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High Scores


Celebrated Zachs 13th Bday this week! He had a choice of a bunch of Bay Area locations and he said HIGH SCORES! We love your biz, locations and your staff! Woot!
Ready for my daughters party at high scores tomorrow. Get the high score and win a prize.
Managed to get 6 out of 7 games with 120,000 or above. The only one left is Donkey Kong, but have to settle for something close.
Are you open Monday November 11th for Veterans Day?
I'm sure you'll have me on YOUR hall of fame "board"...unlike some other entities out there!!!
For all serious gamers in the Bay Area who want to talk games, sharpen skills, and could qualify in the (100-120k) range on many of these types of games, you may be interested in some exciting mini-tourneys and events we're putting together (many free of charge.) I am initiating a closed FB group! Please PM me directly with your email address. You will be able to see events, pictures, and discussions not posted to the High Scores Arcade business page. You must be a current regular or continued supporter/customer of the arcade and have an interest in playing better/well with others (ha!) Thanks!
I enjoy coming to your place and I want to spread this news to all arcades in the Bay Area: Did you know that there Exa Arcadia machines are about to be ready for pre-orders in US next week? Please stay alert by visiting the official website below:
Question, do high scores on the Ultracade machine count? Like if the dedicated machine is gone?
Drove all the way to Heyward from Fresno to finally experience High Scores- and greeted with a 'Closed Due to Power Outage' sign 🤬 Just my luck 😡 guess I should be happy to have gotten out of the Fresno heat for at least a few hours 🥵😤
So fun! Thanks Johnathon! Happy 50th Craig Easter!
I had a lot of fun playing Tempest.
I've been watching Pop Team Epic and I have to say, I didn't expect them to reference Bagman of all things.

Classic arcade gaming in a retro atmosphere! Locations: 1414 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501 1051 B St, Hayward, CA 94541 Prices: $6 per hour/$12 all day. NO COINS OR TOKENS NEEDED.

Welcome to High Scores! We are a classic arcade museum, offering games like Tron, Star Wars, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, etc. We're dedicated to the preservation of the classic era of gaming, and are excited to offer our extensive collection to the folks of the East Bay and beyond! If you dig our artwork, which is ridiculously cool, please check out the artist's page at www.tjreddickart.com

We’re open today from 12 noon - 6 at both locations! #mlkday #eastbay #thingstodowithkids #alameda #hayward #arcade

Do you have the skills to backup your attitude? Community Scoreboards are fresh for 2020! #highscoresarcade #Classicgaming #Alamurda #Slayward

We Shall be OPEN Early on Friday at 12pm in Alameda! Swimmer is going home for the season... Come find out what’s taking its place! #Highscoresarcade #alameda #80sarcade

It’s 2020.... You haven’t been to BOTH High Scores Arcades yet? THIS WEEK ONLY you can visit both locations (Hayward and Alameda) for the price of ONE Day Band ($12 minimum.) Let us know up front at either arcade and we’ll sign your day band so you can take a trip to the other location as well! Make this year CLASSIC! #justthetwoofus #comfortzoneblown #twentymoneyvision #highscoresarcade #alameda #hayward

Happy New Year!

THANK YOU for making High Scores one of the highest rated arcades around! We LOVE Ya’ll for supporting arcade preservation and, our dreams! Peace! Strong Thanks and a Happy New Year from our whole team!

I’m on my way to the Alameda location with ORIGINAL Topps Jedi 10-packs for $5! Come visit the Greatest and Only 80’s Arcade in the Bay for Gift Certificates, affordable Family Outings, and Luxury nostalgia items! #highscoresarcade #80sarcade #alameda #hayward #gooniesneversaydie

Gift Certificates. All Ages. Game with Family. Greatest and Only Classic Arcade, OPEN all Season (-12/25)

We’re OPEN for Holiday Hours, Every Day at 12pm starting tomorrow! (-12/25) Gift Certificates and Nostalgia luxury items available! Come visit the Greatest and Only 80’s Arcade in the Bay!

The fortunate purchaser or recipient of a $30 High Scores Arcade Loyalty Punch Card can visit any High Scores location up to 6 times! That’s $5 per visit!
Perfect Gift for anyone you love who loves REAL classic gaming, or for the person you hate who thinks video games are a bullsh*t waste of time! 💔

Peace! Happy Holiday! We have SO much to be grateful for, including All of you!
We’ll be OPEN Friday and all All Weekend long! Don’t forget about our Gift Certificates and luxury Lapel Pins for all the gamers and nostalgia lovers on your list! Come enjoy one of the Unique and affordable Family Outings in the Bay!
#highscoresarcade #forthechildren #arcades #bayarea #thingstodo #familyouting #itbelongsinamuseum

The Official High Scores Arcade (Winter) Series 2 Lapel Pins are on Sale now! $10 each or $8 with purchase of a Day Band! Close-Up pic in comments! Gift Certificates also on sale, any denomination.

We’re OPEN Tues, Wed, Friday, and Saturday at 12 Sharp!
#highscoresarcade #localbiz #shoplocal #femaleowned #fridgedbridgette

The streets we’re on have been quiet this fall but both arcades are packed today! We appreciate our supporters, We love y’all for bringing the arcade to life, THANK YOU! That’s how we make the news games every Summer! 🥰
#highscoresarcade #gooniesneversaydie

LOoOng weekend, OPEN Monday 11-6.

We have a new museum feature- Come to game, stay to learn the history of arcades the arcade programmers and gamers of the Bay Area and beyond! Come see the difference between Classics and disposable fads and regurgitated money grabs!
#history #highscoresarcade #itbelongsinamuseum

NEW GAME ALERT: High Scores proudly Welcomes Atari Toobin’ to the Alameda arcade! With the recent addition of Centuri Swimmer, a lot of rarities are in the building now! New surprise sliding into Hayward this coming week also. We’ve got a lot for you to LOVE, and more coming...
#highscoresarcade #atari #toobin #alameda #hayward #classicarcade #localbusiness #smallbiz #shoplocal

High Scores Interactive Arcade Museums have begun a major refresh for 2020, starting today and continuing into the New Year!

Our collection of classics and our dedication to arcade restoration efforts continues to grow, but Bay Area rent, storage costs for this massive collection, parts, and maintenance have all sharply increased!

To avoid raising our prices and staying accessible for all income levels, we are implementing a sliding scale that starts with our current prices of $6/hour and $12/day but allows generous patrons to give us the support we need to keep up with operations in this part of the country. We’ve also made clear that we ask all visitors spending time in the arcade to pay our entrance fee and why. Pictured here is Meg, co-founder and co-owner of the arcades, and some of our new signage - stop and say hey! #supportyourarcade #shoplocal #smallbiz #womanowned #alameda #hayward #arcade #videogames

Peace! I was feeling inspired so I called a friend and we brought my near MINT Centuri Swimmer into Alameda for you to try! Ultra RARE. There’s not another one in a public arcade anywhere in the state of California and only 2 public in the country (that we know of!)

PS. I made a joke about us having trouble finding many local competitive serious gamers- no offense guys- it’s like when we lived near the Phillies! Ha!

We know y’all play games, but this isn’t the Nintendo eShop, it’s a classic arcade so please understand we’re talking about competing on these titles specifically, not Fornite! We have a private FB group and some upcoming free gatherings, if you scroll down you’ll see a post about a list of classic games- we would like to see folks competent at some of those titles in order to be included. Need practice? It’s affordable!

Anyway, I know there’s a lot of sensitive gamers out there, well Swimmer is sensitive too, so please be gentle with her until I bring her back home... hope you love her like I do!

#itbelongsinamuseum #Centuri #Swimmer #highscoresarcade #80sarcade #90sarcade #sixdollars #museum #ourhistory #unlimitedgames #hayward #alameda #quickvisit #outtahere

NEW GAME ALERT! 3-Player Ivan Stewart’s OFF ROAD in Hayward now! The Leland Corporation. It’s a whole thing. The Universe has aligned so that you can play the game in 2019 with two friends and learn the whole story. In person.
#DragonsLair2 #highscoresarcade #80sarcade #90sarcade #sixdollars #unlimitedgames #hayward #alameda #lemans

Our mission is to preserve classic arcade machines and the 80’s-90’s arcade experience in a space children are always welcome. In addition to operational costs and the 80+ machines at our 2 assembly spaces in the Bay, we restore, repair, Pay to store, protect and preserve countless arcade titles from the past that would otherwise disappear. It costs $6 an hour or $12 all day UNLIMITED play to support that.
#highscoresarcade #80sarcade #90sarcade #videogamehistory

Need #datenight ideas? Hit up High Scores #Alameda after dinner and drinks on Park St, or get your Tapper on in #Hayward across the street at Buffalo Bills Brewery before playing til midnight. Open late all weekend! #dates #arcadegames #weekend #eastbay #couplegoals #videogames #dateideas

Sweet photo shoot at the Hayward location this weekend, pics courtesy of Reservoir Shots/model Tracy!
#highscoresarcade #80sarcade #ddg

They’re selling a children’s book at Books on B by our Hayward, CA location shouting out the town! (Trenton borders the area of NJ High Scores was first founded) Thorough bookstore, beautifully curated. Owner is very sweet! If you visit us in Hayward, it’s worth a making a stop! #read

Who are the serious players? I’m not talking Pros- We are not that, but WE can score 120,000 or better on these 7 Competitive Classics.

We strive to be good gamers in general, not “good at Galaga when I was little,” but good at many games NOW. We want to know who else can play- not a title, THESE titles, not then, Now. Need practice? That’s why we’re here...

There are competitions ahead and we want to know who can really push the poles. Show us A Picture of your score of 120,000 or better on ALL 7 titles before December 1 and join the brother/sisterhood and accompanying benefits and prestige.
You good? PROVE it!
#highscoresarcade #notalk #picsoritdidnthappen

Our son’s name is Link and we have 2 Zelda machines. Just Sayin.

It’s a very proud moment to stumble on the movie “The King of the Arcades” casually on Amazon Prime. Richie and others at Richie Knucklez Arcade Games in New Jersey were a huge inspiration to us starting almost 15 years ago when we first began learning to find, fix and restore arcade machines. I’ve never seen anyone in the preservation arena match his work or work ethic. If you love classic arcade gaming, Watch This flick Now! And if you’re ever on the East Coast, Visiting is a MUST. Peace! #highscoresarcade #classicgaming #80sArcade #kingofthearcades

I have news for you. When the Fad dies down and the last stinky IPA is poured.. We’ve got the games. The real ones.

I sleep next to games. I sit and check my wife’s employee schedules next to games. I do crunches listening to Eye of the Tiger next to games. It’s games where my clothes are supposed to hang. We know everything about games. We know who made them, when, and how. We know about their parts, how hey work, and why they don’t. I change my kid’s diaper and taught my daughter to read next to arcade games.

The games we let you play in our public arcades are the tail and the foot of a lion. We’ve got games we don’t bring out unless the company is extra nice, sitting in a dark spot like so many precious bottles of Brandy. Even if we don’t have Brandy. We’ve got games that have never seen the light of day or the fluorescent light of an arcade floor. We’ve got so many we can’t even count them anymore. And if we ever run out, which we won’t, we’ve already Showed and Proved that our team can build any [email protected] game we can Dream of.

Supporting Game Preservation in the Bay! Give us $12 and play. Be extra nice by not asking to pay $3 for a half hour. Understand we’re not a bar- we want kids to be able to come in all the time. Make us feel like we should bring out the good stuff. We’re here Wednesday-Sunday. We don’t have to pour beer and you don’t have to tip.



This 80's Song Inspired Mario's Music

Turns out Nintendo has been Jackin’ for beats as long as Hip-Hop been sampling.... This is a great watch for Nintendo fans and Sampling/Vinyl aficionados alike... Peace!

Mario's music is pretty iconic, right? But it turns out some of the music takes pretty strong inspiration from the music which composer Koji Kondo listened t...

#TBT Summer 2019 marked High Scores Arcade 6th year in Alameda, 3rd in Hayward, and 10 years since we starting work on the first NJ location which opened in 2010. The very Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat you play in Alameda and BurgerTime in Hayward are the ones pictured here in NJ in 2010. We've been reminiscing a lot about the arcade's beginnings. Especially that first summer.

We didn't have as much of a booming or transient population back home in NJ and the arcade wasn't as lively as in the Bay. Still, back then, in our early 30's, we owned that 4000 sq ft building and lived in a spacious apartment on top of the arcade storefront (just like Tron). Without a struggle- on a teacher's salary- and Meg who started at the Sunshine Foundation.

Out here, people like us can never hope to own even the smallest, most modest house in either of the towns we serve, Hayward or Alameda. We know teachers who sleep in their cars. It's not always a friendly place for ordinary people to live.

Don't get us wrong- we love a lot of things about the Bay. We love our friends, customers, what we do, the nature, when you can make the drive... ...But it's out of balance...weird here. Very Scooby Doo.

#cultureshock #baymemories #dirtyjersey #highscoresarcadememories

We’re OPEN Today, Labor Day at both locations from 11am-6pm!

NEW: Original Dark Crystal Trading cards $5 a pack, fresh-out-of-the-box. Preserved like NEW, since 1982, you know how we muthafrr*ckin do!

First box is going to Hayward tomorrow morning since it burned down this weekend.
#fightfirewithflava #laborers #highscoresarcade #80sarcade #DarkCrystal

NEW GAME ALERT! Alameda just got a fresh set of SEGA Drivers, Daytona in everything but name. And the Delightful boat-racing game Hydro Thunder 2 is now featured in Hayward! #licensetodrive #highscoresarcade #80sArcade #Alameda #Hayward

It’s going to be Summer at High Scores Arcade as long as it’s still Summer in New Jersey!

My East Coast parent and teacher friends mostly don’t go back to school until September NINTH! We call BS on your summer-shortening buzzkill, CA We still know it’s summer!

So until Monday, August 26th we’re still honoring summer hours, open every day this week at noon. After that we’ll join the buzzkill and go back to fall hours (closed Mon/Tues, 3-10 weekly, same weekend hours)

We’ve had a blast all season- THANK-YOU! Come make some more Summer Memories this weekend, Peace! #summeronsmash #80sarcade #highscoresarcade #alameda #hayward #JerseySummer


Hayward has been repaired and the games are glowing at both OPEN arcades!

We appreciate the kinds offers of support from everyone who’s been playing with us all these years! If you’ve been following the thread about our recent electrical emergency, we also announced how difficult it is to keep our family-friendly prices of $6 an hour or $12 All-Day Unlimited gaming (a steal) and also keep up with the sharply rising costs of doing business in the Bay Area!

As game preservationists from the East Coast, our first store was 3000 miles away. We have the games and we’re dedicated to our vision regardless to geography. But we WANT to build here. For those who want to help us do that HERE, some ways are:

- Plan a monthly standing date with your friends to meet up over some games
- Pop in to play when you’re in town even if you don’t have a full hour to spend
- Pay more than the minimum! We’re always gracious and accepting of anyone who wants to pay “sliding scale” style - if you recognize the value in what we offer, pay what you wish! We charge the lowest price we can afford to some people from all income brackets can enjoy.
- Like and share our posts when they interest you and help us spread the word!
- Write a review! If you’ve had a good experience with us, please tell others!
- Let us know ways we can improve the arcade and things you would like to see that hit you in the 80’s and 90’s bone.

We sincerely appreciate everyone who reached out to us about the electrical situation – even the folks downtown at Hayward Generously offered to try to step in if something like this causes us to lose three days of business and thousands of dollars… Apparently PG&E are a little shaky.

Thank you all for your support always! I know you have a lot of options for family entertainment in the Bay, but for the game heads, we strive to keep it the most thorough. We cry Revenge of Shinobi waterfalls and bleed Atari capacitor juice for ya’ll. Come get a High Score. Peace!

Shawn and Meg

ATTENTION: Our Alameda location is open for business as usual, but our Hayward location is CLOSED until further notice. Electrical emergency due to poor maintenance in the building- out of our control, and PG&E has not proved to be reliable in responding- hopefully back open tomorrow!

To be honest, 2019 has been the year in Hayward where keeping family friendly prices of $6 an hour or $12 all day has come to gut us. Bay Area rent, operating in an old building with no hope of fair treatment when there’s a building maintenance issue, huge rise in wages for new employees, PG&E not responding responsibly to their service problems- people not valuing the games we offer as much as the increasIng cost of keeping them running... all crashing down. However, we know by seeing the drop in attendance 2 years ago after we raised prices from $5 to $6 that you won’t pay $7. And we can’t sell beer.

So our arcade collection is strong, the largest we’ve ever had and rising, but our Bay Area presence is a burning candle unless something changes around here.

It may just be getting too expensive for us in the Bay... costs skyrocket but our prices can’t go up a dime... We’ve got stuff in our museums you can’t find anywhere else- come enjoy before the Bay has completely priced us out and we take this Chocolate Shoppe to a town where we can stay open while charging family friendly prices!

Open in Alameda and We’ll be open late today or by tomorrow in Hayward as soon as PG&E decides we don’t have to pay an electrician to stand around any more hours. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re doing all we can to get back up and running!

Shawn and Meg

Y’all youngsters just be on the Internet following every [email protected] thing like a swinging watch huh. For some of you Millennials maybe books, nature, in-person socializing, and self-awareness should be a few of the 51 Areas you explore this fall! Hahahaha

Don’t worry, we’re Gen Xers- they said mean things about us too. We have the arcade game Area 51 at both locations. It was made in the 90’s and it’s boring and easy like your life. Hahahaha #arcadeoftruth #area51 #justkidding #notactuallykidding

Our Story

Welcome to High Scores, the East Bay’s most legit classic arcade. Walk into our doors and transport back to the 1980’s where your only responsibilities were taking the trash out and walking the dog. What’s different? You don’t have to shake your parents down for quarters! All games at High Scores are set to free play, and with our wristband admission, you get unlimited access to try your hand at Pac Man once again.

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1414 Park St
Alameda, CA

Opening Hours

Wednesday 15:00 - 22:00
Thursday 15:00 - 22:00
Friday 15:00 - 23:00
Saturday 12:00 - 23:00
Sunday 11:00 - 18:00
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High Scores High Scores
1414 Park St
Alameda, 94501

Classic arcade gaming in a retro atmosphere! Locations: 1414 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501 1051 B St, Hayward, CA 94541 Prices: $5 = 1 Hour or $10 = Day Pass