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TRY THIS GUYS https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/acam-needs-your-help THEY ARE ALMOST TO $20,000
Thinking about how you could open. Of course the local regulations will affect this but the wife suggested that since the county allows "social bubbles" of 12 persons, you might be able to have private sessions for the "bubbles". Not public openings, but private for people who are part of a "social bubble". Charge a bit more, and provide gloves and masks. Make a time limit.
I take my grandkids to the Hayward location. How can I help you keep that afloat?
If you are approved for business re-opening when the time comes, how are you going to make changes to your business model so that you get less risk of infections? Less people? Making appointments online only with allotted hours? Feel free to discuss.
Just checking in to say hello! We miss you back on the East Coast Shawn and Meg! Keep making me proud!
Celebrated Zachs 13th Bday this week! He had a choice of a bunch of Bay Area locations and he said HIGH SCORES! We love your biz, locations and your staff! Woot!
Ready for my daughters party at high scores tomorrow. Get the high score and win a prize.
Managed to get 6 out of 7 games with 120,000 or above. The only one left is Donkey Kong, but have to settle for something close.
Are you open Monday November 11th for Veterans Day?
I'm sure you'll have me on YOUR hall of fame "board"...unlike some other entities out there!!!
For all serious gamers in the Bay Area who want to talk games, sharpen skills, and could qualify in the (100-120k) range on many of these types of games, you may be interested in some exciting mini-tourneys and events we're putting together (many free of charge.) I am initiating a closed FB group! Please PM me directly with your email address. You will be able to see events, pictures, and discussions not posted to the High Scores Arcade business page. You must be a current regular or continued supporter/customer of the arcade and have an interest in playing better/well with others (ha!) Thanks!
I enjoy coming to your place and I want to spread this news to all arcades in the Bay Area: Did you know that there Exa Arcadia machines are about to be ready for pre-orders in US next week? Please stay alert by visiting the official website below:

Classic arcade gaming in a retro atmosphere! Locations: 1414 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501 1051 B St, Hayward, CA 94541 Prices: $6 per hour/$12 all day. NO COINS OR TOKENS NEEDED.

Welcome to High Scores! We are a classic arcade museum, offering games like Tron, Star Wars, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, etc. We're dedicated to the preservation of the classic era of gaming, and are excited to offer our extensive collection to the folks of the East Bay and beyond! If you dig our artwork, which is ridiculously cool, please check out the artist's page at www.tjreddickart.com

Operating as usual

WHOA. Introducing our LIFETIME MEMBER pass! Superstar Supporters will gain free lifetime visits when we're back in action. Follow the link in comments to see the deets in our latest newsletter and visit our website to join our mailing list to get this news in your inbox! #savethearcade #wellbeback #lifetime #arcade #videogames #arcadegames #eastbay #gofundme


Interview: Help Save High Scores Arcade « Nintendojo

Have you ever wondered what happens in the space between having 1 Donkey Kong machine in your apartment and having 150+ in two storefronts and beyond? Now is your chance to read about it!

Thanks to Robert at Nintendojo for being curious and helping to share our story! #hoarders #arcadegames #videogames #alameda #hayward #savethearcade #geeks #nintendo


Redman and High Scores Arcade

#Fact: Redman wants to #savethearcade and so should you! Grab our GoFundMe link in the comments or share this post to spread the word! #classicgames #classichiphop #arcade #bayarea #oakland #sanfrancisco #alameda #hayward #videogames #gofundme


Arcades full of retro games puzzle out a survival strategy

“High Scores is a treasure - a museum capturing the early history of video games, and the best place in the Bay Area to buy Garbage Pail Kids cards. They make Alameda that much cooler. This pandemic sucks. Hang in there!!”

We are SO grateful to you amazing folks who have donated to help us get from one month of waiting to the next. The accompanying messages you’ve all left for us are so inspiring and kind! They’ve really reminded us of the community we’ve built within and around our arcades and we’re feeling the love - THANK YOU! #arcade #vintagegames #gofundme

datebook.sfchronicle.com Local arcades are trying to figure out a path to survival as the Bay Area begins to reopen from shelter-in-place, including limiting which machines are playable…


Arcades full of retro games puzzle out a survival strategy

We are super thankful to have the support of the San Francisco Chronicle to share where we are in this struggle!

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about if we can reopen this weekend with other businesses - we LOVE your enthusiasm, but unfortunately it’s a longer road ahead for us which the article outlines. Until then, we clean, prepare, and cross our fingers!

#pleaseshare #arcade #classicarcade #vintagegaming #eastbay #alameda #hayward #videogames #covid19 #reopening

datebook.sfchronicle.com Shawn and Meg Livernoche love giving old video games a new life. As the proprietors of a business devoted to vintage console machines, the married couple are the rare adults…

Photos from High Scores's post

Our company seriously hurt from the 3 month lockdown, to the point we’re asking for help. But some person still takes the time to carve the sign right off our window that’s been in good shape for 7 years since we opened? Is this categorically a revolutionary act? Looks bad on Park Street...

July 20 - August 31 is the best estimate we’ve received so far on reopening timeline as Alameda County battles high new infection rates.

The better side of the estimate has us out of business for a minimum of 5 months and a maximum of 8, barring what we don’t know. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to help us keep the collection together during this time. Find us on GoFundMe if you’d like to help!


Coronavirus: Future of East Bay retro video arcade in doubt

We’re still hanging on for late phase 3 or phase 4; until then, your support remains vital to keep our collection together!

Many thanks to the East Bay Times for helping to spread the word! ♥️. Stay safe everyone!

mercurynews.com The owners of High Scores Arcade, which has locations in Alameda and Hayward, may have to close for good.

We’ve seen the warnings from hairdressers about not trying to DIY during this time. Our turn!

Wait for us, we’ll be back!

#arcade #savethearcade #videogames #DIY

Sharing is Caring! Follow the QR code to donate or peep the link in the comments. THANKS FOR THE LOVE! #savethearcade #eastbay #smallbusiness #covid19sucks #arcade #savesmallbusiness #classicvideogames #preservation #smallbusinessrelief

Thank you for the signal boost! ♥️♥️

High Scores is powered by a husband and wife team, Shawn and Meg Livernoche, who together have curated one of the largest private arcade collections in Northern California. Their collection features most of the popular games from the 1980's and early 1990s, and represents their life's passion; they are committed to bring these classic games into the future through preservation. ⁣

They asking their community to help keep the arcade under a roof, and poised to reopen when it's safe again. Shawn and Meg have LOVED being a part of Alameda (and Hayward), but they totally need your help to stay! They think a business like theirs - that's small and dependent on social congregation - may be poised to be the last in line to be open, and when they do, capacity will be lower and expenses will be higher. They want to hang on as long as they can and be ready to be the super rad place that we'll all need after this! ⁣

Please consider making a one-time contribution on their GoFundMe (linked in their profile), or committing to a monthly donation through their website. ❤️ #downtownalameda #savethearcade ⁣


Photo credit: Maurice Ramirez and High Scores Arcade

Help Save High Scores Arcade (Update)

LIVE from our bathroom arcade it’s update #2! Take a moment to check in with us and please share our donate link (in comments) far and wide. A HUGE thank you to one-time and monthly donors so far, we need and appreciate you!

Peace! Some positive news.... with your generous donations (which literally helped pay 1/3 of April’s arcade bills), flexibility on the part of our Hayward landlord, and our savings, we were able to extend High Scores life until May 1st!
Since March we have had to shoulder bills with zero income- we’re on life support, but due to your kindness, we are still standing! We hope to have an update with regard to grants and assistance and our future soon! Love you guys, thank you so much! This is our daughter Journey celebrating!

Well well, how the tables have turned 😉😉

Help Save High Scores Arcade!

A quick update from Shawn and Meg. A HUGE THANK YOU for those who have donated so far to keep the games glowing! DONATION LINK in comments for anyone who can help become a one-time or monthly supporter!

**Temporary Closure**

We have made the difficult but necessary decision to close to do our part in keeping our community well. Please follow us here to stay updated on when we will reopen.

Please understand that we did not reach this decision lightly; we feed and house our families with these beloved arcades and we're embarking on a scary time. BUT, the health and safety of our staff and their families and everyone who visits us is of infinitely paramount importance.

Please consider visiting the donation page on our website (linked in comments) if you're in a position to help us come back even stronger.

THANK YOU - and be well.

Who thought they’d have to remind video gamers to practice social distancing?

High Scores is open as usual, and we’re even cleaner than our norm!

Our staff is all feeling well and up to the task, cleaning all of the games and “high touch” spots with CDC-approved products every half hour (even things we know you do but you don’t - like resting hands on marquees while you play or holding the side of the cab, depending on your gaming stance!)

Now for your part:
- Wash your hands upon coming in; we’ve disabled the code for using the bathroom so you can waltz back there and get it done!
- Stay home if you’re feeling at all unwell; we want your money but not that bad
- Keep your distance from other gamers, you’ll see their score when they’re done!

Keeping our community well is important to us! Please understand that this is an unprecedented challenge for small businesses and we’re doing our best to do the right things. We’ll be monitoring the recommendations like everyone else and taking whatever precautions are suggested. Stay posted here for updates!

So... A customer at our Hayward location took this Man Vs. Snake picture off the bathroom wall, stole the poster, replaced the glass, hung it back up, and left with the poster. I find that pretty disappointing.

We received that as a gift directly from the folks who worked with Tim McVey when they were announcing the film. Unless somebody wants to play detective, it looks like we’re in the market for a another poster. #hayward

High Scores has what you’ve been looking for!

Our reviews through the years have always mentioned how clean our arcades and our games are; this is our personal collection and this is our family’s business - we care a lot. Beyond our normal extensive routines, we’ve asked the staff to be extra diligent in keeping things clean during this interesting time #washyourhands #keepitfresh #arcade #eastbay #norcal

High Scores knows how to party, and now it’s in print! We’re pleased to be recognized in Diablo Magazine’s special birthday party guide this month. Hit us up to throw yourself or someone else a super rad party! #party #arcadeparty #birthdaypartyideas #norcal #arcade http://www.diablomag.com/March-2020/The-Ultimate-East-Bay-Kids-Birthday-Party-Guide/

We always hear from couples who had their first dates, engagements and even weddings at High Scores and we are so humbled to be a part of people’s big moments! Meet Butch and Rebecca, who just celebrated their 3 year anniversary remembering the night they decided to couple up at High Scores Alameda!

Come escape the awkward date at the arcade!

#love #arcadelove #datenight #arcade #hayward #alameda #firstdate

Do you have the skills to backup your attitude? Community Scoreboards are fresh for 2020! #highscoresarcade #Classicgaming #Alamurda #Slayward

We Shall be OPEN Early on Friday at 12pm in Alameda! Swimmer is going home for the season... Come find out what’s taking its place! #Highscoresarcade #alameda #80sarcade

It’s 2020.... You haven’t been to BOTH High Scores Arcades yet? THIS WEEK ONLY you can visit both locations (Hayward and Alameda) for the price of ONE Day Band ($12 minimum.) Let us know up front at either arcade and we’ll sign your day band so you can take a trip to the other location as well! Make this year CLASSIC! #justthetwoofus #comfortzoneblown #twentymoneyvision #highscoresarcade #alameda #hayward

Happy New Year!

THANK YOU for making High Scores one of the highest rated arcades around! We LOVE Ya’ll for supporting arcade preservation and, our dreams! Peace! Strong Thanks and a Happy New Year from our whole team!

I’m on my way to the Alameda location with ORIGINAL Topps Jedi 10-packs for $5! Come visit the Greatest and Only 80’s Arcade in the Bay for Gift Certificates, affordable Family Outings, and Luxury nostalgia items! #highscoresarcade #80sarcade #alameda #hayward #gooniesneversaydie

Gift Certificates. All Ages. Game with Family. Greatest and Only Classic Arcade, OPEN all Season (-12/25)

We’re OPEN for Holiday Hours, Every Day at 12pm starting tomorrow! (-12/25) Gift Certificates and Nostalgia luxury items available! Come visit the Greatest and Only 80’s Arcade in the Bay!

The fortunate purchaser or recipient of a $30 High Scores Arcade Loyalty Punch Card can visit any High Scores location up to 6 times! That’s $5 per visit!
Perfect Gift for anyone you love who loves REAL classic gaming, or for the person you hate who thinks video games are a bullsh*t waste of time! 💔

Peace! Happy Holiday! We have SO much to be grateful for, including All of you!
We’ll be OPEN Friday and all All Weekend long! Don’t forget about our Gift Certificates and luxury Lapel Pins for all the gamers and nostalgia lovers on your list! Come enjoy one of the Unique and affordable Family Outings in the Bay!
#highscoresarcade #forthechildren #arcades #bayarea #thingstodo #familyouting #itbelongsinamuseum

The Official High Scores Arcade (Winter) Series 2 Lapel Pins are on Sale now! $10 each or $8 with purchase of a Day Band! Close-Up pic in comments! Gift Certificates also on sale, any denomination.

We’re OPEN Tues, Wed, Friday, and Saturday at 12 Sharp!
#highscoresarcade #localbiz #shoplocal #femaleowned #fridgedbridgette

The streets we’re on have been quiet this fall but both arcades are packed today! We appreciate our supporters, We love y’all for bringing the arcade to life, THANK YOU! That’s how we make the news games every Summer! 🥰
#highscoresarcade #gooniesneversaydie

LOoOng weekend, OPEN Monday 11-6.

We have a new museum feature- Come to game, stay to learn the history of arcades the arcade programmers and gamers of the Bay Area and beyond! Come see the difference between Classics and disposable fads and regurgitated money grabs!
#history #highscoresarcade #itbelongsinamuseum

NEW GAME ALERT: High Scores proudly Welcomes Atari Toobin’ to the Alameda arcade! With the recent addition of Centuri Swimmer, a lot of rarities are in the building now! New surprise sliding into Hayward this coming week also. We’ve got a lot for you to LOVE, and more coming...
#highscoresarcade #atari #toobin #alameda #hayward #classicarcade #localbusiness #smallbiz #shoplocal

Our Story

Welcome to High Scores, the East Bay’s most legit classic arcade. Walk into our doors and transport back to the 1980’s where your only responsibilities were taking the trash out and walking the dog. What’s different? You don’t have to shake your parents down for quarters! All games at High Scores are set to free play, and with our wristband admission, you get unlimited access to try your hand at Pac Man once again.

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Redman and High Scores Arcade
Help Save High Scores Arcade (Update)
Help Save High Scores Arcade!





1414 Park St
Alameda, CA

Opening Hours

Wednesday 15:00 - 22:00
Thursday 15:00 - 22:00
Friday 15:00 - 23:00
Saturday 12:00 - 23:00
Sunday 11:00 - 18:00
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High Scores High Scores
1414 Park St
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Classic arcade gaming in a retro atmosphere! Locations: 1414 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501 1051 B St, Hayward, CA 94541 Prices: $5 = 1 Hour or $10 = Day Pass

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