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Riding Lessons for various abilities and ages. Training for horses. Re-training available as well. English, Wester, Driving, show and pleasure.

Sybille Murray is a PATH International Certified Riding Instructor and Equine Specialist. She has been a riding instructor and training horses for pleasure and for show for more than forty years. She began to share her passion for riding and horses with others at the early age of fifteen and soon realized that each student was struggling with something other than trying to learn to ride. With this she learned that each person has their own way of learning. She has used horses and riding as a path to learn life skills and self confidence to use in daily life for the moment and the future. Sybille is a competitive and professional horse woman that has been riding since early childhood. She has been involved with numerous disciplines including, dressage, eventing, western pleasure, trail riding and driving

Warrnambool Equine


The Healing Power of Dressage

dressagetoday.com Dressage has the ability to heal gait abnormalities and promote soundness.


Ingrid Klimke: Train for Your Horse's Pleasure

dressagetoday.com Seven elements of a training program that will keep your dressage athlete happy and healthy in his work


Transitional Vertebrae: What They Are and the Problems They Can Cause

thehorsesback.com Transitional vertebrae are rarely identified while a horse is alive. However, they can lead to lifelong spinal asymmetry - and they're more common than you might think.

Horses always make good teammates. Add an excellent coach and you have bliss.


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Event Rider Masters

Ingrid Klimke is the best. She is so lovely with how she communicates and about her rides.

Hold on tight for an amazing cross country ride with Germany's Ingrid Klimke and SAP Hale Bob OLD as they fly around the Longines PfingstTurnier Wiesbaden tough, twisty and intense course, clear and under time - in true super star style!

Turn the volume up to learn from the master, as the SAP Sports sponsored rider talks us through her faultless round, stride by stride, carrying #SAPBerry Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony on her back. 👇

#ERMeventing #thebestrun #willberrywonderpony #inspiredbyhannah #chiefchemopony

Tamarack Hill Farm

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From a few years ago---Pretty darn blunt---

Game On Eventing, LLC

So much truth!

Hedlund Dressage, LLC

Motivation Monday..... Push your hands forward to the horses mouth... ride from the hind legs to the bit!! Charlotte and “Valegro”


Germany’s Ingrid Klimke Scores Lifetime High Dressage Score to Ride Franziskus to Wiesbaden CDI4* Grand Prix Freestyle Win – Dressage-News

dressage-news.com WIESBADEN, Germany, June 9, 2019–Ingrid Klimke, among the world’s top event riders, won the CDI4* Grand Prix Freestyle on Franziskus with the highest dressage score of her career and the first above 80%.


Why horses are dying at U.S. racetracks at an alarming rate

pbs.org The Belmont Stakes marked the end of the Triple Crown on Saturday, but the focus of horse racing this year is centered on a tragic statistic: an average of 10 horses a week died at American racetracks in 2018, a fatality rate that is two-and-a-half to five times greater than in the rest of the horse...

The Rider

Perseverance, faith and working towards overcoming challenges. Huge example what it's all about.

Eric Lamaze victorious at the RBC Grand Prix of Canada.

ClipMyHorse.TV Deutschland

One of my favorite riders/trainers.

😱Weltrekord für Ingrid Klimke und SAP Hale Bob 🚀
Bei der Vielseitigkeitsserie Event Rider Masters beim Longines PfingstTurnier Wiesbaden erreicht sie 83,61% in der Teilprüfung Dressur 😍
▶️ https://watch.clipmyhorse.tv/EventRiderMasters_Wiesbaden

We would hope that this would not happen to you during a Dressage Test. However, the most important thing about training horse and rider is to never dull the character of either. In fact training of horse and rider should enhance and empower both parts of the team. Something we specialize in at S Riding & Training Centre, building on the character and personality of the horse and rider.


#WowJumping | PegaseBuzz

Do It With Your Own Style !

Credits: unknown => please DM.


Operation Cowboy – How American GIs & German Soldiers Joined Forces to Save the Legendary Lipizzaner Horses in the Final Hours of WW2 - MilitaryHistoryNow.com

militaryhistorynow.com “The efforts to rescue the Lipizzaners would end with battle-weary American GIs standing shoulder-to-shoulder with German troops to fight a common enemy – the Waffen-SS.” IT WAS APRIL 28, 1945. The war in Europe was just days away from ending…Read more →


Why You Should Volunteer at Horse Shows - Horse Illustrated

horseillustrated.com Though it may not seem as altruistic as volunteering to teach children with disabilities to ride or to help an abused horse learn to trust again, there’s no doubt that volunteering at horse shows is meaningful to horse show organizers and attendees. Volunteering at horse shows isn’t just a self-...

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The Oldest Lipizzaner Stallion In The World Neapolitano Nima I Turns 40


horsespirit.site The stallion Neapolitano Nima I, born in 1979, recently turned 40 years old. The horse, who lives at the Spanish riding school in Vienna, is the world's oldest Lipizzaner stallion registered with LIF (Lipizzaner National Federation). During his active career at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna Ne


How to Teach Beginners to Post (and keep your sanity!) | The Plaid Horse Magazine

theplaidhorse.com BlogsPartial BoardHow to Teach Beginners to Post (and keep your sanity!) May 30, 2019 BY JENN ZALA Teaching beginners is simple, and can be done without going nuts. All you have to do is guide them to create the muscle memory necessary to keep their seat and hands independent. By using a formulaic...


Potentially-deadly horse virus confirmed in Idaho

ktvb.com The illness, which is typically spread by biting insects, was recently diagnosed in a horse in Canyon County.


Karl Mikolka: "The Neck of the Horse"

Good article

eurodressage.com Although it is always dangerous in riding to single out individual parts of the horse for discussion, i would like to mention a few things about the neck of the horse. This is a part of the body that demands special attention from the trainer. The basic gaits and the neck of the horse determine the....


Traumatic Brain Injuries in Equestrian Sport – The Horse

thehorse.com Equestrians are athletes, and athletes suffer injuries. And one neurology professor says that, among sports-related traumatic brain injuries, the highest incidence among adults occurred in equestrians.


The ‘Right Way’ to Fall Off a Horse – The Horse

thehorse.com While it might seem like a tricky task, riders can teach their bodies how to react when they part ways with their horses to minimize injury risk.


Dr. Temple Grandin on Fear in Horses – The Horse

thehorse.com Dr. Temple Grandin, a professor of animal science at Colorado State University, talks about how horses experience fear.

Longines Global Champions Tour

Now this is how you do it 🙌 Kent Farrington winning by over 2 seconds 🥇

Very true at times.


Cargill Expands Southern States Horse, Livestock Feed Recall – The Horse

Heads up if you use Southern States Feed. The recall from May 6, 2019 has been extended. Please read the list and check your feed to see if it's included.

thehorse.com Cargill is voluntarily expanding its livestock and horse feed recall due to elevated aflatoxin levels. The original recall was initiated May 6.

CRK Training

#TBT How to Ride the Posting Trot: A Skeletal View
Posting trot is a gait many riders struggle to learn and struggle to do well. It may feel difficult to “stay with the movement” of the horse, or to avoid the feeling of easily being thrown off balance.

We are often taught rising trot with the chant of up, down, up, down, but the actual movement of posting isn’t really about going up and down.

Also, one of the most common pieces of riding advice, “heels down”, when done in the wrong way, can actually make posting much more difficult.

In the video below, Wendy Murdoch shows how to ride an effortless posting trot, using a horse and rider skeleton to show the correct movement.

To Learn More from Wendy Visit: https://www.effortlessridercourse.com/join.html

The Plaid Horse

One of the best things you can do for your horse's long-term performance is to help them build proper topline muscles. Check out these ground and riding exercises that will pay off after persistence and patience.


New Biosecurity & Interstate Transportation Requirements for Horses in July

Some new changes coming into effect very soon. Please read.

nwdistrict.ifas.ufl.edu Saundra TenBroeck, UF/IFAS Extension Horse Specialist — Current Horse Transportation Requirements The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) regulates entry of horses…


A Long Neck Equals a More Rideable Horse

It's never about "head seat." It's about riding back to front, teaching your horse to reach for the bit and become balanced. A false bend at the poll doesn't not allow the horse to reach under with his hind legs, and bend over the back.

dressagetoday.com Successful riding at the upper levels of dressage begins with teaching your horse to come through his back with a long neck and go to the hand.


Breaking the Stigma of Purchasing Older Horses | The Plaid Horse Magazine

theplaidhorse.com BlogsBay BroadcastBreaking the Stigma of Purchasing Older Horses May 16, 2019 Photo © Lauren Mauldin BY JAMIE SKUBAL As I scroll through Facebook groups I see more and more ISO ads for horses stating they want polished show horses with lots of positive traits—also under 15 years old. More times t...


USEF Announces Positive Tests of Cannabinoids (CBD) Will Result in GR4 Violations as of September 1, 2019

usef.org USEF Equine Drugs and Medications Rules prohibit cannabidiol (CBD) and their metabolites. While hemp does not contain more than 0.3% THC, it does contain CBD. CBD, both natural and synthetic forms, are likely to effect the performance of a horse due to its reported anxiolytic effects.

Horse, pony and rider posters and memes


Karl Mikolka Passed Away

eurodressage.com Karl Mikolka, former Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School and renowned Classic Dressage trainer in the U.S.A., has passed away. He was 83 years old.


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Dressage Hub

Nor is it in any discipline of riding. Don't ride the head by "setting it". Ride the hind end for natural balance and impulsion, the rest comes .

Always a good reminder. #tbt

Pony Partners

It’s not just riding. It’s the horses themselves that are therapeutic

HPM "Horse People's Mind"

To do this your horse must be supple, trusting, physically prepared and put together slowly. Same for the rider, must be physically and mentally prepared, supple, trusting and soft. Without this none is going to be this successful. It starts with the proper ground work that is not fast and furious. No, round pen racing around to wear them down, obedience through kind, clear communication, patience, rewards. Proper long lining, proper and patient flat work. Dressage prepares the horse to be able to be physically, and mentally ready. Then on to low jumps, building even more communication, suppleness between the two, and even more patience.

We at S Riding & Training can help you to build the communication from the ground up. Give us a call to get started.

This is call master training🤘

Credit: Michael W. Radich RHJ Stables

Tamarack Hill Farm

Another little "message" to the riders who defend the use of harsh bits, and who claim that under certain circumstances, the riders need that type of coercion, so as to justify their actions---

If I had coerced this little 4 year old OTTB filly with strong bits or with rough hands, she would never have become a brave advanced level event horse that she is today with Daryl, a mare who will just canter down to five foot oxers and spring confidently into the air.

Horses that trust the riders only do so because the riders have earned that trust. You can't con a horse. You either ride them well, and give them confidence, or you ride them badly, and lose their trust.

Any damn rider who has to crank and coerce his horse around, needs to beat it to make it go, needs to make its mouth bleed to control it, no matter how many ribbons he wins, is no kind of horseman.

Let them scream and shout and protest---Who gives a damn? All that denial doesn't change the fact that they are bad horsemen.

Do it with finesse and patience and kindness if you want to be considered a good horseman, because anything else is garbage, no matter what you win.

And if you don't like it, unfriend this page and go somewhere that they agree with you,

Tamarack Hill Farm

Starting a green horse over jumps-----

First, and this is a big one, the horse should be quiet and non aggressive on the flat without jumps. If a horse is nervous, or gets quick at the canter just being ridden, the horse isn't ready to start jumping, because jumping will almost always add a "ramp up" effect, making an undesirable situation worse.

So, you first need to figure out why your horse is nervous on the flat, and fix that. There can be the proverbial 101 possible reasons, from pain, to fear of the bit, to saddle fit, to bad past history, and you need to filter through those until you can get a calm, relaxed walk, trot and canter.

How long will this phase take? As long as it takes. You can not "force" a horse to be calm. That is an oxymoron. You can sort of "force" a horse to slow down with a stronger bit (remember that recent topic?) but instead of making him more calm, all you will do is bottle up that nervousness, make him claustrophobic, and worsen the situation.

So first step, on the flat, create quiet calmness.

Then, trot toward fences so tiny that the horse can just about step over them. Your objective here is to create a conditioned response. Here comes a jump---Go from Side A to Side B.

Do this until, in a ho-hum, no big deal fashion, the horse trots along, hops calmly over, time after time after time, and then raise the jump a little.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Always being ready to back down if you feel anxiety sneaking in.

Jack LeGoff's famous mantra---

"Boldness comes from confidence. Confidence comes from success. It therefore becomes the job of the trainer to create many situations which pretty much guarantee success."

If you get too hungry too soon, and demand more than the horse is confident doing, he will usually start to either rush his jumps, or quit at some of them. You do not want either of these scenarios. Go back, regain confidence coupled with calmness, and sneak it back up.

This is not tricky, but it does require enormous patience.

Good luck, and stay chill----


Barbara Borden, may have just saved horse racing..

wherethepindrops.com Maximum Security veering out and crowding the field turning for home in the 2019 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs Political pollster and advisor, Pat Caddell said, “A lot of where you stand,…


What is the Role of the Dressage Rider’s Upper Leg?

Same for all disciplinhes not just Dressage.

dressagetoday.com Sarah Geikie answers this reader question.

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