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Body Elite Systems is a Health & Fitness Solution(s) Providing Company that offers; In-Home & Online Personalized Training and Life Peak Performance Coaching.

Through the Body Elite Online training experience you will be able to achieve your fitness / wellness goals at times that are convenient for you. We will teach you how to meet your specific goals on your own and at the proper pace. Our proven philosophy, with the tools we have developed, will maximize your results. Such as our; healthy life strategic planning tactics, nutrition guide, and our professional demonstrations that will guide you through each exercise prescription correctly and safely. A little Bit about Us… Our Motto Extraordinary mindset, Extraordinary body- - Extraordinary Life! Description Body Elite Systems is a Health & Fitness solution(s) providing company that offers; Online & In-Home Personalized Training as well as Corporate Wellness Coaching. We are NOT the typical weight loss program! That old’ saying “You believe it… you achieve it!” simple- - and yet so very true. Committing to a healthy lifestyle involves more than just training your body through proper exercise and nutrition. Permanent, healthy physique transformation is achieved and maintained by building and conditioning the right mindset, also known as Inner Strength! Life coaching tactics & strategies are the backbone to our success to break through limiting belief structures; which left untreated will continue in an endless search for the illusive “Perfect workout”, or “Miraculous diet”, and or “Magic pill” resulting in lost time, money, and FAILURE! Our tactics such as guided visualization exercises, strategic intervention techniques, and positive affirmations will put an end to the vicious cycle of mistaken movement for achievement; instead arrive at the true desired journey's end- - Success! Mission statement Body Elite is not about creating awesome “fat burning workouts” and amazing “weight loss plans” for people to get their bodies in great shape, although we do that well. Body Elite is about something more. It’s “core value” is that our belief and passion that having a healthy and fit body paired with an extraordinary mindset can create a synergistic effect; enhancing life's pleasurable moments and giving one the inner strength, confidence, and discipline to conquer and grow from life's challenges. Our mission is to inspire and Help Other People Excel by bringing back H.O.P.E. to them to discover the life they are truly meant to Extraordinary Life!

Operating as usual

[08/07/20]   When facing the life reset of the "Winter season" of tremendous Uncertainty like we are all going through with this pandemic experience. Having a Vision of how you see your life become for the following "Spring season" of rebirth and New Beginnings will pull you through the emotional ups and downs. HOPE is the only thing stronger than FEAR! Time to bring back HOPE. (Helping Other People Excel)

Not sure how? Start with what you don't want and WILL NOT TOLERATE ANYMORE and write them down, write at least five things, then start writing the opposite of them. Take a break and comeback later to refine your vision and then take IMMEDIATE ACTION to begin turning your dreams into reality! This is one of the best tools I have found to kill FEAR, crush DEPRESSION, and learn to use ANXIETY. This will give you something to work towards, bringing back Certainty, Growth, Contribution, Connection and most importantly- - Purpose!

You can't appreciate the SWEET without the SOUR and boy oh boy....I'm ready for some serious zero calorie sweets in my life!!

Yours in Good Health! -Jeremy Health and Fitness Solutions Provider to a Better You!

(FRIDAYS @ 10 FOOD PROGRAM) @ Ernest Angely church on State Rd. A friend told me about this give back program. Free veges and more. The experience was priceless. To see humans being so humane. I need to do this more in my life, give. Brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't use any of the food, being all dairy. So I donated it to the Salvation Army. :) Know someone who can benefit from this please Share the love! 💓


I found this and!! Something we all need in our time of challenges we are all facing. Please watch this, it may give you a new perspective to living versus truly living! Yours in Good Health, Jeremy Smith.


Was there an encounter with someone or perhaps yourself that you regret how you behaved and wish you could have done differently?

Of course! To error is human.😌
Try this technique each morning thinking back to that experience and say the following out loud 4x's and with each read increase your emotion with it, use your body...say it, feel it, breathe it, LIVE IT AND BE IT!!!!

(Ho- oponopono prayer)
Read the following out loud 4x's and see what happens! 😊💕
Step 1: Repentance "I'm sorry."
Step 2: Ask Forgiveness "Please forgive me."
Step 3: Gratitude "Thank you."
Step 4: Love "I love you."

My new "gym experience" to exercise and be among people, Covid drama/Hooplah free. Serenity now!💪 🙏🚲😌


I go to Greenleaf and I strongly recommend them! -Jeremy Smith Owner

We are here. Are you feeling worried, sad, depressed or overwhelmed? Are you suffering from a substance abuse disorder involving drugs and/or alcohol. Greenleaf Family Center offers caring and confidential counseling services for adults and families through licensed clinical counselors. Please call us to set up an appointment.

Breakthroughs in Immunity | Stem cell therapy for COVID-19 w/ Dr. Bob Hariri and Dr. Peter Diamandis

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER-- ONLY WHEN ACTED UPON! Here's some information that I feel can give you some options to explore to help put you into a greater position of being in control to regain certainty and HOPE, hope the only thing stronger the FEAR.

There are multiple lenses of science out there. Whenever someone receives a life challenging diagnosis we almost always ask for a second or third opinion before making a commitment. So when it comes to YOUR health and well-being why should the exploring of solutions and treatment of this current pandemic event be any different? When I work with my clients I often tell them to focus on the basics that will improve your health, it certainly can't hurt and definitely will have many, many more positive side effects to improve your likeliness to have a better quality of life lived!
If you're on the fence about committing to a healthier lifestyle because you feel it would be too hard or painful to do or perhaps afraid of failing... please. please reach out to me that's my specialty to show you the way and do it safely with measurable success and give you the tools necessary to continue a healthy lifestyle with lifelong sustainable results! I Walk the Talk and I've done the hard work for you, all you need to do is meet me halfway and I will show you the way! I Promise!! ☺️💕💞💓❤️ Jeremy Smith Owner of Body Elite Personalized Training your Health & Fitness Solutions Provider to a Better You!

Interested in exploring our In-Home Personalized Training Serving the Greater Akron/Cleveland areas. Call us at 330-526-3701 and leave a message and someone from our team will return your call to Schedule your Complimentary Fitness Consultation for our In-Home Personalized Training.

Health & Wellness in the Privacy and Safety of your very own home met with 3'x's the likeliness of success! True Personalized Training!

If you are like many people, you’re trying to make sense of all the information about coronavirus that is being shared 24 hours a day on television, headline...

Here's some tips on how to create a 6 pack at home!

Want to learn more about our In-Home Personalized Training?

Give us a Call at 330-526-3701.
Leave a message and some one from our team will call you back to schedule your Complimentary Fitness Consultation for our In-Home Personalized Training.

(Serving the Akron/Cleveland areas.)

Looking for true personalized training experience with 3x's the likeliness for success... all in the privacy, safety and knuckle head free of IG gals & guys. Where you are the star! 🌟 Then give me a call to schedule your Complimentary Fitness Consultation for Body Elite's In-Home Personalized Training. 330-526-3701 (Serving the Akron/Cleveland areas.)

What an Amazing Inspiration for living a Healthy Lifestyle of working out and eating healthy! I'm breaking up with Taylor Swift! I found my next girlfriend, if she becomes single. Wow!! 50 yrs young...truly amazing! You Go JLo!!! 💪😊

Your psychology drives your behavior. The difference between a Victim's versus Victor's mindset is a matter of what you Focus on, the Meaning you place on it, and how YOU choose to REACT TO IT!

Sh*t happens it's up to you on how you choose to use it or lose it!

Intro for my video for my Social Distancing Recovery Kit I created for Body Elite System's PROJECT HOPE. (Helping Other People Excel)

WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY? 😇 To all you special mom's out there who's love was unconditional, wishing you a Very Happy and Peaceful Mother's Day! 💓

Workout Tip: Protect your spine keep it straight/neutral. Your spine follows your head's lead. 💪🙂

Workout Tip on a Budget: I'm using a GoFit Super Band to take a 40 lb. dumbbell up to 60 pounds total resistance for a fraction of the cost and saving space.

I WALK THE TALK and can show you the way!

Extraordinary Mindset, Extraordinary Body- - Extraordinary Life! Jeremy Smith, Owner & Your Health & Fitness Solutions Provider to a Better You!

Call now to Receive Your Complimentary Fitness Consultation for our In-Home Personalized Training (Serving Akron/Cleveland areas) 330-526-3701

April 27, 2020

Qts about what I'm wearing on my wrists. Also advice on how to improve your workout experience at home. (Schiek black line wrist wraps) Extraordinary Mindset- - Extraordinary Body- - Extraordinary Life!

I have found for those who normally workout in a gym versus working out at home your mind and body connection is a bit challenged initially. So for my first few sets I will flex my muscles I'm training to help me focus on getting a better quality lift, plus at my more matured body age... emphasizing body only 😁 it's a great way to reduce potential injury. Especially again for us who are accustomed to gym workout experience. 💪😊

Living it up on a Saturday night! Getting hammered with Hammer curls!

GoFit resistance bands are an excellent low budget solution to working out at home. Check them out! 💪😎



I WALK THE TALK and Can Show YOU the Way! Want to learn more about how you can workout in the safety and privacy of your own home? Learn how to boost your immune system and get your life back and also...lose fat- - permanently, feeling your best? Call me at 330-526-3701 to schedule your Complimentary Fitness Consultation with me, Jeremy!

Leave a message and I'll return your call asap!


Call Us Now to Schedule Your Complimentary Fitness Consultation for our Premier In-Home Personalized Training Experience!

*3'x's the likeliness to achieve lifelong sustainable success!
*Receive my 20 years of In-Home Personalized Training Experience to save you time, money, and do so safely and most importantly have FUN TOO!
*Truly Personalized Training Based on Your Environment.
*Purchased new equipment and want to learn how to use it safely.
*No weights or workout equipment NO PROBLEM!
*Serving the Greater Akron/Cleveland areas!
**330-526-3701 Please leave a message.

ULTIMATE RESOURCE- Our Emotional States

To truly learn and grow from this pandemic event we need to look at it through the Constructive Lens of Meaning.

(For Example)
What if Mother Nature is being the most Badass Personal Trainer/Life Coach ever and she gave us the most intense workout ever, this virus is her way to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones? In other words, we got too comfortable and fat and lazy, maybe?? So we must RISE UP and Raise our standards to become better from this. My Empowering Reset Question, "How can I use this to Make Me Stronger?"
I personally know that change/uncertainty can be a big challenge for us, however if we keep holding on to what was or someone else will make it right again....the writing is on the wall. We all have to step up and grow or parish!

(Behind the scenes)
Making a voiceover track for a video I'm making for my Social Distancing Recovery Kit, I created it to give back HOPE to the people and re-establish a sense of certainty during these uncertain times.
(Project HOPE: Helping Other People Excel)

(TIP) The number one factor to success is to use the Ultimate Resource and that's our EMOTIONAL STATES. The emotional states of Creativity, Decisiveness, Passion, Honesty, Sincerity, and LOVE.
Lol, don't worry I'll extend my hand out to you to help, however, you have to meet me halfway and do your part!


I've been working out for 35 yrs., I started at the age of 9!😇 I've been providing personal training for over 25 yrs and have trained slightly over 430 clients over the years. Not saying that's a lot for the amount of time I've been doing this, however, I have been providing In-Home personal training for 20 yrs and it's a totally different creature than training people in the gym. Quality versus Quantity for experience and knowledge I have gained as a result. In-Home is truly a personalized training experience and a much more effective way to get people the results they truly NEED not WANT and I have learned tremendously about those who SUCCEED and why those who DID NOT and that's why I became a Lifecoach/Personal Trainer to be my absolute best in my goal to serving my clients to deliver them to the quality of life they desire and deserve, and yes sometimes it can be painful when being brutally honest, and with this honesty, the real, genuine drive is developed yielding lifelong sustainable success.

With this being said I have learned in my work, research and observation of patterns in my industry that when it comes to the HEALTH & FITNESS INDUSTRY that whatever the masses do to achieve their Health & Fitness Goals I WILL NOT DO IT AND USUALLY DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE. I've had numerous people and clients who didn't agree and tried to convince me there way was right and you know what they all had in common? They all were overweight/obese and recently I've seen some that 15-20 yrs later are in wheelchairs or riding a scooter in the grocery buying garbage and all blaming someone or something for why they were not healthy, and it saddens me. Although not everyone is willing to be brutally honest with themselves when looking into that mirror, I have been one myself. Counseling and many years of self-work developing my Inner Strength, I'm making it happen and that's why I'm so driven and understanding that I'm not selling what the people want and I could potentially get crucified for it, however, I CAN'T JUST SIT IT OUT AND JUST WATCH because I have had too many wonderful people in my life be an example to me by showing me when you goto your heart to do what's right instead of trying to be's always right! 😊

Please if you disagree with my posts, they are there to challenge you to break you out of hypnotic state to get to a real place for real growth a wake-up call if you may. If you still don't agree with me MOVE ON and PLEASE DON'T SEND ME LINKS TO SAY I'M WRONG. If it's working for you COOL BEANS! I truly hope so!😊

Thanks and Peace and Love and Peace and Love! 💞❤️

I'm lactose intolerant. 😄(To be continued.)

Focus on what you have control on and when it's 100% beyond your control like the weather, or a painful traumatic experience from your past, and or this current pandemic event. Then Focus on the Meaning you place on the situation to one that serves you. You always, always have control on the Meaning you place on anything.

PRIMING: A guided meditation exercise that allows you to filter out negative stimuli to set and reset your mood/state to prepare yourself for positive interactions, experiences, and results. Incorporate priming in your daily morning ritual.

Ask yourself the following three questions each and every morning to reset and reshape your life.

Qt. 1- What are you going to Focus on?
Qt. 2- What does this Mean?
Qt. 3- What am I Going to do?

To learn more about how to create an Extraordinary Mindset, Extraordinary Body- - Extraordinary Life! Call us today to schedule your complimentary Fitness Consultation for our In-Home Personalized Training, serving the greater Akron/Cleveland areas.

330-526-3701 Please leave a message and we will return your call asap. -Jeremy SmithYour Health & Fitness Solutions Provider to A Better You!

If we want freedom there's only one way... TAKE 100% responsibility for our experience of life no matter what anyone else did or what Mother Nature has thrown our way - - We're still responsible for what we experience. Not what they did...what we experience. There's no freedom until we take ourselves there and stay there and make that our identity. Otherwise, there's just a fantasy you'll be disappointed by.

Bringing back HOPE!

Body Elite's Project HOPE. (Helping Other People Excel) My PDF for my Social Distancing Recovery Kit is finished and a video is being made to help make this as user friendly as possible to help give you some of the basics to boost your immune system, and most importantly to reestablish the feeling of living life on your terms...Extraodinary Mindset, Extraordinary Body- - Extraordinary Life! 💪🙂

[04/14/20]   BEAUTIFUL!!

Tony Robbins

Most framing and reframing is done FOR us, not BY us. Someone else sets the frame and we react to it. We all need to start taking control of our frame of reference, and frame or reframe experiences in a way that makes them work for us — that makes them empower you to move forward instead of pull back. That’s how you FREE YOURSELF FROM FEAR and that’s how you get yourself to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, and ultimately that’s how you change your life and/or your business.

“The meaning of any experience in life depends upon the FRAME we put around it.

One of the most effective tools for personal growth is learning how to put the best frames on ANY experience.

There are ways to see our biggest problems as our greatest opportunities — if only we can step out of our trained patterns of perception.

Nothing in the world has any inherent meaning.

We say this happened, so “this” means “that,” when in actuality there may be an infinite number of ways to interpret any experience.

Nothing is good or bad in the world except in the way we represent it to ourselves. It’s how WE CHOOSE to put MEANING on events. The meaning is whatever you choose to FOCUS on.”
Excerpt from 1985 📚 UNLIMITED POWER: The New Science of Personal Achievement

Most framing and reframing is done FOR us, not BY us. Someone else sets the frame and we react to it. We all need to start taking control of our frame of reference, and frame or reframe experiences in a way that makes them work for us — that makes them empower you to move forward instead of pull back. That’s how you FREE YOURSELF FROM FEAR and that’s how you get yourself to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, and ultimately that’s how you change your life and/or your business.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Jeremy Smith, owner of Body Elite Personalized Training. I want to share with you A little Bit about Us.

Body Elite is a Health & Fitness Solutions Providing Company; offering In-home and On-line Personalized Training. We are not about creating awesome “fat burning workouts” and “amazing weight loss plans” for people to get their bodies in great shape, although we do that well. Body Elite is about something more. Did you Know? Ninety-eight percent of people who do the latest “trendy exercise program” and or diet, in less than a year, FAIL and sadly become FATTER.

Having the right strategy for nutrition and exercise is indeed essential. For actual change to occur, eighty percent is psychology, and twenty percent is mechanics, and without the right psychology, one will continue to experience the never-ending search for the elusive “Perfect workout,” or “Miraculous diet,” and or “Magic pill” resulting in lost time, wasted money, and ultimately- - FAILURE! Our solution to end the vicious cycle of mistaken movement for achievement, our Life Peak Performance Coaching. All our programs encompass life coaching strategies and techniques to help you resolve inner conflicts to break through limiting belief structures to unlock and unleash your full potential by developing the right mindset, the driving force for lifelong sustainable success. That old’ saying “You believe it… you achieve it!” pure- - and yet so very real.

And lastly, my life’s journey and passion that’s driven me to create Body Elite and why I’m so compelled to share it with others. Body Elite's core value is that having a healthy and fit body paired with an extraordinary mindset can create a synergistic effect. Enhancing life's pleasurable moments and giving one the inner strength of confidence and determination to conquer and grow from life's challenges, in and out of the gym; better quality lives through healthier lifestyle choices. Achieving lives worthy of being called- - Extraordinary Lives!

To learn more about Body Elite’s proven process to achieve the quality of life you desire and genuinely deserve, check us out at

My motto

Extraordinary Mindset, Extraordinary Body- - Extraordinary Life!


Jeremy Smith,

Your Health and Fitness Solutions Provider to a Better You!

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ULTIMATE RESOURCE- Our Emotional States





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