Elite Anglr, Alabaster, AL Video June 2, 2019, 5:23pm

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I don’t believe what I just saw. Big Bass Smash Ash of Non MLF.

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He did, @hankcherryfishing you will forever be the Bassmaster Champion at the 50th. Congratulations.

That’s a wrap for me and the 2020 Classic.

2020 Bassmaster Classic, that is a wrap.

Want to get one of our special Classic decals? See how to get one at the BJCC Bassmaster Classic. #eliteanglr #bassmaster #bassmasterclassic #BJCC #bassmasterclassic2020

Classic giveaway decal
Want to get your decal at the Classic? Here is how. We might even have a few other cool giveaways.

Classic week
It’s Classic week and I gotta work day one. What has this world come too.

Quality decals
I was unexpectedly impressed and wanted to share.

Here is how Casey Scanlon Professional Angler approach fall fishing.

Happy Halloween everyone.

This is one of those great moments we truly enjoy sharing. The simple act of taking a kid fishing can put a smile on a kid that can’t be take away. We want to thank Joshua Beck and his boys for reminding of of this and getting Conner on the water. Time is the most valuable thing you can give another person, add a little fishing to that and it is a powerful combination. #eliteanglr

A quick fall tip from the one and only James Watson Professional Angler, enjoy.

Hank's fall fishing tip
Quick fall fishing tip from Hank Cherry and his favorite Picasso Lures jig.

Elite Anglr Rain gear
Get your hands on our light weight packable rain gear and stay dry all day. #eliteAnglr #raingear

What I Know

Here’s to a great weekend!

FLW Cup in Hot Springs, AR Walk’in and Talk’in

It's the calm before the storm we all hear walking to the boat after parking the truck. That old squeaky dock that lets us know it's game time. #eliteanglr #thelongwalk
Every great day on the water begins at the dock.

Fight Cancer decal for Derek Plummer

The Battle has concluded and the winner is.

Not live leaderboard Big Bass Bash vs Elite Anglr LOZ

Score update Big Bass Bash Be EliteAnglr from LOZ

On the water at LOZ. Launch two man tournament.

Ready Randy’s Guide Service

Monica Cordray Benefit Bass Tournament at Table Rock Lake

Stay on the water with our performance shirts. Eliteanglr.com
Stay dry and protected while spending hours on the water this summer. #eliteanglr

Stay protected on the water so you spend more time fishing.

A Champion has been crowned at Non MLF Pickwick Lake. #champion #chocolatesyrup #sabotage #tears

I don’t believe what I just saw. Big Bass Smash Ash of Non MLF.

The legend begins in the woods. Driftwood Rods. #builttolast #tough #cletus #fishingrods

RC Cola slings biscuits in Non MLF. #biscuits #mcdonalds #bassfishing

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