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Now Open in Alameda! Tapout Fitness inspires your inner athlete through martial arts and group fitness training for all ages and levels.

[07/03/19]   Heads up Fit Fam!

The gyms operating hours are limited tomorrow! We open at our normal time of 5 am. However we close at noon!

Our class schedule tomorrow is a single sweat class at 9am! Friends and Family may attend this class. Thats right, its open to all! So come get your pre 4th of July workout on tomorrow at 9 am!

Classes will resume Friday at 5pm with Boxing!

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

Beat the price increase!! Join the Tapout Fitness family today and receive your complimentary E-Voucher included with membership and/or personal training.

Join the Tapout Fitness family today and receive your complimentary E-Voucher included with membership and/or personal training.

Beat the price increase!! Join the Tapout Fitness family today and receive your complimentary E-Voucher included with membership and/or personal training.

Beat the price increase!! Join the Tapout Fitness family today and receive your complimentary E-Voucher included with membership and/or personal training.

Join the Tapout Fitness family today and receive your complimentary E-Voucher included with membership and/or personal training.

Join the Tapout Fitness family today and receive your complimentary E-Voucher included with membership and/or personal training.

This offer includes new membership and personal training packages!!

Celebrate community pride during Small Business Week with
Tapout Fitness Alameda, May 5-11! Get a free $25 Uber e-gift card
with a $25 purchase. Buy online, then visit us at 1526 Webster Street.
Offer ends soon!

This offer includes new membership and personal training packages!!

Small Business Week is May 5-11, so there's no better time to support our Alameda business! Make your first purchase from Tapout Fitness Alameda and get a $25 Fandango e-gift card when you spend $20. Register and visit us at 1526 Webster Street. Offer ends soon!

12:15 PM Tuesday Boxing! Taking photos isnt our thing but come to class and catch these hands!!

Mention our April Special and receive 2 COMPLIMENTARY personal training sessions upon sign-up.

Get in on the early bird special!

Whether your goal is to lose weight or improve athletic performance or just live a more pain free life, recovery and self care is a huge part of your success. Tapout Alameda is partnering with Back to Life Alameda to bring you a 2 hour class devoted to Therapeutic Posture Stretching!

Ask at the front desk for details.

Because Jitsu

Confusing Instructions...

#BJJ #Grappling #Competition #Training

Let us help you reach your fitness goals.

Time is limited! Come join today!

[01/14/19]   Hey Fit Fam! You may notice some schedule changes this week! Don't worry!! We have not removed any of your favorite classes. Instead we have shuffled around times on technique classes in order to bring you more!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is now 3 Nights a week M W F with Coach Mark Miller who we are excited to welcome back!

Submission Wrestling is now Tu Th with Coach James

The long awaited return of the Wed 5 pm Youth Class has arrived! Youth Kickboxing now Wednesdays!!

Also, Friday is home to Coach Greg Dys Coached Adult Sparring Class. Over the past two years several of our members have been learning techniques and building their bodies up and have shown interest in attempting to execute their Martial Styles in a supervised safe environment. This is the place to try out those slips and rolls and round house kicks you have been practicing so much!

Stay tuned for more upcoming additions!

New Year. New You! January dues waived!

Come take advantage of these limited time offers!

[12/31/18]   Heads up fit fam! We close at 6 pm tonight and re open tomorrow at 8 am. Last class of 2018 is at noon today! Have a safe time celebrating another year tonight!

[12/24/18]   Hey #fitfam and extended family! The gym will be open 5am to 1pm on Monday the 24th. And closed on Christmas day. Coach Hailstorm will be in tomorrow morning to run class at 5am but that will be the only class of the day. Classes will resume Wednesday the 26th at 5 am. We hope you are all safe and enjoying your holidays!

It's that time of year #FitFam. This picture I'm sharing with you is from Franklin Elementary. This is the state of the P.E. department. We cant have this. For a limited time if you bring an unwrapped piece of sporting equipment (football, baseballs, basketball, etc.) And drop it off in the bin at the front desk you will receive a FREE session with a coach. Let's get that bin filled and make sure these local kids get what they deserve!

The gloves and wraps have arrived and they are available in several colors! For a limited time you can purchase a pair of the new Title bag gloves, wraps and a shirt of your choice for $79.00! This package, which is a $90 value, comes with a free session with a coach! Buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone else!

After some serious corrections at the local post office the Dotfit has arrived!! For the rest of the month of December if you purchase $100.00 of Dotfit you receive a FREE session with a coach of your choice! Hurry, the aminos are going fast!

Come take advantage of our holiday specials!

[11/06/18]   Alameda! Voting Day update! 5 PM Class we be cancelled tonight to give all of us more time to get out there and vote. If you still need your hitting stuff fix Striking will be held at 7 pm tonight and of course Sweat is occurring at 6 pm as usual.


Hey Fit Fam, if you have set foot in our classes at Tapout Fitness Alameda then you know that we like to hold our coaches to a high standard of authenticity. We always try to bring you coaches and trainers who are the best available at what they do.

So we take a lot of pride in announcing a gentleman who is a current Middleweight World Champion in the sport of boxing, Tony Hirsch. Tony is going to be taking over several Boxing classes here at Tapout Alameda. His first class will be Oct 26th 2018. Drop by class and welcome him to the gym Friday at 6 AM!

Edited: Sorry wrong day everybody! Got it right this time!

#TapoutFitness #BoxingCoach #WorldChampion

We have a special guest at the front desk today. Come say hello to Miss Lopez!

[09/02/18]   Happy Labor Day!
Holiday hours:

Limited class schedule:
9am- Free Special Sweat class w/ Hail Storm
Bring a friend!!

[08/22/18]   Hey fit fam heads up to everybody interested in Judo tonight! Class is going to start at 8pm. Coach Gio is stuck on a delayed flight! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Phil has moves!

Phil has moves!

Member Monday! If you see this guy around the gym you know its about to go down! You can catch him most days around 5 PM boxing with Coach Ulises. We love seeing Phil, he never fails to bring a smile and the energy that make the gym a fun place to be! Be impressed by his hands but DO NOT miss his dance moves near the end of the video!

Hey #fitfam , want to give you all a heads up! The gym WILL be open on the 4th of July. We will however be operating with reduced hours. 8 am to 2pm. All classes will be cancelled on the 4th with the exception of a 9 am sweat class that is open to absolutely everybody! Stay safe out there and have fun celebrating the 4th!

Joining and Current Members:
Ask our team about your FREE personal training session!

Sessions as low as $50/hr and $30 per half hour.

Message, Call, or Visit for details.

Member spotting outside of the gym!!

So two things fit fam - First, today is the Island Jam on Webster Street. Its a great time, there is music and food to be had everywhere and fun for the kiddos. Come out and mingle with neighbors!

Second, we spotted a couple of members Donald Kubisch and Amy Griffith! These two have been members since our opening last year. They also happen to run the Locos Only Food Truck! And it gets even better, they are currently parked right outside the gym! Just across the street from us on Webster.

The food was great and they are some great people, stop by and for sure try something! We loved the Cali Burrito!

Tapout Fitness Boxing

When you catch the Boxing coach with time on his hands and you are about those flo drills! Dont forget theres Boxing nearly everyday at 5pm! Theres also 1 on 1 and group lessons available!


Tapout Fitness @ Jiu Jitsu by the Bay

Jiu Jitsu by the Bay Update!

Want to give a big shout out to member Luis Diaz who took second (hes the guy in red on the podium) in his division (Blue Belt HW) this weekend at Jiu Jitsu by the Bay in Alameda, Ca. Luis is faithfully at Jiu Jitsu and No Gi Grappling Mon through Thursday nights. You can also find him working out on his own some mornings at 5am - have to mention that hes recently lost about 20 lbs!

If you see this guy congratulate him on the win. He was the only finish in the division. This means he scored the only submission win, everyone else won by points. The submission was a Bow and Arrow choke. Dont know what that is? Come to Jiu Jitsu on Tuesday with Coach Mark Miller and find out! Best Jiu Jitsu price in Alameda.

Great Job Luis!

P.S. Video might be a little wobbly - Coach James cant seem to hold his hand still -_-

#JiuJitsu #Tapoutfitnessalameda #FitFam

Tapout Team Member Tuesday!

This Tuesday we want to point a spotlight on a team member that has been with us since our inception back in July of 2017. You may recognize her from the front desk but did you know she is a licensed Massage Therapist with years of experience, a licensed Phlebotomist and holds a Bachelors in Dance from the University of New Mexico - not to mention she is currently scheduled to begin attending Nursing School in the fall!

Victoria is our Operations Manager and go to person whenever anyone needs a problem with MindBody solved or a knot in their neck massaged away. She has worked in the fitness and recovery industry for several years now and enjoys helping others.

What she loves most about our gym is that it is not just a "gym." We strive to educate our members so that they can make long lasting lifestyle changes. Not to mention all the members who she now feels are friends and family! She has embraced the fit culture of the gym and her current self is the result of DotFit Products and a regular workout routine designed by our coaches!

She is usually the face greeting people before 6pm every week day! Dont forget to ask her about Massage availability!

Hey Fit Fam Coach James here, I wanted to take a minute to tell you a little bit about myself and talk about a great group of people we have been working with the past few months. Sorry for the lengthy post but its worth the read I promise!

First - I began my training career working with the children of immigrants in the central valley who did not have access to school programs and whose families could not afford the local gyms. These were kids that could have easily slipped through the cracks and been lost to the crazy stuff that goes on now days. Sadly we could not save them all. I am haunted by one kid we lost, he slowly slipped away from the boxing gym and after a few months of not seeing him we found out he had become involved with the exact type of people we were trying to keep the kids away from. Long story short; we lost him to some bad decisions that led to him being shot in a dark alley way where he died alone.

This is why helping others is so important to me. I know first hand that a kind word or a bit of advice about absolutely anything can be enough to a human being to turn everything in the right direction. And that during those young adolescent years it is absolutely crucial that our kids know they are not alone and have the guidance of adults that are genuinely looking out for their best interests.

Second - We have had the incredible privilege of working with a group of local kids for the past few months that were under the care of the Leaps Alameda Program at the Ruby Bridges Elementary School. Their last day with us was May 25th. We have talked about them many times since we first had them by. I think we all have our favorite kids. Its funny how you can dread coming to work but somehow these people/kids make everything you do worth it. Sadly the district chose to discontinue what I feel is a vital program for our local youth so unfortunately they wont be coming back next school year. We miss their energy and their smiles already.

Today they dropped off a box of cookies for the coaches they had the chance to work with and our hearts couldnt be more affected by this kind gesture anymore without some tears of joy being shed. And seriously check out the pics - the cookies are almost to awesome to eat. (almost)

So before I get anymore misty eyed typing this post up I would like to say on behalf of Coach Hail Storm, Coach Gregory Bickham, Nati Rios, Myself and all of the staff of Tapout Fitness Alameda - Thank you. Very Much.

Thank you, Dana Carey who made it all happen
Thank you, Leaps Alameda for caring about all our futures
Thank you, Faith McRory for the AMAZING cookies
And THANK YOU to the kids who remind us of the magic that we once felt that led us to the job we do today

#TapoutfitnessAlameda #LEAPSAlameda #Bakingforjoy

June 1st to July 31st Anniversary deals Pt 2.

This deal is for NEW members only!

For the months of June and July if you leave your old gym and join us we will compensate you with a month free and beat your old gyms price for an equivalent level membership!

You are going to experience a great active community and have the chance to change your life for the better at a price that nobody in Alameda can beat!

Call or come in today!

#jiujitsu #fitfam #tapoutfitnessalameda

Tapout Fitness Alameda's cover photo


All of us here at Tapout Fitness Alameda know that the most important part of what we do is the community that everyone comes together to build. So we want to start shining the spotlight on some of us who have helped to make this gym a place where we are comfortable in our own skin and we can talk about what we want to change about ourselves and find others on the same journey and coaches with information to help us reach our goals.

So to kick this off here is a gentleman that has been a member since nearly the beginning of the gyms life; Nati Rios. With his permission we wanted to tell you his story.

Nati didnt have much knowledge on his body or how it works, like most of us. After reaching over 300lbs he decided it was a time for change. After more then a year he made it down to the low 220s. This is when he discovered Tapout Fitness. Boxing was something he always wanted to try and he had finally found a place where he could try it with no judgment and all the expert help he needed to advance.

After taking several classes and getting advice from Coach James on how to lose those last few Lbs Nati began his journey of gaining muscle. Now most days you can find him working out in the gyms weight area putting on muscle for an upcoming Las Vegas trip!

If you see this guy around the gym congratulate him on the accomplishment of reaching his goal and not stopping there but setting new goals and reaching for something more.

Thanks for inspiring us Nati!

Anniversary deals for the next two months!

We are quickly approaching our 1 year anniversary date here at Tapout Fitness Alameda and we want to celebrate our community by offering you all a chance to make it bigger!

Starting June 1st 2018 and running through July 31st 2018 we want to extend an offer to all current members - For every friend you bring to the gym who signs up to become an annual member you will receive 10$ off of your monthly bill for the life of your friends membership.

This offer will only apply to friends that are new members but yes it is entirely possible to attend the gym for free if you can bring enough new friends!

If you have any questions about this offer please contact us through our Face Book page or directly at (510)872-2296

Empower your kids with the lifelong gift of Tapout Martial Arts! Youth BJJ every Tuesday and Thursday with coach Mark at 5pm. #tapoutfitnessalameda #kids #youthbjj #fitfam

Stock up on your Fortyfour Love meals by ordering online TONIGHT before 12am for a Monday delivery. Come into the gym and pick a 50% OFF COUPON for online orders. 😊 #FitLife #FitFam #TapoutFitnessAlameda #FortyFourLove

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