Bladium Alameda Group Fitness, Alameda, CA Video January 23, 2019, 4:45pm

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🚨🚨 * NEW * 🚨🚨
We have a new CXWORX class on Wednesdays at 7:15 PM. Be sure to check it out tonight:

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RPM going down right now too! THIS IS BLADIUM!



KK kicking off our 80’s Les Mills launch weekend. BODYPUMP 110!

Summer Strong participation cards are available for pickup at the front desk! 2 MORE DAYS UNTIL WE KICKOFF! #bladiumsummerstrong #bladiumalameda #bladiumcommunity #letsdothis

Class Mob Series kicks off TONIGHT with GRIT Cardio! This will be held out on the outdoor soccer field #2. Get some fresh out while you workout before that rain comes in! Don’t know where this field is? Check it! See you there!

Joanne in da house!


Bladium Barre and Beer Event going down right now! See what you’re missing!

Like to dance? 🕺💃 Join our BodyJam classes with Amelia on Wednesday at 6:30 PM!

🚨🚨 * NEW * 🚨🚨 We have a new CXWORX class on Wednesdays at 7:15 PM. Be sure to check it out tonight:


We know there have been a lot of questions about our upcoming 8-week health and fitness challenge. We're hoping this video will give you more clarification. If you still have more questions, please comment below or email us! We are happy to answer all questions big or small. Amelia: [email protected] Liz: [email protected] You have until January 27th to sign up! Don’t delay! Let’s do this! This is YOUR TIME TO SHINE! SIGN UP HERE: SPREAD THE WORD!

Just a few more days until our Les Mills Launch Party 📅 😆 We got new releases coming up for BodyFlow, so stay tuned!

Have you tried our BodyCombat class since the New Year? Let's make 2019 the year to be fit Bladium fam! 💪😤

Get ready to sweat 💦💪 Check out some of our BodyAttack classes here:

Our new releases are created to harness the energy of the group and unlock your #limitless potential this new year. Check out our classes today!

Like music? Check out what we've been playing in BodyJam. Come dance in our classes on Wednesday nights!

Limitless is an attitude we can apply to every part of our lives. But first you have to believe. Check out what classes we have this month!

We fight as one in BodyCombat because nothing is impossible when we're together. Try it out: #limitless

New classes are out now. Find your team, find your class. Together, we are #limitless.

All the feels today! Set YOUR daily intentions. #LesMills #Limitless #BladiumGX #RachaelNewsham

Virtual Cycling...coming soon (really soon!). Check out THE TRIP in downtown San Francisco! A digital cycling experience! How cool is this? #LesMillVirtual #RPM #SPRINT #TheTrip

LES MILLS BARRE is coming...but before we launch it live, enjoy it as a new addition to our Virtual Studio. Starting in June! This is a modern version of classic balletic training; a 30-minute workout designed to shape and tone postural muscles, build core strength, and allow you to escape the everyday. Incorporating classic ballet positions, with modern music, LES MILLS BARRE is a combination of cardio and strength with high reps of small range-of-motion movements and very light weights.

BODYATTACK 100 - Learn the Moves - The Pivot
One of the new moves in BODYATTACK 100...the pivot! Join us this Sunday at 8am for the whole class experience! Event:

Bring A Friend for FREE!
Announcing SoulBody Barre classes in Alameda available at Bladium Sports & Fitness. Bring a friend for FREE and try out our one of our traditional Barre classes or our NEW SoulBody Barre.

UNICEF and Les Mills - Workout for Water
Join us on November 18th for a energized morning of workouts to support UNICEF and Les Mills in making a difference for the 2.1 billion people around the world that do not have access to fresh drinking water. Let's raise awareness and help relieve this problem! #ChangeTheWorld #MoveTheWorld #UNICEF #LesMills You can make a donation at: MOVETHEWORLD.LIVE/1269

Do you accept the BLADIUM GRIT challenge?
Accept the GRIT Challenge and get a FREE Buddy Pass*. Sign up for the 6 Week GRIT Challenge before September 10th and get a Buddy Pass* for FREE. Slash body fat, build lean muscle, increase athleticism, gain confidence, and get results. *Buddy Pass good for non-fitness members only. Click here to register online Cost: $40 for Fitness Members plus 1 FREE Buddy Pass* (a $90 value). Registration Starts: Now through September 10th., 2017. Challenge Runs: September 11th. through October 22nd., 21017.

Last day before BODYPUMP™ 100 hits the gym floor. This event will be so much more than just a workout! People from all over the world enjoying this moment together, as one TR1BE. Be part of this epic event. Contact our service desk for available times in tomorrow's launch. #bodypump100 #lesmills

Calling all BODYPUMP® instructors! We have BIG plans for January 14th BODYPUMP® 100 launch and if you wanna be part of it, check out this video!

Coming to Bladium Alameda Group Fitness, the group workout that started it all. BODYPUMP™ 100, join us for the celebration January 14th, 2017.

At the Bladium Member Appreciation party, this happened. All sorts of awesomeness. Haven't tried BODYCOMBAT yet? You are due! We make ninjas out of ordinary people.

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