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Kettlebell training, mobility& body weight exercises. At SOS Kettlebell we teach mobility, body weight and kettlebell training systems. We combine these 3 training systems into one whole body workout for every class.

[06/19/18]   KETTLEBELLS..
They're everywhere-- in the big commercial gyms, in the box gyms, on YouTube, in your fave fitness mags, at Walmart and Target..But do you really know your way around a kettlebell? Or are you still using it as a glorified dumbbell?

Wanna know other things you should be using them for beyond swings? (Let's make sure your swing form is correct while we're at it though..)

Stop in and we'll dig into some of the core movements because you wanna know the why's, what's and how's of everything you're doing with kettlebells.

New Offers

New Offers -

[06/05/18]   The SOS Training System (Outlined)

[06/05/18]   The SOS Training System was created in the pursuit of finding the perfect, most complete strength and fitness system to help people from all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds. It’s comprised of 3 systems; mobility, body-weight and kettlebell weight training to address the health and fitness needs of the human body in a systematic, general and progressive manner. The workouts are a mental and physical whole body combination of breathing, movement quality, strength and cardio training allowing the participant to scale the intensity either way to suit their current or desired fitness level based on the variation choice of each exercise by the participant. This is a program that anyone at any age and any fitness level can do and progress with through a lifetime.

Kettlebell + Body Weight Workout 2 12 2018

Kettlebell + Bodyweight workout. Give it a go.

Some old school body building lifts with kettlebells and body weight exercises. This can also be done with all body weight. This routine will make you feel s...

Kettlebell Body weight workout

Video update

Use a pair of lighter kettlebell, one heavier and a jump rope. You can do time (for example 30-40 seconds per exercise) or count reps.

Kettlebell Practice

The people that come to our classes (consistently) see results. If you join our program this is what you can expect to happen. (1)You'll be shown mobility exercises that will uncover (help you realize you might have) poor movement patterns or deficiency that will or have lead to injury. (2) If you attend Saturdays, you'll be introduced or will practice and refine all the basic core kettlebell lifts that make you strong and healthy by combining whole body strength and cardio exercises (that's why kb traiing is so awesome if done right). (3) If you come throughout the week days you can attend any class that will be a whole mind/body workout that you can do any where any time. It's really a life time training style that anyone whom has some ambition can improve on for the rest of their days.

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10 - 1 Kettlebell + Body Weight Workout

New Video💥💪// 10- 1 reps workout using a single kettlebell and your own body-weight. Do 10 reps the first round 9 the second and so on until you've finished all the reps.

You have 8 exercises. Do 10 reps in round 1, 9 reps round 2, 8 in round 3 until you finish all the reps. Keep track of your time. Breathe and move to the bes...

Core Lifts Challenge #1

//New Challenge Video update// Take a look at our technique class from Saturday. You can do these workouts anywhere- anytime; you just have to know what you are doing. We are here to help you learn how to move properly with kettlebell and body-weight exercises so you (anyone) can live a healthier life. Share with someone who could use some SOS.

Ultimately we want to display the best form possible on these 5 core kettlebell lifts. This work out is to practice working toward those lifts or to challeng...

Kettlebell + Body weight-workout 2-16- 2018

//New workout video//

Follow along 10 minute rounds. Do this 4 times through

Clearing Up The Confusion - An Intro To Kettlebell Training: Kettlebell 101

New Post: An Introduction to Kettlebell - The Kettlebell is the most dynamic strength and fitness tool available if understood, and used properly. #soskettlebell #kettlebell #kettlebellswings #fitness #workout #exercise #strength #kettlebellkickstart The Kettlebell is the most dynamic strength and fitness tool available if understood, and used properly. There is no other piece of equipment that you can do so much with and get so much from. In this intro to kettlebell training we will attempt to clear up a the confusion surrounding this great too...

1 Kettlebell + Body-weight Workout 2-9-2018

//New Workout Video// Get some work in this weekend. Take a look at our routine today. Get 3-5 rounds in and feel great!!

This is a single kettlebell + body-weight workout to promote lean muscle, mobility, strength and cardio. Do 3-5 sets of all the exercises shown. Use the best...

1 KB BW Workout 2 2 2018 1080p

//New Video Update// I really like this routine. It's a single KB routine with a few body weight exercises at the end. Working out like this is great for health/fitness maintenance. It works the whole body promoting lean muscle gains, strength, cardio and mobility; all the aspects we need to be strong and fit.

A nice flow of exercises to work your whole body making you stronger, mobile and more flexible.

Breaking Down The Get Up

Video update!! Having trouble with kettlebell? Check out the latest kettlebell fundamentals video that breaks down the get.

Some tips to help you improve your understanding of the get up.

A Case For Adding More Plants To Your Diet - SOS Kettlebell

New Post!: A Case For Adding More Plants To Your Diet
#plantbased #poweredbyplants #transformationtuesday #plantbasednutrition #nutrition #eatclean #workout #fit #fitness Adding More Plants To Your Diet? A “plant-based diet” consists of a plentiful amount of fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, unrefined whole-grains, soy products, and healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

SOS Kettlebell

Time block workouts are tough and can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. Here is a 5 exercise 7 minute time block workout we did on Monday.

7 Minute Time Block Workout

Time block workouts are tough and can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. Here is a 5 exercise 7 minute time block workout we did on Monday.

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[12/21/17]   💥12 DAYS OF FITMAS REMINDER- Tomorrow (Friday) night all of the points will be added up and the prizes will be awarded after the 7:30AM class this Saturday morning. There is still time to get points by bringing in more food donations for the Akron/Canton food-bank as well as getting in a few more classes. Also there are a lot of blank cards- so if you haven't filled them out you have toady and tomorrow to get it done. Give more do more!💪💥

December Kettlebell Challenge

December Kettlebell Challenge -

New Schedule Starting Monday 11-27-17

New Schedule Starting Monday 11-27-17 -

Movement Quality Is Strength: Mobility And Movement Quality

**New Blog Post** "Movement Quality Is Strength"
Plus! Check out the video series at the bottom of the post titled “Joint Mobility” from our YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE!!
#mobility #strengthtraining #movementquality #soskettlebell Mobility and movement quality are key to making improvements in strength training. I designed the SOS Mobility Training System specifically to help...

Joint Mobility Series part 4 The follow along

Part 4 of the mobility series. Please share this with someone whom can use it! This is the complete routine so you can follow along. Everyone should practice these mobility exercises daily. I designed this routine in 2009 and have been practicing it daily since. Before this routine I had a lot of pain that I thought would just be part of my life after athletics. The pain in my knees is no longer there, the frequent pains in my back and shoulders goes away with this routine. Anyone can benefit from this exercise routine it you stay consistent.

A complete follow along mobility routine to strengthen and condition the joints.

Joint Mobility Series part 3 pelvis lumbar and posterior chain

Check out part 3 of the mobility series. This covers the lumbar, hips and the posterior chain. Lots of good stuff if your back hurts. Get those hips moving!

Mobility exercises for the hips, lower back and posterior chain

Joint Mobility Series part 2 shoulders and thoracic cage

I'm creating an online video series to help people better understand the SOS training system. The videos are for anyone; people whom come to classes here in Akron or for anyone, anywhere that wants to put the effort in to becoming healthier and fitter using body weight and kettlebells to train with. Learning to breath and getting your joints conditioned and healthy are the starting points to the system. This is part 2 of the mobility system covering mobility for the shoulders and upper back area known as the thoracic cage.

Mobility exercises to strengthen and mobilize the upper back ans shoulders.

Joint Mobility series 1

If you are considering beginning an exercise program, have aches and pains or are looking to move and feel better watch this video. This is series one of the mobility system on the neck warm-up.

The introduction to SOS Mobility exercise warm up. Neck mobility.

The Problem With Protein Powders - The Weston A. Price Foundation

Do you take a protein supplement? You might want to eat real food instead. Should athletes and others consume protein powders in beverages, shakes and bars? Perhaps the habits of traditional healthy peoples can give us a clue.

We have a nice little circuit ready for you tomorrow

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