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ETBT is an exciting program that offers special training in the development in all ages of basketball skills, through comprehensive teaching methods

Elite Training By Trent is an exciting program that offers special training in the development in all ages of basketball skills through comprehensive teaching methods Elite Training By Trent prides itself on teaching, improvement and progress. Our training methods and style, ensure that our athletes have every opportunity to improve each and every time they step on the court. I started Elite Training By Trent to solely educate our young future athletes on how to play basketball at an elite level. Properly teaching kids the fundamentals of the game is the foundation of becoming a great player. Me, myself have played on a high level in high school as well as college and I feel that I have the necessary tools to help each athlete to become a better player.


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There are no shortcuts. Only hard work. Train hard and be patient. IT WILL PAY OFF!

Ball Is Life! #ICantWaitToGetBackInTheGym

Wishing everyone joy, blessings and peace! Please take this time to relax, take a look at the positive side of this uncertain time and enjoy this wonderful day with family! #EliteTrainingByTrent


The jab step is an essential basketball move that can be extremely effective if done properly. The jab step is a way to break down/analyze a defenders feet/hips to find the best way to attack them w/o putting the ball on the floor!
As a lefty my dominant pivot foot is my right and opposite for right handers. So through out this video my left foot is going to be my jab foot. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”
I have 3 β€œjabs” to break down for you today:
* First: basic hard jab, while doing the jab I sweep the ball to the opposite knee and sell the hard drive. Always remember to bring the jab foot back to your base/stance if called for
* Second: β€œJab & Go Opposite,” as I’m doing a hard jab the ball sweeps to the opposite knee to sell the drive, defender bites, attack the opposite direction with the jab foot swinging through to attack opposite.
* Third: β€œJab & Go,” you make a hard violent jab and if defender doesn’t bite, you go (attack). Remember, the jab foot does not come back...you jab, no bite from defender, you go
1. If the defender jumps backwards due to him/her reacting off of your jab to defend the drive, that’s space you have created for you to knock down the open shot
2. If the defender flies up the court to cut off the direction of the jab and drive, this leaves the opposite side of the defender wide open for you to attack opposite
3. If the defender doesn’t react at all off of your violent jab, this is when you GO/ATTACK by your defender
Once again everyone, use your time wisely and get better daily! Try this drill, get better and tag me so I can see who’s working!!!!

CHANGE OF DIRECTION: is the positioning of your body to go in a different direction. The movement always keeps the defender off balance.
As a 5’9” (as a grown man lol) guard, I had to find other advantages (strengths) against bigger/stronger opponents. My advantage was my speed and being able to change direction quick. Changing speed and direction are two critical things a guard should possess!
Having the ability to change speeds and direction in an explosive manner, is something that can change an average player into a better one! You always want to try and find an advantage over your opponents!

Dear Basketball (Training),

I miss you dearly!!


S/o and congratulations to my guy @1bryon_ on his commitment to the University of Detroit Mercy! All the countless hours, conversations and hard work that you have put in has paid off! Well deserved young fella! Keep up the great work, continued success, a lot more hard work and know I’m proud of you!

Happy Monday folks! I hope all is well and we are continuing to stay safe! On today’s menu we have DEFENSE! Good basketball always starts with good defense.
Free throw line/lane:
-Start on the baseline
-Sprint up the free throw lane into a close out at the elbow
-Defensive slide across the free throw line
-Back pedal on the free throw lane
-Defensive slide across the baseline to finish drill
β€’Stay sharp and stay on the lines
β€’If you are sliding right your right foot steps out first. Left side left foot
β€’Short, quick, choppy steps
β€’Left side of the court you are closing out with your inside hand (right) forcing offensive player sideline/baseline away from basket. Opposite on right side of court. The hand you close out with may be different depending on what your coach may ask you to do.
Defense involves: courage, energy, intelligence and HEART!! Lets get better today!!!

Hey! Back in the gym today to help sharpen my skills and become better! If I can do it, you can too! What’s on today’s menu is FOOTWORK! Footwork is one of the primary prerequisites to becoming a great player!
In today’s drills, all you need is an agility ladder and if you don’t have one, you can draw a ladder with some chalk on the sidewalk if possible.
-1 foot in each box (as if you are walking)
-2 feet in each box (work both feet right & left)
-Hopscotch (jump in and out of box with two feet)
-Working laterally now: 2 feet in each box (if you are moving left your left foot goes first and if you are going right then your right foot goes first. Think defense! Your inside foot steps in and out of the box first) Work both sides of the ladder
-On one side of the ladder facing forward, 1 foot is going in and out. If you are on the left side of the ladder; your right foot is going in and out. Right side of the ladder; left foot is going in and out
-Working laterally now: if you are going left then your left foot goes in and out of the ladder. If you are going right then your right foot is going in and out of the ladder. Once again think defense and defensive sliding.
-Working laterally: both feet are going in and out of the ladder going forward and back. Same rules apply if you are going right or left laterally. With this drill you should start on one side of the ladder and end up outside of the ladder on the opposite side and keep going back and forth
FOOTWORK FOOTWORK FOOTWORK! Let’s get quick feet ladies and gentlemen! Have at it and get better!!


We are back at it! Another nice day to get better! I hope we are all taking advantage of our time to get better daily!
Today we have a shooting drill called β€œPoint 7.” This drill can be performed from all 5 spots on the court (corners, wings & top of the key). Start off with 2 pointers and if easy move to the 3 point line in the same 5 spots.
You start off with 7 points. For every make it is -1 and for every miss it is +2. The goal is to get to 0!
The drill teaches you to be consistent and shoot the same shot all the time. Don’t get frustrated if you miss. Shooters shoot! Focus on the next shot because missing back to back shots is crucial lol!
Try the drill and tag me once completed! Let’s get better today ladies and gentlemen!

What’s up everyone. I hope we are all enjoying this sunny day and everyone was able to get outside and get some work in!
In this drill, I’m performing stationary ball handling with a weighted med ball. If you don’t have a med ball you can substitute with a tennis ball, softball, etc..As you can see the med ball is in one hand and the basketball is in the other. You will perform low, mid-way and high with the basketball. The med ball is always held out with a straight arm. NO CHEATING! You will abide by the 30secs on and 15secs off (rest).
We perform a lot of different variations with the med ball but its purpose is to build hand strength, shoulder strength and it is great for hand/eye coordination as well as hand/speed quickness. Not to mention it gives your off-hand a job because we all know in the game your off-hand is pretty active!
I hope you all take this drill and use it while you are getting better daily. Tag me once you perform the drill!! Ready, set, GO!


Success isn’t owned. It’s leased.....And, the rent is due every day!!!!
Athletes use this time wisely to get ahead and master your craft!!! Remember, rent is due EVERY DAY!!

If it’s just you and no partner/rebounder, no problem at all you still can get shots up!
If you are at home and you have a hoop or access to a hoop and would like some shooting drills to do...comment below!!

When my body gets tired, my mind says β€œthis is where winners are made.” When my mind gets tired, my heart says β€œthis is where champions are made.” Keep Going!!!

This is what happens when you miss FREE throws!!!

So who really wants SUCCESS now???? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈA lot talk it but can’t walk it!!!!

Tough one for @baileebrooks30 tonight! But it’s all for the good! Off season is where.....you know the rest!!!!

A day late but I call it perfect timing lol! My ALL GIRLS & ALL BOYS Dribbling Clinics this past weekend is my 🚨🚨#ClientCrushSunday🚨🚨 these kids did great and had fun while working hard! Thank you to all who participated in either clinic and thank you to my coaches for helping these kids get better as well!!! Swipe πŸ‘‰πŸ½ #EliteTrainingByTrent #AllBoysAllGirlsDribblingClinics

6 DAYS AWAY! There’s still time! REGISTER TODAY!!!

5 DAYS AWAY!!!! There’s still time! REGISTER TODAY!!!

🚨🚨#ClientCrushSunday🚨🚨 swipe πŸ‘‰πŸ½

β€œWhat you do in the off season determines what you do in the regular season” first session in the books with this young lady!!! #NextTimeEatSomethingBeforeYouCome😭

Great work today young lady! See you soon! #FirstSession #NewClient #EliteTrainingByTrent

First session in the books! Can’t wait for our next one! See you soon!! #EliteTrainingByTrent

Good month with this group of kids in my February Basketball Clinics! I believe we got to it in these 4 Monday’s and I look forward to seeing you all again in April!

S/o to my guy Mike for winning Knock Out lol!!!

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Good work today sir!!!!! #EliteTrainingByTrent

Congratulations to my guy @trey_wi11iams on his commitment to Allegheny College! All the hard work over the years have paid off! Just know I’m proud of you, it’s well deserved and this is just the beginning! Stay positive and keep up the hard work!!!!

🚨🚨#ClientCrushSunday🚨🚨 swipe πŸ‘‰πŸ½

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