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Wolf Den Strong


Just realized I did all those plank up-downs without maintaining tension. Did ‘em fast to get rid of them. Sooo...another case of learning a new piece but failing to implement it. But next time...
I started following the Autoimmune Paleo diet as recommended by Coach Rob. I made my first meal today, and it wasn't all that hard. The diet is expensive for me, but upon starting it I felt better almost the day after. The first thing I made was a chicken chili recipe, and it was DELICIOUS! Worth the investment and effort!!!
Is the power on there?
Why upper body strength is important (watch the video!!):
New workout???
I'm looking forward to this afternoon! I can't wait to build another muscle and grow a little stronger.😊👍🏼💪🏻
Coming to the party at 1715, who's gonna join me?? 🐺
Just wanted to thank Coach Rob for all the personal attention to help me rehab my sprained calf. What other coach/trainer takes the time to send you texts over the weekend and gives you a therapeutic massage. I'm sure I'll be back in the game well ahead of schedule. Thanks Rob Isamad Man (Coach Rob).

We are a 5-star reviewed fitness and sports performance facility located in Alachua. We offer group fitness classes, highly sought after personal one-on-one training, sports performance training, and functional rehabilitation for chronic pain sufferers.

Now that you’re here, let us tell you what we really do. We build faith and courage. Helping others become believers that you can do better and providing you with the courage to become stronger. The faith that we will put you in the right position to succeed and the courage to accept that you deserve a better life for yourself. We literally have a system that will walk you through removing that self-doubt that has haunted you and led you to us. You will build the courage. All you have to do is walk through our doors. .

His first rodeo. 115# at a body weight of 125#. Nice work Ayden 👏🏼👊🏼⠀

#WolfDenSports #Alachua

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Here’s Ayden 12U ball player(soon 13U). This is his 3rd day. We put this out as an example of how our process works. Each player is assessed from fingers to toes. Stability, joint mobility, proprioception, bilateral and unilateral, spine/hips/shoulders/knees/ankles are all assessed.⠀

With Ayden, our starting focus is on building strength and stability in his feet/ankles/hips. Then building the specific muscles and soft tissue responsible for stabilizing the scapula. As a result, his shoulder will build resilience against injury in his sport. His improvement in foot/ankle/hip strength & stability will also be self-protective as well as serve to improve his at bat, his pitching power, and ultimately his body control which translates to more force applied, hence speed. ⠀

The process is long and complex but it is what we do. Address the whole athlete in his present condition and work to improve what we assessed. ⠀
Although he is struggling here, he’s already making great progress. He’ll pick up quick. We’ll keep you updated. ⠀

#WolfDenSports #Ballers #Alachua

These two brothers are getting after it. Can’t wait to see how they perform next soccer season.⠀

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North of 2000!

To our Wolf Den extended family and page followers:

We don’t usually post anything on our business page outside of normal business operations or special honorable mentions but felt this met the threshold.

Have you heard of Springs County yet?

In a nutshell, Springs County is:

“Better Living through smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom.

Government is too big, too expensive, and too intrusive. It doesn't have to be that way.

Government creates an extensive amount of friction and division. It doesn't have to be that way.

We can and should do better.”

It was born, in part, out of the frustration of county government failing to represent the needs of its surrounding municipalities and rural communities. We have voices and values and they are poorly represented with Alachua County.

Will you join us in making this a reality?

I would really appreciate your petition signature for Springs County. You don’t need to donate anything but can if you choose. Please share it with your family and at least one friend. Thank you!


change.org Thanks to you we have over 2000 online signatures already. Momentum in any campaign is key. Can you do one more thing? Can you find 1 other person to sign this petition? We'd obviously double the number we currently have if we can all find one friend, one family member, or one work colleague who can...

I decided to let them have a little fun Tuesday and go crazy. They worked their butts off. Nice job this week boys!⠀

#WolfDenSports #Alachua

Just another day at the office building stability, rotational power, and explosiveness. ⠀

#nsr_now #Firecrackers #WolfDenSports

Most think box jumps and doing “cool” stuff is what gets you there. It’s what you see in the land of impressing the audience. Often enough, that’s the stuff that gets you injured. A softball athlete isn’t jumping over a net or slam dunking a basketball. And frankly, if they don’t understand controlled deceleration or don’t have a strong foundation then why do it at all? Focused efforts on individual needs is what wins the day! @m_starmartin77 doing what it takes to be her best for the long-term.
#firecrackersoftball #Performance #Sports #Alachua

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Go out, have fun, and remember what this day is about. A nation who fought for and celebrated independence from Tyranny. An establishment of a republic. A system of equal protection. A free society that values individual rights.

And beer. Because beer is good. ✅🍻

Everyone that walks through our doors receives personal attention based on their individual needs, period.

Conference call.

Gids T/Th morning girlfriend.

Custom made logo cutout by one of our members. We love these people! Thank you again Paul for the wonderful addition.

We don’t do fancy. We do smart. @m_starmartin77 getting after it.

This happened today:

Dietician on 500mg Metformin and Sulfonylurea (Glyburide) argued she can’t go low-carb because she has a gene that limits pancreatic insulin.

I argued that if she’s not insulin dependent (pancreas still producing insulin) then why couldn’t she go low-carb?

Says bc I’m on those meds and I’ll bottom out.

Right. So back to my original question. Why can’t you go low-carb and get off the meds?

Puzzled look 😕...

Well, how low-carb are you talking about?

30g/day or less

Well then I’ll go into Ketoacidosis and I don’t want to do that.

How so if you’re low-carb?

I’ll produce ketones.

Ahum...but no acidosis due to low-carb.

Puzzled look again 😕...


No. That’s apples and oranges. You know that low-carb will produce ketones through gluconeogenesis in the absence of exogenous carbs or glucose. So where’s the acid from if there are no excess glucose substrates?

More 😕

I’ll have to look into that.

A degree doesn’t buy someone competence. Understanding the information independently of the degreed indoctrination is key to applying to real world scenarios. I’m happy to have helped her out today and maybe she will achieve the success she’s struggled with for over 20 years. #Win #LowCarb

Back from 2018:


One is not like the others. Wall sits for not wearing his uniform. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤨

Love seeing these young men working so hard. Great class today!⠀

#WolfDenSports #Alachua #Ballers #Soccer

Go Firecrackers 18U!

One of the greatest honors is when the self-determination of an individual meets or surpasses that of his Mentor. This guy is on my heels and that is the greatest compliment.⠀

We don’t micro-manage at Wolf Den Training. We build and expect excellence. Well done Chad! ⠀

#Autonomy #SDT #Leadership #Performance #WolfDenStrong #Alachua

Muay Thai Tuesday. Coach Glen testing out the bags for his future kickboxing peeps.⠀

#Kickboxing #Alachua #WolfDenStrong

“I didn’t feel comfortable at (enter facility name here). But here...this feels like I belong.”

We get giddy when new clients tell us why they’ve come to Wolf Den because we are usually their last stop. Thank you @chaddybomb for all your hard work & support. We appreciate you. 🙏🏼

#TheyBreakWeFix #Family #EqualOpportunitySuckFest #NoEgoZone #NoShirtNoService #ShoesOptional #ReturnToStrong

Controlled chaos...⠀

#WolfDenSports #Ballers #Alachua @ Wolf Den Strong

It’s time for a change isn’t it? One phone call and your life changes. ⠀

Don’t take our word for it. Our member reviews speak for themselves. If you’re willing we are waiting. Call and make your appointment to come talk with us today for a no-pressure honest conversation on how we can help you put years back on your life. ⠀

#Revolt #ItsWhatWeDo #Alachua #Gainesville #HighSprings

Something to be proud of! #NASA #SpaceX #Falcon9

Good Morning Friday. I just wanted to tell you that i kicked your ass this week. 👊🏼🖕🏼💪🏽⠀

#Better #Stronger #Faster #WolfDenStrong #Alachua

If you know how she’s feeling in this moment, you’ll know why she’s smiling. Way to go Carly! ⠀

#accomplishment #Unafraid #LoveThyself

“When you are willing to fail you are willing to know the truth.” ~ MFT⠀

These words moved me when I first read them. But today, I think I’ll add my own. ⠀

“If you are unwilling to fail then you are unwilling to know the truth.” ⠀

#TrainingNotExercise #Alachua #WolfDenStrong

I would go a step further and say that all ball players need a “base level of physical fitness” before you expect them to perform at their elite sports level of specificity. And this goes way beyond base running and poorly executed push-ups. ⠀

#WolfDenStrong #Alachua #Ballers #Repost @cresseysportsperformance⠀

Something for our guys to think about as they return to normalcy and the pursuit of being baseball-ready in the coming weeks and months. @csppitching #cspfamily

I did not see this until this morning but wow I am honored to see Israel Support Memorial Day! Thank you Ambassador Dermer for posting this. 🇺🇸🇮🇱

I love you all 3%’s #Hooah

“My legs were saying stop but my brain was saying go”⠀

Isabel S-z killed it this morning by meeting two of our ladies standards:⠀

500m Row in 1:50 or less (1:49)⠀
10 x 32kg Goblet Squat⠀

She definitely #Earned that #Wolf. ⠀

#StrongLadies #Standards #HardButDoable #Alachua #HighSprings @ Wolf Den Strong

Most people are more capable than they would ever give themselves credit for. ⠀

They just have to be in a place and amongst people that know how to extract it out of them.⠀

#WhyWolf #Alachua #Tribe #Belief

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Our Story

Now that you’re here, let us tell you what we really do. We build faith and courage. Helping others become believers that you can do better and providing you with the courage to become stronger. The faith that we will put you in the right position to succeed and the courage to accept that you deserve a better life for yourself. We literally have a system that will walk you through removing that self-doubt that has haunted you and led you to us. You will build the courage. All you have to do is walk through our doors.

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13585 NW 101st Drive, #100
Alachua, FL

General information

PRIME group classes are held each M/W/F and last approximately 1-hour: 5a,/6a/9a/12p/5:15p
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