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Here are links to the studies we mentioned during the livestream tonight: Digestion is partly dependent on your opinion of what you just ate. Bad gut bacteria affect personality and brain capability. Processed foods considered equally healthy to whole food options with similar calories are harmful if overly processed.
Being that most folks are home-bound due to the Coronavirus, please take a look at options to stay fit and get exercise through Delta Performance and their Facebook LIVE options. We may be limited in what we can do in many ways, we exercise shouldn't be one of them. Good luck, everyone!
my sister sent me one of your videos. i would love to undertakes,. i am 65, back aches (scoliosis on lower back, herniated discs), arthritis in left knee. do you have any suggestions? i live in fort wayne, in
Our place that we love may be temporarily closed, but we can still get together to help one another. I’m planning on donating 2 hours of my time to help those in need at the Cleveland Food Bank. Anyone want to join? There are hours that we can sign up for in the link. Stay safe and healthy 💜
Happy 1 year Anniversary DP!!!!!! Congrats on your first year!!! Love you guys!!!
Thank you ladies for the birthday card. Cake and gin it is!
Shout out 📣 to Ashley Wyatt Piechuta & Nikki Benson this AM. My low back issue (a LONG-standing issue) is a constant challenge...but they continue to work WITH it, rather than against it. This morning was no different. Yet again, they offered up another recovery movement that helped alleviate the pain so that I could continue with all of my exercises. I know it's going to be a slowwwww process (bc of how long I've dealt with it), but I'm encouraged with the incremental improvement I've been seeing since working with these ladies (Dee Josey too!) Thanks so much for sticking with me through this!! #deltaperformance #deltastrong #deltafamily #deltarecovery
In an effort to feed my body better, I tried a new recipe tonight. Say hello to Tomato & Spinach Chicken Spaghetti. You could try this with various noodles...even zoodles. Not too complicated, and helps get my veggies in. 👍
Delta’s youngest client! Thanks for an awesome Open House! 👏🏼💪🏼
This morning's superhero costume. :) Happy to report that I succeeded! Big thanks for the continual form guidance, Nikki! It was great (I think?) to learn that there are movements that I can still do if I alter my form a little. Looking forward to conquering hurdles with you ladies!!! Here's to learning how to breathe, among other things! LOL
Get it, Dee Josey!!

We provide a well rounded fitness coaching service. We strive to strengthening our community by improving the life of every person we coach. We are a by appointment only training facility.

Please contact us today to schedule your appointment. Our coaches are knowledgeable in strength and conditioning, movement quality (aka biomechanics), nutrition, and behavior change to help you make healthier lifestyle choices that support your health, sport, family and occupation. Our athletes/clients train to take on anything life throws their way. They train to have the energy to play with their kids after working long hours, the strength to perform daily activities, the health to fight disease, and, yes, many train to improve sports performance. Most of our athletes/clients are common people with big dreams. They are beauticians training for the Ironman, secretaries overcoming lower back pain, project managers striving to be amazing dads, and high school athletes aiming for a college scholarship, Our athletes/clients train now, so they can live a long, healthy, enjoyable life.

Operating as usual

Delta Performance | Open Letter | Personal Training Gym | For Purchase

As this announcement is very bittersweet 💔for us to share with you, it has come time to tell the world of our plan.

Dee and I started Delta almost exactly 3 years ago. It was just an idea that we brought to life, and a dream that came true from hard work and hope the future could be better.

It's sad to say that the dream for us has changed but the dream for Delta Performance can live on. We are leaving Delta for new careers and ventures. We have fulfilled many goals, changed lives for the healthier and better, and helped shape our community in a positive way.

We would like you to read our Open Letter, in hopes to find someone who will care and build Delta Performance to everything it can be and beyond. We will remain with Delta Performance through December 31st, 2020. If you have any questions or well wishes please don't hesitate. And if you or know of someone that would be interested in purchasing Delta Performance, please reach out or forward this message to them!

🤍💙Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You played a special role in our lives and we appreciate the opportunities you have given us, the support, and so much more! 💙🤍

🔗OPEN LETTER LINK: An open letter for anyone looking to purchase a gym in the Akron, Ohio area. We have built an amazing facility, with wonderful athletes, and a supportive community, who needs someone to continue our dream while we start the new chapters of our lives.

You know what we love about training at Delta Performance? Regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, SES, or political views, we train next to each other. We share laughs, memories, and struggles. Our athletes are able to look past the exterior and cherish, love, and respect each other for who they are—their internal character. If we can do this, you can too.

Fix your squat form and reduce lower back pain with these 2 mobility techniques.

The erectors and/or hamstrings can become tight and gunky, especially when we sit for periods longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Take 8-10 minutes out of your day today to try these out.

Share this with your friends who have crappy squat technique.

Mobility for Upper Back Pain (with puppy love)

If you’ve ever tweaked your trap or experienced upper back pain, this video may be for you.

Coach Dee shows you 2 movements to help relieve some upper back pain due to tight traps or intercostals. All you need for overhead rib mobilization and trap scrub is a lacrosse ball and 8 minutes.

Spend 2 minutes each side for both mobilizing techniques.

I apologize for the massive interruption from Oliver. He was in a very playful mood today.

Sweat with Us!
Deadbugs, or what some one call the dying bugs.
#deltaperformanxetraining #fitness #gym #core #athomeworkouts

We will be opening June 1st!!
We are taking our time to open to ensure we are providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment for everyone!
With the many concerns our athletes have and future athletes with returning to the gym we don’t want to rush into opening just because we can.
Keep a look out for updates as we begin to plan for the reopening of Delta Performance. We look forward to seeing our athletes again, very soon!!
#deltaperformancetraining #gym #personaltraining #akron #reopeninggyms #ohio #smallgrouptraining #cleanestgyminakron

3 Mobility Techniques for Posterior Neck Pain

Coach Dee shows you 3 mobility techniques to help with pain in the back of your neck.

This is great for anyone who
✔️suffers from tension or exertion headaches
✔️carries the weight of the world on your shoulders
✔️tactical athletes (soldiers, firefighters, police) who carry heavy weight on their backs
✔️backpackers, ruckers, day hikers

These techniques can help relieve pain in the posterior neck or help prime your body for carrying heavy loads on your back.

Share with all your stressed out friends 🤗

For those that are interested- Here are the guidelines we will be following. We will be doing everything necessary and more to ensure a safe and happy return!
Thank you for your continued support💪🏻💙

Fix your rounded shoulder Part 2 of 2:

This video focuses on strengthening weaker muscles that may be a cause of your rounded shoulders.

You will need a chin up bar, some bands or a cable machine, and a dumbbell for these 5 back strengthening exercises to help you work on correcting your rounded shoulder.

Now is the time, fitness world, to strap down and show yourself what you are truly made of. Are you mentally tough, or are you blaming current circumstances? Are you angry that gyms are closed and using that as an excuse to halt your workouts, or are you still going strong with your fitness goals? Fix your mindset, and your body will follow.
#WeAreDelta #WeTrainForLife #deltaperformancetraining #strongmind #growthmindset #noexcuses #fitnessmotivation #wednesdaywisdom #akrongym #ohiogym #akronfitness #gymlife #moveyour🍑

Fix For Rounded Shoulder

Fix your rounded shoulder: Part 1 of 2

This video focuses on mobility to help put your shoulder in an anotomically correct position.

You will need a lacrosse ball (or something similar) for these 5 mobility exercises to help you fix your rounded shoulder.

Sweat with Us!
Hanging in a webinar right now, so here is your Facebook not so live tips for your deadlift!
Get the most out of your deadlift by priming your body!
Here are 3 simple exercises you can do before you deadlift session to get the most out it and possibly a new PR, even at home!
1- Bowler Squats
2- Banded RDL
3- KB swings
What do you do to prepare for your deadlift?
#deltaperformancetraining #athometraining #athomeworkouts #personaltrainer #preparation #tiptuesday

Try this at home!
Bear Crawl ISO Row - looks easier than it is, great for core stability and shoulder stability, plus a row!
Combo exercises give you a great bang for you buck especially when your short on time!
Tag your buddy and challenge each other to see who can last the longest! Don’t forget to do both sides.
#athomeworkout #comboexercises #deltaperformancetraining #fitness #abs #bearsofinstagram

Sweat With Delta: Movement Monday

Coach Dee has another dumbbell complex for you, so grab your dumbbell and let’s get to work.

Dumbbell Complex:

Complete all exercises on one side, the switch sides and complete all on the other side. Choose an appropriate weight, so you can get through the entire complex without stopping.

1️⃣Single Arm High Pull
2️⃣Single Arm Bent Over Row
3️⃣Front Squat
4️⃣Single Arm OH Press
5️⃣Single Leg RDL
6️⃣Single Arm Renegade Row

6-12 reps each side (depending on goal)
Rest 1-2 minutes between sets
Complete 2-4 sets

Comment below with a GIF to let us know how you did.

Sweat with Us! Short on time?
Here are some combo exercises to get more bang for your buck...or time!
All you need is either a dumbbell or kettlebell!
#deltaperformancetraining #athomeworkouts #fitness #combo #exercisesathome #dumbbellexercises #workouts #fitneaa

Knee pain?

Here are a couple mobility exercises you can use to help ease some of that aggravating knee pain.

The first (terminal knee extension with banded distraction) is specifically related to lack of range of motion in the fully extended position. If you don’t have full extension in the knee, perform this 1-2 minutes each side 2-3x.

The second (flexion galling and smash) is for mobilizing tissues directly above and below the knee joint. If your muscles surrounding the knee are tight, perform this mobilizing technique 2-3 minutes on each side.

🚨If you have knee pain and aren’t sure what’s causing it, seek a professional to help you.

Comment below and let us know how this worked for you.

What’s the difference between training and working out?
As a sports and fitness training facility, this is a question we receive often.
Here’s our answer: A workout helps you move more; training helps you move better.
Just as we need to practice playing guitar in order to be a stronger guitarist with mad finger picking skills (most of us can’t just pick up a guitar and magically play our favorite song), we need to practice movement to be a stronger mover. I mean, who doesn’t love a great compliment about how perfect our gait is?
Why is this important?
Move better assists with many areas of life, including:
✔️lowering your risk to injury (aka keeping you safe long term)
✔️reducing your pain
✔️ improving your sport by focusing on areas of weakness
✔️improving your mood (because you aren’t a grumpy pants from being in pain or low on energy from sitting all day)
Further, training assists with
✔️increasing your confidence (progress is guaranteed with the right training program in the form of easier movement, heavier weight, more reps, etc.)
Practice makes perfect, friends. If you want to improve the way you look, feel, and perform, you have to train for that.
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Sweat with Delta

Foam Rolling Edition

Have you ever wondered what the foam roller is for or what you can do with it? Wonder no more because coach Dee shares some tips and uses for this tool in today’s Sweat With Delta.

DS Benefits Group

Thank you DS Benefits!

Tell us how we can help you during this time? What are some struggles you are facing?

How have you been staying active and healthy during your #StayAtHome time?

**Healthy Spotlight**
If you're local to Strongsville/Brunswick you may have heard of Alison's SuperFoods Market where you can still get your organic fruits, veggies, immune boost & supplements for pick-up!

Stay fit with some great local fitness coaches at Delta Performance, LLC they have many live videos!

While you're at home, here are some other tips and tricks to stay active:

Sweat With Delta:

10 squats
30 sec plank
10 pushups
10ea single leg glute bridge
(5 rounds)

Happy Monday. Start with week off strong.
Get out there and get er’ done 💪🏼

Comment below with any questions, comments, concerns⬇️

Sweat with Us!
Have a barbell but can’t deadlift?
Here’s what you can do instead! And don’t worry these have great carry over to you’re deadlift and will still give you those glute and hammy gains you been wanting!
Comment with a funny gif! We could use some laughs too!
#deltaperformancetraining #seadlifttips #howsoyoudeadliftathome #athomeworkouttips #happysaturday #workoutsaturday #wemadeittomay #staysafe

🎉🎉Congrats to our Bingo Winner @ellieg16!!🎉🎉
Thank you everyone who enter and stay tuned because we will be doing another give away!
#community #supportlocal #akronpersonaltrainer

Mobility May Day

Something is better than nothing when it comes to moving your body. If you’ve lost the motivation to move your a**, here’s a light movement segment to get you back into the swing of things.

Happy May

Sweat with Us!
Learn the kettlebell and join the 10,000 swing challenge for the month of May!
#deltaperformancetraining #kettlebellswings #10000KBswingchallenge #itsgomnabemay

Many of you will be going back to work soon after a month off, and you may have fallen off the band wagon of sticking to a sleep schedule. If you need to get back in the rhythm, here are 7 tips to help you.
Swipe ⬅️ to see more.
#deltaperformancetraining #WeAreDelta #sleep #rest #recovery #weightloss #hormonebalance #covid_19 #backtowork #akronohio #gymlife #fitnesstips #sleeptips

Sweat with Delta: Cardio Sweat Edition.

Get your sweat on with this 8 min AMRAP

This sweat with us goes back to our valslide post and what you can do to help mobilize and strengthen your adductors!
I’ll explain why it’s important and how to preform the exercise to get the most out of it, along with a few others.
Share this post with your running friends and those who play sports.
#deltaperformancetraining #adductor #sprint #fitness #thefilmfreakrep

Positive Change is who we are. Sustainable Results is what we do.

The Greek symbol, Delta (Δ), is an equilibrium triangle used to represent “change;” Delta Performance symbolizes positive change in life performance (aka how we live our life). We strive to strengthen our community by improving the life of everyone we come in contact with.

Improving Lives

Guiding more people live healthier lifestyles builds a stronger community. We launched Delta Performance in 2018 after discovering two recurring problems in the Northeast Ohio area. Personal training is expensive and is filled with trainers lacking the knowledge and appropriate skills necessary to help others build sustainable, healthy lifestyles. We created a better personal training system that is more affordable and well-rounded than traditional personal training. It’s better because you receive the knowledge and experience from our entire coaching team, not just one individual trainer; you also receive a customized fitness and nutrition program built around your goal that also aims to improve movement quality and lifestyle habits.

Improving the Fitness Industry

Building stronger coaches builds a stronger community; thus, we provide an internship program that focuses on building stronger fitness leaders in Northeast Ohio. Our interns have the opportunity to coach a diverse population of athletes, further their education, learn how to build strong relationships, and see what it takes to create and run a fitness business. We work closely with our interns to help them build the skills that will set them ahead of others in the industry.

Improving Our Community

Educating the community in health and fitness creates a stronger community. We are proactive in educating our community members on the importance of health and fitness. A couple ways we do this is through our mobility clinics and charity boot camps. We offer mobility clinics to help prevent injuries and manage pain. We host charity boot camps to raise awareness and funds for our local nonprofits.

We believe that creating true change in a community starts with the individual, and helping people live a healthier lifestyle is the way chose to make a lasting impact. Each life we impact has a ripple effect. Our members understand what it means to live a stronger life. Relationships with friends, spouses, and kids improve. Local businesses become more efficient with healthier, happier employees. Ultimately, our community becomes better.

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Mobility for Upper Back Pain (with puppy love)
3 Mobility Techniques for Posterior Neck Pain




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