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We are lifters of Iron & Stone.

Whether you're at the gym or the office Monday morning, get after it!

Time to clear some stuff to make room for new. Use CORONA20 at checkout for 20% of on these. Limited quantities left

Saturdays are for events

Saddened by the news, really sucks for all the business that depend on this and the people that are taking a financial hit on travel plans.
PS. We didn't make this shirt

Here is our entire inventory, in the corner of a strongman gym.
We never anticipated how far of a reach we would have when we started a small brand with the goal to make cool sh*t for strongmen and strength athletes. This post will be seen by people in US, Canada, Germany, Japan, UK, and all over the world (Pakistani fitness clothing manufacturers piss off).
I'm sure we've been disappointing some of our loyal supporters with a lack of new stuff but the reality is that we need to pay some debt off before we get some more stuff made.
Thank you for supporting this thing.
PS we ain't dead and never will be.

Every Saturday, we get together to move weight. People of all walks of life brought together for the sole reason to improve and lift iron and stone. We've been quiet online lately, but we are still here.
We're low on inventory, last chance to get these for a bit.
Down to less than a dozen grip shirts and tees and only 5 wmns and 3 mens sweatshirts.

@callme_kels_ @battletested.gorilla

Start em young

Farewell Elgie Kightlinger
From helping me lift when I first started out to being our first online order, you've always had my back.
Rest in power man.

Good people pick good people up.
Reposted from @bamaburr
Picking up chicks 101- Seminar with @ladybeast_juju

Iron and Stone was built out of a desire to make cool strongman focused clothing when there wasn't much out there. With a passion for heavy lifting and clean graphic design, the brand was born. ⁣

While at the beginning it wasn't planned as a full time gig that supports my family, this past summer I quit my job and gave it a college try.⁣

While unsuccessful, the past 6 months have been awesome. We've been able to travel more, support more comps, and meet so many awesome people. ⁣

You'll notice smaller releases while we work on reducing the debt we've accrued. We also won't be able to sponsor or be at as many shows as we've become known for.⁣

The good news is, I landed an awesome opportunity with a great company that I hope to be at for a very long time. We will be limiting our focus on clothing and branching out to a few products that we've been wanting to do for a while now.

Iron and Stone never says die.⁣
We'll keep slinging heavy weights and putting out cool sh*t. ⁣
Thank you for your support.⁣⁣

Lifting weights can teach us perseverance, relentlessness, and drive which carries over to other parts of our life.

I've experienced this first hand last year and now my man Elgie is facing a struggle much larger than mine.

We're keeping him in our thoughts and rooting for him to get off life support. Stay strong brother.

Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing.
Ron Swanson doesn't believe in half measures.

Out here near NYC at NY Strongest! Stop out and say hi!
Tonight at 8pm EST, we'll be putting online some limited quantities of our latest releases!
Pre-ordered Tack shirts will be shipping Monday!
Let's go! @ Westchester County Center

Some new stuff we're bringing to NY Strongest tomorrow! Stop on by and say hi!

We just wanted to let you know if it wasn't 100% clear, our Tack shirts on the site are preorder. They are currently on order and I am hoping they will be done next week.
While we do everything in our power to be clear about preorders and list details in the item description, social media, and banners on our site, we realize that they can easily be missed. Thank you for supporting small business! While we ship in stock stuff as fast as Amazon, we hope that the items you wait for are worth the wait!

No half measures.
New stuff coming soon.
Limited Tack shirts available.

We're excited to announce this year's Nickel City's Strongest on 8/1!
This will be our third year and each one gets better!
Teaming up with @elitefitnessnf who will be running a @uspa_northeast meet at the same time!
As always, this will be a @unitedstatesstrongman comp!
See our FB event page for upcoming details. Weights and entry form coming soon!
Business owner friends, we'd love to have you come out! Stay tuned for sponsorship info!

New blog post up on the site:

A lot of people make resolutions or goals this time of year, but then lose sight of them. Are your goals built for success or doomed from the start?⁣

Make your goals specific with a date, a plan, and quantify it. For example lose 20lbs by 6/1 by packing a lunch M-F and going to the gym on M, W, F rather than a vague goal of improving weight. ⁣

Make incremental goals along the way. Adding 100lbs to your deadlift is all well and good but make incremental goals like adding 15lbs by February. ⁣

Many goals I see are to form good habits or quit bad ones. I highly suggest Atomic Habits by James Clear. There are 4 parts to creating a habit (do the reverse to break a bad habit). From his book:⁣
Any habit can be broken down into a feedback loop that involves four steps: cue, craving, response, and reward. The Four Laws of Behavior Change are a simple set of rules we can use to build better habits. They are (1) make it obvious, (2) make it attractive, (3) make it easy, and (4) make it satisfying. ⁣

I can write a book about this topic and fill a library of similar ones. It's obviously a common human condition to want something but fail when it comes to working at it. Stay the course and at this time next year, you will be where you want to be or on the road to it. If you don't, you'll likely post on social media Dec 31, 2020 that 2020 was rough and list the goals you seek in 2021. You'll receive that little dopamine hit when you get likes and supportive comments, then back to your normal self, just to follow the same feedback loop. ⁣

Take ownership of everything. Your successes and failures are yours, they are both your fault. Recognize your excuses, control your inner dialogue, and hold yourself accountable. ⁣

I'd wish you good luck, but that takes out accountability. Creating habits and crushing goals is not luck, it is work that you will either choose to do or accept an excuse as to why you can't.⁣

Battle tested.
Our Tack shirts provide additional grip during axle and log cleans, front carries, yoke, stones, squat, and bench.
After multiple prototypes and plenty of testing with a local printer, we figured out a special process to provide grip even when you're soaked in sweat that's durable through 100s of runs through the washer and dryer.
We run out of stock quickly on these so opened up a pre-order to make sure everyone has a chance to get em.

The Tack shirt preorder is live!
Perfect for additional grip during front carries, yoke, squat, bench, or napping between events.

Long but only a 2 min read:

Looking Ahead

Before looking forward, it pays to glance backward for a moment to appreciate where you've been.
To say 2019 was a insane year is an understatement.

It started in the ICU with an infection and sepsis, where I lost all muscle mass and the ability to move my leg. Over the course of the year, I discovered how many people had the back of my family and I. We are forever grateful.

Despite losing the first few months, we set up 11 booths in 2019. Starting with The Arnold and a great comp the following week in Detroit despite having my leg drained before hitting the road and violently puking all night lol. October was crazy with comps 3 out of 4 weekends across the NE. We also hosted two USS comps with over 80 competitors each! We had the chance to travel from upper MI to MD and meet so many awesome people. I truly love this aspect of the business.

I love what we've been doing and honored to be part of this community. It's been insane to see the brand reach all over the world. The gym we started last November has been growing with people from hours away training every Saturday.

With that said, we are still a very small brand. One that gets 12 orders during Black Friday weekend, not hundreds or thousands like many of the other brands that we get commonly compared to. When I went all in this June and went fully self employed, the business didn't scale as planned and we accrued debt. I'm going back to work full time to pay off that debt and support my family. We will temporarily putting out less clothing inventory.

So what's the plan for 2020?

We started a Threadless store, where a majority of our designs can be purchased in more styles and colorways than ever before! This allows us to offer lots of awesome gear without purchasing inventory. There's even mugs on there and the ability to make bags and leggings! We've been asked if the site still supports us since it's a 3rd party. Yes, it does and it means a lot that people are making sure.

The products we have at booths and on our Shopify site will be limited editions, so if we post an embroidered beanie or a pint glass or something, know that we probably only have a dozen or two.

We will still be putting out grip shirts! A lot of people have been asking for them. I know people don't like preorders but it allows us to not front the money to our printer and guarantees you will get a size before it sells out.

We will be focusing on some new products that aren't clothing, but are still focused on the strength athlete. Allie and I are working on and testing some stuff that should be launching in the next few months. We're excited to branch out from tshirts and do some different stuff, and hope you like it!

To the OGs that have been with us since June 2017 and to the people just finding us, thank you. We love what we've been able to do so far and are pumped that we have so many loyal supporters. To anyone that has read this entire thing, please drop a comment! What did you accomplish in 2019, what will you in 2020, how did you first hear of us or what do you think about where we are headed?

Thank you,
Eric and Allie Cedrone
Iron & Stone Strength

Alright guys, help us clear stock.
We got 16 tees left, gotta clear em out.
Only $10!
Link in bio

Elf recut as a Thriller - Trailer Mix

This movie looks intense

Thought your holiday family dinner was a nightmare? Wait until you see your favorite elf in this creepy version of the holiday comedy. At least now you'll de...

From our family to yours, happy holidays.
Lift heavy, eat big, and party hard!

I think this is my favorite design we've ever done. Artwork by the one and only @dahmerart.
Available in more styles than ever in our Print On Demand shop, link on our site.

Also, we have a handful of Mystery tees still in stock. Get $10-15 tees while they last!

We've been fairly quiet on social media. Sorry about that. Sometimes we work hard and forget to talk about it.

We got some things coming down the line, but in the meantime, we appreciate everyone who's supported us through our print on demand store, and everyone that's taken advantage of $10-15 tees that we have left. We still have a handful left for anyone looking for a killer deal.

Tomorrow's the last day to get delivery before Christmas in the 48 States! Take advantage of this deal for some last minute gifts!

Click link in bio for current inventory!

Local pick up? Use promo code LOCALPICKUP to remove shipping costs.

This isn't the first time we've had our name imprinted in sweat, and won't be the last.
I&S is on the back of the some of the hardest workers.
This one was sent to us from one of the OGs @strongerntrn !

Slayer Wham! Mashup-Last Christmas/Angel of Death

The Christmas song you didn't know you needed

Video Edited by Tony Colella at HitWaveMusic The music was performed and recorded by me, and the vocals were foun...

Gave you been to our On Demand store yet?
Our Death Crew is available various styles of mens, women's, and kids tees, tanks, long sleeves, sweatshirts and more!
We're adding more designs and styles all the time,

This year has taught me that I can get through anything. Started the year out almost 6 feet under with sepsis and an infection in my leg. 12 months later, I've faught to gain all of my strength/size back and I'm about there.

I'm taking that lesson to apply to business as well. Long story short, it's easy to become a statistic when running a fitness brand. We're not a large brand. While some brands that we get compared to had 300-1500 sales during Black Friday weekend, we had 12. It's been difficult to keep our head above water like that.

For those that have asked about grip shirts, this is where we're at. We'll be restocking as soon as possible and will update everyone when we do so.

Changes we're implementing to live to fight another day:
- We added all of our t shirt inventory to Mystery shirts for only $15. We have a little less than 40 tees left. If you're looking for a comfortable, great fitting shirt on the cheap, get it while we got it.

- We started an on demand site through Threadless which enables us to offer more designs, more options, without the inventory cost. Link in our site.

At our core is a real group of people. Our gym, @ironandstonebuffalo, is filled with hard working people and our crew is like no other. We will continue to support those that support us and spread strongman and strength sports. We'll still promote strongman competitions and support comps through sponsorship. We'll still lift heavy and party hard.
Thank you to all those that have supported us and continue to do so over the years. You make this sh*t possible.

When life swings hard, swing harder.

- Eric

Here's all of our current inventory! We added all our tees under Mystery Tee
All in stock tees only $15!
Order before the 20th to get before Christmas!*
*as per USPS website

It's Monday, do the damned thing!
For some of us it's international chest day, for some of us it's deadlift day.
Get after it!

Gildan Exec Admits They’ve Never Actually Seen Human Torso

😂😂 Gildan CEO Glenn Chamandy left many people feeling vindicated after he admitted that he has never once seen an actual human torso.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
Have a great weekend.
Train events.
Lift heavy, and party hard!
Pumped for Harms Ways, Terror, and ETID

[12/13/19]   This is a pretty awesome video by my man @buffalo_fitographer on our comp from last weekend, Festivus Feats of Strength.
I love the added Seinfeld audio!
90 athletes from 7 states and 2 countries competed in a holding themed comp!
Looking forward to next year's!

#ironandstonestrength #ironandstone #festivusfeatsofstrength #unitedstatesstrongman

New Year's Resolutions for Strength Athletes - BarBend Keep focused and build your strength in the new year: mentally, physically, and within your community. Here's how.

Give it hell.
@jcollen_training being pressured to take the 440 after winning the last man standing stone of 420 at Festivus.
Last Man standing stone is becoming a staple or Iron and Stone events. What events would you like to see at Nickel City and Festivus 2020?
Sick ass photo by @buffalo_fitographer

Iron and Stone Strength Gym

Did you like the tee from our comp, Festivus? We have a few left for only $12

Did you like the tee from our comp, Festivus? We have a few left for only $12

Our Story

In June of 2017, with goals of promoting strength sports and giving back to the community through charity, Iron & Stone was born. We started with 25 t-shirts sold mostly to our home strongman crew.

Fast forward to 2019, we have a strongman gym in Buffalo, NY, can be found in countries across the globe, and on the backs of some of the strongest in the world.

We continue to run our company small, with only the two of us managing social media and shipping. All apparel is printed locally on the highest quality products we can find.

You’ll find our canopy set up at strongman shows as small as 15 competitors and as big as USS Nationals and The Arnold. If you see us, stop by and say hi!

Thank you for your support, Eric & Allie Cedrone

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