do at home or in the gym with our expert guidance. CONTACT US

Full Scale Fitness LLC

Stressed out? Take 7 minutes to yourself and follow our yoga instructor @serenitymessner on this reflective and relaxing practice. 🧘 You'll find that being present is a present alone. 🎁 Take a moment and find your breath with Serenity. Enjoy! Please share for those who need it! 🌎🙏

Full Scale Fitness LLC

Banded KB Front Squat - Home Workout

No gym? No problem! Our #personaltrainer Bryce is showing off his creativity with a banded KB front / goblet squat.

This is a great exercise for building your legs and lower back muscles.

We are open for business with our in-home AND online personal training services. We can serve anyone, anywhere. 🌎🌍🌏

#SupportSmallBusiness #Akron #HomeWorkout

Skip the germs 🦠 not the workout! We are open for business and would love to work with you.

While we didn’t intend for this slogan to be so relevant, here we are with #COVID19 in our neighborhoods. 🏡

Whether you’re home with the kids, working remotely or just have time off - it’s a perfect time to build up your immune system with exercise! 🙌


#SupportLocal #Akron #Ohio #PersonalTraining #SmallBusiness #StayFitFromHome

A #COVID19 update to our current clients. These are our updated actions and methods in the prevention of the novel coronavirus / COVID-19. We encourage all of our trainers, clients and followers to follow CDC recommendations to slow / stop the spread of this virus.

Common Shoulder Errors When Exercising

Here’s a micro-lesson presented by our #PersonalTrainer Quinn on some common shoulder errors we see during workouts. Take a look at see if you do any of these simple errors!

The hardest error to spot is compensating in the spine to gain #shoulder mobility. This means you’re leaning back via the #spine when trying to raise your arms overhead or forward.

Let us know if you need help! #TheMoreYouKnow #ShoulderHealth #PostureCheck #FullScalePosture

Thank you @401lofts for the awesome location to film! #Akron #HeyAkron

Gotta love the workouts AT WORK! Yes, you read that correctly. These lucky people get their fitness on right from their office space. Get your company to hop on the #CorporateWellness train today! From on-site #yoga to #IndividualizedNutrition - we can cover it all.

DON’T GO TO THE GYM: We bring it to you!

Skip the gym, not your workout. This holiday season is always a great time to look ahead and prepare yourself for success in the New Year. Don’t wait for change to happen, make it happen! Contact us today to get one of our personal trainers at your doorstep!

P: (419) 906-0204
E: [email protected]

#AkronTopRated #Akron #FullScaleFitness #SkipTheGymNotTheWorkout

Merry Fitmas! We had some of our team members show off their best holiday grins and grinches! 😎😁🎅 Enjoy the cameo pup 🐶 #HappyHolidays

$1,400!!! 😍❤️🎊

That’s the total amount of toys / gift cards / holiday items donated today to the Summit County Children Services right here in wonderful #Akron.

We are so thankful to have amazing people work WITH and FOR us!

Thank you!!

#MoreThanFitness #BeTheDifference #FullScaleSanta 🎅

Starting TODAY until December 20th, 5$ from every session purchased will go towards buying toys for the Summit County Children Services. One of our amazing clients is a foster parent and so we want to do our part and give back! If you aren’t a client and would like to donate, please see the details on this flyer for more information. Excited to make a difference! #MoreThanFitness #Akron #SummitCounty @ Akron, Ohio

Akron Entrepreneurs

😍🙌 Thank you for the opportunity to share a little bit of our story!

After Andy Hanson realized a holistic approach to fitness could help ease some of his mother's MS symptoms, he knew he was onto something and set out to help others.
6 years later, Full Scale Fitness LLC is working hard to help as many people as possible reach their health and fitness goals.

Sneak peak preview of: HOW MR. GREEN BECAME FULL SCALE FIT 💚 🎄.. coming soon!! ⏳⌛️🕰 #FullScaleChristmas #FullScaleFitness #grinchmas

There is an ongoing joke with one of our corporate clients that my (Andy) favorite saying is: “You’re fine.” I’ll admit I say it when I start to hear complaints about how tough the workout is but hey - they’re fine. 🙄 So, I surprised them with a small banner that represents our professional relationship well. 😂👌#MrGrinch #FullScaleGrinchness #CorporateWellness @ Stow, Ohio

What’s a #personaltrainer eat? This is a back-to-basics meal cooked by our trainer Alex! He cooked this for his post-workout meal. 🥗

“Skip the #proteinshake and go for real food! 🍗 The chicken 🐓 was cooked on a skillet in olive oil for roughly 10 minutes on each side over medium heat. Chicken breast has about 21 grams of protein per 3 oz serving. This meal has a serving of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables making it a very balanced meal!”- Alex 💪

Thank you Alex for sharing your healthy meal with us! Nutrition shouldn’t be rocket science! 🚀🧪

If you’re interested in cleaning up your diet - head on over to www.FullScaleFit.com/nutrition-services to connect with our dietitian! We’ve got a plan for you! #Akron #RegisteredDietitian #Fitness

Gotta love those #homeworkouts! Check out @clg21 workin’ the mini band and #BOSU in this full body workout. If you’re looking for a picture-perfect Romanian deadlift (RDL) - look no further! @clg21 has this down!! Good training @hi_im_quinn and great effort @clg21! 🙌 🏋️‍♀️

☔️💧 “Don’t sweat it!” - Terry

This mornings #HIIT workout 🏋️‍♂️ was a doozie! He said he’s going to be a waterfall for #Halloween this year! 🎃

Be like Terry, skip the gym - not the workout!


Northeast Ohio’s top rated #PersonalTrainers

#FullScaleFitness #Akron


Andy Hanson of Full Scale Fitness Talks Dieting, Community Service, & Ideal Clients

Check out this interview with The Jam Company! Full Scale Fitness owner, Andy Hanson, sat down and answered a mix of a questions in this interview.


#Akron #SmallBusiness #PersonalTraining #Interview


Andy Hanson of Full Scale Fitness gives his opinion about the various dieting options that exist, his involvement with community service, and who his ideal c...

⚽️ Check out this #soccer / #ACL recovery workout with our trainer Wendell and his client Michael! This workout was a perfect mix of strength, cardio, functional movement patterns and soccer drills. 🏋️‍♂️ Michael is on the local #LakeHighSchool #soccer team and currently is the leading scorer. We knew he was working hard behind the scenes for this years season and we wanted to show the world what it takes to be great! This is a true #comebackseason 🙌!

If you want to learn more about our athletics personal training, please visit: www.FullScaleFit.com

📽 Video Edit by: @collinborow_media

Some highlights of our free outdoor yoga 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ and river clean up event! We had over 45 participants and cleaned over 396lbs of trash straight from our local #Akron waterways.

Thank you to those who participated! We look forward to doing more #FitnessForGood events in the future!

Ohio Ocean Foundation
Cascade Locks Park Association


[09/08/19]   396lbs of trash removed straight from our #Akron waterways! 🙌 🗑 🌊

Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to use their #fitness in cleaning our Little Cuyahoga River in Downtown Akron.

Here is a short highlight video showcasing the yoga 🧘‍♂️ 🧘‍♀️ and cleaning process!

And of course a big thank you to our partners:
Ohio Ocean Foundation
Cascade Locks Park Association

“Be the difference you want to see in the world!”

Proud to say we are using our #FitnessForGood

#MoreThanFitness #FullScaleFitness

Float The River

Hope to see you there!!

Everyone check out our friends at Full Scale Fitness LLC, who have an event for Free Yoga + River Clean Up!!!

Free Yoga + River Clean Up


We are proud to call #Akron home! 🏡Everyday we are out in #The330 and surrounding area giving our best to each and every client. We’re thankful for all of it! Enjoy these awesome Downtown Akron views! City of Akron, Ohio


Meet William. He is one of our hardest workers and deserves some recognition! 🙌👏 Will has a developmental disability but that doesn’t stop him from staying true to his health! We were contacted to help Will build up strength and improve his balance. He has come a long way in the last year and we are proud of him for that!

We love what we do & want to showcase that it’s #MoreThanFitness! We want the world to see what #personaltraining really is all about! ❤️


We love our Local! They’re such a supportive and caring group! Come join us for some fun next Saturday right here in Akron! lululemon Akron

Mark your calendars for Saturday 9/7 as we join Full Scale Fitness LLC for Free Yoga + River Clean Up led by our very own Educator/local teacher, Serenity Messner.

Enjoy a peaceful morning surrounded by nature and new friends.

Had a great day filming new content on running with the amazing Joey Phillips! 🏃 This man has conquered 48 marathons in total - 20 of which were the Boston Marathon! 🥇 If you’re a runner, you’ll want to listen to this mans wisdom. 🙌


Gotta love those #OfficeWorkouts! Lisa (@knapp4335) is utilizing her lunch break showing off some strong core movements 💪!

How cool would it be if you had a #PersonalTrainer come to your office? If you’re in #Akron, #Canton or the #Cleveland area - we will come to you! Contact us today if you or your company is interested.


We want YOU! 👆..to join us on Saturday September 7th from 9am to Noon for a free yoga 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ and river clean up event. This will be downtown Akron at the Cascade Locks Park Association. ♻️“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” We love this quote from #DrSeuss in the #Lorax and we want to take action!

It’s no secret that we get people into their best shape and we want to highlight our strengths by using them! We want to thank the @ohiooceanfoundation for partnering up with us in our goal to be the difference!

We are calling out all of our clients, friends, followers, family and anyone else to come apply your #FitnessForACause! We want the best health for both us and our environment - let’s do something about it. So, get your fitness / yoga on and help #CleanUpAkron! 🙌

Join us at the yoga event of the summer-- Elevate Akron! Elevate is a FREE yoga festival that includes an all-levels yoga class, food vendors galore, local vendors' market, kid zone with fun activities, live music, donation-based massage + reiki to raise money for Summit County Children's Services, a school supply donation drive with United Way's "Stuff the Bus" and much more! 😍🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️

To learn more or sign up for Elevate, click here: https://elevate-akron.ticketleap.com/elevate-akron-yoga-festival-2019/ #Yoga #Akron #FullScaleFitness #ElevateAkron

Hate working inside on beautiful days? How about a yoga break OUTside! 🌞🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️These lucky employees are getting some vitamin D with our corporate yoga instructor Serenity! If you work for a Northeast Ohio company who could benefit from a wellness program, contact us today! #HealthisWealth #Yoga #Worksitewellness @ Stow, Ohio

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1 on 1 Live Streaming Personal Training | Full Scale Fitness
Banded KB Front Squat - Home Workout
Common Shoulder Errors When Exercising




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